Ripple XRP and Real World Utility Country, Guns, Stocks

[Music] [Music] alright I’m gonna do a check here see if everything is working let me on a second here I’ve got to work on two different laptops let me turn this one down I’m doing a run-through I’m gonna start doing live streams on Saturday was getting ready to make a video I said you know what I’m gonna run a live stream instead and test it out make sure everything is running smoothly make sure everything’s working I was running some tests yesterday and doing these live streams isn’t as easy as I thought it would be so anyhow give me an indication if you guys you guys can hear me here it looks like there’s a little bit of a delay a little bit see here downs and looks does that say great wonderful all right so what I want to do actually in cover today there are some things that have really come up in the news primarily I want to focus in on real-world utility and so there’s there’s so much going on in the space we we talk a lot about and I have talked to my channel other people to talk about things that are happening with with ripple but it’s what’s amazing and this is what I want to cover overall there’s so much happening in the world today when it comes to blockchain when it comes to digital assets and I’m talking about it the highest levels of government and the economy so first I’m going to go through a number of articles that I that I looked up today that I was reading through today and let’s get into it have a little bit of a discussion completely open to Q&A if you guys have any questions it looks like I’m getting a little bit of lag on my end I’m not sure if you guys are seeing the lag or hearing the leg let me see here looks like there’s a bit of lag there lag watching it my sons over here see you know we want to pop your head in here we go let’s see if you can pop your head in live streaming to the world all right so all right all right great here we go so hey dad thank you that’s awesome what’s that know he’s gone so all right so let me kind of let me get back to this as my son coming through here all right so the first thing that I wanted to go over and and this is great so if you guys can interact a little bit on on this again ripple things that are happening at the highest level ripple hiring and X HSBC Citibank exec as general counsel so things are happening at the ripple level ripple net ripple the company they’re bringing in some super high level individuals into the organization that are coming from larger banks and then at the same time there was an interesting article that came out from that was on Forbes and this the title of this article sorry I’m not sharing this I would I wanted to try to share it I couldn’t get this all together of hey same hairstyle you like that it wasn’t so easy getting this one ripple CEO sends XRP soaring boosting Bitcoin and aetherium this wasn’t the exact article that I wanted to go through but that’s okay things that are going on in the ripples space so today what we noticed that there was definitely some movement in in XRP that we didn’t actually see in Bitcoin and we started to see some big gains I think it ended up with like an eleven percent gain in in the XRP but what I wanted to really emphasize with these the big transitions that are happening and this really has to do with what’s going on with XRP and what’s going on with the duck how you like the duck that was from tonight I took a few pictures that’s the one I ended up with I actually we had a swan coming to visit tonight actually came by the lake yesterday for the first time I’ve never seen a swan in our lake ever not sure where he came from I got a nice picture of it and he was actually swimming around again today calling out and not sure if he lost his partner and normally swans are paired and I’m not even sure where the Swan came from that’s the bird here obviously isn’t a swan so you know getting into again looking at what is happening with Swift right now and you know I think other other youtubers have really talked about what was going on with r3 and and the fact that Swift is going to start using r3 as a platform and what that really means overall to XRP to me it’s real-world utility it means that as a whole we’re starting to see some significant adoption in the space and that’s why I really like to focus in on real-world utility I’m gonna have to open up a few of these other articles than having some computer issues today and so one of the other things that you know overall that we that we have to emphasize when it comes to real-world utility again at the highest level so this this is an article that came out a couple days ago and it really should take significant notice this article was on coin desk and has to do with the Marshall Islands so we’ve seen national adoption of of crypto currency in Venezuela with the petrol we’ve seen crypto currency our digital asset adoption in Malta and the latest to join this craze of adopting at the national level is the Marshall Islands so again wrote really again focusing in on real-world utility this means actually putting digital asset to use and so this is unique because the IMF was actually trying to talk the Marshall Islands out of utilizing digital assets in as an actual currency that’s working side by side with u.s. dollar and the real point with that country is that they want to pull away from the reliance on the US dollar and put more emphasis on their independent economy the IMF had some concerns regarding regarding their economy and and really again moving away from the dollar to me I think it’s sing those great things for what’s going on within this space on the company it’s tangent tangent or tandem this tangent I believe it is this was announced on Monday let’s see here so the currency is going to be the Republic sovereign it’s sov if you guys want to look it up but to me it’s it’s really interesting and beyond