and we are alive teacher we’re getting a a a good
stream here, try everything is
coming through the way we want
to come through , tse and we’ve got column is edges realize that I left a no win some and , just realize I left my phone
and the other room alike monitoring the stream to
make sure things flowing to step
to do without it today second and we got number one in
the room and excerpt the minute are too busy bits occurred doing
well and we got going on here and it’s what’s easy , some so on to a tears down with OTC that someone
and all toe is down with OTC so we are going to go into a lot
of greats informational a great
topic, levy no gimme a a Com’s update the Dottie O is is
good , Matt was I was playing around
with dove and stream labs and
the audio just wasn’t coming
through right so I can make set up a little
bit one back Toby S watts of duo excerpt he wants up
Ralph all the way and palm beach , ice and won an excerpt the minutes
down although to see a it’s a
palm is it’s a lee said the SAC
piece of the sick a to takes a
seco all good with the audio watts of
teen all are right and guts of Florida in the house
that’s why we’ve got a guy good
representation over here to oh to us and your this out is throw me off a little bit and none are a and get to it when I got here
there we go and write this is
deftly nine M accurate over here Tony this up, you know what I
need to keep the screen goal and to get that there’s some things
going on over you to and they’re making some changes
that are deftly on impacting
away the whole streaming thing
is flowing so all what’s up in
van a it’s got to OM crypto popo
what’s up to a very cool as a word and it
hears or to discuss tonight to
move by a show of hands and
heard some good news today and Ethan positive , much so tow anyhow odyssey there’s a
little bit of positive news, and
we are going to try to figure
out one star what’s going on , Tina hall and as coast and we
we try to avoid the West Coast
it’ll cost toes on the East
Coast any ways of so no good news today whatsoever car and that’s of its call their
rap and Wallowa move on and so a
car eight so check this out
obvious if you guys were in
previo , I think this is really
significant for a number reasons
and that sort of talk about and
were going to really drill down
a litt , that’s a Mac seems like the timing of
excerpt the deal just before
face book was a hail Mary for rebel I think is in the works but it’s
kind of interesting timing wise to flee a toughly interesting tackling the more the a not so
good news , but tiered here’s here’s the way I’m
looking at it and so and so we we we just had a rebel a pudding and on a
sizable a purchase into on
moneygram , they and that that the ideas
the hind and in really the
concept behind of this purchase a moneygram and my opinion a also brings
everything else of the we’ve been talking about it especially when it comes to
all of the the up and mainstream
adoption but more so , as are beginning to see , I’m more jean Orr and
assimilation of traditional banking and the
digital asset space to little by
little and it’s interesting
because of four I saw that news,
was touch of you guys avert a chime
all but as we’re looking at all
these different you know
variables what’s happening, I
think it’ , to see really the bigger
picture so we can look at you rebel buying
moneygram and again and one of
focus and say it’s also news and
all but many are gonna try to re that are seeing big point me in
a big point hitting what 9300 of
today, which is on its way to
want definite way to 10,000 a
day and got Sam box of excerpt the
bully , as any ever has anyone ever
seen a law that says we need to pay taxes and all , that that said discussion for
a deftly and other time we
cannot, we can actually discuss
that date, taxes are not
necessarily , but let’s just up and we have
that discussion and then we’ll try to focus in
on really what is up identified
in the mainstream, and tried a
understand and know exactly
what’s so, what’s of jam men and a CE
one allowed to you too, so to we have to have all the
mainstream media outlets Wall
Street Journal a fortune, others
that are reprinted really
reporting on you want a puts for the bit get
to the bee DC maxis of this
might be surrounding us by Susie
started talking about, tax not
bein , a tight and oh so and so we
have we have a and we had this this adoption or
this purchase into on and to moneygram by rebel by a
sizable amount, so we have we
have what a $30,000,000
investment purchasing the money
into moneyg off for additional liquidity all
were cash needs up by moneygram
offer further investment what’s
interesting also was that we se or dollars and 10¢ a per share
whereas the current stock value
of moneygram is hovering around
$1.45 , what’s up, Alex Yee , and so it was so as as we start
looking into this and we start thinking about the fact that you know
everybody’s been calling for for this adoption of excerpt he
we wanna see the utility of
excerpt he, through the Exe
rapid platform as rare as it was
really moneygram transactions moving
forward will be utilizing excerpt he and
you know through the Exe rapid
platform, but I look at this a
little bit further again as this tiny into mainstream a same idea
of that yet when we look at the
banks that were we look at the
up of the digital asset exchange rebel alliance moneygram or,
here’s an organization year
odyssey hasn’t happened yet, you
