5 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Bear Market to Bull Market. XRP UP BNB UP Ripple Labs CoinbASE Ground ZERO”

  1. guys what do you think whats better ROI between bnb and xrp if you think that bnb is going up to 1500$ for this bull run …(trying hard with my english hope you understand ). AND CKJ KEEP IT UP MAN !

  2. I have a question regarding uphold, if I don't make any transactions on there for a few months at a time do they penalize you?

  3. Sorry I missed the stream CKJ, I hate when my job interferes with my stream time! ?One day soon, I won’t have to punch ? a time clock, and I can catch CKJ all the time! Thanks for what you do CKJ! XRP BABY ?

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