that it’s going to they’re they’re creating a rub I don’t know if it’s a it’s not really a credit card but it’s going to be you an actual currency digital asset I don’t know I can’t think of the terminology for it um the easiest way to think about it there’s one of those digital currency credit cards but they’re going to be using it for legal tender in the country in the Marshall Islands let me take a look what what’s being said here all right so let’s just take a break here and the Global Payments will run through a ripple net Oh in the end Global Payments a white flight r3 is just that I agree with that white fly I really think as well that we’re starting to see some big transition within the space in general I I truly believe that and it’s interesting too because we saw a lot of the hyperbole and and you know some of the tension or animosity between ripple and Swift there was some discussion that was at a month or two ago there was some rumor in the rumor mill that that Swift might start using XRP and this to me was really interesting when they actually did announce the fact that Swift was partnering with with with r3 and the fact that we know that XRP is going to be utilized or potentially utilized then at that point by Swift ripple net in general is offering a solution that has immense real-world utility that you know I believe that all the different banks out there all the countries out there Swift everybody’s really on notice with what’s happening and we’re just we’re really just seeing the tip of the iceberg and that’s why I wanted to and I like to focus in on real-world utility to really see what can happen within the blockchain space within the digital assets and so the next one here that I wanted to pull up real quick and this after we talked about the Marshall Islands now this was obviously a little ways back and this was Malta and when they actually announced and I think one was this back in could be mistaken I want to say was this October time frame maybe when they announced that they were moving fully into the into the digital asset space as I believe they they adopted the digital assets back in October and then in November there was some additional they had the multi digital innovation authority when multiple e put put the entire protocol together to really be the blockchain nation and so attracting there were tons and tons of companies that actually moved into Malta and they became a very blockchain friendly nation and it’s again real-world utility so here we have countries that are actually doing something and here in in in on the other side of it we see what’s happening in the United States and we’re struggling and fighting over regulation although we do have some support within Congress I’ve talked about that we have some support at the state level I’ve talked about that but we don’t have that full adoption yet as we see that’s happening in in other countries now let me take a look here Danger Mouse say what’s up IDI whitefly we’ve got some them see any additional questions here now this is a lot harder to do than I thought I’m glad there’s just a few people in the chat right now I guess there’s 29 people watching it looks like I’m getting a little bit of distortion I’m gonna have to work on that for the live streams as we as we move forward glad you guys are taking the time to watch kind of going through this process with me as way I get more and more into the live streams and trying to balance this out you know for myself as we go through this another big announcement again real-world utility and this has to do with the stock exchange in stew guard so it’s the stew guard borsa and I believe that I believe that’s how you pronounce it and that is actually let’s see here here we go but everything is really really sluggish right now here we go so so this is a huge boost this is a Germany’s second largest Stock Exchange getting into trading to the into the crypto trading platform now this had been announced before I believe it was maybe a month or two ago I’m kind of losing track between everything that goes on but today the bourse du gard is officially has officially launched a crypto trading and the reason why I think this is even doubly important is because at launch they’re supporting for digital assets Bitcoin XRP aetherium and litecoin so that to me is really a big movement in in the right direction and especially considering if we look you know for the XRP community those that are really concerned about the movement of XRP and here you have the second largest stock trading platform in Germany picking up XRP along with Bitcoin as their initial digital assets I think that you know that really says something so when a stock exchange is going to adopt we have coinbase that still hasn’t gone live with XR and here we have the second largest stock exchange going live with it with a digital asset trading platform and they’re putting XRP right up there and that’s it again it’s a super high level super high level real world utility the next thing that i picked up here and this kind of filtered over a little bit into what I was planning on talking about on Saturday but this is a stable coin that is now pegged by Bitcoin that is on the here we go it’s actually on the etherium blockchain so this to me is interesting because it we’re seeing this transition away on the on the stable coins I believe that we’re starting to see if you see a stable coin that’s pegged to a digital asset and I could be wrong but so far all the stable coins have been pegged to a currency and primarily to the US dollar up so I believe again I could be wrong but I think this is the first stable coin pegged to another digital asset and then launching as as an ER c20 token so it’s kind of utilizing multiple components within within the block but within the digital asset space which kind of brings me again like I was mentioning kind of brings me into what I plan