24 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Even Though You Own The Best Digital Asset In The World, Use A Safety Net”

  1. This week before the upswing I was able to buy while it was down near $0.30 and I finally reached my goal amount of XRP. Now anything I buy is just extra and I'm holding it. I won't be selling any time soon. I will take some profits at some point, but probably not until it gets to at least $10-$20 or so.

  2. The way I see it, if your playing with money that you can afford to lose then why not hodl for the long run. Providing of course your not in a $hit coin. I realize this goes against protocol, but just how I feel.

  3. ABSOLUTELY reap profits. Take 25% at break even. . There is no substitute for technical analasys !!!!! At least then your playing with house money

  4. The Reddit poster bought 600 BTC at 2700USD for a total of $1.62m NOT 600 BTC for 2700USD at 4.50USD.

  5. Good advice and timing before the bulls start to run. They had a little giddy up today lets see if it continues. Never sell all of your XRP though.

  6. How do you figure how much profit to take as your crypto grows? And how do you figure your profit at each step? I am not a math guy. Thank you.

  7. Very good advice WMC!! Need a plan to take profits too! At least take enough to recoup your investment!! Another plan is pay attention to the market. Right now, basically nobody is interested in cryptos. When the time comes everybody is into cryptos, that is the time to sell some of your stash!! As Warren Buffet says, "Be greedy when others are fearful. And, be fearful when others are greedy."

  8. Honestly same situation happened with me. I was trying to leverage and try and get more xrp by betting my whole portfolio. In the end I lost 2/3 of my xrp portfolio and now I’m hoping that these bear markets stay stagnant or continue to drop as I’m rebuilding. TIP: you can’t predict the market so don’t try to.

  9. You gotta be smarter than that. do research. thats like throwing your money away.
    invest in coins that have a good following and working product.
    don't sell on the way up either, you'll be pissed if you dump and it keeps going up.
    wait for it to have some leveling off. you'll still most likely wind up ahead and not so pissed you sold way before its top.
    not financial advice.

  10. i learned my lesson The Same! First to trades were great, got confident, lost 5,000 XRP's and Hopefully Quit,lol

  11. Another balanced video! Thank you! The question is, what is a good price target to sell some at? $10, $50, $100, $589, $1,000. No one knows at this point. Only Ripple and insiders have a true idea of what's coming.

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