Ripple – XRP Biggest News Of The Year For USA Holders! latest update

go back guys I am back and ready to go guys I'm sorry I've been gone for the Crypt of space for a while man I had to deal with some family things but I do wanna let you guys know you guys already read the time and everything guys this is not clickbait it's official guys I've been waiting for this news for a long long time man you know everybody kept hearing about XRP ripples making moves elsewhere etc but the main place I've been waiting for them to make some real good moves has been in the United States guys the u.s. hey man I've been waiting for that and now guys they have officially made some moves in the u.s. amen it's crazy guys oh my god okay so the first thing I want to say guys it is amazing news but at the same time it's not like the greatest news ever but it's amazing guys oh my god the article just came out guys I got a little share this time this for what you guys that is why I'm here right now that's why I'm back cuz it's just crazy I'm like I finally ripple has actually said forget it man after they seen the US government just been going at it back and forth guys trying to put cryptocurrency into the water trying to say oh we won regulate we don't want a regular we don't want this we want this they're finally finally taking some steps now and putting some money where their mouth is they actually came on some love Lovelace just to get into the game guys they actually paying people to get into the game they teamed up guys with some firms and they actually came up with a correlation guys and then the correlation is called securing America's internet of value correlation guys they came up with that and it just came out today really just recently just came out and I'm just so excited guys they're finally putting putting some people in the in the Washington DC guys they're finally putting people in there that actually are going to fight for cryptocurrency I'm going to fight to tell the United States has changed their mind when it comes to crypto guys to try to convince them about all the regulations and all the things to actually get us moving forward man and it's just sad when you hear about Japan I already have ATMs where you can just switch a repo for cash for fiat currency and right now in the United States is just already it's really hard for us to just change or cryptic rosy for a Fiat because of all the regulations of cause of the government and replies finally step step up to the plate man they teamed up man with some friends and they're going hard guys they actually came up so with the coordination guys they're gonna pay them twenty five thousand dollars a month plus ten thousand our XRP guys x RP so even though it's ripple news and everything x RP s– tied into it and they're gonna pay them 10k x RP guys a month just so they can get into the US government and convince these guys what you're doing is wrong and to just try to promote some crypto friendly regulations guys they're finally trying to step up when it comes to the US they saw the US just been like you know being pigs been doing what they normally do man they just been like slacking they just been postponing things they don't want to actually come up they don't want to try to actually reach the world the rest of the world or what's going on and they're actually finally coming up guys to let the world know guys it's time it's time for you guys to stop sending your ass and make some move guys so yes so with that correlation guys they're paying them twenty five thousand dollars in cash plus ten ten thousand aren't on x RP and the reason why they paying them ten thousand x RP is because they want them to actually armies a strategic move guys they want them to actually get to get a feel for the market get a feel for the currency and everything and that's why they doing that that's why they paying them some x RP just so they can actually use it or at least i see what's going on with the market and actually be involved and all that so that way they can actually get to experiment and experiment the market and everything instead of just paying them straight cash and they just feel i okay fine and i will just pass this don't even care about the market they want them to actually actually really get involved when it comes to the blockchain when it comes to rip but when it comes to x RP when it comes to them a whole market as a whole as well guys and it's just crazy i can't believe the news kim i mean i've been waiting for this I've been waiting cuz everybody been talking about the EON the deceit the sec about although other EF sees all those things is gonna pass it cetera whatever man everybody was talking about we've all been high blue I've been waiting and nothing has happened man thing as I've been already Liz's we're just postponing it we'll just postpone it nothing has happened and just to see the fact that XRP ripple the company it's just it's china is actually taking the initiative to actually put their foot in the door and put people out there that's gonna actually be advocate of the cryptocurrency um as a whole the whole space and just to try to get the u.s. to move forward and it's just exciting to hear that that company is actually doing that and that's the best thing about Rivermen people was talking about how is the black sheep how um it sucks and it's just crazy like you know and we've been hearing so much moves about ripple but this is the fact that the company is not stopping when they really are trying to become the world global currency they are really not I'm man and just effect