on talking about on Saturday which is really focusing in on what the potential and possibilities can be when it comes to digital assets as it as it relates to fiat and relates to gold standards so let me take a quick look at the comments here um from Crusaders fan and this has to do with do I believe that token taxonomy Act will be passed quickly I truly hope that it that it would after I had a couple conversations with with congressman sodas legislative assistant I’ve had a couple of conversations with alleges legislative assistant staff at Warren Davidson’s office I plan on reaching out again I want to get some feedback and some follow-up I know they’re planning on reintroducing a new bill one of the biggest obstacles and this is really why I’ve been harping on it in my previous videos one of their obstacles is getting through a committee and really convincing the other legislative staff teams as well as the other congressmen to come on board and truly see digital assets for what they are understanding the blockchain space for the for the life-changing revolutionary Czech technology that it is but one of the things that they had pointed out and it’s there there’s still some some preconceived notions you know within the staff as well as the congressional representatives that digital assets still utilizing you know and and really you could think about it more as a negative terminology cryptocurrency cryptocurrency is more easily placed in in the same in the same space with with the black market and so they’re still looking at it as the elicit the the illicit currency or the currency used for illicit ill-gotten things and so that’s one of the obstacles that they need to overcome as the education of the legislative teams in the congressional offices as well as the other congressmen and that’s something that I would like to really start focusing in on and trying to chip obviously there’s some big lobby organizations out there already formed that are doing that obviously an organization like ripple has tons and tons of money to pour into lobbying and they are reaching out to the to the congressional representatives as well and but when it comes to when it comes to the grassroots level and again and and I talked about this in a previous video you know the those in Washington represent our interests and so it’s really up to us as well as all these lobby efforts to reach out to our congressional representatives and let them know hey this is something that we see is extremely beneficial to us let’s see here take a look at these comments xrp still going down ripple is is the one selling to the institutions i I still really think and and this is I’ve said this before is that xrp movement and if you look back a year ago we had a very speculative market and and based on the FOMO you know people were jumping in and it became the hot topic and the news and it you know everybody was talking about oh my god bitcoins hitting twenty thousand and so you yeah this this FOMO fever of getting into the space which pushed everything to a very high level really brought a ton of attention to the space obviously but at the same time I believe that the XRP the XRP will actually begin moving when we see more utility I believe the same thing in the other spaces so we’re starting to see little by little as there’s more adoption there’s more news there was you know the trigger that we saw that ten eleven percent gain in XRP I believe you know had something to do with with the news that there’s a possibility and it’s something that Garlin house had brought up that that there’s still a possibility of talks with Swift but we’re also seeing Swift partnering with r3 so there’s the possibility of Swift still utilizing XRP and you know everybody knows the Swift technology even there GPI technology is just not up to par when it comes to ripple net so we’ll XRP move i believe it does I believe it will but I also believe that it’s tied to full utility meaning adoption by the banks adoption by the financial institutions through X rapid I also believe that there’s other utility of X RP when it comes to coil the x RP tip-off there’s a lot of functionality that can be had with x RP but we need to see more adoption I believe that 2019 is the year that we’re going to begin seeing more and more adoption taking place let’s see heels not enough to cover all the tokenized items they may want to tokenize speculation uh-oh yeah I’m trying to read through these I’m not so easy here let’s see yeah so yeah to me and you know this is interesting too I like that Elmer music that’s exactly a triple news doesn’t translate tax RP and that’s that’s the exact point you know is that although we’re starting to see more and more news with ripple and ripple net it’s not translating to XRP and it won’t you know at this point and I also think it’s too early to really see the big gains you know so looking at the at the exchange every day I really look at the exchange now you know I put my invest it when I first jumped in a year and a half ago I really started getting into the digital asset space and earnest and I thought oh this is gonna be amazing I couldn’t lose every every dollar I put in it seemed like the market was constantly going up and it was uh-huh and but at that time I said hey this is awesome because I can figure out how to trade in this space and there are a lot of people even today using you know technical analysis to trade in the space and I think it’s it’s super high risk to trade in this space right now because it’s still volatile it’s still speculative and I think it’s speculation that’s impacting relatively you know the ups and downs of the different the different digital assets which isn’t that unlike what happens and I don’t want to draw a comparison here so and I’m not comparing the two but it’s not that different than what happens let’s say in the penny stock space it’s a lot easier