Ripple XRP bringing peace to the Middle East

you let’s see what we got going here see how the stream looks if everything is clear in a minute obs Oh beyond eub how you doing man I got got everything set up at it going and we are going live man last night I started testing out the OBS and going through so many different settings so I ran that test to make sure everything was working efficiently and then this morning go to fire it up I don’t know what it is something’s going on with the OBS software otherwise it’s it’s my computer it my computer’s demise which could be his well but I go to fire up OBS and it delays delays delays doesn’t open I try to open it a couple times finally it opens up and it opens up well the first time I try to open it it says all right hey Ralph how you doing I look forward to seeing you here we’ll wait around we’ll hang out um but man it’s uh it’s really it’s frustrating sometimes and every every every article you read or YouTube video that you check out in in regards to getting the best streaming with the least amount of lag and all of that is definitely a little try and I thought I had the settings tweaked pretty nicely but now it’s look as I look over onto this side it looks like it’s Delaine I got it you know I got to pull this up on a different let me know if you guys can hear me I’m gonna pull this up over here my laptop let’s see great go straight into the commercial that we got oh no look at that okay it looks like it’s working good all right there we go all right awesome awesome we got here get out of that I’m gonna give it a give it a few minutes when we get some people to join in it’s a little bit late getting started I’ve got to turn down this volume hang on a second there we go all right this way I can monitor cut the make sure I can monitor the stream it’s going okay if you guys ever see if you see any lag if there’s anything that’s held up but just let me know and we’ll get started here in a minute sorry for getting started a little bit late but as I was just saying I was having some OBS glitches and in reality I was a few minutes late putting on the sigfredo espresso and obviously that takes priority I started I work out every single morning and I have been looking into different breathing exercises breathing techniques and I discovered Wynn Hoth I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of Wynn Hoff it’s WI and HOF and so I’ve been using this Wynn Hoff app and kind of going through different breathing techniques and if you watch some of the videos that when off does it’s actually it’s interesting because it’s mind over matter mind over matter and so when off he’s he actually hiked believe as the he hiked up Mount Everest and went up to the Death Zone and he hiked up in shorts with no shirt on and he just brought a group I was watching a video with yes theory and those guys normally put themselves kind of through extreme scenarios or stressful scenarios and then he Graham was interesting watching and took them into a hike waist-deep they ended up waist-deep in the snow and they’re all wearing shorts and and no shirt jumping into ice baths and all of that so when HOF adheres to breathing meditation technique and then also he does ice baths ice swimming that sort of thing and it’s it’s actually kind of cool well good morning to everybody joining in got WB commenting so far we got Ralph coming in from London last night I had a small group on as I was running some test streams I’m definitely looking forward to the conversation this morning so we’re gonna kick it off and and really go through some good some good topics so there’s there’s so much going on right now in this space and we want to make sure that we we cover it we want to make sure that we kind of dig into it a little bit make sure we understand it and when it when it you know really comes to and when one of the primary focus points that I’ve had lately when it comes to when it comes to digital assets when it comes to POC chain technologies what-have-you my focus is really into the government government clarity government regulation and really staying on top of what’s happening from that perspective it that’s that’s really important if we want to see the full development of the space if we want to see what’s truly transpiring if we want to really identify the significance of what this means to our economy we don’t really have to look that much further than what government is doing we don’t have to look that much further than what the financial institutions are doing and we don’t have to look that much further to what the banks are doing and when you see the adoption or the research into and and this goes way back you know so if we go way back and you know way back could be a year ago whatever I’m thinking way back in terms of when I started some of these videos Tom and I started looking into different patents the companies that were that were preparing patents and we see banks we see Walmart you see a lot of companies that you wouldn’t really anticipate that would be filing for patents into blockchain companies that we’re looking into the utility of digital asset and really across all spectrum all industry and obviously we understand that blockchain technology has an application in in many different industries not just in in the banking not just in the payment side of things which it definitely does and does have the the structure for simplifying the payment process for creating transparency within the payment process but what’s interesting is you break it down and you and you start looking at all the technologies that can that can adopt blockchain technology and can also adopt a digital asset it’s it’s staggering because it’s pretty much aren t you know our identification they’re they really crosses every it goes into into every every aspect so as we then look into why is it significant to have government regulation why is it important to have government clarity and government really then I don’t want to say gives permission to but allows for the really allows for a more acceptable so to speak and I I don’t know like a environment I can’t think but a more of an acceptable environment for companies or corporations to then get into and adopt the blockchain technologies or the digital asset technologies into the mainstream into the mainstream whether it’s from a corporate side or from the retail side or from you know the individual investment side however you want to look at it it’s going to go and it is going mainstream through through full adoption now we’re seeing this we’ve seen a number of use cases for voting which is pretty impressive and really if you want to create the most transparent means possible for voting then blockchain technology is extremely extremely significant so that’s kind of a little bit of a starter but hey this is Jeff with with a huddle report today the title of the video I labeled ripple xrp brings peace to the Middle East and really it really should be a piece of economic boom or economic well-being so maybe it should be spelled p.i ECE but peace also because through economics you also achieve peace through economics through technology you can achieve peace economics really impact everybody so and and if you want to gain economically you have to have higher meant within your country and within your region in order to all benefit from from the economic boom so hey Ralph what what brand of tea did you are you drinking yeah haha so somehow I don’t think they are but maybe all right so yeah so so I think yeah that that’s a definitely a part of it WB you know and and when you see the integration of X R P but I’ll get into that here in a little bit I think it’s it’s really important twg huh what is it there’s there’s one it’s out of Boston it’s called berries tea but you wouldn’t know about it but it’s actually the closest to a quality British tea then you can get in the u.s. other than going for an import something made in the US but you’ve got was that PG PG tipps Tibbs or Tibbs there’s there’s a bunch over at the British store over here so let me let me kind of drill down through this I’m gonna break it up I have a I’m gonna go over a few things from a kind of external news perspective then let’s get into the XRP environment we’ll talk a little bit about what’s going on in my opinion regarding the adoption of the digital assets the adoption of XRP within the Middle East environment and also some of the significance of what’s happening regionally that’s really changing and and there’s a lot of things that kind of came to light recently I was speaking to somebody that actually works uh in terrorism research and and and it’s interesting some of the things that he told me about the Middle East uh recently a luxury T brand that launched in Singapore interesting and I’ll tell you what I’ve got British neighbors and their there’s nothing like going over there for a good cup of tea I don’t know what it is I don’t know how they how they do it any different than then I do what they said has something to do with the timing of the tea bag and the water and the right quantity of milk and all