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so we got yeah it looks like we’re live me wait for this to come up and wait for a few people to join in before we start I decided to do the live stream a little bit early today I’m at a little bit of conflict don’t want to do a live stream over somebody else so I decided to add in 7:00 p.m. I’m gonna do a trial on this at this time so let me just pull this up on my other laptop but you got a mute this there we go mute wait for a few people to join in here and we’re gonna get started so there’s actually a lot of things that I want to talk about today I was getting ready to put a video together Bobby you know it’s up glad to see you and my eyes are a little bit blurry from being on the computer all day today praxis media good to see you alright so it was it was great the last last conversation that we had actually got a lot of good feedback on some of the lending sources that are out there and I started doing a little bit of research on Nexus and a few others not going to talk about those today I have a lot of much better things to cover on the live stream hopefully we don’t get any too much disruption on the live stream so alright it is 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Aaron hey how’s it going good to see you might have a little bit of lag I don’t know it cut out went down to read here trying to monitor the strength of the signal so alright I’m gonna get into it people start joining in as we go different time slot today sent out a tweet a little while ago so what I wanted to go over today and by the way this is Jeff with the hotter report and this is evening crypto so on on my live streams I’ve broken them down into sections want to cover something that’s in the current news I want to go over something current news that’s related to XRP ripple or other I want to get into some of the legislative taury clarity with government and then try to get into something that’s real-world utility there always seems to be a little bit of an overlap between what’s considered real-world utility and news because we’re seeing more and more moving towards this real-world utility when it comes to digital asset and especially as we already know goes with XRP so let me see here Internet is completely under attack hey we definitely need some decentralization and the Internet always always seem to be some issues so anyhow hopefully might my voice is okay hmm seem to be a little bit hoarse I’ve been on the phone all day we’ve been on conference calls all day long today so it’s just been one of those long days but what I wanted to start off with and I think this is really important you know and so obviously we’ve all been waiting for there to be more and more acceptance with XRP so I just want to jump right into XRP and mainly because what we just saw was that coin based Pro listed XRP and obviously it’s not yet on coinbase it’s not on the app but we are seeing the trading pairs on coinbase I know people that have bought XRP already on coin based Pro and really this is a big step forward regardless of what individuals may or may not feel about coinbase exactly what’s happening in the space with coinbase I wanted to engage you guys get some feedback see what you guys think about what’s going on right now with coin based Pro to me it’s it looks like an amazing development because for the longest time right now coin base has really been sticking to their guns regarding adding XRP in part and then really we can only attribute it their delay and adding XRP to the lack of regulatory clarity to the fact that the SEC still hasn’t ruled on XRP specific whether or not there will even be a ruling that comes that’s forthcoming from the SEC in regards to XRP security are not as security obviously if there was significance concern in that space the SEC would have already taken some initiative as we’ve seen them really getting more and more actively involved in taking initiative with others with icos and other companies in the space and we’ve seen some settlements recently with SEC involvement but to me the fact that coinbase has now embraced XRP for trading and again even though it’s only on coin based Pro this is significant meaning that are we about to see some form of a change are we going to see some form of an acceptance some form of regulatory clarity from the government at large are we gonna see some decision come out of the SEC and I can tell you that coinbase is meeting with some significant congressional offices on there there have been some interesting conversations I’m sure engaged I’m not privy to any of them but the fact that they’re meeting at that level is is really meaningful to note the direction that were that we’re really waiting for for this regulatory clarity within within government and from the SEC so again you know I’d love to have some response back some feedback Johnny is there any date set for the SEC right really again there there hasn’t been anything released at all from the SEC to make any form of a decision so as it stands right now your guess is as good as mine and there’s again a possibility maybe the SEC won’t even issue a statement when it comes to ax RP you think something big is coming soon for XRP and going base and coinbase it’s it seems that way I mean I I could be completely off-base here but the fact that coinbase has added X RP and it’s all of a sudden and it was very sudden so one of the congressional offices that I spoke with and that had met with coinbase actually and that was just in the past few weeks the subject never came up they talked about ripple in the but they never mentioned that they were getting ready to go live with xrp so I think that’s really interesting when you start reading into it and you start seeing what’s been happening over the long term and really the statements that coinbase has really stuck to when it go when it comes to XRP so again you have to wonder you know if this means you know if there’s something that that’s moving forward I thought 27th February deadline for Bitcoin ETF I believe they extended that I think there’s always there they seem to continuously extend the deadline as to whether or not