no time will tell into exactly
how thi that within, we see here I wanna
say of four years so for years
ago are worth a little over four
years ago as branch was banged about dove, they added about one
million users and out in the
past year of the added a total of four
million users of this bank added an additional
1,000,000 users so bare their
growing so quickly and again
this is an online date and what
full a growth into the space in the
ways they don’t have a full
utility yet with all banking
feature, but they’re getting
their movin these digital asset exchange is
moving along the path of of
traditional taking so you know
here we have of an opportunity that I see it as
well we have these smaller
entities like a chime for
instance it’s in the fin tech
space and in my opinion is deftly a
purchase a bull, it’s out there
on an you have a point base or,
by nance us when it when it
done, or one of the others that wanna
get into the banking space,
through some form of a
partnership for a buyout young
organizations needs an organization like chime
an odyssey there’s many other
brick and mortar on tight banks
out there that would be a you
kno tapping you know fairly often,
where you banks are getting
gobbled up by other banks and
yet the bigger a conglomerate’s
on and as merging this blending of the
this black chain technology this
digital asset space all with
mainstream and for me you know
see , zeev it’s to think money Grams
and a start dropping employees,
a no clue a tie at an all we
nine out they would, it might
see , you not all I know that that’s
unnecessarily a tie important
this point to really identify
whether not there to start
laying p , maybe a little by little union
other there’s a B individuals
within the organization it will
necessarily be needed anymore
and , lot of people call the crypto
account for half a niece, right about was
happening to me that it’s crazy now we are
really up to it’s amazing how much of a
research there is to do in a
space and a what’s up on injured
nation Carl Lewis rain, publish
Icke all those of new one who jumped
in here recently , appreciate you guys for a for
jumping in, can we invest in the
spanking OM which shot which bank, a Spago
just talk about chime and a big
guy china’s investable yet, but
I think it’s really interesting
a com so right now , chime has a valuation of $1.5
billion, four million customers
which is significantly less,
then let’s see there’s a nifty
1,00 you know it again unite I’d just
ID were seen so much change
within the space so it’s not so
in the banking space attacking
the we sell robin hood grow up you
in terms of a seven of a nap
base of stock exchange or stock
trading platform really
interesting of Rabin and ended up offering
of digital asset rates knocked
it alas it purchases on and so
we’re starting to see blending
in b a no data that the key points
and I really wanted it to one
talk about today anno of beyond
this amazing news because as you
rea , and wasn’t really a and B and that was a really
thinking on to keep digging into
law a banking today , what I really wanted to focus
in on was, you are that at really are
tax exposure , with each individual trade and
what government regulation is
doing or not to in and really
going back to some of the
statement a Congressman Ted Budd, when he
spoke in front of the house and
weighs committee , and backing and nine back on
June 4, and there were some
really important statements that
he had made, and as part of
those st of black chain technology and the significance of this
digital assets space and really
calling for an 88 E of tour racked up amendment two of
the way of digital assets are
being taxed and you really referenced and
not a sky us a fact they did in
many instances and could face a
double taxation, within the
digita anno, transaction back to U.S.
dollars hasn’t occurred and
there’s no purchase of goods,
there are identified digital
assets is and all courting accordingly
according to IRS of this point
so we have to be very careful so
and in many situations and I’m
not giving any kind of tiny inch
or were a accounting or CPA boys
b , not a buyout right so there
are buying into your investing
into one to two moneygram to O’Dea they
have invested up to this point
about 8%, with an option for
another 2% are it’s somewhere
between I just a quick correction on the , so let’s see here tonight so let’s only decide
stunning views there some
interesting comments here,
people are posting , chip, and the common people
over western union you said the
only did six transactions with
rebel, and was compare will to
thei and even during that period of
time you can tell that the ceo
western union was you know
basically fall of a full of
himself and not enough transactions tighten
up evidence and yet he still
made that statement and OA there and there’s deaf
and alter your motive at the
time so and sub Spanish fly a
good to see one , that sea bubble of Cezanne
Tony from thinking crypt a great
interview tonight with the lady
from base book on interesting
topi and up so tight so so really
what what’s been happening go
back to what was adding with
representative content but and
it the fo and you have, we have a number
of key of representatives in
Congress that are really folksy
man on how do you achieve on
mainstr allowed as technology to really grow and
this industry to grow in the U.S. without companies
offer routing off from the U.S.