of that if you don’t do it right so I just I just settle on espresso it’s a lot easier to make in the stovetop so all right so so economic piece we talked about that obviously the Middle East is and is is a huge is is a huge region for cross-border transactions obviously that’s significant obviously we have a lot of crude oil coming out of that area but you know just a just a kind of a top off this this little idea and then we’ll get back into it in a minute but the Middle East in my opinion is really ripe for development especially when we see the things that we’re seeing coming out of Saudi Arabia as they’re embracing and it you can’t really say full westernization extend expansion but they’re embracing and expansion into high-tech business and and I think it’s interesting and they are beginning to implement little little by little areas of westernization but so the so going through some of the topics that I want to talk about today so that xrp bringing peace to the Middle East Fudd and false flags from Forbes that seems to be ongoing Nigeria in the crypto space I think that is interesting because we’re starting to see and and really the base premise of of digital assets and the base premise of what blockchain technology can do for us we’re witnessing in some of these developing countries so when we see in Africa where they have the opportunity to develop a technology when they have the opportunity to utilize digital assets for the betterment of and you know for the for their development the betterment and development of themselves and those around them is really significant a Spanish Fly how you doing glad you guys could join in I know it’s early I would actually like to do this earlier if I would start at 7:00 but then I don’t think I’d have anybody joining in at all so um so so check this out and you guys might have seen this but and this this kind of borders on on I kind of on the premise that we’re talking about a little bit but this is Forbes you know so Forbes seems to continuously be stepping into and peddling FUD news stories when it has to do with digital assets when it has to do with blockchain in my opinion it’s getting a little bit old but we just saw so obviously New Zealand so let’s let’s talk a minute about New Zealand and then we’ll focus in on what in the world is Forbes doing that’s my dog over here he’s hanging out under my feet he thinks he has to protect me from whatever noise is outside so so with with New Zealand and we probably and you probably all saw you know on the news you know the reaction to what happened over there obviously it was horrific what happened over in the mosque we don’t anticipate stuff like that happening that’s the worst thing that that anybody can do definitely you know not something that we would ever you know embrace any of us and you have one individual out of how many billions on earth that chose to do something like that so it’s completely heinous and beyond reproach but the government and this is where and I talked a little bit about and the other night on Thursday we got a little bit more into government regulation we talked about what Texas is doing I know when we talk about a political thing when it comes to a bill versus what least this horrible event over in New Zealand but when I want to focus on here is a little bit of the the overreach government overreach and really government response from an emotional perspective or in a rational perspective or when government is in reactionary mode instead of being in proactive mode you know we all need to be in it especially for ourselves if we want to be in a better place we need to be in proactive mode we have to proactively do things that are best for ourselves best for our friends best for our family we don’t want to always live our lives in reactionary mode when you’re living in reactionary mode you let emotions get the better of you and then you make your rational decisions the same thing when you’re when you’re investing if you’re investing money and you do it and you’re reacting to everything around you but you didn’t proactively set up a plan ahead of time then you’re going to start trading with emotions now the government does the exact same thing so if we look at what happened in New Zealand and I know it’s it’s hard to compare these types of things but my point is really focused in on on government overreach and government reaction but the the government of New Zealand decided to ban all military style style firearms based on the act of one individual which was horrible but they’re starting to make some very illogical decisions and irrational this decisions which are in reactionary mode instead of being in proactive mode and really trying to identify and and and help from a larger perspective not you know micromanaging to a point where you’re going to begin to overreach and you’re going to impede on the rights of other individuals that are law-abiding so if you have a million people that are law-abiding and one individual is non law-abiding do you change all of your laws that will then handcuff the million people that are law-abiding because of the actions of one that makes no sense you punish the actions of the one and you make sure that the rest are not going to act in in a similar fashion so that is government overreach that is government being irrational now in the same thing in Texas Texas is in a reactionary mode when they’re passing a bill that is going to really impact the digital asset space impact blockchain companies from wanting to be in the state of Texas I know it’s hard to look at these comparisons didn’t really want to go there exactly but just to kind of put it out there now Forbes so Forbes and this is I guess really the the point is that Forbes decided that they’re gonna write an article and go down this path exactly so there their article was specifically focused on the fact that this New Zealand shooter happened to mention bit connect and so what does Forbes do with this Forbes takes this to to an extreme and their statement and their title is New Zealand Moss shooters mention a bit connect could set back Bitcoin acceptance so this is Forbes now tying these together this isn’t anybody else nobody’s saying any anything different but what this does do and again you know if you look at Forbes you would anticipate the Forbes magazine being a or new site being one of reputable that is when you’re talking about economics and yet they continuously are putting out these flood stories look at that I look like I’m jumping around let me look at my thing here what’s going on let’s see okay I guess I was just momentarily yeah Mike hey Mike how’s it going raw fish welcome to the to the stream early morning we get to talk about some good topics here forbes has definitely lost their credibility and it’s crazy WB yes this is definitely their 9/11 Patriot Act transition point but it’s you know it’s definitely above and beyond you know and and the thing is is that on the other side of it not just to take a step back to what’s happening over there why is it that nobody is really paying attention to the violence that happens against Christians in Africa or how about the violence against Christians in Lebanon or how about the violence against Christians in Syria or how about violence against Christians in Iraq or anywhere else in the world you know that that really troubles me you know is that you know there’s there’s not a focus I I didn’t see the actors and actresses all rise up and start you know and say anything about the violence in any of these other areas that when it comes to Christians you know but but anyhow that’s a side note but now we get into into forms Forbes and Forbes has been launching one ridiculous article after another you know and and these individuals these are contributors I’m not sure let’s see it says here opinions expressed by Forbes contributors are their own so but this so so you have these contributors and they put that little statement there that their own but that doesn’t really spell it out why isn’t it in bold why does it have to be hidden somewhere where you don’t know exactly that it is their own and then as they get into these articles and it’s one after another after another so what is Forbes highlighting in this case Forbes is really trying to highlight the fact that that there’s an issue when it comes to Bitcoin that there’s an issue because now they’re trying to tie it into what and over in New Zealand see this guy talked about bid connect so obviously there there’s an issue you know and that’s that’s just crazy you know so let me let me look here so let me find this exact statement and this it’s it’s crazy too so then there’s uh what is that pudy pie and he’s one of the I think is the number one youtuber right now and so he was named uh and so that’s kind of crazy and then we have and then they get into so they mentioned him you know because it’s the this individual this terrorist that went over there and did what he did you know and and that is what it was you know terrorism if you’re gonna go into someone’s place of worship and do that regardless of anything