to manipulate penny stocks than it is to manipulate an Amazon for instance so I’m not saying that’s what’s happening at this level but based on speculation that’s what happens a lot in in the penny stock space you get a ton of FOMO or or fought or whatever might be they pump people up to start buying and they start dumping then that’s why you see those spikes a lot of times in the penny stock and you’ll see it prefaced with news oh you know there in for a report that’s going to come out next week and you got to get in because the report comes out it’s gonna spike by two hundred and fifty percent or a thousand percent whatever the news might be when it comes to penny stocks and so to me this is a longer-term investment I’m not looking to trade and and I and again I think anyone that is trading is taking a big risk and even in the stock at the stock market if you don’t know what you’re doing and you do it just based on emotions which is partially involved in speculative speculative investment there’s emotions involved there because you’re just looking at what’s going on in the media or feedback from other individuals and it’s dangerous I think you’re going to come out on the on the downside more often than not when you’re trading unless you really really know what you’re doing and then they average it out you know so if you’re trading you’d have some gains you’re gonna have some losses on average you might have an expectation I’m talking about with regular stocks but it but again a lot of us you know retail investors you get on you don’t have the time to watch all the technical analysis and the stock market let’s say and it becomes risky because now you’re terrified every time it goes up should I sell it’s going down should I sell but there’s there’s more to it and and again it’s extremely difficult in a in a speculative space like this I kind of ran off on a tangent sorry about that guys let’s see here um see a lot of comments going through here I can’t even though there’s not a lot of people here I’ve got two laptops going I’m trying to keep on top of everyone that’s that’s jumping in questions so all right let me let me go to the to the next topic here which i think is also interesting and this recently came out this was announced before but this is something else I thought was important and and when we when we look at some of the news coming out again going back to real-world utility I think about the the type of media or the me that that’s actually reporting on this space so there’s there’s the knowing there’s the knowing of blogs or news sites for the digital assets face like CCN and and and others but here we had an article on Forbes talking about Nasdaq working with seven different crypto currency exchanges now this came out the other day on the news this article specifically was from yesterday I hope this this doesn’t start playing here they put a video on this on the news site that I’m looking at here but what’s what’s really important about this a you know again it’s being reported in in Forbes but but when when they’re utilizing a platform and really focusing in on the Nasdaq technology to really help prevent fraud and manipulation and so the technology so really as some of the technology is surveillance technology that Nasdaq uses to verify to its clients that trading volume is as free from fraud and manipulation as possible there are seven exchanges using it right now the two top exchanges that are using Nasdaq software Gemini and SBI virtual currency the fact that Forbes is talking about it the fact that Nasdaq is is partnering and selling their software granted they’re in the business of selling the software but they’re also not going to allow just any company to gain access to their software and I think that that really is telling when it comes to again we’re talking about real-world utility now let me take a kind of a side note here and maybe you guys have some feedback on this and that’s really the point as to why I want to bring this this next article up which is really an interesting topic and the other day I talked about one coin one use let me take a hang on one second do you think the bots buying and selling is why we can’t see a better price that’s one seven nine Kevin you know that that’s a great question I haven’t really focused too much on on these unbought on any of the bots that are going out there and buying and selling I really don’t think that they’re going to have that big of an impact that that’s really my my opinion on it I don’t think that that the bots will really contribute that much to the space all right so this is interesting again sorry I wish I was sharing my screen so you guys could see what was going on here but this came out the other day let me see was reported on the 29th and this is the world’s largest gone gun auction site which has gun broker dot-com and they are planning to add stable coin freedom coin as a as a digital asset in order to buy on the gun broker comm website and I say and so this is this is really interesting there the article really the theme of the article he said he wasn’t really he’s not against the idea it just did what he didn’t feel that the platform they were using really was needed for them to really have their own not to use a you know the specific stable coin that they’re they’re planning on using that you know there’s other digital assets out there that could be utilized for this purpose but I believe you know one one use case you know one coin one use um there that could be expanded a little bit but I really think it’s interesting and and I think it’s potentially good and I I think it’s potentially bad that there would be a blockchain involved in in a gun purchase and so the idea here is when when you go and buy a gun you they’re going to do a background check but you’re they’re not tracking and registering you at a federal level for owning the gun so now the