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  1. I am a regular listener to your show but today I would like to speak my mind. I have a very strong investment in XRP being in the high 99 percentile. Nobody wants the asset to do better than I do. But…… I believe what is happening with price is directly related to a loss in confidence by investors. Any company when leaders of that organization begin to dump shares sends a signal to investors. David Schwartz had been propelled to the level of a crypto guru over the past year but now the captain jumped ship. His weak explanation of consulting with his wife and lowering his risk factors raised more questions about the state of the asset. Joel Katz et al need to get a strong message from the community. Many XRP investors believe he did not have the best interest for those who support XRP holding until the asset develops to its full potential. David Schwartz – lost our trust and damaged the perception of the asset. I am sure that Mr. Schwartz's salary is sufficient so if he wants to restore trust in the community he can buy on the dip $0.40.
    I find myself now wondering if Ripple is really the best choice of a company to grow he asset.

  2. I cannot complete my connection to my Ledger Nano S. I left a message with Ledger Nano support. It takes 3 days for them to get back with you. Why does ledger support have no support phone number? After doing the recent update, I am unable to complete the connection process, and after looking at youtube videos, nothing seems to help. I went to help and repair in the Ledger live, and it couldn't fix the problem. The new Ledger X is out, and cost $119.00. Here's a suggestion for the company that makes the Ledger Nano. Get a support phone number. Their is a massive backlog of people who cannot send and receive XRP and BTC to their wallets because they are having problems with the connection process with the Ledger Nano. It will be a long time before I can ever send and receive XRP or BTC in my Ledger Live account, because it takes 3 days for them to get back to you. I realize they are swamped with a massive amount of people, but why come out with a new model X, if you can't even help the massive number of people who are having repair problems, and can't even connect on to their Ledger Nano's? If you are going to sell a product, have a plan to provide adequate support to customers who have problems. The company that sells Ledger Nano never considered this, and this is why we have this massive backlog of people with problems that they can't get help with. Yes, I have been to the support website and gone through the steps to try to fix this problem, to no avail.

  3. my bags are heavy and I'm locked and loaded and ready to freaking retire from the caskets that drive on the freeway that kills all our spirits, I'll be yelling Free at last Free at last , thank XRP I'm (We're free at last

  4. FU_K yeah you speak it brother – I'm ready bring it on world and jpm because I'll laugh alln the way to Bora Bora while I'm drinking margarittas with all the senoritas

  5. DAI – please listen to this XRP GIRL – she`s so fun – and talks a little about XRP – she is one of my must listens. https://youtu.be/cPxieYp-p2I
    Have a Nice weekend.

  6. Really enjoy your videos, I'm new to the channel. Can you do a video 101 for buying XRP? There are so many options on exchanges I've never heard of. Would love a primer so I can benefit from what you and others have learned! thanks!

  7. Amazing videos, this is not highs, this is History and i will be part of it!
    And NO one would take that away from us!!!

  8. What a stupid video! Only 13k views show no one is interested in XRP anymore. What idiot would promote people to lose 90% of their investment. Utter BS ponzi scheme.

  9. dude this video is so fucking good it Gves me CHILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO GO INTO THE MOVIE MAKING BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I will cry tears of joy when we become the number 1 digital currency in the world and we all gain massive profits from Holding XRP and achieve financial freedom! Wishing everyone and the XRP community the best of luck. We will prosper!

  11. How can we learn about which exchanges are safe to trade XRP as well as efficiently transfer USD in/out of the site? Thank you

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