they’re going to allow it not allow it I believe they come up with reasons as to how they can and anything I guess is possible especially when they they move at a snail’s pace now let’s see thank you for uh they were I don’t understand that last statement Johnny what is that withdrawn is that so so anyhow so this again to me this is symbolic of things to come now as this is happening right so we have we have to look at the bigger picture we have to look at what’s happening in the world at large and then we have to look at what’s happening within the US and when we look at the u.s. we have to look at it from a federal level and we also have to look at it from a state level the ETF was withdrawn okay that that’s what happened then we’ll have to maybe pull up a news article on that and and look into that but I get I I believe you’re right on that that that’s exactly what happened um and it’s Bobby responding there so again when we’re looking at just the community at large again if we see and I talked about this on the last video we talked a little bit about what happened over in Thailand and Thailand really allowing for this securitization of the tokenization of securities and that is a significant advancement in Thailand now again they’re perdón this was permissible and / or approved by the SEC and so if we’re seeing that kind of movement in a country like Thailand and we’re seeing the adoption across Asia what happens at a government level begins to set precedents as government’s and courts look at this space and they see what’s happening by governments in other countries now they might not take that at and just embrace it because it’s being adopted in other countries but it definitely counts into the decision-making process and obviously every country is going to make their own decision in the US for sure we’re always going to make our own decisions but that definitely is helpful as our government representatives look outwards to see what’s happening in the world on they resubmitted April 5th and so that’s what’s gonna continuously hunt that’s what’s gonna continuously happen is that we’re going to see if they know they won’t have a firm decision on a launch like a Bitcoin ETF either they’re going to withdraw or the government’s going to postpone so if that’s the case if they did withdraw and then they’re a reissue it again or resubmitting again for decision that’s interesting so we’re about a month out Aaron I think we will see many different institutions and platforms sorry I got the other laptop over here that I’m reading off of platforms roll out over the next long period of time coinbase is just another block in the foundation price will move a court that’s that’s a great point Aaron I’m glad you brought that up mainly because some of the feedback that came out is the head we saw a little movement in XRP we saw movement in Bitcoin we saw a pullback in the price of Bitcoin we saw a pullback in extra P I didn’t even look at the XRP price today I know it had pulled back to 30 cents I did my my regular buy-in I think I ended up buying at 33 cents and pulled back to 30 but again I agree 100% that price movement will only come when we see additional actual really more utility in the space so I and and it’s amazing too because if you really dig into it and you see what’s happening again we have to look we have to look with a macro lens you know we have to look so much wider and make sure that our focus is looking at all the different variables but when it comes to price movement with XRP specific we’ve already seen the speculative bump right now we haven’t even really seen mainstream adoption yet but what’s happening and as we’re seeing more and more of the large institutions beginning to move in this space so coinbase adoption of x RP and adding x RP to coinbase pro is significant does allow for more mainstream adoption but at the same time and this is where I think you know we definitely see something happen happening is because at the very same time that coinbase is listing XRP we see nasdaq listing that Bitcoin and the etherium price indices so I think that it the timing of it was a coincidental that they both fell on the same day but that is mainstream adoption happening right before our eyes now it’s not happening and at the at the rapid pace that we wanted to but it’s definitely happening now at this as all of this is happening we don’t have to look much further than to Wyoming now I brought this up I’ve talked about Wyoming before and why is Wyoming significant let me let me move down here hang in a second let me switch to a different view here I’m gonna go right past chat which I meant to switch over I’m gonna go right and I’m gonna transition over to where’s my Wyoming article here I think this is really important I want to transition over to the Wyoming article and the reason why I bring up the Wyoming article because as we’re seeing coinbase adoption as we’re seeing movement within the federal government as we’re seeing adoption around the world were looking at Wyoming become the crypto state in the United States and providing significant regulatory clarity in the state of Wyoming so now the reason why I bring up this all that was actually posted in the beginning of February by Caitlin long and she is definitely a mover when it comes to this space and she is part of the Wyoming blockchain coalition now if we get into this article that she wrote just a number of weeks ago they were actually eight outstanding bills that were passed and waiting for signature in Wyoming of these eight bills and I just want to go through them briefly see if you guys have any feedback on this but let’s go back let’s go through these eight briefly and then let’s focus in on the four bills that were just signed yesterday and this again we keep seeing movement in Wyoming it seems like you know every other week there’s more news coming out of Wyoming that more bills are being passed or more bills are being signed off on for this regulatory clarity when it comes to digital assets now the federal government is moving extremely slowly whereas Wyoming understands the dynamics of what this technology means for the United