and go into more of digital
asset or black chain of friendly
count tea have all worn Davidson you
propose the token taxonomy act
and all we have 10 blood and is
proposing more of a of tax
fairnes , one of things that I
referenced also is a window of
opportunity so with anything
that you do and of a window of opportunity
and when it seems really great that windows already closing and
so your your opportunity, really
begins to shrink, with every day
that goes by and then sell fa tears this window of opportunity
to get regulatory clarity in the
United States anno for many
differ reason that when OK end
up and and really am talking about
to four we see of these other
companies moving up overseas but at the same time and have entities all within the
United States the primarily of
the Sherman eder, and the the
Sherman eder of being a Brad
Sherm , in Congress in the Financial
Services committee to counteract what is being done right now, I
warn Davidson and by Ted blood
and by a number of others that
are trying to establish and
plead and fell up of mechanism to
which we do get regulatory
clarity and it’s does give
guidance to the SEC and when
turn a can provid as would all of this regulatory
clarity, Congress that and
Evelyn you know it would have to
be signed up for by the
president of it really identified as to
whether not, we’re looking at a
digital asset as property and
whether not the digital asset
with ever , for us to understand a very
hander, you know important up
for us you know too, to focus in
on the guys were the grass roots
we if government as an interactive
getting United States and we
don’t see some form of all
regulatory clarity of them were really did have a
nose some issues with black
chain companies again you know fleeing the from the
United States so today it’s funnier let’s say NIC
black posted something here
that’s a German is backed by
credit card companies which is
true to , is issued kill off for panic
told to avoid guys that are
mortified by losing to control sub eight king and
it’s pretty funny stop, it’s a leary’s, so to oh let’s let’s let’s quickly
review before we get it into
what Ted but is presenting and I
think it’s extremely important
tha Tom, thalia, and to say, you know simplicity,
or insight and adding up that’s
the right terminology a bodied
everyone to provide us some norm and we review exactly what’s
happening with a token taxonomy
act and ’cause part of the token
taxonomy act upon introduction
whi that have eight component with
him it’s that addressed of the
internal revenue code of 1986 and did call, for there to be, a
$600 the buffer of of the
untaxed of gains per transaction so that was important, and
there’s a couple different of
criteria within a token taxonomy
act will review a quick summary
and th and white tent buds,
reintroduction of a terse the
7361 the console port, so,
Jochen taxonomy act was is
actually focus on the a it were written almost 87 years
ago tour thought about laws that are
regulating, are our economy and
193319341940 and 1986 and out an order for the Toby taxonomy
at actually get passed through
and Financial Services committee , Maxine waters as requested,
two specific changes of one
change was that they added a key
democrat from the Financial Services committee
has a primary seconds,
cosponsored along with war
Davidson and a bath parts been
achieved and t , any of component that had tax
implication so that means that the internal
revenue code of 1986 and voted needs to be removed up
from token taxonomy at an order
for to have an opportunity to
pass through the Financial
Servic and other still taft lee a, you
know of hurdle on to overcome a
down level because now we have a
handful of congressman of it ar or that open taxonomy act that
are looking for positive outcome
of the digital asset space that
completely understand the dynami , and then it’ll be have many
that tone understanding and
those are the ones that need
some hour each now looking at, 2144 again as is, this is the token
taxonomy at 2144 and you have HR
7361 which is going to be
reintroduced a bite to it but, into Congress
and to most likely go to the up
and the ways and means committee on tight to understanding the
dynamics again of what the token taxonomy act
is trying to do so it’s the
token taxonomy act as if
rewriting anything it’s not creating anything new it’s not a adding a new law all
its simply doing is making an
amendment to laws that have
existed on our books are the past 87 plus years and
putting an amendment to allow specific a language of to
recognize the dual asset within
it so the first component that
it’s amending that have made
videos on as import for the discussion and
so the first part is the
securities act of 1933 and then we also have the
securities exchange act of 1930 or now what they wanna be able
to do there is actually exclude
it’ll tokens, the definition of
a security so the idea there is
t the SEC is doing up odyssey
there’s still some test they can
be applied a special when you have an IPO
