38 thoughts on “Ripple XRP , Grayscale , BIS, Bringing Musicians To Coil”

  1. Thanks DAI….i put some cinnamon in my coffee this morning and because of YOU am now on COIL!!! I have a small YT channel of Kids learning Videos that i decided to expand to Coil after watching this video. Thank you Thank you Thank you! The universe works in amazing ways…. https://coil.com/u/TeamToddler

  2. DAI it’s all coming and soon I still have a 3 to 5 year plan thank you for your great insight into this new asset class

  3. I love your videos. However your forgetfulness with what you are reading is funny and also irritating. Good God man

  4. Guys, buy new privacy coin"DAPS " from bitmart exchange at just 4 sat. Mainnet is coming next month and it will go over 50sat. Buy now..

  5. Bought myself the combo yesterday using your link. Enjoy watching your videos everyday. Look forward to them. Keep up the great work.

  6. Grayscale has an Ethereum classic, and Horizen/ Zencash trust product as well. I believe they offer 10 different products, but 90% of the Volume goes to GBTC.

  7. Augustin Henry Vlll Carsten went from 'family buckets between meals' to being vegan overnight thanks to Brad being such a good communicator.

  8. It's just a matter of time…soon many more shows and movies will mention Bitcoin and more digital assets! Clip from Designated Survivor – Netflix @digitalassetbuy @sentosumosaba @AlexCobb_ @CKJCryptonews @ThinkingCrypto1 @Cryptoak1 https://youtu.be/Mt8x8A3kQro

  9. Augustin was ANTI CRYPTO until his meeting with Christine Lagarde and friends and now he's on the bandwagon! Imagine that!

  10. DAI is ending his videos quicker to trick me into listening to that terrible outro. I gotta be quicker on the draw to skip it. Love the intro!

  11. This is not a plug but a promise, go to MEGAPAWNSHOP.COM and beg,borrow or invest all you want! I've been a customer for 2 months and make extra profits from my XRP PROFiTS, daily! I'm convinced YOU will too!
    p.s. DiA, check it out and see what you think! peace and good come to those who invest(not borrow) wisely!

  12. I hope we’re going to be as VIGILANT about s-talking the #Fail of the “Al Gore” (@Awake) XRP ‘Burst’ theory as DAI was about promoting it (in 2 or 3 videos, I believe).

    When you get behind an obvious whack-job, you had better own up to it when his ‘rambling nonsense’ is proven to be rambling nonsense.

    Remember: he was very clear – 23rd or 24th “… for sure, $0.80-3.00 range…”

    Own it DAI, you championed this moron, make sure you lambaste him when NOTHING happens tomorrow.

  13. @Digitalassetinvestor you can also invest in ETH Classic ticker ETCG. I am up almost 200%! I invest through my Fidelity 401

  14. Emanate on EOS,
    Micro pay all of the creators of a song while you listen. https://emanate.live/
    Collaborators of one song can be from all over the world but get paid together. Game changer. EMT on EOS alts market.

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