States but what this technology means for the state of Wyoming so if we look back into the 90s and you see what the what the the dot-com boom did for Silicon Valley and now if you transpose that boom over to a state like Wyoming what is the potential outcome financially for the state of Wyoming so over the over the past and and again these are this was updated this is a beginning of February eight different bills that are sitting waiting for signature number one FinTech sandbox would authorize the Secretary of State or the banking commissioner upon approval of an application and the posting of a consumer protection bond to waive applicable statutory or rule provisions that would otherwise prevent the product or services from being offered to consumers um so and let’s go through this we’ll go one by one if you guys have any comments feedback go ahead Wyoming utility token Act would amend and expand the utility token provisions enacted by HB 70 and moved them to newly created Chapter of Wyoming statutes so we’re seeing again movement development so although they passed something previously they’re looking to continuously improve on bills and laws that they’re that they’re already passing then we get into what was H B 70 the commercial filing system then we get into special-purpose depository institutions special electric utility agreements this is would enable Wyoming’s electric utilities to enter into service agreements with cryptocurrency miners so that is fairly significant to allow them specific caused benefits corporate stock certificate tokens banking technology and stock revisions digital asset existing law so you could go back if you want to look it up you can read through each one of them but let’s hone in on four so there was a great article came out let’s see on Bitcoin issed this was today and these are the four new blockchain bills that were just signed into law and this I believe was just yesterday so this is significant is again a significant development we’re seeing significant movement within Wyoming so here number one special-purpose depository institutions so what does this say this is to create institutions to service blockchain companies that cannot access traditional banking services however these institutions are prohibited from providing loans and must maintain one at a percent of its deposits in its reserves they are may also comply with applicable federal law interesting commercial filing system the blockchain bill authorized the Secretary of State to create a block chain based commercial filing system for business entity registration submissions and reports this again is at the state level it’s the Secretary of State creating a blog chain filing system that’s pretty amazing that’s the state of Wyoming adopting a blockchain technology and then we have this I think is probably one of the most significant aspects and what we just talked about what’s going on in Thailand so here we have corporate stock certificate tokens this bill allows businesses and Wyoming to issue certificate tokens on a blockchain rather than stock certificates now how significant of a development is that so we just saw something very similar happen in Thailand that we talked about earlier now here we have the state of Wyoming allowing businesses to issue certificate tokens instead of stock certificates so when we talked about and and many have talked about that we’ll be moving and very quickly we may see all stocks that will become tokenized here’s the state of Wyoming making that allowance signing this bill into law so that is huge now this again this is let’s call it Wyoming the crypto state our crypto Wyoming whatever you want to call it Wyoming has taken an initiative that the federal government isn’t taking that actually most states aren’t taking that same kind of initiative and if you want to look on the other side New York State has gone the exact opposite direction in terms of being friendly to to digital assets to blockchain companies so where do you think companies are gonna go are they gonna go to a state like New York where they are now becoming very antagonistic to blockchain companies or are they going to go to a state like Wyoming where they’re extremely friendly to blockchain companies and businesses so obviously the writing’s on the wall were I would anticipate that we’re going to see more and more companies moving into Wyoming just as we saw many companies fleeing the United States or even mentioning the fact that they’re going to leave the u.s. due to the fact that there’s a lack of regulatory clarity in the United States when it comes to digital assets let me just take a breather here for one second and I’ll read a comment here if you guys remember also give a thumbs up if you if you enjoy the content you guys are leaving some content here in the chat you can leave some questions after if you guys like this topic or you there’s anything specific that you guys would really like to hear on the live streams or in the video let me know love to dig into it that the video I’m going to be doing on Nexus was recommended by by one of the YouTube viewers so I totally appreciate you guys taking your time coming on to the on to the live stream I appreciate you guys watching what the videos that I make you know I like getting on and watching videos as well watching videos typically real early in the morning when I’m out walking the dog huh so Erin says maybe kita what does that say Kido has property in Wyoming that’s definitely possible who is uh Quito what am I missing here maybe I’m not reading it properly my eyes are a little blurry it really sucks trying to read the text on my my laptop over here and I keep looking over here let’s see here oh yeah anything’s possible right SPI you need a you know what you never know you never know uh Stevo New York is being radicalized by the week that’s the truth a year coinbase prose isn’t allowed you know what the state of New York man you know what I used to love New York City I don’t want to knock anybody that’s living in New York State but New York is losing their minds absolutely they’re chasing people away in droves people are leaving the state of New York because