of it is very clearly the
security, but in this case on they want to direct this
curries and Exchange Commission
to enact a certain regulatory
changes regarding digital units on
discovery directly from what
they’re all of of the changes
regarding digital units secured
through pu and to create a menace exemption
for taxation for teens realize
from the sale or exchange of
virtual currency for other than
cas a of the a proposed a token
taxonomy act and now there’s also the
investment advisers act of 1940 and the investment
company act of 1940 and also,
the rule of construction with
respect to the CFTC and the FTC so there’s all these
different aspects of the token taxonomy act that
are going to be amended on to
again reflect things that are a
little bit more up today when it
co a now Ted blood, is really
interesting because dead bodies already,
sponsored a bill, back in
deciding the January is
sponsored HR 428 as the primary
and this on is th because move my camera out of
sync Tia year ago and on his sleeping directly
underneath of my camera to 20 likes to do so , its ear are eight to oh so we
have, Ted but new sponsor HR 428 , and then to have a antibodies
cosponsored, two additional
bills are actually three
additional bills all one being
HR 922 which , as well as HR 923 touches the U.S. virtual,
currency market and regulatory
of competitive competitiveness
act of all, they again this year
and the tell when we go back and we go
back to the sambre 2018 and into
the 115 Congress as is when Ted
but actually an initially introd , before we do that when you go
to the chap and CIA see what you
guys are talking about over
their seat there’s been any of
ques that it popped up to all that
senior , I think that’s a that’s
important because you and you have the state’s passing
specific tales that are important for the
state similar to Wyoming, which for sure 100%,
has begun to want to pass , specific, you clarity within
the digital asset space and has
taken time of a leap of faith , deftly taken a giant step you
know forward, before the Federal
government could a really make
any changes, and it’s really imp and adopt bills at a much faster
pace of bank and the Federal
government and other government purposely
moves extremely slow it was built in, as part of the
process, but it the same time,
although it can be slow and
doesn’t have to be that term
mentally a simply to get their way to
somewhere else or to prove their
allegiance, to their of you
political party or to the lobbyist of the
Sherman eder, with with of the
credit card processing companies
as an example, proving is worth,
to th , momma from every moment of you
know here forward, whether he’s
in Congress or, out of Congress
so if so, let’s see here , on a black guy you get a big
approximation excerpt the values
index of the price calculator
and it doesn’t seem realistic
copp , and it may or may not be
adding that sets rob lee of
fairly realistic of auburn rain very true Arizona
Nevada and Wyoming are big moves
for crypto, this might, move
then and that and that’s a thing and and passing it you either anno Congress is gonna have to
get on board there to see that
it’s deftly a benefit, to see
some of it is to see something voted on
its action add to move forward
if you know make some
significant changes to OI
believe that as w , so to let see here and see if
they don’t get paid by the hour
to the shindig a Russian get
paid all taste on this revision does get
done performance merit and
that’s about it, go to
government and should get paid
one economic go and only get 100% of their of
their salaries a pension, for
life as a ruling makes sense , all we can do is actually , you put together a grassroots,
effort and I’ll reach of 212
congressmen, you can have a
petition to try new one BOC may
petiti of their their DC other local
offices is extremely extremely a
beneficial and four so dry and here’s to like to and seven and the the the
dehumidifier on because of all
the rain and it just up, should
shuttle to so, tell it’s getting to 7361
because tevye 361 is probably
now , one of the more important
bills , you know and when we look at the token
taxonomy act to think I’ll make
some changes and terms of identify whether
not a of an IPO or digital astle
be a security are not, you don’t
create at least an environment o 2144 isn’t going to do with any
more to that really means that content buds, bill is going to
hold of them much more
significance a now, the full
extent of it was really
initially on 21 to buy frozen and a freeze , the camera move again and one
talkies moving the cameraman of
to Jason the near a real it gives by Jon my of my
camera to the side and see what the woods behind
over here and Joel the magical way and not frozen to freeze for second array so it’s a word I leave off
part, a giant 7361, initially
was to amend the inter internal
revenue code in 1986 to allow exclusion of gainer law
sunlight kind exchange is a
virtual currency and Oken I
think it’s important to