else but so then then they get into the article so they’re already going after pudy pie on this in this article then they go into you know bitcoin through the related scam bit connect technology will to even as there are signs mainstream Bitcoin and cryptocurrency acceptance is on the rise some of those some of the writing that’s appearing on on Forbes makes no sense you know I don’t know if they’re proofing any of this if it goes through any editors but sometimes you read it and in their sentences just don’t make any sense let’s see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have long been used it here we go so so this is the statement and this is exactly where I think Forbes is going above and beyond into the wrong direction and it’s a it’s it’s really promoting the false flag the false narrative and now we’ve seen too many articles like this but here’s the big statement Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have long been used by terrorists and neo-nazis looking to avoid law enforcement and their traditional financial system no well ok we have seen that they just tracked out of a research organization out of Israel tracked a direct tie to coin based wallets of movement of funds to the terrorist group Hamas but they actually tracked it and they found it how about the cash flow of billions of dollars in fiat currency that is traditionally used by terrorists and and others that are looking to avoid law enforcement I mean hello that just doesn’t make it this is crazy why not state that why not say that that fiat currency has typically been the denomination of what these terrorists and have been using you know it’s crazy absolutely crazy so let me just look over here be free be free what’s up no bank will trust another’s coins another’s coin are you talking about like JPM coin what if banks create their own coins let’s talk about that in a minute I think I think that’s important we’ll get into that in one minute before we get into other things I think that’s a great topic and if you focus in on what’s happening with with JPM and and some of the others but hang on a second I’m see there’s another statement here okay then they get back into why Bitcoin then they say US grocery chain Kroger after a row with payments processor visa was reported to be looking at Bitcoin as one alternative so here he is bashing it in this article so that the headline of its New Zealand Mon shooters mentioned a big connect could set back then they get into the terrorists using it then they’re talking about Kroger adopting it but it’s just kind of let me see here then they get into some other technologies and they talk about heavyweights like Jack Dorsey to Steve Wozniak have spoken about their belief you know so is he bad-mouthing it is he not bad-mouthing it but then he finally you know he sums up so he puts all that in the middle and then he’s trying to create this balance and then he sums up oh you know what let me put this to this article oh let me just put the link yeah so here it says is it anyone’s responsibility to address tyrants mention a bit connect or is it something best ignored this question is going to be asked by corporate giants who are considering acceptance of Bitcoin related technologies and I don’t think so I think that that is just ridiculous absolutely ridiculous hang on let me take this and I will make sure that I put this into the description of the of the channel so that it sits there and I can I can probably post it up into the comments as well but I’m gonna put it right there let me let me post it up here as well you guys want to check it out there we go I think that posted up so all right and I want to get back and one second all right so let’s get it let’s let’s talk a little bit about Excel M world wire XRP JPM I think that’s a great segue over before we get into some of the other things since you guys brought that up I think that’s that’s important so in my opinion I agree with Ralph I firmly believe that the space is big enough for XRP and xlm I’m also of the mindset that you need to diversify your investments your portfolio whether it’s in the digital asset space whether it’s with stocks whether it’s with real estate whether you want to put it into commodity whether or not you want to put it into precious metals whatever you want to do it’s good to have some diversification in your portfolio I also think that you know you can’t be so single-minded when it comes to the different technologies if your choice is to invest only in XRP that that’s your choice but if somebody else decides they want to invest in xlm it doesn’t serve anybody in this in this in this space it doesn’t serve anybody’s interest to start bad-mouthing others you know we already see the Bitcoin maximalist bad you know when we’re looking at XRP you’re looking at xlm you’re looking at the adoption through IBM which IBM you know yes it’s it’s a it’s a dinosaur in terms of the hardware technology they iBM has been firmly really firmly in place with corporations globally it’s definitely a name that’s recognized from a hardware perspective from a mainframe perspective iBM is definitely well known when it comes to bed the banking industry as a whole and so the fact that they’re getting into the payment space probably isn’t that big of a surprise being that they’ve already been there so if you have a blockchain based company a software based company looking for a partnership to get into that space obviously stellar did their homework and IBM did their homework and they ended up coming together and so I’m not saying if you know if ripple the ripple net solution is better or this new world wire is better that’s not the point right at the second the point is there’s enough room in this space for both of them and I talked about this on a previous video but but you know with that you know there’s definitely enough room and the focus with all of that really needs to be on you know what does all of this mean for digital assets what does this mean for the growth of the cross-border space utilizing digital asset utilizing blockchain technology as opposed to utilizing Swift and so that is that’s the focus so as Swift probably isn’t going to go away anytime soon and ripples chipping away at their at their membership percent by percent bank by bank organization by organization so is xlm so or IBM’s World wire will do the same so they acquired six banks that are going to be utilizing their entire solution that is significant any way you want to look at it that has a lot of significance so so when we when we identify when we identify the movement and the trend in this space as we’re moving into the digital age of cross-border payments why in the world would we want to what would we want to bash a competing technology or not competing technology but a competitor with the same technology that is proving the use case if you have one organization trying to prove the use case how in the world are you gonna go mainstream if you only have one company that’s focused on it you need to have multiple companies and that creates the competitive the competitive environment to make everybody better because at the end of the day you want to make sure that you’re providing the best solution to the end user customer whoever that might be whether it’s retail or corporate so through that you want to make sure you’re providing the best solution but if you’re going to provide the best solution then you you really need to have competition otherwise you become static and if you become static in in your in your development then you’re not going to push the boundaries and try to do something better because you’re gonna say hey you know what I’ve developed ABC and it works fine I like it and now this other company developed a B C and D and now you’re like holy crap I don’t have D I need to develop d2 and I need to do it better and maybe I can do ABCD but I can do it only within my ABC I’m just throwing out something ridiculous but but that’s the point and so now you have the competition and everybody’s you know fighting to be better and we’re fighting over the customers now there’s lots and lots of customers out there that can use this technology Swift is the dinosaur that’s trying to keep up and maintain the relevance in this space and so as you have IBM World Water again you cannot undermine the fact that it’s a significant player in this industry mainly because of the name and reputation of IBM so so – that – you know – that note we have we really have to look at it and say okay we appreciate the competition now if you want to get into an internal argument or gonna have a discussion and analyze the viability of of IBM World wire as opposed to rip on it if you’re going to compete in the same space you know then that that definitely makes sense you see a tap what’s up that’s a tap to line tap tap it tap there tapped tap line yeah I agree and and welcome to the channel john adams welcome to the channel glad you guys made it on welcome everybody else for joining early in the morning glad you guys are here really appreciate that and you know joining in on the