it’s not friendly to anybody it’s not friendly to businesses New York City is gone the opposite direction over the past couple of years it’s definitely becoming the city of the week it’s definitely becoming radicalised I don’t mean to offend anybody out there but you know what there’s something inherently wrong with what’s happening in New York State for years and years and years upstate New York has had to support New York City and stint taxes in upstate New York are high due to the fact that New York City can’t support itself and the the expense and cost of keeping and maintaining New York City is just way too extreme and those who live in it in New York City don’t even appreciate the fact of what those in upstate New York have provided for them the mere fact that they chased Amazon away from New York and the excuses that I heard and actually and I don’t know if you’re on and I apologized for not remembering your name but somebody one of the one of my viewers and I again I appreciate you commenting and giving your feedback if you are watching but one of one of my commenters our viewers said you know don’t be so hard on the congresswoman from New York you know the fact that she you know really disgraced or cell and and pretty much everyone in New York State with her comments and our attitude and and her actions against Amazon and she virtually destroyed the opportunity not just for the 25,000 individuals that would have gone to work for New York for Amazon but think about all the other businesses those that would have you know built the roads those would that would have had to expand the infrastructure all the other supporting businesses the restaurants the coffee shops and who knows what other businesses would have come out of that and if you put Amazon up in lights on the top of a building can you imagine the other high-tech companies that would have come to that area and they lost it all what a joke and here’s New York State chasing away blockchain companies that they should be embracing they’re not allowing people to trade XRP it’s because of their laws their laws are extremely oppressive in many cases the regulations are oppressive every time I travel into New York City and I and I ride in an uber it’s amazing the complaints and over over a period of time when you when you you know go there you know when when uber was relatively young and you didn’t hear the same complaints then all of a sudden the union’s get involved and then the the insurance they’re required to hold and the expense and cost for that individual to operate an uber becomes so extreme that they work more and more hours only to pay the oppressive regulatory penalties for an individual to operate a business like that and it’s it’s crazy I’m glad you brought that up you know and then you saw the same thing happen with uphold you saw the same thing happened years ago when it had to do with prosper on because of the regulatory the regulations it’s it’s unbelievable uh Aaron God gave a OC to ears like everyone else and one mouth no coincidence she needs to start listening I don’t think she does and I don’t think she’s going to listen she went into Washington with an attitude and wasn’t educated enough to understand the dynamics of everything that she’s saying and I’m just I’m I’m still in disbelief that people would have elected her twenty nine years old and really when you hear her speak you can tell that she doesn’t understand one iota of anything when it has to do with economics has to do with politics it has to do with what’s good for this country I don’t care if you’re a Democrat Republican the fact that anyone voted for her is is is really it’s to their own detriment their own demise they lost Amazon what else can you know it and hopefully that it would you know hopefully New Yorkers are waking up you know it’d be nice to you’re starting to see it you see those billboards and it’s just awesome seeing it you know from the outside you know on what’s going on but there’s so much so many strings are being pulled yo who know she goes in there and then the media the media is just promoting her but it’s the same media spreading FOMO and fun when it comes to economics and when it comes to digital assets the same media that’s propping her up you know like a puppet you know on that that’s their poster child now you know it’s insane absolutely insane I’m totally targeting the youth is is that’s it you know targeting the youth now from our perspective you know and again I don’t mean to offend anybody funny that there’s any AOC supporters out there you know anyone who disagrees and they hey that’s okay you know you can disagree but everybody you know when you look at it when you look at what’s good for this country when you look at economics that’s a bipartisan issue those that are trying to embrace socialism and radicalize the United States by turning those productive members of society really into you know really they not really turning them there they want to rob from those who are productive right that doesn’t make any sense you know so let’s not go down that path because I could go on a tangent for hours when it comes to while politics and what’s happening in this country you know but you know getting back getting back into what you know what’s important for right now is the direction that digital assets are moving in the direction that that blockchain technology is moving in the direction that blockchain technology can really take the US and the fact that again those that are adhering to these socialist tendencies are the same that are probably more apt to turn away from a company that is offering a decentralized form of production or productivity you know so they want to embrace and they want to penalize and they want to over-regulate that that’s really their concept let’s see is there a website to get reports X rapid use and volume if someone wants to answer that I there’s definitely a there’s so much information out there oh that’s all right it’s you can see it’s easy for it’s easier for me to easy for for me to move in that direction so it’d be good you know I’d like to put up a YouTube channel just on politics but that’ll that’ll