Ripple XRP Invades Gaming | Facebook Coin a $19 Billion Revenue

all right if this doesn’t do it man I don’t know what will so welcome back to the welcome back to morning crypto this is jeff with the huddle report give it a minute for for everybody to log back in went through Microsoft and last night apparently Microsoft decided that it was time to do an update regardless of what I I had to do the update I probably should not have done the update however I did do the update but as it stands right now I went through all of the huh Xfinity yep I mean that’s the the prevalent provider but actually it’s not the the issue wasn’t with the the cable man I updated I updated my cable they doubled the speed we’re doing I was looking on my Chromebook and I’m getting like a hundred and sixty 150 hundred and sixty download I’m getting like 3040 upload and our you know it was twenty thirty upload and it should be around 20 and then I just uh oh hang on let me uh let me show this boom there we go uh and then it was actually a Microsoft issue in it and so it looks like I’m still getting some latency I’m looking at the OBS and it’s still cutting out its gonna cut out a little bit hopefully it doesn’t I deleted I deleted one note I’m deleting any of the updates I basically on this computer I have nothing on it and Microsoft decided to put all sorts of things on the computer with the latest update what an absolute pain so now I got to go through and wipe out everything that Microsoft put on here and I had noticed that I was getting a little bit of latency delays last week and I think there was also a Microsoft update right before then and then they had broken something and then they launched another update and I’m living reading online and all the blogs with all the issues that is haha that his Edinburgh Castle yeah that yeah that said what a view from there to I have another picture that I took from down below that I was going to put up and it was just kind of though the whole castle right you know in the in the upper upper part of the image you know that’s really cool cool area and then I had some other images from from Arthur’s Seat looking down you know this it was really cool so hopefully it looks like it keeps cycling here what an absolute and this is why I don’t use Microsoft this is the only thing that I use Microsoft for which is doing these videos and it’s man what a pain you have been there that’s awesome man I absolutely I love that part of the world you know I love going over to Ireland Scotland is awesome we did a phenomenal trip all throughout Scotland and that was just just great you know obviously summertime gets way too hot so always look for someplace a little cooler to be in the summer time and then I also used to travel a ton for for work so I went to a lot of different places so anyhow I want to just welcome everybody onto morning crypto with a hotter report those of it have joined in XRP minute Carl just joined us in I joined in with us got beyond sharing a Chinese bamboo video and if you go on there’s uh there’s the primary chant Chinese bamboo video and then there’s quite a few motivational speakers who actually talk about Chinese bamboo and the significance of of raising your own crop of Chinese bamboo so check out the video that the WB shared I think you guys will like that and then if you go on once you watch that one you’ll actually see quite a few other motivational speakers talking about the significance of Chinese bamboo of growing your own crops so anyhow whisky and castles exactly and it’s the best so yeah are you watching let’s get the market moving man the market better start moving you know it’s there’s so many things happening right now it’s just like every single day you look at the news you read you dig in and there’s always something happening across the board whether it’s in the United States whether it’s outside the US and the most impressive part about what’s happening right now obviously the journey going through this process and everybody really learning everything there is to know about this space but last night I was reading a blog by Hodor on the XRP chat and and I was reading that and he was interviewing I know I don’t know I can’t remember the guys name Rae I think it was that came from ripple and he had this amazing blog with a back and forth you know and that guy was ant you know answering a ton of questions getting engaged in the in the XRP community and really highlighting also in one of his new projects but what’s so impressive about this face in general is really how you’ve seen people come together to learn more and more and more and then share as well you know so you know learning is is both you know hearing from other people but it’s also being able to share you know what what you’ve learned with with other people and and as you share and as you you know you you go through that process you’re interpreting or you’re uh you’re assimilating all of this information and it’s it’s just phenomenal you know I’ve during you know really I don’t know that we’ve ever seen another moment in our in our lifetime that has this much significance we thought that the 90s with the internet boom was highly significant that that really changed the way we all interacted with one another however now we’re looking at a full economic revolution which is going to bring more and more people in this world into the economy and to me that bears more significance than anything that we’ve we’ve ever done and so it’s definitely one of those those highlights obviously without the internet none of this would would be happening right now but man it’s it’s just huge you know it just absolutely huge what’s going on so let me let me look at my notes here and and kind of get an idea of what we’re gonna go through today so I definitely want to highlight and and talk about what ripple is getting into when it comes to the gaming industry I think that has so much significance I’ve seen a couple YouTube videos on it but it’s really really amazing you know what is going to happen and if we look at what happens right now within the gaming industry and how much money is being transacted through the gaming industry and so many of these games are being given away for free but that’s not really the point at all you know but it’s how they’re monetizing online and the online gaming industry you know forever has been has really you know been a a an area where people come together right and so especially the online gaming has really revolutionized and changed the gaming space as we’re talking about the change of the economic space and I can remember a number of years ago sitting on my ps2 and a friend of mine called me up and said hey you got to check out this game called SOCOM I don’t know if you guys if you guys are you know into Playstation or not and so SOCOM was really one of the first console games to where you could start playing online and you know then from there SOCOM to and and that really opened up a whole new world to me you know when when you’re communicating with people online through gaming and and but is that XRP box it’s man it’s just a matter of time I’ll tell you what but but one of the things that I’ve that I’ve learned you know over the time of gaming is that is that as you’re getting into gaming you spend you know countless hours you know developing whatever game you’re playing and and you’re you’re pouring hours upon hours upon hours into that game to unlock stuff to complete stuff or whatever it might be and then when you’re done you move on to the next game and now you’re gonna spend another countless hours developing and doing whatever you’re going to do the online access or the online interaction of gaming started to change things because now the lifecycle of the games were extended significantly you know and so what oh shoot this computer’s gonna die uh and it’s not plugged in that let me pull this up on my phone and I can’t I