understand that and the sambre of 2018 and saw the introduction of the
token taxonomy act, and we saw
the introduction of HR 7361 whereas, the token
taxonomy act also mention the
internal revenue code in 1986 of the intent and initially, was
to have these to merge together,
so that you wouldn’t have you
would have to have a separate bi so with a token taxonomy at the
intent was to make it more
inclusive of all of all needs, codicil we saw that that wasn’t
the case, and then we began to
see a known port and and what that
true significance than a pager
7361, is and was an also allow
I’m really allows is to identify a strategies that are employed,
even in Congress, to where they
might, identify that you know we
have multiple bills although so , maybe, you know may be changed
altered in some way or might not
be allowed to actually, get
passed through to oh and of this
t again there’s a up, a
presentation from dow some ways
to house ways and means
committee, and I was back in
June 4, and this is e is, to get bipartisan support is something you know as we
reach out and we talk about , the importance of the
grassroots effort in what what
is it that all of us
individually are able to do all of this from a tax
implication perspective it
doesn’t matter whether not we
live in 10 B district in North
Carolina and as a I feel really bad for those who
live in not assure maters
district in California, doesn’t
matter whether that we live
there eith if you don’t of a tide of
anyhow, you and a grassroots
perspective all of these bills that we’re
talking about impact everybody
in the United States effect that
brought them to the forefront
mean the need more support from other
congressional representatives and need to know in here and the
grassroots level that there on
the right track and out and find
it interesting that, that the w composted something the other
day in like 14 likes to be a
couple a couple forwards I
posted a comments and even get a lot, considering
the size of his district as considering the size of our
community and I really think
it’s a shame that dove bit worn Davidson and
get a thumbs up and a comment
and up from 1000 people instead
you instantly to that that’s the kind of
identification anno that we
really need to have been the
focus and we really need to have up on
these bills on the on token
taxonomy act, especially you know so that means that each
and every one of us tear in the community, and all you reach one of us in
the community really need a note
to stay in tune with tied to stay alert on that you
know that we have up to a congressional
connectivity on twitter of that
are actually you know doing
something to oh everybody
complains that that a now we have a venue of three
twitter where anno of what is
assigned to you, so it so you with his venue to
twitter odyssey we’ve seen a note romp using twitter a note
to two and extreme you know
benefit for him, and in here we
have all worn Davidson you’ll get
signed twitter, and all of us
should be you know, did say all
my god warrant you know you’re
amazin , an Ojai, so and so
representative of did you see
what worn Davidson just said about whenever this
topic is an Ojai you know we’re a job to
another congressional
representative and then you put
them on twitter you know their
Aunt Witter and port and as far as us how
where interacting and reacting
to what these guys ado and
especially when we see bills
that are di a whirl passionate four so alike chain is here to stay
it’ll assets are critical for
poorer economic future tears two bills and need
bipartisan support a lot of them , is the odd crypto currency tax
fairness act which is HR 37
await the cosponsored the other
is in HR 7361 which was also called the
virtual value tax picks, which
also again is 212 really extend
of the internal revenue code on to tree of the 1986 and trade personal crypto
currency purchases type personal transactions and
foreign currency of which are
taxed to a bugle by then you go
on by a a a Euro and not taxed
when and made a small gain and at tax time it to all right
now so this is a really be the
impetus you so when we sought
under the token taxonomy at it a
li and we wanna minimize the art
tax implication are every
transaction, see we can argue on
the side with are not its
constitution , but you II wouldn’t recommend
a course of action, and then
that’s another argument to have and we’re living in this kind of
environment right now with is an
expectation, as as you know part of an of the
existence and and and in a
society today that there’s this expectation of
taxes paid, we wanna make sure
that if we have a Congressman Ted but
who is presenting, a bill they
can really have an impact again
on our tax implication and then and and Jeff, deftly all address
that in a second to think that’s a good comment,
so what exactly you is of the
virtual a value tax picks anno
how’s that going to impact, what
yo , not as an impact you know what
we’re going to lobby
accomplishing, you know moving
forward, in terms of ominous if
