22 thoughts on “Ripple XRP And The Crytpo Market’s Rosetta Stone”

  1. Great guide for kind of gauging where were at in this bear market timeline and what to do when we recognize the signs.

  2. Digital Asset Investor, that market cycle you keep referring to is called a “Hyperwave”. Love the content, keep it coming

  3. Amazing post! ??? Thanks DAI! #The5thCycle #AreYouReady? #XRPTheStandard. — Feel Good Music https://youtu.be/rP_t1vDnKsA

  4. thanks again for your shit load of affiliate links, but not linking to the article sources (xrp "community".. or re-parroting others with click-baits?)

  5. I have started some investment in APL/Apollo, Idax exchange BTC/APL pairs… +380% gain 7d change. Pretty crazy! IT seems almost unaffected by BTC as it only go up up as of recently.

  6. Hey DAL,
    What are your thoughts with XRP on this next bull run; it will obviously go through the roof along with everything else but in terms of taking profit with this asset, I am wondering wether this would be smart. Do you think it is likely that with its use case and a higher price offering more liquidity would you agree there is a chance that unlike everything else that it may retain and hold its price. It concerns me that that we may bail and take profits shooting ourselves in the longer term foot?
    I am thinking it would most likely decouple from Bitcoin at this time….
    Thoughts please….

    Great video too btw, awesome job

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