take me away from everything else I’m doing so being actively involved in politics is enough so alright let’s uh so let’s see here alright we talked about Wyoming here’s the next thing I want to talk about and this is going to lead a lot of significance here sorry got my notes over there let me uh let me switch back out of here I don’t really have any oh you know what I do have something to share hang on a second Here I am okay so here’s my next topic so I want to talk about the token taxonomy Act now we’ve talked about token taxonomy Act we’ve really identified exactly what it’s going to do if you don’t remember you can go back and watch on my other videos on and how it’s going to significantly impact for the better the digital asset space now I really do my due diligence to stay up to date with what’s happening I had an email exchange yesterday with the legislative assistant at Davidson’s office I’m very eager to really see what’s happening the updates of what’s going on in this space and and really at this point what’s so critical what’s so important as they get ready to reintroduce this bill and we saw a statement from from congressman Davidson not that long ago on Twitter really thanking everybody for their involvement and really doing everything they can to make it happen um I did mention before that it’s so important for everybody to reach out to your Congressman and even more importantly right now and this is why I pulled this up as because of the fact that and really this is a this a mixed list wait a minute this looks like no here we go and look at our there it’s split it’s split okay so what’s what’s really important here is that we we help out right so at the grassroots level we can take an initiative to reach out to our Congress people we can contact them we can speak to their legislative assistants we can identify exactly where they stand when it comes to the token taxonomy Act and I can tell you 100% for certain that all of our efforts whether you’re doing it through Twitter whether you’re doing it through email if you’re making phone calls even better if you can go on take a look at this list it’s so easy to find their phone numbers in Washington and find out exactly where they stand now the reason why I brought up the US financial services committee the US House Committee on financial services or the financial services committee the reason why I bring this up is because this is the committee that the token taxonomy act is going to be introduced so if we want to have a personal experience with actually helping a bill get introduced to Congress and really push this to happen and not just get it introduced but the goal is that when it is introduced I know that they want to get it passed that’s all idea of introducing a bill now here’s where our part starts so if we look at this list and here’s a list of Democrats and Republicans that are on the financial services committee you can easily look down this list there’s many other lists you can on their sub in the description above my video I have a link to where you can actually go find your own representative but this list of Democrats it’s so important as you introduce a bill as important as the token taxonomy Act that they have an evenly distributed co-sponsorship so congressman Davidson is the one sponsoring the bill now congressman Davidson is out of Ohio congressman Davidson Warren Davidson right here is a Republican now there are other Republicans on the financial services committee that have also sponsored bills or have been co-sponsors two bills a Darrin Soto Democrat out of Florida will most likely be a co-sponsor on this bill as he was before on the token taxonomy Act so there’s one Republican one Democrat now the others that are most likely co-sponsors Ted but of North Carolina Tom Emmer of Minnesota and I’m sure there’s others in this list of Republicans that will co-sponsor now this is where it gets interesting and this is really the significance and the importance of what’s needed when we look at this list of Democrats we really have to find and help and reach out and contact everybody on this list so I know those that are watching right now the pool is relatively small those that will watch this video is a little bit larger those of us that are watching right now and talking about this have a certain sphere of influence that’s where you can get the word out get the message out now is the time to reach out to every Democrat on this list and say where do you stand on this significant bill the token taxonomy Act now if you can reach out to their legislative assistant you call the DC number talk to their legislative assistant find out where they stand are they planning on co-sponsoring this bill are they already supporting it that’s significant if we can help get more co-sponsors to the bill the chance of this bill actually getting passed not just through committee but getting passed through Congress through the house is increased so I know that they’ve already done their due diligence on their side they’ve spent a couple months diligently going through the text and the legalese aspect of the token taxonomy act to prepare it for go time which is now imminently happening coming up so the key here is that when they introduce it again they need to have a balance between Republicans and Democrats this is such an important bill that has to do with the securities exchange and has to do with IRS code now and there’s so many changes of so many some some major changes they’re not so many but those changes that need to be made are addressing a digital asset investment directly and that is where regulatory clarity will come from and it could also very well be that everything around it you see a lot of foot-dragging especially within the SEC waiting for a bill like the token taxonomy act to go through now many have said that it’s going to take a long time for it to be passed that could very well be however you know sexy what’s up man thanks for thanks for joining in now what’s significant here is that when we saw bills go through and pass Congress not just committee but when they pass Congress and there were a number of bills digital asset related