Ripple (XRP): Coinbase Will Mostlikely List XRP With Time! (Trending)

hey guys what's up it's dusty here back with another crypto video and today I want to talk with you guys about the coin base situation with ripple xrp because I'm really excited to let you guys know about this all I also want to give away 100 x RP if we hit 200 likes within 24 hours I'm just gonna keep lowering it because we have not hit it within a couple of days so let's see if we can hit 200 langston 24 hours then we're gonna be giving away 100 x RP so be sure you smash that like button comment something down below and hit that notification bell because the first person to comment gets 3 x RP alright just for fun I know it's not much but it's just for fun to see you can comment the first and yeah just tweet at me and you'll get your three extra P and a tip because that's kind of funny I guess so the core of a situation that's going on is really exciting because it's kind of you know kind of confirmed that coin is is not that scared of XRP anymore like we thought within the last I don't know months even so for all of you that didn't know all the way back in January this year there was a big hype surrounding coinbase indexer P right that was all the way back even December 2017 and what happened in that phase was people started to really speculate on the fact that coin base was to list X or P and that is a 4 in my opinion a good reason as to why the price spike this much and how I really know that it was coin based doing so as well was because on the 4th of January when coinbase released an announcement like hey we're not planning to list any coins were not plane to low stakes RP whatsoever the price just dropped that was exactly the 4th of January when that biggest spike in XMP price was so that kind of makes me feel like the hype hats do a lot with it also we know for a fact that this board had a lot to do with hype but this year the bull run will probably be a lot less high P a lot more use case based and quite a little bit more difficult to gain that much but what now happened is that on the coin based website actually on its blog gear they posted something really cool so this is their coin based blog right this is the medium page for the blog we continue to explore the addition of new assets and we'll be working with local banks and regulators to add them in as many jurisdictions as possible you see a whole list of some cool crypto some of have been told before to to get listed on their platform like xlm but then if you scroll through it really well you see hmm okay I don't care about a lot of these crypto mmm yeah yeah yeah yeah and then after exilim there comes a really exciting one you just scroll down a little bit you see it BAM o XR P is right in that list and I know it's already a few days ago but I did not really cover it all the way on my channel yet so I did want to kind of get it out and I want to kind of give you guys a new sort of style for video so I just go and talk with you guys about the topic that I need to talk about instead of just reading articles all the way out loud you know just really boring all of you guys don't like that type of stuff and that's what all's gonna introduce a new series and a few new other things just to make it more exciting I'm gonna try at it more videos in so to just make it more fun I know how to edit you know I can't do it in quite a good manner if I do say so myself but I just don't know how to edit these videos to make him cooler buddy way back I used to just edit them to make sure that all the mistakes in my reading were cut out but that took so much time for not that much quality increase that was like man I could just kind of stop this but yeah if you guys have any suggestions let me know in the comment section because everything I can do to make these videos better I want to try because it's just fun I like it I like making these videos a lot so it is no longer a matter of if but when claim is Willis XR P is exactly what we just told you guys so this article is again explaining why coinbase will actually list XR P and the fact that coinbase will list X RP has been around the crypto space for a huge amount of time but there's also a very good reason why people were against that statement or against that way of thinking and I'll explain to you that so the reason why people were against this was because coinbase has been extending this for so long they've kind of shown us is what they do not really have interest in X or P and people have been asking for it like crazy more than any other cryptocurrencies whatsoever and they still did not show interest in listing the coin another big reason why people thought this would never happen was because when corn base announced the previous time that they were gonna list coins and they're gonna open up two more projects coming on they did not list extra P in that list had excellent eight a few other ones I kind of forgot which one's bat and some of them got listed like bad didn't but the rest of the coins did not and they're probably still coming up which they probably will still do but people thought you know what now the chance is gone if they wanted to looks like Sir P they would have done so by now they just don't want to another fun fact is that coinbase was kind of hinting that xep could be okay kind of hinting towards X P could be a security and they did not want to have such a thing on there I can understand but now if corn maze would really list X R P if because this is not yet done so but this is like they're gonna explore the new edition of those assets which still in my opinion is like they're gonna be listing it in the longer run is right away if they're gonna list it then we kind of know for like 95% sure that it cannot really be Dena security because coinbase would not be willing to take that risk which I find another really cool addition to filling itself to have such a big thing going on there next to that a very good thing of this is that the amount of spread you say that like the amount of places where the name gets spread for extra P becomes even larger we know that XP has a huge presence on Twitter the presence is insane we can actually know that it's better than almost any other community out there in terms of mentions and how many people are talking about it how dedicated they are but coinbase will actually help with spreading the name across even more people that have never probably heard of XRP before or just maybe into BTC ruthenium and like man I wouldn't just stay with these digital assets that I know but now because it's so easy to buy and sell they're gonna maybe go for XP as well another very very big part of it is now a lot of people were wondering about the cash out option you know what if I have two hundred thousand dollars worth of XRP what the free game I'm gonna do now a big option is of course uphold a lot of people choose that one but now coinbase is also there is a very easy and very well known alternative to cash out your money and to buy x RP with cash money with fiat because those are issues that are in almost every crypto Fiats – crypto is still kind of hard a lot of companies are trying to fix that by just adding as many good options as possible but it's a difficult process because you're still taking a little bit of a risk and