left my charger upstairs hang on one second let me pull up the chat on this phone and then we’ll be good to go hang on one second turn that volume down there we go got the chat going this laptop I’m going to close it okay perfect so you know so one of the things especially now you know when we look at what’s happening whether you know with with you know fortnight and and with many of the others but you know with fortnight you know there’s so much there’s there’s a lot of you know purchasing going on not necessarily to better the character but the purchasing is just really add-ons for the appearance of the character of and you know about a year or so ago I got into playing rocket league on PlayStation I don’t know if you guys know rocket league and I’m I my son got into playing rocket league and what I really saw at that point again it had nothing to do with you know necessarily making things better for for the car but it was really a matter of making things look better when you were playing and then we discovered that there’s an action there’s an entire marketplace outside of of the game where you could buy and sell the things that you’re winning in the game so if there’s a specific goal goal finishing move or whatever you know that you want if there’s a specific boost or or whatever the appearance of it that you want on some of these add-ons to the cars we’re selling for a hundreds of dollars it was insane you know so and especially now as you get into the eSports arena and you’re starting to see a lot of these games kick in there but what they until let me let me pull this up this is really really cool because I don’t know if you guys have seen this before let me grab this website and you know and so all of you know my entire point with all of this is that with the announcement last week that ripple was actually going to contribute they’re donating or giving a hundred million dollars towards the Development Fund that’s going to expand the blockchain services beyond just the financial messaging part of it but they’re getting into the gaming part and really looking to spur on you know a broader adoption of the cryptocurrency space utilizing XRP but I got up I got to pull up this website because you’re gonna see you know what I’m talking about this significance and I don’t know if you guys have seen this before um let me see what is it I think it’s a hang on one second 8e o H oh there you go okay so this this is a website where love rocket League yeah rocket League is really really cool and we played it I played it with it here’s what’s crazy I met a group of guys when I’m talking about SOCOM – so this is what probably late 90s early 2000 and would get the PlayStation PlayStation to get into planes so con – I actually had a chance to beta test that game with a group of people and it was it was so great and so now as I fast forward like you know 17 18 years later I’m actually still in communication with the guys that I had met on on SOCOM to it that we used to play with the others tight group of guys and then we ended up meeting with another group and everybody at that time you know they were all really cool to play with and I met a bunch of them but you know then everybody kind of connected and it’s amazing to still be able to keep in touch with him but let me let me do this hang on a second I got to share my screen real quick hang on a second where’s uh there’s the chat there’s the share let me let me just transition this over real quick so this is what I’m talking about so so what’s what’s so impressive with what ripples initiative is with putting money into the blockchain space so this is just one of the companies and as people are getting into building out their character whatever it might be getting the abilities unlocking stuff winning stuff doesn’t matter what it is this is a site dedicated to buying and selling those items all right so I think it was crypto Aza talked about Second Life and I can remember reading about Second Life and they create an entire stock market which was the US dollar to whatever their currency was called I can’t remember offhand and it’s crazy because I hadn’t thought about it for a while but I remember back then when I was reading about Second Life I think could you imagine a digital currency space and even then during Second Life people were building things you know for that for that land or whatever and people are paying huge amounts $1 for real estate there was another game I think was called Ultima Online I don’t know if you guys way back in the heyday played the Ultima games and and and so the Ultima Online was the same thing and I think at that point you could buy tracts of land and people were investing huge amounts of money in digital real estate and the same thing happened on Second Life where people were investing a significant amount of money I don’t even know if that games around anymore but here you have PC based as well as console based and and you and its segments if by game and you can go on and you come buy different things for your for your your your vehicles or whatever it might be so if you let’s say like in rocket League and this is where I see you know such a significance and what ripple is there initiative that they’ve decided to take on because here we have so you’re look you go to PC ps4 items now imagine if you have a consistent currency and it allows you to move even the currency Dell you know when you you’re winning things so here you could win keys now each key has a value and a lot of times when people are talking about the value of an item that you’re winning on rocket league they price it out in keys and this is a key now at certain points you can win a key but you can see each key costs a dollar and so people are spending just to unlock crates unlock these crates that you win you’re you’re paying a dollar if you get them on the ps4 I believe you still why I don’t think you have a transaction cost here it might come out to a little bit more but what’s great about this is that you could send it if you want I wanted to send a gift of keys to somebody I could easily do it through here I can invite someone under oculi you can exchange things so you can buy and sell but this is just awesome because as you get into this kind of a concept it changes the entire interaction of what people are doing online so now we think about it from an eSports perspective if you’re good enough you can compete but what if you’re spending countless hours on these things unlocking and you know items and storing up items and then you’re able to turn around and you can sell those items and you can make money doing that you know why not I mean this is your passion this is what you want to do there’s there’s an industry for it and to me this is what what the rippled donation or what their initiative is is really all about you know it’s it’s about this entire marketplace that right now is relatively untapped there’s very few companies that are involved in the transaction of these items and they’re popping up this one the AoE a H is one of the biggest and so when you actually when you transfer your money over to them right now you can use PayPal you can use credit card they were accepting some digital assets but what’s impressive about it is that it’s done seamlessly and so you transfer it over you can meet in a lobby that can transfer over whatever good you bought on it also I believe opens up an industry if some of these games are open to it to allow for open source design and so I don’t believe you know I think that’s gonna be a whole different initiative but now you have a marketplace that isn’t strictly tied into the gaming developer so even if you look like a fortnight which they’re giving that game away for free but all of the the revenue is really on the back end as people want to upgrade and these kids want to upgrade because they want their characters to look better and they want their weapons to look