conversation there’s there’s so much to talk about john fedex went live with blockchain a month ago and they’re they’re using xlm they’re using the stellar protocol a stellar platform there’s a lot to that so so this this is really significant and there was a lot of you know critique that came out against stellar you know calling it more centralized be because of hating which one’s a better investment we’re debating other cross-border space as we see to rising up to compete against a swift i think that’s that’s the focus we want to talk about where do you want to put your money i invested in xlm to hedge the bet because you don’t know what’s going to happen the same thing when when you saw the boom and and this goes back to an interesting interview with Jeff Bezos our Bezos from from the late 90s that was there was uh I think it was on on CNBC NBC whatever but it was posted up there on Twitter for a little while and if you look at the significance of what he said was that during that timeframe nobody knew who was gonna come out on top you have a lot of amazing technologies and there were some companies that didn’t make it but he didn’t know either you know for Amazon yeah was pence with the best pricing that was his focus and and he said he doesn’t know if Amazon will be the big company to make in this again this is back in the late 90s but look what happened because he was he was very focused and driven and so we’re seeing the same thing as you’re seeing an IBM World wire that’s utilizing the stellar protocol to stellar platform you have ripple that with ripple net now obviously ripple has done something amazing sorry ripple has done something amazing with a ripple net solution and so and as you’re starting to see the space develop really there’s there’s two primary digital assets right now that have a significant use case yep xrp because of ripple net because of everything else that’s happening in this space you have coil this is bad huh so so there’s there’s a ton happening with with xrp and then now hmm give me one second there coffee in the water I gotta get the dog so but you know the point is is that within this space you know there’s so much momentum so much movement in the right direction and so you know when we get into like you just mentioned John Adams you know you know you’re talking about what is it Bitto what is bit of BI ta what does that stand for but if you know they’re gonna be using Excel em if FedEx is gonna use Excel em if world wire is going to utilize xrp you know is it going to utilize Excel em you know ripple net we could see is is definitely a significant is definitely a significant competitor in the space doing amazing things and then when we look at what’s happening on the other side with XRP so there’s development going on all over the place that’s going to be using excel m or it’s going to be using XR p and we just saw the tie-in of XR p in toluca murse to accept XR p payments we saw the tie-in into Microsoft Outlook to use XR p payments to send through email you know that that’s pretty amazing you know I think that is significant that’s showing the development within this space with true utility oh yes the blockchain transport Alliance that’s right doc bit up I had actually I talked about that before that is that’s a good one to me and and you think they’re going to be using Excel M I think yeah that one is that’s amazing that’s really impressive when you look at the transport now overall the utility of blockchain within the logistics space is amazing and it’s so needed you know you definitely need to have that that’s awesome so this is where it’s okay so now you take that sidestep and you look and you know I’m just providing my own opinions you got to do your own research make up your own mind on how you want to invest what you want to invest in but me personally you know I diversify stocks get into digital asset diversified in the digital asset you’re better off you know in the long run diversification so it’s interesting you know Excel M being utilized in logistics XRP being utilized in payment and then we’re gonna see the XRP ledger being utilized in many other areas just like you’re starting to see Excel M being utilized based on the stellar platform as well so there’s really again when you look around how many other digital assets have real live use cases that are being implemented as we speak right now and so that goes back again to xlm and anybody undermining the fact that IBM World wire has tied up a relationship with six banks because there’s not just six individual branches that they tie up with it’s six banks you know and so within though that customer you know how many branches could there be I’m just like with with ripple when ripple net they have partners partnership or they have 200 customers hmm that are currently utilizing the ripple net solution I mean that’s and the number of branches you know so it becomes you know it really becomes amazing as to what can happen so so that’s that’s that’s on that note let’s see Ralph’s ending value through email is major it should move that would be awesome yeah whit’s wind and his team are really doing some amazing things talking about taking a lead in this space I mean it’s it’s unbelievable you know what what he is doing to change the economics and and the payment structure at the retail level the individual level and I’ll tell you just a quick story so this past week or I was actually last weekend I I was I contacted extra hard core he does some great graphics I reached out to him I said hey you know can you do some graphics for me and so anyhow the point is he’s doing up some graphics and then from a payment perspective you know I could have gone through PayPal but why would I do that that doesn’t make any sense I said hey let me let me send you some XRP because that’s easy and within seconds he received the XRP that was the first time that I’d used XRP to buy and is the first time I used the digital asset to buy anything other than other digital assets so I thought that was amazing and I just sent it you know wallet – wallet now imagine if I could have sent it to him through Gmail or you know obviously I could have used the the XRP tip bot to send it you know but that would be relatively limited in terms of the scope of it’s so easy and there’s no processing so that’s so awesome you know so without the processing the the high processing costs so if you do it through PayPal PayPal takes their cut and then if I would have processed on Visa then they would have gotten their cut they get their one and a half to three percent PayPal gets what one and a half to three percent I don’t know what it is so on the buyers end or the sellers end he takes a major hit every time someone uses PayPal takes a major hit every time someone uses a credit card now if you’re able to transfer through a digital asset like an ex RP or even xlm since we’re talking about that the transaction cost is minimal and so the seller doesn’t take that hit so imagine if from a seller’s perspective obviously in a creative environment it’s your time you’re just sowing time for money but if you’re selling a product if you’re selling a good and and you have a markup on it and let’s say your markups 20% but now you’re taking 6% of the value of the product and you’ve got a cover cost of transaction imagine what that does to your bottom line so now you have to factor in well if I’m going to lose 6% of from the cost of the art from the from the sale price of the product that I’m spending in transaction now I’ve got to increase my price point in order to cover that so I can get the margins that I need when I’m selling my goods otherwise I’m not going to be in business or I’ve got to cut back somewhere else and so I think about this all the time so if you’re selling a $100 item and and so you’ve got your 6% or your 3% transaction cost but imagine now if you’re selling a $50,000 good you know and someone wants to put it on on a credit card which happens people want you know in when they’re using especially in a business environment if you’re using the American Express Platinum Card or if they have the American Express black card it’s it’s easy to use that for all of your Europe your purchasing to pay off your invoices now from the sellers perspective if they’re going to accept that American Express to allow you to buys a product at 20,000 30,000 50,000 dollar product whatever it is hundred thousand whatever if they’re gonna allow you to utilize that card for that transaction now all of a sudden they’re taking a hit and that’s a huge hit so if you have to factor in 3% that that’s that’s a lot you know and so that could that’s gonna cut into your margins now if you flip this over and you look at what’s happening on the digital asset side I’m probably I’m obviously preaching to the choir here but what a significant savings you know and and its immediate so when you do it here’s here’s the thing and this is the tie-in and this is part of a part of what needs to be corrected or added I don’t wants a corrected part of what needs to be added is consumer protection so when we look