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first link in the description now let’s get started with some news so some
interesting news first for those of you guys who are looking for a tropical
paradise getaway you can now buy this plot of land in Costa Rica a hundred and
fifty acres with crypto currency the reason I actually brought this up is
because it’s relatively affordable compared to the 30 million 15 million 60
million dollar real estate properties we’ve seen listed for sale for crypto
currency so far which is a little bit further of a stretch for most people it
is for people with a lot more crypto currency let’s say that I believe me and
a majority of my viewers but this 265,000 is a little
more doable so I figured I would share a more doable one here in case anybody is
interested Bitcoin aetherium like coin and stellar you can purchase it 150
acres in Costa Rica guys in reality I just thought this was pretty cool you
know decent-sized plot of land for the price I thought it’d be cool to see the
Bitcoin adoption since today’s one of today’s main topics is about Bitcoin we
have a ton of stuff happening with Bitcoin a ton of things in the news
first off I wanted to start with a quote that I thought a lot of you guys would
appreciate Bitcoin is an alternative for fiat scam and yes guys this is the truth
fiat is a big big scam the reason being the reason you are using it is because
it benefits someone else it benefits those who have insider information those
who you know are corrupt and those are the ones that it benefits and if you
want another example goldman sachs embezzled scandal shows value of crypto
and the most fascinating thing is the beginning of how they talked about this
so there’s nothing overly special about the scandal it’s something that happens
quite frequently in current or shall we say legacy financial systems obviously
because the new financial system we are going towards involves cryptocurrency so
Razzaq created and oversaw a sovereign wealth fund and with the help of Goldman
Sachs bankers embezzled and misused the funds in outlandish ways including the
purchase of a Picasso so guys basically what happened here is
something we see happen all the time so we don’t see but something that does
happen all the time and that is the level of corruption in all in all areas
of the world so I was actually watching an interview with an ex mafia ex mob
leader in New York and he was asked if the whole political system was more
corrupt now than it was and this was you know I think this was around about when
the when the last election was going on and he was asked if things are more
corrupt now or if things were more corrupt in his days when they had
politicians they had presidents on their payroll yeah these are the mob had
presidents and political figures on their payroll and he said that things
are more up to now and that spreads so much
further than just politics that goes to Wall Street that goes to financial
systems to banks these guys have control of your money these guys have all
control of a lot of money and they can get away with when they can get away
with murder and yes murder it’s happened as well where the mob guy was talking
about it that people were getting away with murder and obviously the mob itself
got away with murder and again he pointed to the fact that things are
worse now than they were back then in a different way obviously but they are
worse now there’s more corruption now than there was back then so that is
absolutely insane and definitely an area that if the public if people like you
and me want to see this improve we have to look for a financial system or a
structure that works better than the one we are having right now that’s more
transparent that you know allows that’s just overall better and that again is
why a lot of people are starting to move towards cryptocurrency got this was a
multi-billion dollar embezzlement that no one really cared about because it’s
something that happens quite frequently and weak and that’s just doesn’t that
does it make sense to me how that doesn’t matter and it just you know
people just don’t know about it now Charlie Lee said that bitcoin is going
to gain mass adoption after it’s solved scalability and privacy challenges this
is again coming from Charlie Lee the founder of light coin he thinks once we
get the Lightning Network up and running it’s going to be easier for Bitcoin to
overcome a lot of the challenges be able to use for micro transactions well he
things like coin Network is going to do huge things for Bitcoin and I agree it’s
definitely going to make it a lot better again people always talk about the 20k
Bitcoin but Bitcoin wasn’t prepared to be at 20k when it got 20k it wasn’t
prepared for the amount of volume it wasn’t prepared for all of that and so
I’m again not surprised that we were having such a long bull market for the
price to correct back down it is it technically still a correction because
again the 20k price was not sustainable it was not ready to be at that level
just yet so I had to correct back down to what is
probably the more realistic price they should have been at at that time so
either way I know a lot of guys agree with this so Charlie Lee again if you
are a believer in Bitcoin at least which are gonna be covering a little bit more
about Bitcoin versus a theory and versus XRP in just a little bit later on in
this video but charlie Lee still believe in Bitcoin and still believes Bitcoin is
going to be the one to gain mass adoption first now Bitcoin ETF updates
so tomorrow November 5th today it is currently the fourth had to make sure
that was correct tomorrow on November 5th the SEC is
going to make the decision on the nine Bitcoin ETS that it had previously gone
back to review if you guys remember the nine previously rejected Bitcoin ETS
they came back to review it now a decision will probably be made tomorrow