differently and so man it’s it’s just so so impressive you know what’s going on so I’ll look here Steven yeah do man I remember doom way back in the day – I still play Doom now I think that was the first first duck daus based game that I had and I used to have the Commodore 64 way back in the day that was all about just uh you know playing games for me let’s see beach head will be huge for ripple yep it’s it’s unreal man there’s so much that’s going on then millions upon millions upon millions of dollars that are spent in the gaming space you know to me is is just so significant you know it’s it’s just super super meaningful as a marketplace as an industry and it’s it’s still relatively untapped for the digital asset space but it’s just ripe it’s in the perfect spot right now where you put it on the on the blockchain keeps things transparent that’s the biggest concern that’s why I use a website like a o EAH you know and that’s the site that we’ve been using and and I’m sure there’s others out there but there’s a trust involved too but then you see you know it’s it’s just it’s amazing so haha 179 that man you know it’s crazy right so so you go game by game like oh I got unlocked this I got unlock that and then they spend ridiculous amounts of money on it I can’t even tell you also same thing and then they’re like no I’m bored with that game now but now you just sunk all that money in there you know why can’t we tell you be great to take it out plus they win you know if you win money or whatever you know the internal currency of the game to where you could buy stuff in the game why shouldn’t you be able to take that with you and migrate that over to the next game somehow and so having the marketplace where you could turn around and then sell those goods sell those items you know from weather again like it whether it’s a Minecraft or you know one of the other myriad of games that are that are being played right now it to me that’s the direction things are moving in you know for tonight was definitely one of the the first on the on the forefront and as they’re starting to bring cross-platform play in so you can have PC gamers playing with Xbox playing with Playstation it doesn’t matter anymore what console you’re on they’re creating the integration so everybody can play together and that was also a big issue as to why you had the Xbox community at the PC gaming community you have the PlayStation community and there’s certain advantages or disadvantages I guess you know there’s more capability potentially on what you can build out on a PC for PC gaming in terms of power but what’s going on right now and we’re seeing the merging of all of these of this space you know so who knows where the video gaming industry is going to go but it’s one of the largest industries around right now so anyhow so let’s uh so with that in mind you know so that is like that was like first and foremost something that I wanted to talk about because I just I just think it’s it’s so amazing now on the other side of things and we talked about this last time also which is Facebook and Facebook getting into the digital asset space now obviously Facebook is facing huge amounts of issues when it comes to privacy I think you have millions of people that are bailing from Facebook the question with Facebook though is Facebook in a position where it is going to maintain a dominant position ongoing kind of like a google where it keeps growing and expanding into different areas within within the space but what were and this this was on CNBC and and actually there was an analyst from Barclays that had said that if Facebook does launch into the the digital asset or they call the clean on that get either the cryptocurrency space for Facebook to get into digital assets that could be an additional 19 billion dollars in revenue for Facebook now how significant is that for a Facebook now we look at what’s going on with kin and and and reminds me I got to do a migration there but you know kin has has their their kin token and and kin was trying to roll out a third digital asset for the past year-plus and you know whether whether or not that is gonna be successful or not Facebook on the other hand you know can do I mean it’s it’s unbelievable if they roll out a Facebook coin not to say pro/con or anything about you know whether or not it’s going you know whether we like it or not that’s not the point the point really is focusing on the economic potential of what that could mean for a Facebook based on based on the analysts you know and so that that really also bears a lot of significance in terms of the direction that the digital asset space is going and so if they say you know what if Facebook gets into a privacy or a stable point or whatever it might be to allow people that are in the Facebook network to interact and exchange money or whatever it might be that Facebook will eventually get into you know that they could be a dominant force and so that’s the the big question here is you know if Facebook does that will they become a dominant force in the digital asset space and you know and will they build it on their own platform or will they then look to Bill off of existing technology that’s already proven you know so to me it only makes sense if you’re not a digital asset company that you know that has put together the right solution for the payment protocol it would make more sense to a partner with a company that does now whether they do or not who knows but again this is really I’m looking at you know what it really means for overall mass adoption again not pro or con when it comes to Facebook getting into the space just a matter of what does it mean for mass adoption what does it mean for mainstream adoption so we have the gaming industry that’s huge you get into the game industry you’ve got mass mainstream adoption and in a true use case Facebook gets into it again mass adoption from a digital asset perspective mainstream adoption mainstream recognition of digital assets as an important component of the economy again not not looking at at Facebook one way or the other but just looking at what it means from an economic perspective so I’m not sure if you guys have any feedback comments on that let me just take a minute you so I always look back some of these here yeah and it got on a engines all right so yeah that’s Steven you don’t think Facebook’s table coin will do that much yeah I think yeah I’m kind of in a similar mindset that it won’t you know overall you know what is its overall you know potential but if we look at it from a mainstream identify or mainstream recognition that’s where I think we’re gonna see the biggest impact whether you know Facebook do they even have the real use case as to why having their own Facebook coin would even be necessary trying to figure out exactly how they would monetize it you know are they gonna use it in in a way to give back I’m more concerned with really trying to figure out how do we maintain our privacy you know away from that and not and really monetizing our data or our own personal information our own personal data that’s given so freely on on Facebook and allowing them to do what they please with it allow them to market and make billions of dollars off of our data that you know they’re they’re tracking all of our our likes our wants you know we’re connecting our Facebook account to log into all these different platforms and you know Facebook monitoring and tracking and and all of that same thing with Google you know just maintaining and and really commoditizing our information without us getting any benefit from it and I think that’s that’s the big concern um let’s see here the adoption part yep it’ll definitely show people what’s possible sorry I gotta use my using the chat down on my phone even people start with Facebook coin then they go to other digital assets it’s going to be an awakening you know there’s gonna be a lot of people that