at and there’s a side note the token taxonomy Act if you look at what’s going on from a congressional perspective for regulatory clarity that Democrats are really focused on on consumer protection the Republicans are very focused on jobs and business growth when it comes to this space you know but consumer protection is important so if I’m going to travel all over so if I want to transfer over twenty or thirty thousand dollars to you then then I want to make sure that that um that I’m protected that if you don’t deliver that my money transferred over isn’t going to be tied up you know meaning that I that I have some sort of action that I can take now is it okay for me if I transfer thirty thousand dollars to you and and you don’t deliver the goods obviously you need a third-party intermediary to facilitate the the and mediate that debate obviously that’s what attorneys are for but you need some mechanism in place that could you know tie up those funds temporarily almost like you know if you’re doing an international transfer and you’re using a letter of credit and you’re using an intermediary bank that is then holding those funds until the letter of credit terms are fulfilled from both the buyer and the sellers perspective so something similar needs to happen now when you’re buying with a credit card that credit card and the credit company basically works as that intermediary because but they’re transferring the funds over to the to the seller however if the buyer for whatever reason decides to complain the the credit card could very easily take those funds back and penalize the seller so it’s important even in the utilizing digital assets to have that intermediary as well so you know all right and I went down down that path and it meant to focus here if you guys have any feedback comments l-let me just go back up here a little bit see here all right yeah okay I’m just gonna go back to a comment here that Ralph put up so funny where we are now is roughly where a few people were in the very early days of Apple Google Facebook we may be just part we may just be part of history and I do agree with that you know so but we don’t know the exact direction that all of this is going to take we can surmise the direction it’s going in based on the history of other companies and you see the growth trend and like an Amazon if you’re very customer oriented and focused so and that’s where ripple is an example if we were invested in ripple as a company if we were able to buy shares in that company if they’re to launch an IPO and have shares in that company we would have a direct impact of the increase or improvement or add-on of customers and the financial gains then we would we would obviously benefit holding the digital asset it’s all going to be based on utility but I I agree you know in that same vein that as an app or as a Google or as a Facebook grew and expanded the same thing within the digital asset space again this is in my opinion strictly but through utility of the digital asset that will have a direct impact on supply and demand of that digital asset and this is just again focused in on what could potentially happen within within this cross-border payments space now Edie how you doing glad you could join in morning you know on the other side of it if you take like if you look at kin for instance ki N and as a matter of fact I got a transfer I bought Ken also way back so in that 2017 period adding a bunch of things in but kin is an example their only purpose and utility was to be used in their messaging platform to do whatever and I thought it was interesting I didn’t put a lot in it and it was super cheap and I said if it just goes up a fraction so at that time when I first got in I was thinking I said oh you know what this is interesting I didn’t know much about the digital asset space I said oh you can trade digital assets and and make money but everything is way too speculative in my opinion to trade and I think at the end of the day even with stocks if you’re gonna trade stocks you better know what the hell you’re doing and have a and have a good understanding of the technicals in stocks but that’s still as an average if you average out your buys and sells you’re gonna have law says you’re gonna have buys if you go into it with a good strategy in stock trading then you could potentially come out ahead and so you have to be so careful and that’s I got I stopped trading and pretty much immediately and the digital asset space but I bought and held it kin but I get my point is with with kin for instance what’s their utility you know what what’s their their real you know where’s their expansion they don’t really have full global utility and expansion potential it’s very limited it’s a cool use case similar to now Facebook let’s say Facebook decides to have their Facebook coin that could be interesting from their perspective and we talked about that on the the last stream on on the fact that it could be worth billions of dollars to Facebook if they have their internal Facebook coin you know to me that that’s interesting you know so you know and that that’s utility but that’s not here yet and I don’t even know you know overall though if you buy is it going to be a stable coin if it’s not a stable coin what do you know what’s what’s really the purpose in terms of holding from an investment perspective you know they haven’t launched it yet so you can’t really make an opinion one way or the other but if it’s a stable coin obviously there’s really no point of holding it other than maybe sending money to people you know so if you’re if you’re on Facebook you know maybe buying and selling in their marketplace maybe there’s savings you know again one of the purposes of an internal stable is to save individual sellers a transaction cost so if you’re gonna use a Visa or a MasterCard and get ding that 3% as a seller out much rather except if I was someone on Facebook which I don’t and I won’t but if I was I’d much rather accept if they did have a marketplace that was actually beneficial so let’s say their marketplace was like an Amazon as a seller out much rather except the stable coin or let’s use Amazon as an example if Amazon has an Amazon coin as you know I’d rather use the Amazon I accept the Amazon coin as a seller to not get the ding of that that two and a half percent three percent whatever those transaction costs are that that makes the most sense let’s see here WB the thing about xlm is that supply keeps increasing astral wallet helps by paying you interest in xlm every Tuesday I don’t know anything about astral wallet and increase in supply what’s up Rob cash you can make it on if you guys check out Rob Cash’s uh videos Manny’s awesome I love Rob cash let’s see a Ralpha I can help honestly I can’t help thinking that the price of XRP is being held down for some reason our conspiracy theories out there get hints haha that’s that’s hilarious young gizzle what’s up glad you could join the stream I you know I I don’t really buy into conspiracy theories per se however as we’re focused in on time as it here look 9 o’clock okay as we’re focused in on oh so I just got sidetracked but yeah so you know are they are they holding down XRP I mean you could you could probably make an argument for that that somewhere you know especially but you know I don’t know you know maybe I’m not smart enough on the economics to really look at the bigger scope the bigger picture to identify exactly what’s happening at you know at the banking level at the corporate level but is there is there manipulation of price in stocks of course there is you know you can see it because of the media that you know the media frenzy one way or the other and then through the corporation’s we don’t know what goes on on the inside you know we’d hope that everything is is based on on a supply and demand of an individual stock you know hopefully that’s the same you know with the digital asset space we saw the the feeding frenzy of digital assets at the end of 2017 beginning of 2018 which led to a speculative ramp up of the digital asset valuations and pricing now is you know from from that perspective you know can they can they hold back the price you know if you know if they’re hiding you know and I don’t I still don’t really get the full scope of how the OTC if there’s an impact from the OTC trading you know I’m not sure if there’s an impact or not from OTC trading I don’t know if ITC training mutes the impact on pricing maybe someone someone on the on the stream now has some feedback on that that would be interesting you know I I you know I don’t know but but to that point it does you know to your point I guess you know it does look like they’re they’re holding back the pricing potential of XRP but really again you know so if you have to look at both sides that’s why it’s hard it’s hard to buy into manipulation and and I would like to believe that they’re manipulating and holding it down but I firmly believe also that the the price of xrp is tied to utility and so that’s where our you know our the banks and and financial institutions waiting for this regulatory