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lightning network capacity surpasses 2 million despite bare market so this can
be seen right here even though we’ve been in a very very bearish market in
2018 and we’re getting to the end of 2018 and it doesn’t look like we’re
gonna have too much of a change although the last for the last week or so has
been pretty good doesn’t look like we’re going to see any crazy change however we
have been seeing a lot of positive things on the development side on the
growth side the adoption side even just the amount of users all that has gone up
and that can be shown partially by the network capacity so as you guys can see
the network capacity right is five hundred and 1.85 Bitcoin which
is over two million dollars not too long ago we talked about it being 1 million
we talked about it being 1.6 I believe the last time I mentioned it was maybe
1.8 and now we have finally surpassed the two million dollar marks all though
things are bearish they are shaping up to be very very good moving forward and
showing continuous growth also the stock market has been dropping those of you
guys who haven’t been looking out a lot of a lot of the top stocks have hit 52
week lows this includes I believe Facebook hit it not too long ago I got a
notification on my phone and several other big companies have also done the
same thing which is indicating to us that this rally could indicate bitcoins
independence and cryptocurrencies overall independence from the stock
market so something a lot of people have been trying to figure out is what is the
correlation between Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and the stock market if
stocks are falling our cryptocurrency is going up
if stocks are falling are they going down does they have no just is a
completely independent they don’t have anything to do with one another well
right now as we’re seeing the stock market go down we are also seeing
cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have a little bit of a rally now it’s still way too
early to tell I think moving forward once we get a few more years in the book
of people comparing it we’ll definitely be able to get a better indication of
what things are looking like but it’s possible that with this stock market
with a bear sentiment coming into the stock market now maybe people are
looking to take money out of that and invest it in another investment which in
this case would be crypto car is the only thing I hope is that they’re
investing for the right reasons they are investing for the long run and they are
investors who know that although you know that markets work in cycles and
that now might be a good time to get into Bitcoin but maybe we’re gonna see
the prices fall in the next coming months as well have we hit the bottom
that’s still a topic of discussion then hopefully they’re not gonna go in and
we’re gonna have a repeat of what happened at the end of 2017
right we want smart investors in want people in for the right reasons well
either way a ten billion dollar Christmas gift for crypto has come in
because it is a green Christmas Eve today we’re going to look at it in just
a little bit overall xrp etherium and neo have seen some very
good games Nia was up at home almost 20 percent or over 20 percent in a certain
point xrp and a theorem as well leading the
pack in the green as we can see right here so X RP is up just just under 15%
aetherium up just under 16% scroll down me a card oh no just under 12 and then
if we keep going Neal just under 13 so a little bit of a correction from when
those articles were published like I said previously there was a point where
we’ve seen a little bit of a dip here but we there was a point at the peak
where Neal was up almost 20% etherium and XRP as well we’re up even more
however we are at 141 billion almost hundred forty two billion in market cap
with a 50 point nine percent Bitcoin dominant so still Bitcoin dominance
continuing to fall a trend we’ve noticed for a very long time every time we get
you know agreed market a bullish market we see Bitcoin a dominance fall because
alts are usually seeing some nice against it overall that caused a big
most price to fall but it is a great day again with pivots Stratus populist all
up almost 20% or over 20% so some crazy gains to be made and again over
scrolling down we are seeing one two three maybe like 10 to 15 crypto
currencies in the red which is definitely symbolizes a green Christmas
Eve so I’m sure a lot of people are happy about that especially looking at
the technical analysis a lot of people are asking if we have bottoms and well
it’s possible there are indicators that suggest so there are indicators though
that suggest we have not personally I’m still not confident saying that we have
bottomed out right now I still will not make that I’m not going to make that
claim there have been people out there who have made that claim I’m personally
not going to make that claim just yeah I think there’s a lot of stuff still to
happen and I think we’re gonna get a better indication maybe end of January
early February or mid February because January usually is a very volatile
period for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency overall just historically that has been
the case so that will give us a better indication if we do manage to sustain
over this very important level which flows to you guys who don’t know is the
200 weekly moving average so I’m on the weekly chart right now I added the 200
moving average to you guys how important of a level this
is and this is important it’s been a bit important in gold it’s been important in
stocks and just technical analysis overall this has been a very important
region a lot of people are saying keep in mind for this acting is very very
very strong support for Bitcoin on the way down and well if this doesn’t
symbolize it for you guys it held super well having a bounce right
off of that and now going back up to the 200 then 200 EMA so currently right now
this acted as good support usually you know it’s still too early to say that
this had was the bottom people expected this to hold pretty well however one
thing we could definitely see and I think is very possible is eventually
having especially leading into January that’s so volatile having a retest of
the 208 and then potentially seeing the break below that one thing to keep in
mind that a lot of people are starting to forget is the fact that a lot of
people got into Bitcoin for the law of for the wrong reasons still right now
and are still trying to find the perfect time to sell so although this right here
happened right in the beginning we saw people got in for the wrong reasons so
as we were dumping it was even more volatile because people were trying to
cash out and break even they were trying to cash out whenever they could the
weekends were selling well the same thing is happening over here
right with this big dip people starting to get a little more confident as we
were trading sideways sideways starting to get a little more stable at the
$6,000 and or the five to six thousand dollar level and we had this huge huge
drop straight down and that scared a lot of people so you can guarantee that as
we start moving our way back up as we start moving our way back up and even
entering the bull market and so on there’s going to be a lot of resistance
of people who are trying to sell at break even who managed to you know who
are strong enough hands not to sell Jerry the drop but are going to try to