it's just a slow process as well now if we look at coin or if you look at extra P in the lyses right now it's been doing quite well the last couple of days right yesterday you might have disagree with me on this but now like today I can see that in a greater perspective the last couple of days have been quite good for XRP let me explain so what happened with extra P is it actually went down quite a few percentages like six and a percent at least when I was checking it out and the fun fact with that is that even though it went down such a percentage right now it is coping so freaking well so right now the rest of the market is going down because over the night um some of the coins went up a little bit again I think now they might be going up a little but it's well in comparison to yesterday but the fun fact is that BTC any Theory once more are down further than X or P is which is I our ideal version or I ideal way to see the market this is exceptionally good because now I can see again that X ax P is more towards decoupling from BTC than it is to just keep on following it even though it's going down as well it's going down by almost half the percent that bitcoin is which is just what one could just kiss my fingers right there another major thing to take a look at is that now the gap between X apini theorem is once again more than three billion this gap was at 2.8 almost at one point yesterday which was kind of threatening kind of scary in my opinion because I thought X appears kind of you know shrinking with the lead and III was just gonna catch up again not people are getting more faith and more faith it's under 100 bucks it's gonna spike up 200 bucks soon again it's gonna come closer and closer to x RP but it didn't and I'm really happy to see that really just chills my mood down a little bit more you know gets to get the feelings at a good level again just so I know that my investment in accept P is quite a good one I do want to say that I'm not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice but this is just my view on the market and just explain to you guys what I think about all of this I do want to tell you guys to be sure you check out my Instagram a link for that is in the description below be sure you check it out got a lot of cool posts on there you know there's a crypto meme here and there I was looking for this meme for so freakin long and now yesterday I felt or today or yesterday I remember I found it I was so freaking happy if we're to load just loaded coin is going to zero crypto G first time this is exactly what she's Birla kind of hinted towards he said like I've been in three crypto crashes so far you know 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court I really recommend you guys all to check it out because you can just talk in here talk to me talk with some other cool persons and yeah it's just fun I like it a lot you also have coin signals in here if you want to make money selling and buying cryptocurrency I really recommend this chat your we do make a lot of profit so yeah I just really recommend you guys to all check it out you also have premium ones and even higher versions you can check it out in the announcements here what'd I tell you guys about it because it's worth it be sure you give it a little look if you don't like it you can always leave again so yeah now to end up with a corn-based situation what do I think will happen to the whole crypto space I think this is a very good development for coinbase to keep pumping up with this type of stuff now what it does for my personal opinion is that actually excites people again to invest in cryptocurrencies it gives people an incentive or incentivizes people to hold on because good times are coming up when the coin base is gonna actually list these coins they're gonna be one hell of a good week and when they announced that they'll be launching it will actually be a very very good long time now with most of these currencies what will happen when they list the coin or announced a list the coin is just before they announce list the coin price will go up a little bit when there's the coin to come on their platform the price was skyrocket with you know quite a nice percentage then that will last on for quite a few days until one most likely one day before the listing of the coin really comes then the price will drop like crazy because people like was this listing really gonna do for us and when the price is down probably not gonna recover it might even go down further below where it came from now with a few coins like ADA XRP and xlm this might actually not be exactly the case yes yeah wah wah wah but with those three coins might not be exactly the case because people have been waiting for this listing for quite a while and I'm really excited about this maybe tease us as well that it could also happen that the announcement is gonna be huge but the listing of the coin might even be huger than that because again it's such a weighted thing with extra P you could see how much the hype actually brought it up and now a realist thing could not maybe not bring it to all the way to this price point but just get it you know a nice little hundred percent some people said it could take the xeb price straight to a dollar to five dollars even if coinbase were to really list it and I definitely would not exclude one dollar price just because of hype alone and then for you use case or real utility that it brings will probably just you know be like a 10 20 percent increase in price that would really be logical but we'll see you guys will see how many hi boys out there or how many big wheels are gonna buy into this to buy the rumor and sell the news do you believe in buy the rumor sell the news let me know in the comment section below did you like this type of style where I do not read articles but just give you guys the news straight away maybe I rambled on for a little bit too long let me know in the comment section below and I'll see you guys again in another crypto video yeah don't forget to enter those giveaways and I'll see you guys again tomorrow no later today yeah there's a lot of videos coming up guys so be sure you check them all out

31 thoughts on “Ripple (XRP): Coinbase Will Mostlikely List XRP With Time! (Trending)”

  1. Not todays news, I covered it in a video allready, but only slightly. I didn't cover everything I wanted to say about it yet.

  2. I don’t expect a huge price increase once CB listed XRP. Just have a look at the recent ones added to CB.

  3. Dustyyyyyyy waarom gaat verdomme de prijs niet omhoog. Bitcoin is niks, Ethereum is ook niks en hun prijs zijn hoog. Terwijl Ripple de baas is wtf kom op waarom gaat de prijs niet omhoog. Dustyyyyyyy kom op bel ze op

  4. What will happen is short sellers will buy into XRP
    As soon as it's live on Coinbase they will sell
    Causing it to drop to normal levels.
    Coinbase won't bring in new customers, they would have bought it elsewhere by now.

    XRP address: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh
    Tag: 108103009

  5. Coinbase tried to start a bull rally again by coming out with latest news about XRP……they don’t have the same effect on crypto….soon it could become just another exchange, and that should scare them..

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