I can all t and one to redo the whole thing
because it’s not that interesting , but let’s see here look at one
to give you a glimpse as to what were as to what we’re
addressing here and we see here, okay share
screen year ago it’s going transition it’s pull
this up and an AA guys go and see
yourselves and a real car eight
so tears HR 7361 so as it adds
it’s a prepared as its promoted
again t , you can easily find all these
bills if you go to Congress to
act of a there’s a lot of on
information over there that you
can with touch a section one , which is all when we see here
we see on exclusion for like kind
exchange is a virtual currency
and we won it make sure that
that’s like kind that’s a ritual
currency that you know we don’t have a
taxable event on sites very
short you know there’s not a lot
of nonsense in this bill, so it
makes are purposes of this section
exchange a virtual currency up
for virtual currency of like I’m shall be treated and
the same manner as the exchange
of real property for real
property of like kind to the
adjust i why wouldn’t this pass through a
no other then you know Pieper
China find you know that that
taxable event now it’s different
wh so if you decide to buy a
Lamborghini an online ID goal and put this
in the big point and not to be
taxed at a vital by Lamborghini that transaction is not going to
be taxed and bought that excerpt
yet 20¢ or a dollar $3.00 an
ounce of $1000 would say, you’re , and and that’s the implication to know as you move it around
the digital asset space in a
commute acts as soon as it’s
used as soon as it’s all of the
Seldon $ a now that’s something that you
also need to track so , our perspective nowadays you
know if we look at on exactly you know what we’re
doing in this space and for looking at whether not
you were buying or selling goods , we’re using digital asset,
much of it is , is not taxable event so and and I think it’s right here
you know of Chi us as its 40%
off every tough and a trade to know that
makes at you know that that’s
what you’re paying you know it
actually is upwards of 40% of
all th to know exactly exactly what’s
happening so that it’s important that
everybody knows, that you know
that these attacks wood bats to
important that you know we all
then are , Jeff from my interest in the
grassroots effort, but we are a
minority at best and fortune the
people I know could care less ab to masses need to get educated
anno that is 100% of the case
anno the masses you know deftly
need to get educated and so the
mas that educated so if we know that
the masses need to be educated
we know that we can do the
educating a van at the end of
the day all of the mainstream, we also
wanna make sure that in this
case if are going to be reaching out
onto one you know, you know if we’re
going to be reaching out onto
our congressional
representatives that these
congressional representat , and need our support so one of
the things that we did a little
while back is a number of us in
the community made a video and and in the instruction in such a
way that you know we we broke down
the significance or the
importance of digital asset to
this space, two of two
individuals not jus on two individuals on the street that’s what we can do we can
continuously reach out onto our
congressional representatives and find a way and and and
you’ll help educate them and you
know why a young bring this up
again is because now we have another
congressman it’s really put
himself on the line and and this
is of 10 bade, when EU
reintroduces that’s going to have in my
opinion, a significant,
incentive for us and might be
even more impact full too wise,
then the token , so I think that is is deftly
on is deftly important , they spoke so, we have faced
by global point, and a total:
winner dues are grandparents to
crypto it’s a blessing in
disguise and their sales are not what yet it is book is going to allow of mainstream identification
recognition of all of the crypto
currency space tote Stadt its odyssey going to
be highlighted by the media on its gonna deftly, make some
change of from that perspective
so , tse here jay says be sure, to
set aside some big: and turn in
U.S. dollars to pay your taxes
after a trade and think that’s
im it is immediately of you know
usable and when all profit on
that staff Leon that’s deftly
important, I agree with that 10 also apply for that far too
old more than 10,000 overseas
that something of my CPA told me
as well and what other reasons why
minimize tell my own personal exposure on
by nance, because finance
considering is considered a
foreign exchange, and not
putting more th and into sellout done more of a
simplification , of all and all of love reporting as
well so , see your lease go down and
down and down and down see here
and all your real and it’s gone
up to its file was holding on
some tiny percent a crypto currency
will crumble or crypto assets
will crumble its deftly possible
com and see , down list and stein Zelda says
their injured to all know yet and testing