now this isn’t huge news because none of these ETS are the ones that people
expect to get accepted so overall I believe the SEC may have waste their
time in going back and looking over but again the fact that they did again shows
that there might have been something they missed and we’re gonna have to wait
and see how results turn out but overall don’t see too many people talking about
this first of all I see a lot of people talking about the ETF in general given
all the news with fidelity and backed and everything coming out people have
talked about the ETF less and less as you know it seems to be less important
then everything else which I agree I think backed is going to be absolutely
huge for the mark and everything else that’s going on is going to be
absolutely huge for the market but tomorrow nonetheless it’s good to be
updated with news and to know that there’s going to be a decision coming
tomorrow about the nine Bitcoin ETS now the China rankings are something we talk
about every time they’re posted because honestly it’s just kind of fun to see
something structured this way that we can go ahead and discuss number one is
still iOS I believe that’s what was there last time now aetherium is number
2 followed by bitshares nebulous neo again a good one over here so we have a
few solid crypto currencies in the top steam and then ripples obviously XRP is
number seven it’s another one of the favorites on the channel stellar is
number 12 but Bitcoin dropped all the way to number 19
just under Cardinal that is currently number 18 Bitcoin fell to number 19 so
was looking like maybe a Bitcoin might be look
using a little bit of its steam personally though I still believe the
big the cryptocurrency that’s going to be adopt at first right now is going to
be Bitcoin everything is being built on Bitcoin environment right now in terms
of like ETF it’s a Bitcoin ETF everything is happening around Bitcoin
so I do still believe it’s going to see a significant price increase and still
be the leader for some time but again there are some crypto currencies
creeping up to have a lot of real world use to have a lot of adoption
possibilities as well that look like they might challenge it but let me know
right now what your guys’s top three crypto currencies are again in the China
rankings they have AOS etherium and bitch shares I have a feeling you guys
are gonna come up with something a little bit different personally I don’t
haven’t looked into bitch share as much the OS
I wouldn’t put in my top 3 etherium though is a very viable one if you do
believe in aetherium so let me know right now just in the comment sections
down below right 1 2 3 and then write down your top 3 crypto currencies what
you would rank them personally I would have to go with probably Bitcoin and
then just in terms of what I think could be adopted it’s down between through I
mean there’s a lot honestly it’s gonna be fascinating to go through and read
all everything you guys say but I think aetherium is a good one to have on there
as well obviously I think XRP and stellar are good ones undervalued ones
we have zero X nano basic attention token also some fantastic crypto
currencies so yo we actually see nano down here at number 23 so that’s pretty
cool to see nano on the board but again let me know what your guys’s top 3 is
down below I can’t wait to see everything that you guys managed to come
up with now let’s look at the overall markets currently guess what if you
guess nothing happened you’re prob you’re pretty correct
so bitcoins down 0.01% for two hundred eight billion dollar market cap Bitcoin
dominance at fifty two point nine percent so Bitcoin dominance did drop a
little bit we were seeing some altcoins performed relatively well compared to
bitcoins huge drop of 0.01% sarcasm in case you guys didn’t manage to pick it
up Bitcoin cash is fork news has still continued to propel it I have no
intentions of getting into Bitcoin cash whatsoever so to shut
those questions that I’ve been getting no I did not trade Bitcoin cash because
obviously the this price actually happened because of the news and in the
trade alert because of the hard fork and in the trailer group I try to trade
based off actual patterns and things that I believe are easier and
higher-quality trades than just speculation on news cuz again it was
hard to tell what Bitcoin cash you know you couldn’t predicted the Bitcoin cash
hard for news to come out right it just did and then the price is reacting
according to that cos is the up 1.6 percent as well stellar 1.5 light points
up 4% Cardinals up over 4% as well so some good all point seeing some decent
gains even while Bitcoin again plummeting down 0.01% I think it’s over
from Bitcoin guys it’s game over if you look at this it’s Bitcoin is the stable
coin this is some tether movement right here
Bitcoin is is actually tethers down 1.9 percent so tether is down more that
bitcoin is so yeah bitcoins the next best stable coin biggest movers 16
percent Bitcoin cash again is leading the way Bitcoin diamond and Bitcoin gold
so that’s interesting to see the three other bitcoins that aren’t the real
Bitcoin are up the most Bank quarters of Cardinal litecoin mithril neo – theory
of classic ontology some very good crypto currencies seeing some gains and
we continue to scroll down roughly around half way looks like a 50/50 split
we have the ones in the red again Bitcoin oh my god big point down 0.01%
whatever shall we do with you wax is down 5.5 polymath a very good
undervalued all coin as well down 5% what else is down one chains down
decentraland is down see a coin the whole them a lot of cryptocurrency in
there as well it looks like a 50-50 split between crypto currencies in the
red and in degree so we’re gonna where it’s gonna call it it’s another sideways
day in the market now v chain has some interesting news not anything crazy
however there are rumors of some pretty big news V chain another one that I