clarity from the lawsuits to make a determination as to whether or not xrp is a security you know that that’s all we can surmise is that’s what’s holding it back now if you don’t have full utility of the XRP it’s not going to increase in price you know because there’s you know you have the speculative buys and sells now are they building the the base I think they’re really establishing the presence for what could potentially happen with XRP but really yeah I agree what John just said you know it’s a sleeping giant and you got a hold you know you just got a huddle and and wait and and see what happens you know whether it you know get you know seeing that the ramped up isn’t gonna happen overnight we saw the ramp up of the spec you speculation and that speculative boom move very very quickly but there was a ton a ton of FOMO involved especially in the media and the media hype as they saw ramped up but then you’re also looking at a ramp up of years you know so and and so all of a sudden it kind of came to it came to that point where you know where everyone got super excited about the technology and you know and it what’s interesting if you try to do a comparison between the digital asset space and the high-tech boom you saw a feeding frenzy of the high tech boom also of you know the internet companies and in the 90s then they were just giving money away for free anybody who put it calm in their name got money you know and now we saw that same thing anyone about a blockchain in their name got money you know and it was crazy so you know use case use case use case and utility I think is is the name of the game you know is the same exact criteria for the for the Internet companies if you didn’t have a use case and and you just got money and you had no product to base it on or you had an idea that you thought you could develop into something you went away and and nothing happened if you’re an Amazon and you had an idea but you had a solid technology and a solid concept that was functional based on utility ripple net is a solid functional product with a utility now the difference again you know just not belabor the point but the difference between investing in a stock and investing in a digital asset is that the the price point of the digital asset is is strictly tied to supply and demand and utility of that digital asset so as as the cross-border payments pace increases there’s they’re going to need and and it’s been said you know the smarter minds than them then all of us you know from the from ripple you know David Schwartz and and the rest of their team have already said that in order to facilitate what they want to see happen within ripple net when it comes to liquidity and an overall settlement they need a much higher price point of XRP and that only makes sense so you know that that’s really you know the focus point let me see here let’s see I missed a bunch of stuff going on you guys are having a great conversation here too so that goes back to be Johnson I don’t understand why at 32 32 cent price point is a sign of stability well you know what right now that’s where it sad that’s that’s the stability point what you know if the stability is at 30 cents and you’re not seeing huge fluctuation then then it’s stable it’s there’s there’s it’s establishing a stability now yes would we be happier if it was at 50 cents or a dollar I think someone else brought that up you know if you want to invest in this digital asset space and you want to keep buying into it let’s say and you’re going to dollar-cost average would you rather dollar-cost average at 30 cents or would you rather have to start dollar cost averaging and buying it 50 cents to a dollar you know so from that perspective obviously we want it to be in the lower the lower area if if we want to see gains obviously we want to see it go to 50 cents or or a dollar that only makes sense you know so so I think that’s you know from that perspective right yeah Rob Rob agrees so now you know can it go can it go higher obviously that’s why we’re all all investing in a digital asset at this point is because you know we’re all speculating that the technologies are going to are going to bring it to a much higher level to people invest in a you know people are investing in a Bitcoin because they see it as as the digital gold you know because that’s what’s been promoted you know so that that’s just the opinion you know and that that’s the that’s my opinion also you know I think that even with a Bitcoin you know what’s the difference between investing in a Bitcoin and investing in gold the only reason why gold has assessed the values because you know over the centuries people have said gold has value but what if tomorrow we say you know what gold doesn’t have value you know but yeah how about diamonds you know do we do we assess the value of a diamond accurately or is or is the value of a diamond assess strictly because a mark principal and and the diamond is probably the least of all of the of the gemstones a diamond shouldn’t have the the the value that it has because they’re in abundance but they claim them to be in scarcity but there’s other gemstones that are so much nicer and so much better than a diamond but the reason you know they’ve embraced diamonds because it it’s around you know wedding and and you know everything else so they’ve artificially placed a price point on the diamond it doesn’t have to do with supply and demand it’s strictly marketing you know but you know from from an investment perspective you look at a gold you know obviously people are investing in gold because it’s claimed as a scarce item but it’s also gold is accepted by the community at large as a means of value so it’s the same thing with the digital asset it would be the same thing as let’s say a Bitcoin you know store value of a Bitcoin you know why not they’ve created an environment where we’re moving to a digital form of payments if the world accepts Bitcoin is a store of value then and it’s a store of value and we’ve assessed a value to it it’s it’s just as simple as that you know so a utility will win exactly John you know that’s exactly that’s exactly it you need to have utility in order and then you have to have demand so you know that all makes sense um all right let’s see B&B look how pump there and a percent of three months I still believe B&B that is the the bye Nance coin and you know that one is and it’s it’s interesting too because you know I I didn’t get into too B&B you know yeah Charles that’s exactly it you know Effie’s glad to have you on the on the chat let’s see here a bull run isn’t what XRP needs well that would just increase the price a little with fomo cetera utilization exactly 100% it’s all about utility at this point and the thing is is that we see the base being built right now for utility I mean as WBE always says you know Chinese bamboo so you guys go look that up huh that’s that’s all it is you know and is it gonna happen overnight probably not you know it’s it’s not gonna happen overnight I think we got to wait for we got to wait for it to be built that’s all W be a slow steady increase in lows is an under underappreciated thing that’s right exactly now the thing is if you have if you have major booms that’s dangerous same thing in a stock if you have a trend where that stock trends way up that’s dangerous because there’s a good chance that the higher it climbs the higher it falls and there’s a good chance that that stocks gonna plummet out now if you’re building a solid base and you have a steady increase you’re gonna be less likely to see a rapid drop although that does happen now yeah you can see you know you can still see you know is there a good possibility of XRP going up this year we all believe firmly that it will based on the base that they’re building you look at like what’s weight sweets wheats wind you see what he’s doing with XRP tip bot the tie in and and creating mainstream adoption for XRP payment that’s huge you know a that that’s just huge you know it just shows you that we’re moving in the right direction the fact that xlm is and is is being utilized also in the cross-border payments base that’s super complementary you know the fact that you’ve got two that are fighting and focused in on payments is awesome you know and that’s now two companies that go to government whether it’s in the US or worldwide and and you know that the CEOs a coin base the CEOs of ripple the CEOs and and the representation from stellar the CEO of IBM the CEO of how many other companies are involved are going to government in the US and requesting and stating we need regulatory clarity you guys got to do something we have to protect the consumer we have to protect the business and if you just have one company going up to DC saying hey we need this they’re gonna say well that’s because you want that because that’s what’s good for your company but now when you have a group of CEOs across the board saying this is what’s good and they’re going to the world stage and saying the same thing that has a much much bigger impact De Beers purposely creating an emotional strategy to