bills that pass at the security level that initiated Congress to establish committees or organizations that will research the utility of digital assets to make sure that they’re not being used for terrorism or other nefarious purpose now in this situation again it’s so significant that this gets passed and I’m gonna just keep emphasizing it and stressing this fact so let me turn over to what’s going on here discussion wise and then then we’ll move on a little bit here let’s see any comment let’s see I’ll pretend I didn’t see that all right I don’t know if you guys have any feedback on the token taxonomy act yet but again look at that in the description below there’s a direct link to find your congressman or you can look up each individual congressman that’s here this is again right now is is the time for us to make it happen Congress is in session over the next three weeks the fact that they’re in session over the next three weeks there’s a high probability chance at this point if they get a balanced representation of co-sponsors on the token taxonomy Act that we’re going to see it introduced within the next three weeks and initially the there was obviously some anticipation that we’d see it before the end of February doesn’t look like that’s going to happen does look like there’s an opportunity however to see the introduction of it within within a short period of time now once it does get introduced then it goes to the next level now I do have it on good authority that all of the work and initiative again I said this before that we’re doing is having an impact and legislative teams from Congress from congressional offices and the Congress representatives themselves are approaching Warren Davidson’s office with more interest on the token taxonomy I don’t want to know more about it so let me take a break here let me look at these comments ah huh man yeah you know I agree you know that’s uh when it comes to the live streams the live streams relatively new building up little by little you know I’ve got over twenty six hundred subscribers still not enough takes time I’m not posting every single day that takes a little bit of time as well um so you know whatever it takes you know I just want to be out here and every little bit that I can I can do to help out I think really helps helps people so all right let’s uh let’s move on so so that’s a that’s a little bit about the token taxonomy act let me transition back here and see what else we’ve got going on so all right d let’s see all right that that really wrapped up most of what I wanted to talk about tonight really my old thought process was getting in to the token taxonomy act because that is such an important initiative right now for us all to support so I don’t know if you guys have anything else that you want to either you want to go over any questions any specific topic that you want to discuss it’s going back up here through some of the notes what is that there so alright good stuff so anyhow you know that’s it really you know I wanted to get through that I’m getting ready to put out a video so the next video that I’m working on right now I’m just looking at my notes over here and this is interesting again goes back to what I was talking about the other day when it came to uphold in my cred I don’t know if you guys caught that video but really getting into what’s happening on the crypto lending space and you know really it’s it’s amazing as I dug into this and I never really well I wasn’t really paying much attention I was waiting to see what would happen when my cred went live and really started digging into my cred and obviously you can you can go back and watch that video but when it comes to Nexus and it was Mickey Mickey be fresh brought up Nexus and it’s amazing as I started digging into Nexus and I never really paid much attention to it but from a lending perspective a way to see the video that I put out on that I was really to me it was really impressive then there’s another one called celeea s– and then what’s the other one here hot ol finance dot IO and so I started covering all three of those and now I wanna put those into a video so anyhow that’s really it for tonight guys I’m gonna wrap it up again if you like the video give a thumbs up if you haven’t subscribed go ahead and subscribe to the channel if you want to send any any feedback any comments if you want to send them on Twitter if you want to leave comments here any specific topic any specific information that you want to hear much appreciated and until then I totally look forward to seeing you guys on my next video planning my livestream on on Saturday 8 a.m. and and that’s it I’m going to keep doing these livestream so I’m playing around with Wednesday and see if it really fits in let me take a look at now Steve lies a comment here before we sign off about the sign-off but once the stock market gets tokenized do you think they can trade independently within let’s say Nasdaq or would they have to use a system like XRP great question I believe that once uh-huh and I mean that that’s an amazing question because really that means that you would a Nasdaq or the nice would they be willing to relinquish their control over the trading space I don’t think that they would I do think that the fact that they’re beginning to list the indices of price indices for Bitcoin and for aetherium is really on the purpose of becoming more involved in the digital asset space becoming more mainstream and really opening themselves up to it so I I believe that they’ll continue to be the source as they begin to tokenize those securities and I and I also think that as securities become tokenize just as we saw in Wyoming you know they’re allowing businesses to do that it’s still going to fall within a specific regulatory framework so we’ll see where that all goes and that’s a good question to look into for Wyoming so anyhow I’m gonna I’m going to take off Steve thanks for the great Steve oh thanks for the great comments I truly appreciate you guys being on today and I look forward to seeing you on the next video until that time keep on huddling your crypto

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