to see that they're really even going to step up their game and getting into the United States of America and trying to promote them trying to talk to the government trying to put people that china even you know pay them just teaming up with different friends just to actually get them to actually make a move and stop just standing around and doing nothing man I'm just so extremely happy about that because you know I live in the USA and everybody in the US had been just waiting we all you know I've been thinking about man is such that we live here and they just did not like they're not Pro crypto and they're not making moves like as fast as all the other countries man I mean I was just talking to my friend the other day about taking flights to Japan and just check I mean to switch our XRP to fiat and converted and come back to your hand say because of how crazy it is when it comes to cryptocurrency and just how it is when it comes to the critical machine in the USA in general guys and when you here by Australia or Japan Korean China and all that and you're just not hearing you the United States making major moves man it's just so crazy man I'm so excited about that guys I wanted to share that with you guys the article I'm gonna put it down in the link in the description you guys can read about it and then you guys can let me know your opinion guys let me know do you guys think what Rick was doing is a smart idea do you guys think now finally something's gonna be done when it comes to the government when it comes to the ruling when it comes to the regulations and everything do you guys think finally no cryptocurrencies gonna start becoming adopted in the US and the laws and everything is gonna stop me truthfully and everything because we all know the biggest problem we have in the u.s. that we don't know about blockchain they don't know about cryptocurrencies I'm day they're not into the space and what most of their knowledge is it's like beginner knowledge and it's just the fact that rip was really very invested in universities and now they're investing into putting people out there to talk and to talk to uh to talk to the government to talk to all the senators to talk to Congress it's just awesome and it's amazing man I'm so excited that they actually doing that and just the fact that they didn't have to as a whole but they just said no forget it we're gonna team up with some friends and we're gonna make it happen and just the fact that we already know a lot of firms a lot of big players are getting to the the game even like even though the government is not is not in it right now um that's not stopping business owners that's not stopping big businesses they are already in the game already trying to implement and to not enter into ledger Procol they are trying to see how they can utilize on the blockchain and everything for their businesses and everything and I also heard recently to my bank just on recently joined repo and everything I'm just excited I can't believe that – and it's just like awesome to know that the future is coming man the futures come you guys know wait patiently everybody been for oh but why here oh there's needles but depression good damn I'm gonna go stop whining man stop whining man let me actually guys son when you meet a really a woman that's worth it though it does it doesn't just happen like that like instantly know it takes time yes it takes time that and that's what this year really has been for XRP for ripple as a whole they've just been taking time to actually establish and put their foot into the door guys to make to make sure everything become adapted smoothly guys you know right now as this video coming out guys um XR XR unwrapped it's supposed to be live next one so I'm excited I can't wait guys swells coming up so much things coming up and the best thing that's coming up is the fourth quarter guys the fourth quarter is coming up all seasons already here man all the awkward's have been booming guys I'm excited I do want to say shout out to all my ripple holders shout out to my Tron holders shout out to everybody who's holding some coins that has value and that did there and I already been holding for a long period of time guys I just want to say shout out to all you guys I'm just happy you know and everybody who live in the USA you guys should be really happy about this news it's one of the biggest news right now that came out that I'm just super happy about it you guys should be extremely happy about to know that we actually have ripple xrb where we actually actually have them fighting for us for when it comes to um the government to try to persuade the government to stop their BS and just go on and stop and start actually integrating on the blockchain and integrate the currency into our lives guys into everybody's lives and actually actually catch up to all the other countries that are just beating us bad I'm just so I just wanna let you guys know about this news man it's like it's early in the morning and I'm bringing this out there man I just have to bring it out because it's just one of the best news I've heard all year man so thank you so much guys don't forget guys scared money don't make no money guys that this is frizzy frizzy guys I'll bring you guys some more content and everything guys I'm back now I am back your man is back know take care guys peace side don't forget come let me know your opinions guys let me know guys you guys can check out the article below peace lop and don't forget guys scare money don't make no money

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