will gain immediate exposure to a digital asset whether it’s again through gaming or through let’s say a Facebook so now on on another note in in terms of movement in the space we’re also seeing stellar xlm IBM we’re starting to see a lot of trending development in the payment space coming out of these entities and actually we see that xlm or stellar really becoming and and really focusing on being a little bit more serious in the space coinbase just recently or coin based Pro just recently added xlm as they added XRP not that long ago now they’re adding xlm is there a significance to them adding xlm but at the exact same moment that they’re talking about listing xlm are adding xlm to coinbase pro obviously it’s just a matter of time before they bring it to their the retail to the to the app but with that announcement then stellar is also announcing that they’re rolling out a new logo they’re rolling out new branding on they want to move from the cartoonish rocketship kind of mentality to being able to work with and and highlighting the initiative with large banking or corporate customers sore clients so I think that that is very important in terms of where they can go with their product now when I first got into Riaan looking into ripple and xrp I also saw xlm and so to me ripple really had the initiative and they were really taking off I definitely saw a use case for what stellar was doing as well from a micro payments perspective and so now now we’re actually realizing and seeing you know what their potential can be and their rebranding to to really capture that potential so again you know you could you can have opinions on whether or not you know the the parting of ways and and how stellar came into being but but overall if we’re looking at the development of the space and we’re seeing what they’re doing the significance of what they’re doing as well and their partnership with IBM I shouldn’t be looked at lightly because that’s definitely a significant partnership with everything that IBM is doing in the payment space and not to say that you know they’re going to try to compete or you know diminish what ripples accomplishments are but there’s plenty of room in in the world especially as we begin to see a ramp up in those that are going to become let’s call them banked you know from from being unbanked you know they’re going to need to to get into and and work with digital currencies and there’s gonna be a lot more involvement in in transactions and payment transactions so yeah yeah Karl yep agree with that Stephen yeah you know it we’ve heard about it but look it if you look at the news and you see what IBM is doing and I’ve tried to dig in a little further to see if if IBM’s initiatives in the payment space and the digital asset space if what they’re doing is always tied to stellar and the stellar platform not sure I don’t know if there’s new partnerships but I see what they’re doing though and they’re gearing themselves up right now for new partnerships so really they’ve spent the past two years you don’t need to have new partners if you have one solid partner like an IBM that’s helping you develop the space and really create a proof of concept for everything that you’re doing now you’ve got now you have the platform they’ve really established the base to now go out and market themselves to recruit and bring in new clients so I believe that we’re going to start seeing new partnerships coming on board with stellar and the rebranding of stellar is and the addition to the coin base I believe is is all planned out you know so they know exactly you know nothing just happens by chance the same thing as to why we saw last week we saw or was it two weeks ago whatever every day seems like a year but when we saw the the indices for for Bitcoin and and aetherium being added to to Nasdaq and then we’re start and then we see XRP adding to added to coin base at the same time and we’re starting to see a lot coming out from the sec all of a sudden you know we’re seeing we’re seeing more and more statements then we saw some twitter comments coming from warren davidson regarding the token taxonomy act all of this stuff is starting to compile and move it at a very rapid pace right now and and we’re just seeing so much information you know drop down on a daily basis so I think it all you know has significance and I know you know all of them are definitely in some form of communication with one another whether it’s direct or indirect but the the conversations that I’ve had with individuals in in DC and the feedback that I’ve gotten is that you know coinbase is definitely out talking to people ripple is definitely out talking to people stellar and when I talk about people and talking about Congress in DC you know politically speaking all of these entities plus the the lobbyists groups the blockchain lobby groups and and everybody else if you saw the thinking crypto if you saw the interview with with Caitlyn from Wyoming and if you see what’s going on Wyoming and it’s just like you know every every single day there’s something that’s that’s going on you know that’s that’s different that’s intriguing that’s proving the use case that’s proving the direction that we’re moving in and to me that that’s really impressive WB there’s a bug Excel M logo looks similar to the symbol on the Phoenix coin on the Economist cover from 1988 a circle you know I got to go back and look through it it looked very familiar you know for some reason it also reminded me I don’t know why but it reminds me of uh of a sign for the for the underground for a train and I need to look that up I don’t know why I you know I saw that right away and I’m like is that the let me see underground emblem UK I don’t know why it just sit for some reason it reminded me of a train yeah that’s what yeah I mean obviously the underground is just a circle with a line through it but as soon as I saw that I like is that that looks like the underground that’s funny and let me look this one up too let me post this up here in a minute let me see acá cake morning let’s see what is it the Phoenix coin I probably get delay when I’m using my computer let’s see the Phoenix coin the how much delay am I going to create Phoenix coin from The Economist 1988 you said economists 988 let’s see and oh there it is yep that’s funny let me pull this up see here let me switch over let everybody see this see if I can transition there we go all right there we go that’s the little bit of delay the delay is now me using Windows anything I do hung windows are gonna cause a little bit of a delay hey Peter good morning this is let’s see here oh is a etherium price theoria ms down three percent in the last hour got to love the alerts so anyhow this is the this is the phoenix coin right here and you’re right very similar there we go what do you guys think i’m glad you brought that up you know very similar it’s it’s interesting too because as they try to get to the you know they’re coming up with with uh with some ideas let me pull the hang out transition back here let me pull up the new stellar if you guys haven’t seen it yet dollar coin logo let’s see let’s see if they have here it is how about that news on tether no longer being tied to the USD after all their statements that every tether was worth the 1 USD being held someplace and now they say no we might be actually holding other other things as well not just not just USD so I think that was a little bit awkward you know for them to come out and say that after all the issues that they kind of ran into before and the claims that they actually weren’t holding one for one let’s see here why is it so slow now now I’m just causing delays hi this isn’t gonna come up I don’t know why well in the world and Microsoft broke my computer look at this alright I’m gonna I’m gonna stop sorry me let me cut that out so anyhow I don’t want to keep creating the delays here this tether is a scam you know