stein it’s up to try to get over
there to visit a thing to be a
pretty cool place to see it’s
yours to be a kick will play small
country, deftly of adopting and
adapting to the digital asset
space to one mentions of the democrats are as mentioned democrats like
a kid back to the comment , and a scroll down to the
bottom tier ago so Dario a chip, chip put a link
there, to get that video on to
the community and can tag me get
out there, what will be working and involve I think it’s really
important, a note to get the word out to
oh, anyhow with adding that
that’s kind of what I wanted to,
reviewed today I thought that
those w and ’cause many of us probably
anno are thinking about 10 but
we don’t know Ted but is, deftly
at nord of of HR 7361, is being
s and so you know here we have of
the house ways and means a
committee of being a
significant, place to where you
know it’s going , that wanted to bring that up
all were about an hour in , so it is a bit Co. so I wanna
make sure that we get you know , get you in a people rolling
into these videos of different
ideas, a different lengths of
video, we wanna make sure that
it’s i , ideas and Diaz have ideas or
or anything you know there’s a
lot of different to aspects when
we do want our reach like that
an on the street, to the mainstream
and educating you not so many
people are new to the space and
you know what is a really mean
co , so I think there’s just so
much of go so much more,
institute of a stance and attacking that it’s pretty
funny, Richard you live in
upping the Sherman is district
as added to a a top , Mitzi here , and it’s a, Jeff Roehm, isn’t
it the best interest for back
fidelity to lobby they do that’s
the thing is that teach one of these organizations
is lobbying so we’ve got rebel
lobbying and if god, and said to a wiring and what the dow though tce , bill also said Jeff you have
to eat we we have all the big
organizations up there and know
you’ve got the deftly got the
again a note that the BI and of the
top down and we have the grass
roots that sledding Tony these
congressmen that might be
ignoring t of a bad block chain
presentations and only, for five people showed
up so that you have four by
congressional representatives of
our staff showing up you know
how an order on to help our
congressional representatives
and does anybody know how many
psych or 109 and to get the
number total number of a congressional
representatives at sure what the number is an M
Itoh muir to one token up a to a DL so that’s another boring another
point, tax preparers can’t understand crypto most
people don’t understand it and if there’s a whole momentum
so again what can we do love the
grassroots level wise impactful to get the word out so, any help
to 00 so that’s if you know what
we’ll do our part, and I thought
this is an important time rig , planning and reaching out to
octet blood of this week and
speak at least on two is up, two
was congressional staff and
O’Dea r and Benny up on that say this is
my hour so I’m getting ready to
want to wrap this up, and then
ship with his of the number of v and represent a population of
all, the states of 50 that the
state’s right, how many ditto
Boston we had 152 addicted to
states of 50 states or in and 35 congressional representatives and 100 senators to know any help combat say it’s
my take on non, things of a
Lidak lee oriented on again
great news on regarding our
rebels on, , of moneygram and things to come, like good
momentum and on bonds still super excited
so 57 am I think that the two
that’s right at the seven states and the seven and again of a deck of cards that
the seven so any help tote
tomorrow keep your eyes out for
what’s gonna go one with up to
face boo , and it will be OT here may be
a chip reporting us all on
what’s going on with space book
tomorrow and be awesome tell any help, appreciate you
guys coming on appreciate all
your feedback all your comments all your
support, make sure of you guys
check out to excerpt the minute
tomorrow and of that same guys I
will Saturday Eastern standard time
and am so that’s it for me
tonight and a check you guys a
later and should come in on


  1. im selling my house, getting residency in another country, and leaving. taxes are a scam, they dont go to the country they go to bankers. sorry but thats the most patriotic thing i can do- passive revolt. we separated from Britain for the same reason and then they stole back the right to print our money. if we printed our money in the states instead of outside the country we would not need to borrow money from the FED. WE DONT NEED TO BORROW MONEY WE COULD PRINT OUR OWN. fuck that.

  2. The question on Tuesday will be is XRP being used when FB releases its white paper , even a mention of it will have positive price movement

  3. It's Virtual, Not Vitrual. Doesn't anyone with a channel spell check their vid titles and grammar? Seems to be a case of slapping the vids up as fast as they can.

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