Ripple XRP: Has The King Changed His Tune On Ripple & Cryptocurrencies Like XRP?

hey guys and welcome to the working money Channel so last night we saw a bit of a bear slide downwards market is down overall but guys you've got to remember that doesn't speak to XRP in particular if you're holding X RP and you're looking at your investment you're like well it's down a bit guys the entire markets down stop crying this happens it goes in waves the market cap slipped it's at two hundred and thirty five point seven billion Bitcoin dominance at fifty seven percent you can see it here x RP and it's maintaining at least it's maintaining guys this level of support here okay let me draw it for you here approximately using bottoms of tails tops of wicks in this example to show you the demand zone or support level of roughly 0.35 seven cents to approximately 0.38 two cents okay and we're holding in here if you guys can see that we're holding just in here okay volume is kind of low although we're seeing a little bit of pep in XRP step right now but again guys par for the course especially when you have a market looking like this that'll all change soon this from wrath of kata Minh at WK Ahn EMA n and I heard this yesterday somebody tagged me in a tweet yesterday ripples VP of strategic accounts Pat Phelan elected to first US Faster Payments board he is also on the Clearing House real-time Payment Advisory Committee and was the chairperson for NAC hae and on the feds ACH and Cass advisory councils so very good stuff and he added a couple of photos here and it says down here as you can see highlighted Pat Phelan ripple for a one-year term and here's an AM be critical to that same effect ripple executive elected to United States faster payment council board of directors and so ripple the American company guys if America is faced with this question of what company do we put into this cross-border payment thing let's be honest ripple would be the one path Alan ripples VP of strategic accounts has been recently appointed as one of the US faster payment councils directors he was also among the first elected board member of the council the list of the selected members was out on Monday and falen was chosen from list of people in a larger technological sector industry falen will be serving a one-year term the appointment of the directors including Phelan was met with a lot of positive reaction online this enthusiasm was shared by the council itself whose executive director and intern Board Chairman Kevin Christensen said the new board represents the industry's inclusiveness which is an integral part of the organization gone with the old in with the new inclusivity and the new way to look at how our world is going to transfer money guys through ripple technology through crypto currencies and XR p which is ripples cryptocurrency of choice this also in the news Mozilla's senior web developer testing out coil and its monetization feature for his blog just got a quick question who uses a Firefox anymore anybody out there still using it I remember it was popular back in the kind of mid to late 2000s I don't really know too many people who are using it still however I'm sure there are people who still use it coil a venture launched by the creator of the inter ledger protocol Stephane Thomas is being tested for monetization by Mozilla's senior developer David Walsh coil makes use of ILP and XRP to monetize creators and put an end to add base monetization by mainly helping content creators while allowing the customers to access content online easily we know that's what Coyle has been up to allowing users to be paid in XRP so another good step for the XRP ecosystem but guys sincerely let me know in the comments if you still use Mozilla Firefox I'm interested to know oldest iBank SCB Tylan launches ripples payment service but XRP to integrate soon so another Bank Thailand's oldest SC be integrating ripple technology however XRP is not being integrated as of yet it will be integrated soon and I have a feeling that it's not because they don't want to but they probably just can't at the moment due to regulatory uncertainty that was a big topic with Brad Garlin house when he was doing the recode decode interview the other day it was it's the biggest pain and ripple side at this moment in time is not having that regulatory certainty and I think as soon as that certainty is there as soon as it kicks in what going to see it'll be the equivalent of you know that gunshot at the start of the race the bang and then the race is on and ripple is that gold metal athlete that will just push through the competition leaving everybody in its dust because they have done the planning they have done the work beforehand they have made the partnerships they have made sure that all the people of the upper level the big ups the people that matter the people at influential organizations understand what they're doing and aren't scared to use the crypto currencies that have just been regulated so it's kind of a bit of a multi-phase situation that we have to see nevertheless let's keep going here ripple officially announces new remittance corridor from Saudi Arabia to India so another corridor being opened we know there are a lot of migrant workers from India who do work in Saudi Arabia it is close proximity wise and so cross-border payments are important for that specific corridor in the east and guys I link all these articles in the description you know sometimes I like to go over some of them in more detail if I find something a little more interesting but ultimately I do like to touch on the news I don't like to dwell on it if it's a been covered before or B if it's just more of the same so I do link all the articles in the description you guys can always find them there if you want to read them further this no Bitcoin people's fears about crypto are based on misunderstanding of underlying technology claims ondrea's Antonopoulos and this is also true brad Garlin house did mention this in the RICO decode interview you know people's perception has changed quite a bit it used to be Silk Road illicit drugs murder-for-hire you know use Bitcoin to pay for anything illegal that you don't want to have traced but now things are changing okay we're on the dawn of almost a new decade the 2020s and this decade the 2020s will bring change to the financial world I can almost guarantee it Sam I am did a video yesterday a livestream guys if you're not following Sam I am he's to the lifeboats on YouTube and he talked about this from a certain riddle that was decoded and it's the ninth high-level conference on the international monetary system again I'll this this is just the one letter the rather the two-minute synopsis where he talks about Augustine Karstens and this gentleman here and how prior to the interview that Sam shows on his stream here he wasn't very warm to crypto currencies because I'm sure of all the former negative news right the same thing that Andreas Antonopoulos is talking about the misunderstanding the misnomer of it being used for negative purposes but as Sam mentions he has changed his tune but who is this guy why is it important well he's a Mexican economist who has served as the general manager of the Bank of International Settlements okay he served his government of Bank of Mexico and along with Christine Lagarde was one of the two final candidates to become the managing director of the International Monetary Fund so this guy's got quite an impressive resume with regards to banking in the financial world on an international scale he previously served as Secretary of Finance in the cabinet of Felipe Calderon as deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund as a treasurer of the Bank of Mexico also one of the 50 most influential ranking in Bloomberg Markets magazine so right now works for the Bank of International Settlements and as you can see there's this interview he did here and I'm just gonna synopsize it for you guys just to kind of give you guys a sense of what he said so keep in mind he did change his tune his previous position was against crypto currencies but ultimately what he said was this is that blockchain can be very powerful for many alternative applications like for example in settlement systems like in systems for financial transactions some back office applications so instead of ignoring it it should be embraced and we can see what the uses of that technology can be so he is understanding the whole picture he's getting it at this moment in time part of again what Brad Garlin house was mentioning in his RICO decode interview which is a great interview I suggest you guys catch it is the education Brad's has spent so much time going around to different countries just educating guys like this okay and so some are even suggesting that this is the king from a particular image and originally when this image was released it was said that the King must be overthrown but I think if the King has changed his mind on utilizing crypto currencies for cross-border transactions wouldn't that be just as good six of one half dozen of another but I want to hear what you guys think please subscribe to the channel if you haven't already like the video if you like the content I'm providing I always love hearing your comments see you in the next one guys