it’s this it’s so crazy the date on the coin is when X rapid went live on that con that coin let’s see here yeah so hey let me go back to tether with a scam from the get-go you know what you know it’s uh they’re just so many issues and they don’t have you know they got rid of their their third party audit you know and so yeah I think they’re definitely without a doubt there is an issue with with tether definitely is not a positive for the space overall and and we’re seeing that we told when we talked about we’re talking about last week we talked and on the video that I put out as well talking about the lending space and and and all of that and all of these different lending providers are basically coming out with their own coins now you know a lot of talk about different stable coins and you know the JPM coin and if you’re gonna create a stable coin it has to be tied to something and so if you’re gonna tie to the US dollar it has to then be tied one for one you have to have one US dollar in an account somewhere that can exchange against that digital asset otherwise you know you’re not you’re not you know you’re basically not tethering your digital asset to anything you know and so if that’s your initial statement or if your initial statement is that we’re going to have the value of something could be gold it could be whatever but that’s different you can always you can always tie it to gold if that if that was your use if that was what you came up with to begin with but with tether they’re just all over the map and so I think they’re changing the rules and on their own and and I don’t think that’s definitely a positive thing either so now let’s let’s talk a little bit about legislation time to suck man I yeah I I think Linux is definitely a good way to go I like I’ve used Linux before I I think I need to transition this entire Microsoft computer into Linux I agree with that man that’s definitely the way to go OBS runs in Linux and that’s all I need on this laptop is just OBS I don’t need all this other garbage I tried to turn one of my Chromebooks into a Linux computer and I had it working well for a little while and then I don’t know then it didn’t work so well so but I’m not not super strong in the use of Linux so definitely like to learn a little bit more and get rid of this Microsoft here once and for all so I don’t have to use it anymore so the other side of things we had talked before about Thailand and you guys have probably seen this come up in the space as well but I think this has a lot of significance and when we talk about what happens over in other countries and I’d mentioned this before that whatever they do does set a precedence not necessarily for other countries to adopt but it sets a precedence for other countries to research and utilize as part of their decision as they’re deciding on similar things because now they could see an actual use case of something that’s that’s really happening but this past week Thailand actually made a big statement here and that was approving a portal that would screen i co project offerings and so this was it was interesting because it came out this last week and it comes out as the sec in thailand was allowing the tokenization of specific securities and and there’s so much movement right now and as we go country to country what impresses me is that when you see developments like in wyoming it’s like every week there seem to be new bills that were being put out and signed in thailand we saw a significant movement now we’re seeing the rapid pace at which things are actually happening and it’s not years out between different different to the different acceptance or the different government acceptance government regulation i guess so to speak but here a direct quote from this article and i do see this is really significant but Thailand’s first authorized ICO portal is being finalized for official approval with the relevant government agencies such as a comrade commerce ministry and now this our Chari su propia Raj a director of the FinTech department at the sec now again this is in thailand they actually analyzed and interviewed eight different portals they narrowed it down to one which was i don’t know that they announced which one it was yet but it was really significant now from this she then was quoted as discussing the further discussing the tokenization of securities which falls under the Securities Exchange Act and so there will be movement to adopt the tokenization of securities in Thailand as well now it you know all of this is is so significant so I’m here it says in order for there to be economic interoperability between countries there have to be similarities in the way they manage financial assets stocks etc I’m not going to be the same obviously but no country is out there reinvent doing the wheel so in in the statement here though then it continues this will help bridge the digital asset royal decree and securities law and this is all coming out of what’s going on over in in Thailand so let me see your stable coins maybe a securities say the sec yeah so there could really there could be a potential for stable stable coins when it has to do with moving between exchanges when it has to do with securities if you need to if you want to move money between from one platform to the next if you want it to make sure that you know there’s no fluctuation in the currency adjustment then that’s really the purpose or point of having a stable point in a fluctuating marketplace so let’s say if x RP gets to a point where it’s a dollar it’s five dollars ten dollars a hundred dollars whatever it might be but it’s stable at that point where you don’t have fluctuations and these you know we have a 5% fluctuation is is a big deal when you’re moving money around especially if there’s a cost of of transaction or whatever it might be it’s good to have stability especially if you’re moving in and out of securities or whatever it might be you know I think there could potentially be a use case for having the stable coins involved at some some level but at the same time it depends on how fast the transactions take you know if it ty if your money’s tied up like it is right now the ACH whereby time you sell the stock and by time you get your money and buy time you can take your money out you know you have a five to six day window and and more you know it’s crazy how long it can take depending on how much money you have in the exchange you can see where you could end up losing money due to currency fluctuations so the other thing is is that we’re starting to see a lot of movement like I had mentioned before and a lot of statements coming out of the sec directly and so here actually the investor blockchain and reported on statements made by hester pierce which who they call crypto mom and this was at the 2019 MIT bitcoin expo which took place March 9th and 10th what time is it here 621 I want to try to wrap up here at 6 2006 20 a.m. Pacific 9th almost 9:30 here my computer is all messed up here two on the clock apparently so going by Pacific time let’s see so Hester was actually responding to a question regarding criteria to be an accredited investor and so this bears a lot of significance also so in order to invest in certain areas maybe even icos you have to be an accredited investor and so what she was stating and this was a really important question because if there’s a requirement to be an accredited investor basically blocks out everybody else from investing and so let’s look at so what I did I pulled up the let’s see here it is rule 501 of Regulation D of the US Securities and Exchange Commission the definition of what it is to be an accredited investor now what Hester was saying is that they she wants to change that and she said I personally think that those rules are not consistent with what this country is about she was saying our accredited investor rules effectively say that you have to have a certain