could possibly put in my top three because of how good it is
and how far I think it still has to go well you get also purchased in Rotterdam
a 106 square metre loft now it’s not for sale in Euros or Bitcoin it’s for sale
in V chain tokens ve T so this is clearly a big believer in V Chains
currently priced at $390,000 that had ve t it is a loft apartment with a sauna in
rotterdam 106 meters squared now if you guys just want to look through this I
don’t want to play it too much if apparently it’s not even going to play
but either way it’s a pretty nice apartment you know it’s a little far
away from where I am right now so I’m going to have to not be there I’m gonna
have to not purchase this one but again pretty cool to see the I think this it’s
a small thing obviously one person offering their apartment for sale envy
chain tokens but I think just the fact that we have such strong believers in V
chain you know just in different crypto currencies or different all coins that
are going out and saying no you can buy this only in ve T because I want as much
ve T as possible gonna be interesting to see in 5-10
years how if he does manage themselves obviously how much it paid off for him
to sell in ve T then it would have if you sold it in euros obviously if you
sold in euros and just put that money in the bank in as 5-10 years go by that
money is going to be worth less and less because of inflation and if he gets ve T
and ve t continues to go up well then it’ll be worth more and more so not
honestly not the worst thing that could have happened
now XRP another good cryptocurrency it apparently consumes less energy than
Bitcoin and aetherium this is according to ripples chief market strategist he
says that and it honestly looks like it is a lot less according to him as you
guys can see the amount of energy that is consumed looks like a lot less than
Bitcoin and aetherium so again an argument to be made for XRP the
environmental impact that came out that they were talking about gold as you guys
obviously know it’s been going on for a while Bitcoin needs a lot of electricity
XRP just chilling on making the market green
again I believe is something that I saw someone say so yeah is it over here um
no I saw somewhere say make the market green again because obviously it is
better of trees required to make a network great there you go
so overall XRP consuming less energy a Bitcoin theorem doesn’t make it better
no not necessarily but obviously that is an argument in its favor that it has
over the tuna again there’s pros and cons to all of them but right now I
think all three have a very good place in the market could and all three could
see some very very large gains and some great success in the future yes I said
it some great success for those of you guys who watch Borat now Tron another
one now I wanted to put this out there because I saw in the comments Kelvin has
been playing Tron I believe it was the gambling daps that he has been playing
and he said that they were a lot of fun so I wanted to know how many of you guys
were also taking advantage of this if you were gambling a little bit playing a
little bit with your TRX trying to earn some more TRX because they have
continued to come out with more and more adapts I want to know if any of you guys
since I know we have a lot of Tron supporters on the channel if any of you
guys were going ahead and do that so let me know in the comments down below now
guys time for the big coin giveaway let’s pick the winner I talked I think
this was November seconds video was the one I picked for this if we randomized
the winners let’s see who wins silver Alai me 79 Wow 79 usually people put 69
in their in their name but we have 79 that doesn’t make sense we convert our
crap are crap via into crypto it is money how else do we create it that what
a load of crap this is referring I believe to the person who said that
crypto is not money or crypto it’s fake money or a scam money super that’s what
they said about fiha in today’s quote but either way they came out and said
that crypto was fake money and I argued that it doesn’t make sense because as
long as people accept it as an exchange of goods or services then it
theoretically is working like money and people obviously are doing that it has a
value to it and people are accepting crypto
more and more for daily purchases for you know transactions for real estate
for whatever it is for goods and services people are accepting it so I
disagree with the fact that crypto is fake mine no matter if people are
willing to accept it it can be used for that purpose so that’s currently what
this was about well silver lining me if I pronounced that correct I don’t even
know if I did you wanted the Bitcoin giveaway all you have to do to claim it
is just leave a comment down below letting me know you are here to claim it
and of course leaving your Bitcoin wallet
I just it will honestly be easier as well if you do message me on Instagram
as I get less messages there but let me know in the comments if you are here to
collect your winnings guys that’s gonna be for this video thank you so much for
watching don’t forget to leave a like and leave a comment down below and order
to enter a chance to win a future Bitcoin giveaway but thanks so much for
watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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  2. Yeah Patrick.. TRONBet.. Every time U play it, U earn ANTE.. When U hold ANTE, U get paid in TRX every 2-4 days.. 1 ANTE gives U approx 3 TRX.. That's roughly ard 18 TRX per ANTE that U have..

  3. Where the banks are concerned there is always a level of mistrust, they fraud daily all that happens is a small fine, also with banks, they hate crypto because it will stop their greedy ways, An ETF would be great, not that we need it or the SEC, but what it will do is make the market rise, which we all want.

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