29 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Has The King Changed His Tune On Ripple & Cryptocurrencies Like XRP?”

  1. I'm currently using firefox and I love it!

    When I think about the approach Ripple is taking I remember the way Netflix started their business. Netflix started by renting CD and DVD, just like Blockbuster, but they offered better service by sending the movies through mail. One of the reasons they did it this way is because the internet infrastructure wasn't ready for them to start streaming. Now think about Ripple's approach. They understood that the market wasn't ready for using digital assets because of volatility, security and custody issues so they offered the banks similar way to do their business but with better speed and security through xCurrent. Soon the market will be ready to use XRP and when that happens just watch the demand skyrocket for the best digital asset ever created. We're witnessing history being made right before our eyes! The future is very VERY bright!

  2. @ Trade war, Iranian sanctions, Venezuelan hyper inflation, USA Gov't debts…all point to cryptos & XRP.

  3. Its time to stop gambling money and looking at prices all day by building a rock strong winning strategy and start making profit by sticking to it. The key is to do this without emotion as this is the biggest self setback as a business person. Some people are still waiting for a correction to start buying bitcoins and others are waiting for a major bull run to start making profit but those approaches are wrong and my portfolio is a testimony to that. I actually may not be as good as i sound but i am smart. I researched and follow Mateo Alejandro for trade patterns and signals which have been so accurate, easy to use and good my portfolio is exploding with profit. I suggest him ([email protected]) for all who seriously want to make incredible profit from bitcoin without having to just buy and hold which is easiest to do but very unproductive right now and most likely in the future

  4. Upside to xrp is insanity. The macro looks amazing. Basically hasn't moved since ath. Bottom of the mountain

  5. Should we be concerned about Facebook and their plans to enter into the digital payments and money transfer space??

  6. I hold 10k ripple, we鈥檙e still under BTC grips. I don鈥檛 like that XRP took longer than BTC to push but pulls when BTC pulls, and pulls harder than BTC. I would like to see it move more independent of BTC.

  7. IMF, BIS, WORLD BANK, CENTRAL BANKS, SWIFT, Payment Providers , WALL STREET, Fidelity . Invest your life savings into XRP. China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, USA, Israel, India, Venezuela, Argentina, Holland, Swiss, Europe will use XRP. ??

  8. carsten's fat double chin plus being the GM of the BIS (the Head Honcho of all banks) has to be bearableguy's 'the king (without a mouth) made a rare appearance' at the 9th meeting, but its actually the BIS (the powers that be) that's the king(s), carsten is just an employee working for the king(s)

  9. I only use chrome for browsing pages in chinese, been using Firefox since 2010-2012 I think version 3.5 or so ..I tried also Opera, Vivaldi, Dolphin…

    I believe the king is the USD currency and the thing on his hand is the power of printing unlimited money as the thing on his hand is broken, and it has that symbol that is also on the fire on the xmas image, also with BSV that may be waiting for its turn to burn on fire

  10. I use both Firefox and Chrome for work. Chrome at home. The google sign up out of the box helps keep bookmarks saved otherwise I see no difference between the two.

  11. Has anyone ever made a chart for bitcoin pre 2017 to $19k or current to $100k?

    We see many breakdowns of xrp but I鈥檝e never seen one for bitcoin to show what it has achieved, or what鈥檚 projected to come?

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