build a strong buying trend for diamonds exactly and that’s all it is a good friend of mine is a jeweler I’ve worked with him and designed quite a few things for for my wife and and it’s all that’s always a lot of fun I enjoy it anyways and so it’s amazing over the years what what I’ve learned about about gemstones and and scarcity of gemstones and and diamonds it’s just it’s just a false narrative on the diamond and that that’s all it is that’s all it is just marketing um Effie’s Shayne Ellis it’s amazing he’s got a lot of amazing things you know that he writes about Ralph Chinese bamboo feels like a molehill building up to Everest huh that’s it you know there’s just so much happening we just have to have patience and wait to see what happens yeah because great things are happening in this space Microsoft saved apple from bankruptcy back in the day and then look at where Microsoft is you know Microsoft has was losing steam for a long time their stock is doing really well right now Apple almost went away if it wasn’t for the iPhone uh you know who knows where Apple would be today Microsoft completely lost the battle for the mobile space because they lost in have the vision they lost sight then they almost they almost became irrelevant as Google stepped into their space so here’s Microsoft you know selling they’re they’re soft word and you know onto computers and then Google comes out in nowhere I’m not really out of nowhere but Google comes out with the Chrome based and everyone laughed at it and said it’s not going to be relevant and and look at what chrome chrome is is dominating in certain spaces right now because of Google Docs and and and the online technologies that they have you know so that’s that’s super super impressive all right let’s see here all right let’s go let’s see here alright so so that’s a ton on that side now let me get into you know kind of what we wanted to talk about let’s see where we at like an hour 20 whoa didn’t want to go this long so sani al does hang on here we go alright so this is this is significant now this is really you know what I title what you know the title that I put to this live stream which is ripple XRP bringing peace to the Middle East now in the beginning we talked about economics we talked about the importance of of what what economics can do as a whole for but hang on a second let me pull this up here there we go all right all right now we’re did my article go ok there we go hang on a second where did it go great it just froze up how do you like that and it just froze my article okay there we go all right I don’t want to allow anything here we okay so so here you have okay everything’s freezing up now am I still alive let’s see looks like I’m still alive every time I switch over there we go okay so now here it’s interesting so this was this article is on theory and world news but the focus really is a sharia-compliant crypto exchange so there’s one in Bahrain called ‘rain and now is going to be accessible on rain a sharia-compliant crypto currency exchange if you get into sharia invent on based on on based on Sharia law to be and then in that case you know you can’t really pay interest you can’t interest well it looks like I’m greasing up some beer you alright it looks like I’m frozen look so there we go did it open up so fro there we go no okay huh that’s hilarious I’m definitely timing out here my completely timed out now looks like I’m frozen huh you’re in and out yeah yep it just looks like I just froze I’m completely frozen come on now completely completely froze oh there we go okay is it back how long am I going to timeout for completely timed out ah all right I gotta I’m gonna have to wrap this up anyways in a minute what do I do here let’s say I might have to just stop the stream and start over again it looks like we’re completely frozen though here might look at that I’m just a my is my voice coming through and just the other video just stuttering just the video stuttering or the voice there we go live again or is it slow live there we go it’s live again just lagging all right so man yeah I probably something on this side but anyhow so when you get there so it’s interesting and and you know shariah-compliant so to be shariah-compliant again this is where i kind of staggered out to be sharia-compliant you can’t gain interest and you can’t pay interest that’s that’s the base concept so I don’t understand exactly how they can be Sharia compliant when it comes to digital assets but to me I think that digital assets like the value of fiat currency will increase but obviously they have a mechanism in place they figure it out but what’s important here is that rain is making the XRP available they’ll be able to trade it against the Bahraini dinar the Kuwaiti dinar the UAE durum the Saudi riyal the omen omen Arielle and the US dollar all based on on the rain exchange so that’s really significant so now we have XRP coming to the Middle East and so in the beginning I talked about you know what does that you know what kind of impact does that have now think about the Middle East the Middle East and in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and and all in many of these countries they mentioned all the while their primary export is crude crude oil now you have a lot of transfer of money going for the purchase of that crude oil whether it be through a corporate or government and so now making it and allowing the access of XRP through a Sharia compliant crypto currency exchange a digital asset exchange really brings the Middle East into into this space into technology and so I also talked a little bit about Saudi Arabia and really if you see the trend and and this goes back the Middle East you know as an overall obviously there’s a lot of bad actors that come out of the Middle East there’s a quite a few groups and organizations that adhere to an extremist viewpoint on life an extremist viewpoint when it comes to Islam versus Christianity Judaism Buddhism I’m an extremist a point of view on what is permissible and what isn’t permissible in each country obviously we’ve seen years and years of battle over there and it’s not just in the past 18 years since 9/11 when it impacted us here on our home soil but it’s been going on for a generation upon generation now we’re seeing that that that generational battle really coming more to home in terms of the westernization of these countries so we see what happened in Kuwait with you have a lot of expats that have moved over to Kuwait you see you see a lot of the oil companies in Kuwait if you look at what Dubai has done over the past 10 years 15 years as they transitioned their country away from a focus on oil to being a major player in the business world in the vacation world so Dubai has really made a huge transition the same thing in Saudi Arabia as they begin embracing more of a western-style of life as Saudi Arabia begins to embrace being a or wanting to be a recognized leader in the space of technology they in the space of artificial intelligence so they’ve over the number of past number of years they’ve been rolling that out and trying to attract more and more Western companies to Saudi Arabia to really differentiate from their old way of doing things now is it going to happen overnight no way because it’s too deeply ingrained over there and there’s too many that adhere to an extremist mentality to be overly accepting however little by little you start seeing women being able to drive you start seeing the acceptance of technology again of the artificial intelligence of the digital asset space of the blockchain space you start seeing Saudi Arabia and Israel corresponding with one another you start seeing Israel corresponding with other countries in the Middle East for cooperation for economic cooperation for the cooperation of technology that’s huge that’s where peace is derived from and so as you start seeing these types of cooperations pop up it’s amazing those types of negotiations it all comes down to economics so and it’s interesting I you know I’ve spoken to quite a few people throughout that region and when I was working and through working and it’s amazing because what do they say they say at the end of the day it’s and this comes from from individuals working they care about their families it’s all about the economics everybody’s the same they want to really make make something great for themselves and their families to rely on you know for you know time to come so that’s important so if you can take that mindset and the reason why I really focused in on this because and the significance of what the cross-border payments space means for the world and as we see this transition into this new economy and we start seeing what can happen with a ripple what can happen with XRP what can happen with let’s say an xlm with a Bitcoin etc and as it becomes adopted and utilized and they call it a Sharia compliant exchange whatever that’s important but as it becomes adopted and acceptable in the Middle East now you start seeing and we you brought up Bitto earlier so now you see the easy transition and transaction of