wealth level or a certain income level in order to participate in certain types of investments like I was just saying that’s that was a direct quote from her now if we look at what are the the rule is to be an accredited investor so if we look at Regulation D and then there’s two specific paragraphs from Regulation D of the Securities and Exchange Commission so paragraph six a natural person who has individual individual net worth or joint net worth with a person’s spouse that exceeds 1 million dollars at the time of purchase so if you want to invest in certain things and you need to be accredited number one you have to have a net worth of a million dollars or you have to have assets under management of $1,000,000 or above excluding the value of your primary residence so if you live in a million-dollar house you can’t own it cash free that doesn’t count you still can’t be an accredited investor so number one on the list you have to have a million dollars net worth of the million dollars number two paragraph it which was paragraph seven a natural person with income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year so what’s interesting though is that so that basically excludes a large percentage of the population to invest in certain things that could bear huge amounts of return and it was interesting because you know what Hester had said is and let me see here so she said where’s the the quote okay she said if you worked hard to earn money you’re investing it if you want to invest it in a stupid project that’s your choice in any event I think that there is an appetite for opening up the accredited investor definition and that to me is everything because the government has put themselves in a position where a spanish fly good morning glad you could join us but you know the government has really put them in a position where they’re babysitting individuals and they’re telling us that maybe you know enough or maybe you know you don’t know what to do with your money we’re gonna protect you from investing in a high-risk proposition project that by the way could potentially return a ridiculous amount of money if you’re able to invest in that space now the point is they want to make sure that if you are you know investing if you’re you’re a speculative investor and you know then you know and and you can’t afford it and basically you’re mortgaging your house to invest in whatever that speculative investment is that’s what the government is trying to really protect people from doing but at the end of the day isn’t it your own obligation to do your own research to take care of yourself I mean let’s say you decided you wanted to start a business tomorrow and you said you know I’m selling my house I’m selling all my assets because I passionately believe in the business that I’m starting and I think that a year from now two years from now if I develop this business the right way it’s going to provide for me for the rest of my life so I’m gonna sacrifice everything that I have right now today I’m gonna invest all of it in that business that’s how passionate and that’s what I believe based on what I know I can accomplish with this business now if you have a speculative investment or there’s some project that you see that you believe is going to do great things and you want to invest money in it isn’t it your own responsibility to make sure that you’re not putting your your life and your family and everybody in jeopardy by taking money and investing that in in somebody else you know I think you know that that is you know that’s really important and so that’s what Hester is saying here you know she’s basically saying let people do what they want with their money now this stipulation right now based on the Securities and Exchange Commission will exclude anybody that doesn’t have a million dollars in net worth so you know how unfair is that if I’ve got ten thousand dollars in my pocket and I know I can invest it in this whatever it is an ABC company and that ABC company you know is really on the forefront now I’m taking this ten thousand dollars so what I saved it it’s in my bank I can do what I want with it I want to invest my ten thousand maybe there’s other people putting a million dollars in they’re gonna get whatever their return is on a million dollars they’re gonna make a heck of a lot more but my ten thousand dollars could still turn into something significant you know and right now based on these regulations you can’t do it you know so that just you know you need to that needs to change and and when you see a commissioner with the SEC making those statements you know you’re moving in the right direction and you know they’re also you know providing for some regulatory clarity in the digital asset space because they see these burgeoning technologies right now that could allow people to invest and it’s really the first time in a long time that you can invest at a smaller level and still gain some benefit from it again if you’re putting in a million dollars you’re gonna get a million dollars worth of benefit out of it if you’re putting a hundred dollars in you’re gonna get a hundred dollars worth of benefit but that person that invested $100 and let’s say they get a thousand dollars back and you know they’re getting ten times their money that thousand dollars is super meaningful if you’re getting ten times your money you know if you invest a million dollars and you can get you know 10% return on a million dollars man you’re making $100,000 I think you’re pretty happy with you know with a 10% return you know and so that’s that’s the point let people invest you know what they can afford to invest when they want to invest it the digital asset space is truly changing that entire dynamic and I know last week I said I would look up this stock company and I looked and I I don’t know why I couldn’t find it it’s driving me absolutely crazy but I I didn’t look hard enough but there was a stock company that allowed you to invest based on dollar amount versus buying a full stock that is also going to be the wave of this future now that were when they tokenized stocks you’ll be able to buy a fraction of that stock so if I wanted and we talked about this last time but this is really really important as we see that the direction this can move into if I want to buy a fraction of a googol share and Google’s right now like sixteen hundred dollars or Amazon’s at sixteen hundred dollars whatever it might be or Facebook at you know two hundred dollars or whatever it might be but I can’t afford that full amount of a share but I want to buy a part of a share you know tokenizing it through digital assets will allow you to do that at the same time it also allows you to put money as a fraction of into something that has the potential to also increase in value you know so they’re there’s so much significance in what’s happening in this space that’s allowing people with limited means or you know or intermediary means to truly take control of their financial investments and take control of their future whereas typically right now though that are with limited means have limited resource to invest in their own future and in the long term you know and so that’s where you know this space is really making some some huge changes for people and and that’s what I that’s what I like you know let’s see here yep middle-way you know you agree with that – Spanish Fly yes it’s your future exactly as Spanish Fly you know the rich keep getting richer and millionaires make bad decisions like everyone else that all the time you know millionaires go broke millionaire’s filed for bankruptcy you see it all the time but you know a big part of it also is the mindset you know so a lot of people end up broke because they have a the incorrect mindset their state of mind is is polluted with material with them with material goods or the need for the you know acquisition of material items that have no value