sell at breakeven because this market is just not for them at least not right now
it’s too volatile for them they don’t know how to look at it in a long term
perspective and again it was I saw someone else say doesn’t forgot exactly
who it was but they said it’s super-super perfectly that is most
people believe it or not most people if they’d like to admit it or not are not
in this for the long run they don’t know how to invest for the long run and
most people are in this for financial dollar gains that’s what a majority of
people are in this market for and there’s no use kidding ourselves there’s
no use lying about it there’s no use saying anything the majority of people
are in this for this reason so if they don’t think they’re going they don’t
have the confidence to be in this market to watch this volatility to maybe day
trade throughout to learn how to do that whatever it may be again that’s why I
started the date of the the trade alert group so that all my trades that I get
into you guys can copy and we can profit together on it help each other out
there’s no reason why some of us only have to win while some other people lose
we can all work together but for a lot of people this markets just not for them
it’s going to be a very very difficult climb back up and I said this you know a
while I’ve I’ve been saying this for several months now claw the climb back
up is not going to be a smooth exponential type of growth although I do
expect us to see higher highs eventually when we do into the bull run it’s going
to you know it’s it’s going to be difficult to break some key resistances
because of the amount of people that are looking to sell at break even even
moving in to the Owlery of the list let’s go to for hourly actually this is
something I think is a very interesting so I saw a lot of people talk about this
and I talked about this as well previously just touched on it that we
did not manage to make a higher high over here and that would be a very
bullish indication if we did manage to make a higher high at this point however
as you guys can tell we did not make a higher high it was a lower high which
was pretty bearish however from this we did go down we made a Bart formation
right here for those you guys who know the bar formation is and now we are
continuing we had another peak up to around about four thousand two hundred
and thirty ish so still opportunity to see us climb and maybe to break that key
resist is to make the higher high the key resistance being roughly at around
4400 if you break that make a higher high maybe we could see a little bit
more bullish momentum but that’s just a few things to keep in mind you guys
asked for more technical analysis so I’m trying to provide it for you hopefully
this was just you know very brief just small bit of information for you guys I
do post more of this in a trailer group for those of you guys who are interested
so make sure you guys check that out if you want to see more
technical analysis content all the time but now Neil eight point five nine
dollars still very very cheap I still have high hopes for Neil although they
have had their issues recently with you know people coming out saying it’s hard
to build on the platform and so on I still think Neil is a very very good
buy at this price but again I’m not a financial advisor this is not financial
advice this is just my opinion on the matter it did see almost twenty percent
gains at one point now it’s just over twelve and a half percent but it did see
up to twenty percent gains at one point indicating again one of the leaders
moving up and seeing a green day so just happy to see in Neil succeed I know a
lot of people who watch this channel are also neo fans and also we got a lot of
XRP fans in the building I think the community has grown as XRP has continued
to do relatively well since I mentioned it in the beginning when I mentioned I
got in which was you know pretty well time not to brag but we got in a pretty
good time forty-one cents right now up almost 13 percent and there’s good
reasons for this this reason basically is that bindings is gonna add XRP as a
base pair as crypto exchange gifts as crypto exchange on see by this gives
ripple community a gift for the holidays so Merry Christmas
XRP fans and XRP community because this is big they’re going to start with a few
they’re going to be each other they’re going to be adding a couple trading
pairs with XRP as the quote currency shortly and renamed the etherium markets
to alts mark and so i don’t know about you guys but that kind of looks like a
dig and aetherium looks like i would say i don’t think it was intentional but it
kind of sucks to have their market named renamed after Ulta market they’re
running out of space on the UI of merry merry xmas so then someone as XRP the
basically said yes the base is called poke currency to be correct
google it so CZ getting a little getting a little sassy over there but either way
i think at this point it’s come to the point where x RP is just too big of a
market cap to ignore it’s too big of a project to ignore they’ve just got so
much adoption the community so big everyone now asks for it second to
Bitcoin I think x RP if not more than Bitcoin is
acts as in the he asked for it the most so they asked
for it to be a base pair they asked for it to be added you know futures and
everything for it so it’s just bound to happen as we move forward they tried
they try to hold it off same thing with coinbase they’re trying to hold it off
as long as they can because a lot of people in cryptocurrency don’t like
ripple especially as a cryptocurrency or on the ideological side as an investor
I’m very happy to see XRP do well I have an X R P because I do think it’s going
to provide pretty good gains moving forward already up a ton from when I
first mentioned it and just so much room to grow still so much adoption to be a
hat although it doesn’t fit the perfect ideological side of crypto it does I
believe have its have its place in the middle ground in terms of you know
further adoption moving for I do think it has its place in here and I think
it’s here to stay but good news for X R P being added as a quote currency as the
quote currency surely they’re gonna have two pairs I don’t know exactly which
ones they are believe they already announced by the time and you guys are
watching this but I’m not 100% sure so if you guys find it now here we go
Tron and Z coin they already announced it right here Tron and Z coin this was
updated not too long ago so that’s gonna be the first two parents with x RP the
base so that’s gonna be if this video guys hopefully you guys did enjoy if you
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see you guys tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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    Woke up to watch your vid before presents ?
    I'm gathering some more neo but the xrp move last night was great.

  3. Crypto is long term, lots of projects are still have not rolled out platforms, Merry Christmas Pat to you and family, thanks for all you do and sticking around, where lots have left, let’s hope 2019 will be a bonanza.

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  6. only a couple of weeks ago the market cap was about 100 billion. Today it is 142 Billion. Great week all round. Maybe people are leaving stocks to enter cryptos. XRP has good news daily and I think 2019 is going to be huge for XRP and crypto generally.

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