of money for crude oil for whatever it might be through digital assets to me that that’s amazing yeah that’s really really amazing and one of the statements that they had here in this article and this came from let’s see rain shall concentrate their effort of bailing their assets to high net worth institutions as Islamic hedge funds as well as super capitalized family offices in that country and then they said this is a major milestone in the cryptocurrency and Islamic markets this is the implementation of reins mission to provide the Middle East with a crypto currency exchange that meets the highest standards in terms of regulation accessibility security and Trust so if anyone says that digital assets are not the wave of the future just look around Switzerland issuing regulatory clarity Thailand issuing regulatory clarity Japan issuing regulatory clarity the u.s. battling and lagging way way behind but Wyoming issuing regulatory clarity when it comes to digital assets there’s so much happening those are just a few examples and the list goes on and on and on so it’s really amazing alright kind of lost focus here I’m gonna have to wrap it up I got a in a minute I’m gonna have to jump off here we got somewhere we had a to be in a little while but let me let me try to wrap this up with with some other statements and then we’ll kind of be on our way for the morning I’m Ralph sounds a bit full of philosophical crypto may just bring about more peace in this world we can discuss all the positive strides made in Israel and Saudi Arabia in the same chat you like that it’s awesome you know who would have ever thought that you could have that kind of a conversation you know and so as you look at the structure of the Middle East and then that was the point you know if you go back ten years ago go back pre 9/11 that the whole makeup of the Middle East it was completely completely differ you know and so you you look at it you look at these these war zones now and you see the struggles in the Middle East and and it becomes very very obvious you know where where these where the negative actors are it becomes very very obvious you know when you see where you see the positive reform you know and and there were there was one in the Middle East in general there was one true peace that was that was created between Israel and Jordan a good number of years ago and and and that you know peaceful transaction happened because they both agreed that they were going to work together towards peace and and they did over the years and and behind the scenes Israel did provide a lot of security for Jordan weather although admitted or not that’s a fact but Saudi Arabia coming to the table and they have to embrace the region for the betterment of the economics for the economy of the region why shouldn’t the Middle East be a booming economy as a whole as a cohesive unit to compete against Europe to compete against the US you know and I think that’s one of the rational thoughts as they begin to westernize and implement but then as you see all these bad actors whether they’re at the top leadership or from the terrorist entities that have unfortunately invaded and infiltrated many of the countries and then you have the Bad Seeds you have the bad actors like Iran and the Iranian government which has implemented their Bad Seeds in Lebanon and in Syria and they’re antagonistic approach to the Middle East as a whole and because of that it’s interesting it’s also facilitated and helped push Saudi Arabia and Israel together which you never thought would ever happen economics economics is everything John yes Venezuela hyperinflation of volume spiked and purchase of a big coin that’s true then as Venezuela collapsing you know there’s so many different things that that we could really get into if we want to get into the geopolitical discussion of economics I’m it’s amazing it’s truly truly amazing what this digital asset space is going to mean for the world and for for the economies of the world but for peaceful existence of different countries with each other as they tie in with each other as they simplify the relationships with one another on that that’s that’s the message that’s what it’s really all about and that’s it Rob man digital assets will give a lot more wealth and financial control back to the people that’s the premise you know that’s that’s what it’s all about take it from from those that are trying to manipulate and control and that’s the point also talking about Nigeria you know they’ve totally weaponized economics and our financials the government does that they do that to manipulate the people and they do that well and they do that readily easy relatively easily you know and it’s and it’s a shame you know but when you when you keep people oppressed then at some point they’re there’s got to be a cry out you know and so you can only oppress for so much but where the oppressive nature doesn’t always necessarily come from WV Thanks I’ll check you guys out check you out later I’m just trying to summarizing my thoughts think from being on thanks for bringing the Chinese bamboo um you know so you know justjust the oppressive nature of effort you know whether it’s government whether it’s the extremist elements within society that are trying to oppress free thought you know it comes down to the people comes down to all of us here chatting and being able to get along as individuals that’s the most important thing you know that’s awesome you know and and it it you know it doesn’t matter the racial the the racial difference is it doesn’t matter the religious difference is it doesn’t matter the national differences eventually you’ll all come together and and you have a common theme which is the betterment of ourselves and our family and economics and then that’s the bottom line the government will have to stop taking my money yeah you know so you know they’re there in that that’s bad you know you know so that’s the thing you know we have to we have to all get along there’s there are quite a few extremist elements within the world that are dictating the outcomes and we got to put an end to that you know we all have to work together to put an end to that to you know to really live you know live living in peace and harmony so to speak so so let me let me just summarize here I went a lot longer than than I anticipated so just to kind of wrap up real quick on I’m just one more note when it comes to regulatory clarity I pulled up an article here where’d it go here it is and this has to do with the CFTC and backed so the CFTC is the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and for this article this was on Yahoo Finance the u.s. CFTC Commissioner dan Berkowitz says the futures and options markets regulator is working hard on the backed proposal why refuse to provide an approval deadline he did say that the agency specifically states the agency is not anti crypto or anti blockchain like WB says Chinese bamboo have patience and and this market will develop same thing on the SCC we see the commissioners up nom timing out again so if I if this comes back I don’t know if this will come back or not its timing out all right oh I guess I’ll be back for your for a minute let’s see it freezes it times out and then anyhow I’m gonna wrap it up I gotta go we got somewhere to be totally appreciate everybody coming on if this if this works let me see here yep I agree I agree totally totally appreciate everybody enjoy enjoy your weekend enjoy your Saturday glad you can come on to this live chat if you’re hearing this I’m not sure if you are that’s awesome hopefully it kicks back in looks like I’m frozen not sure if this is going to transfer over I’ll just put a message out here you coming on look forward to seeing you on the next that there we go I guess it kicked in but again you know totally appreciate everybody taking their your time on an early Saturday morning or afternoon whatever country you’re tuning in from but I had more to talk about we got into some great stuff today again Jeff with a hotter report hopefully see you guys soon on the onion Tech’s live chat with no no lag but that’s the nature of it the nature of the beast here anyhow look forward to seeing you guys again keep one thing in mind I’m not not a financial adviser so everything I’m providing is my opinion only which I’m sure you guys completely understand and at the end of the day we got a UH we got to do our own research and hopefully you know engage more and more in the community like this because as we’re engaging the community we’re all learning from each other which is awesome I don’t have all the answers but I love you know seeing the feedback that you guys are providing I learned so much from doing the live the live streams as I have from making the videos so any out I’ll see you on the next chat until then keep on huddling your crypto

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  1. I would love to see someone go to a Heroin dealer in Detroit and say, " do you accept bitcoin?" You know its the greatest for black market trades!

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