to your life and are 100 percent depreciating items whether it’s you know driving a European car when you can’t afford it whether it’s you know buying expensive clothes whether it’s buying expensive watches or expensive purses or whatever it might be or pants or shirts or whatever that might be if you can’t afford it if your money should be better spent being invested in your future and in your family’s future rather than you know being transferred the transfer of wealth to those designers to those manufacturers when you don’t have the money to do that but that’s what everything is geared up for but the mindset you know and then the differentiator between those who will maintain the poverty mindset and those who will be able to do better for themselves are those who realize that they need to invest in themselves they need to invest in their family they need to invest in their future I’m gonna have to make sure that their future is secure before they go about securing everyone else’s future now stuff like this you know as Spanish flies saying you know yes the rich will always get richer because they have opportunities that are blocked you know from others as we’re seeing even based on the SEC you know regulations you know where you can’t invest in certain things but at the same time obviously the rich will make it like we just said will make bad decisions and they’ll lose all their money but they also understand typically we’ll understand what it means to make more money and how to do it they’ll have the perseverance to do it and you’ll see people that will build amazing wealth and they’ll lose amazing wealth based on a bad decision and then they’ll rebuild themselves out of the ashes again and and they have that mindset and that focus and that Drive and it makes such a big difference on going back to the Chinese bamboo I know I’m probably going on a little bit long right now but you know this is something that’s so important I think you know in WB and I really thank you for bringing that up and mention that all the time but that story of the Chinese bamboo is so relevant to everything that we do in life whether it’s investing in a digital asset or if it’s just trying to better ourselves and focus on what our dreams are focus on what our goals are forget about what everybody else says by keeping that that that focus on on the end you know we have to focus on the end and that Chinese bamboo in that story you guys have to watch the video it’s it’s tagged all the way up in the beginning of the chat here but if you go watch that video and talk about watering your dreams and water in your dreams year after year after year and shut and seen nothing you know come up and that’s the Chinese bamboo stories that it takes so long for it to grow but this guy goes out in waters everyday waters everyday waters every day for five years until anything happens and then it finally happens and then within a short period of time all of a sudden the bamboo sprouts up and it’s just such an amazing story and what that means for us but having the the possibility and having the the vehicle you know put in front of us to be able to invest to be able to you know learn to be able to do whatever you want I think we live in a time period right now that nobody ever had the kind of opportunities that are being placed in front of us right now you know it’s it’s just it’s unreal you know whether it’s engaging and talking and learning from each other through YouTube you know or you know whatever it might be you know just it’s so so important and impressive so um and just just a to wrap up here just a few final thoughts on real-world utility some of the things that are happening out there some of the significance of what’s going on overall you know in the space from a competitive perspective and and really one of the things that that happened over the past week and this was just written about on March 12th which is PayPal now PayPal has been one of the primary sources of you know digital exchange you know outside of a Visa or MasterCard something that for years now and really you know stemming off of what what eBay accomplished and allowing for easier transaction of payment but they want to maintain the relevancy in this space and they’re probably not that far behind to actually going into a blockchain or a digital asset themselves but it’s interesting because they’re doing instant fund transfers to accounts that they’re claiming will be done in seconds at the cost of 1% per transaction in partnership with JP Morgan so here we have PayPal partnering with JP Morgan to help streamline the movement of funds from account to account and to do so fast efficiently effective and so it’s interesting to see that they’re only now realizing that this is something important that we don’t want to wait three to six days for our money now on that note the big question is depending not necessarily as a buyer but as a seller using paypal and this has a ton of significance because you lose all control when you’re working with a PayPal and so it’s interesting because I got caught up in this years ago when we were you know selling some stuff and using PayPal and there was a shipping issue and and in the dispute PayPal yanked money out of our account they took it right out of our checking account and so it’s crazy because they still do things on ACH and an ACH isn’t a hundred percent secured and committed that money can still be pulled back from you if there’s ever a dispute whereas with a bank wire once it’s completed it’s a hundred percent with the ACH on the other hand the bank or the the transaction house in this case PayPal has the authority as the rights to pull money out of your account and whether or not the dispute is is correct or not so that’s definitely something to still consider and still be cautious of obviously having a third party to manage and handle disputes is important between a buyer and seller online that you want to have some sort of protect you know protective means and in many cases it comes just due to feedback like on an eBay eBay really created that feedback trend whereas you know if you screw somebody over one time two times three times you’re never gonna sell again because people are gonna ding you with that negative feedback and say hey don’t buy from this person ever again does it help those one two or three people that got screwed they might never get their money back but at the same time they’ll stop that seller from selling under that that user ID and you go back to let’s say an eBay and tell them hey this seller shouldn’t be authorized ever to sell on the platform again because here’s what they’ve done and so having that peer reviewed commentary in my opinion is very very important especially as we’re moving into this digital asset – this blockchain age of transparency in transaction allows that to be done at a much higher level and so that that peer-to-peer is really important let me go back to some of these comments see what else we have here and then and then we’ll wrap it up here in a minute so totally appreciate everybody for joining on we had some technical difficulties in the beginning there’s just so much great information to talk about let me go back up to CAK we can’t trust the government or the SEC which both are controlled by big banks and yet we wait for their approval don’t invest more than you can afford to lose a hundred percent don’t invest more than you can afford to lose if you don’t you know that that’s something first and foremost that we that we need to learn that we need to understand you know don’t sell your house to invest in a speculative investments that doesn’t make any sense you know if any dollar you put in investment is a dollar you should expect that you’ll never see again and that’s how you have to treat it and that’s where it’s interesting I think I think mr. B had put up put up a chat and said has anybody had to sell digital