21 thoughts on “Ripple XRP , Facebook Coin And "Buy In Now People The Surge Is Coming."”

  1. Check out KBC crypto gold coin . It will be pegged to 100KBC = 1 gram of gold July 4 th.

  2. because PS's bottom line is threatened, this is why the FUD. it's obvious with these bankers etc, they just FUD and FUD. they are all going to be hypocrites in a few years.

  3. Tone Vays says we (XRP holders) are "brain dead"
    When he hates us this much, you know we're right

  4. Born and raised in Montana. I left due to it's hard to find employment and insurance. I am type 1 diabetic of 23 years. I will own land in Montana that's a given, I know of very nice and lots of acreage for mind blowing prices!

  5. Why doesn't the digital asset investor have anything about himself or his mission on his YouTube page.

    The xrp detractors do not bother me. It's the xrp fanatics and hype that concern me the most.

    Blockchain and crypto is all about transparency. I'd like to see more transparency on this channel.

  6. Peter Schiff lost a senate race to Linda McMahon who was Trump's Administrator of the small business administration. She is a former WWE CEO and married to Vince McMahon, who graduated from East Carolina University where Sandra Bullock attended but did not graduate. -CKJ

  7. When too many people are dreaming to be rich in few years, then the opposite is happening. I'm wondering how many of you will drop xrp if it will break 0.25 cents?

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