assets due to an issue or you know an emergency and obviously there’s always you know things that could potentially come up but the goal here is when you put money away in an investment a long-term investment just assume that that dollar doesn’t exist anymore and I think that’s really important and then we do have to wait for their approval you know only because from mainstream adoption to occur to move things to the next level you know we still live in a land of laws and rules and regulation and so that’s important that you know those rules and regulations are abided by by the citizens of the country because that’s really everybody makes certain agreements that you know will abide by certain rules of of the game we want to make sure that the game isn’t stacked negatively against anybody either so it is important that we all are participating in the process and I talked about the grassroots efforts we look at what’s what the token taxonomy Act can do I talked about the outreach I think it’s important that our voice is heard you can get it you can get involved at the local level in government you can get involved at the federal level in government you can outreach whatever you can do on there are ways to get involved and it’s important that we all do for that exact purpose because we want to make sure that our voice is heard from the belt from the bottom all the way through the top to make sure that the outcomes are stacked in everybody’s favor and balanced in it and I think that’s important spanish fly I don’t use I don’t trust PayPal and transferring large amounts of money I was telling people to be careful a hundred percent you definitely have to be careful Danny XRP available supply soda out soon thanks that’s the castle I’m gonna move into when when everything everything goes well huh now so let’s see here middle way I’m curious to see how crazy the market will go once we get more exchanges to be found as fraudulent and not having the coins they say they do having your private keys is key there was actually an issue just recently with coinbase I need to figure out what the outcome is you know don’t know what the don’t know what the outcome of this so there was an individual that had moved some money onto coinbase and then oh no well there was two different issues but this one they actually shut down this individualist coinbase account he didn’t do anything but they said that something was done in contra and contrary contradiction to their terms and conditions and they closed his account and he whatever let whatever acid he had in there he wasn’t able to even remove and so he’s fighting that fight and that was with coinbase whether whether it was you know justified or not justified you know you still you can’t just take somebody’s money and just close their account there has to be a dispute process and I know he is fighting that dispute but that was going on just recently as the past couple days don’t know you know what the outcome was but that’s crazy let’s see CEO what do you think about extra peace technology being bought out by some corporation such as IBM you know anything’s possible that’s really up to ripple you know if ripples you know they’ve got the the the ripple net solutions they’ve got the software solutions there’s always a possibility they end up selling out or they end up buying some of these uh you know bigger corporate duck you know Giants out there as well the amounts of money is really staggering when it comes to the digital asset space that you know I thought the amounts of money that were being transacted in the in the high tech space in general we’re staggering but I think we haven’t seen anything you know because now with the digital asset space the amount of money transacted the amount of money they have to buy out other corporations right now you when you see you know ripple is able to give you know a hundred million dollars you know to further the pursuit of a specific area and that that’s just huge you know they just are they’re sitting on a wealth just a stockpile that just unbelievable and a lot of these digital asset companies finance and all these others have staggering amounts of money and what they’re doing to further the technology is really unseen and unheard of we haven’t seen other technology companies get this proactively involved this soon in the game to further the technology so that’s huge and I want to extra hardcore I’m glad you were able to join in AK story if go check out his designs extra hardcore is gonna work on a new logo design for me and some other things he’s done a phenomenal job in the visual aspects of many of us on in the social media space and the extra beat community and and beyond but I’ve got him working on on some stuff right now I’m really looking forward to it glad you could jump in so that is it that that’s really kind of wraps everything up I’m working on a video right now regarding the tokenizing of real estate a good thing or a bad thing what’s the actual outcome there’s a couple different companies out there that have been working diligently to tokenize real estate for investment purpose here’s a big one in Miami that I was reading about called we work that’s the building the company but another company is actually tokenizing the building that we work is in and that’s just the start so I’m working on a video based on that that should be out soon and that’s it for today again this is jeff with a how-to report glad you guys all joined early Saturday morning those of you who were able to stay with me from the from the beginning you know all the technical issues went a little bit longer than an hour today I want to try to keep these two an hour but it today was great glad everybody joined in I think it was just absolutely outstanding again you know everyone taking their time to come in and comment and and all of that so definitely cak you have a good weekend as well everyone who joined in have a great weekend and I’ll see you on the next video see you on the next livestream next saturday 8 a.m. until that time keep on huddling your crypto

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  1. I'm done with Windows. You should give a try to PrimeOS ( Really good free, small footprint (android based) OS.

  2. I agree, the gaming space has a HUGE potential for digital assets. I'm glad to see Ripple investing in gaming. We never know, it could become even bigger than cross-border payments for XRP. PS: I got rid of Paypal long time ago and I will never use it ever again.

  3. Another lame attempt at going up and now another dump….stuck at 31 cents (down from 32). The ROI on XRP needs to start reflecting these adoptions and pieces of great news or I am afraid it may be some time before it gains traction (if not now). The strategy to get into other markets is a very good one and should be rewarded. It won't…if recent price is any indicator. It also gets drug around by BTC half of the time…which is a terrible way for any emerging tech to be. It needs to stand on its own. The XRP Army is oblivious…they have been conditioned to look way down the road now after $589 EOY 2018 flopped.

    None of this is on you…you do a great job. Keep up the good work. However, be prepared for this coin to stay around this range for some time and only go up when BTC goes up. Based on Schwartz's talk and Bob Way I am pretty sure this is blatantly manipulated now to stay within a tight range. That is OK…people make music videos about XRP now, tons of videos saying it will go to the moon (it never does)…Ripple does an amazing job keeping a community going around this coin they claim they have no control over. Yet turn around and dictate how a majority in escrow is distributed OTC…LOL (the very definition of control).

  4. Hi jeff, great videos love your insights! 👍🏻👍🏻 … but as far as PC issues microsoft or not it's usually operator error. 😀👍🏻 haha

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