question then is and the gun store is responsible for keeping the records when you purchase that gun but there isn’t a federal database of gun owners now if you’re purchasing through the blockchain and this is the big question I want to see if you guys have any feedback on this the big question that I have is really you know if a you know if you’re buying guns on the blockchain is this then is this going to be recorded is your purchase recorded in the blockchain and is that record then accessible by the federal government and is that an intrusion on your rights so I’m looking at both sides of it I think it’s great that you can go on and buy with digital asset but I see the issue where your purchase might be tracked and then available at that point and it becomes a registry a gun registry at that point I don’t know if you guys have any feedback at all I think there’s more comments here on on kurta our 3 XRP the standard yeah yep so you know and I’ve actually bought at auction before online auction and typically when you use a website like a gun broker or if you go to an auction to buy a gun then it’s going to then be delivered to a gun store you still have to go through your check you have to go through your background check it’s obviously not gonna be delivered to you directly so alright I’m gonna move on from there I thought that was really interesting I thought that’s an interesting topic I think it’s interesting that they’re starting to utilize a stable coin on their website and I think it’s the it’s going to be the first to do that now and this now now I want to go into a couple articles and this really came from last year from 2017 one of them is a White House advisor economic advisor Gary Cohn joined a start-up back in 2018 again we’re talking about real world utility and really high level you know high-level individuals that are joining blockchain Mick Mulvaney White House staff a big big Bitcoin supporter actually was hired by Donald Trump in 2018 I’m sorry it’s getting super dry in here I’m gonna just step away for one second hang on a sec ah much better sorry about that guys I have a dehumidifier running in the background and once it starts kicking in it gets super super dry so so again high level now this is this was interesting too this goes back a little ways and though you know my purpose tonight again just thinking about real-world utility all the possibilities in real-world utility now this goes back to Warren Davidson this was December of last year he actually presented me actually oh this is funny okay there we go hang on a second there we go I’m just looking back at the comments there we go all right so this was December 13 2008 een and this was Warren Davidson and this had to do with building the wall and this was in an interview I just think it was you know again interesting an interesting use case and he brought this up and raising money to build the wall on the border and he called it the bio brick build a wall and he called it that’s what did he call it he I think called it the wall coin or something like that and that was about a year ago they have to actually drafted introduced a bill in order to in order to do this that was about a year ago I thought that was interesting and then we have yeah this was in 2017 these are articles that that I kind of missed but you know when they first came out and this was 2017 let me pull this article up really quick and this was actually Trump signing a defense bill authorizing the study of blockchain and this was back in 2017 and so obviously there was a lot going on in the space but it wasn’t as developed as it is today we have so this was let’s see December 13 2017 u.s. President Donald Trump has signed a 700 billion dollar military spending bill that includes a mandate for a blockchain cybersecurity research study so if that isn’t all telling that as of two years ago we have Donald Trump signing in the in the defense bill research money that’s going towards blockchain research for cyber security I think if it doesn’t get any higher than that you know when it when it comes to real world utility obviously we don’t know if they put anything into place from that but but that but that’s pretty significant you know so again that really validates that technology it validates the use case and again at the very very highest levels you sorry now the dryness in here I’m losing my flus in my voice alright let’s see what else we got here you guys got a lot of comments here Edie Edie Valley what will be your future schedule for this normally I’ve been just recording videos I started the the livestream last week I’m going to be doing another livestream on Saturday and my plan is to do Saturday mornings at 8 o’clock Eastern Standard Time I know that’s probably too early for everybody on the west coast so I may adjust that that just seems to be a good time that fits into my schedule I might try to do it evenings here so right now live stream that I’m locking in is going to be on Saturdays 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and then as I go through I’m planning it out for for next week as well let’s see here Tar Heels Amazon Microsoft IBM will be play money that I agree with that I mean it’s amazing you know what’s happening right now in the space and there’s really a tremendous amount of potential I you know I think that’s phenomenal advice have patience buy-and-hold that’s that’s really what it’s all about and I think back and I made a video on this a little a little time ago and and they really had to do with where Microsoft was in the 80s when it first launched and it you know was down I think was like 10 cents or something like that Microsoft now is is is over $100 obviously it’s had its ups and downs but if you think about the Buy in buy and hold everybody’s so focused in on how much money can I gain over the next week or so over the next month or so really it’s it’s a it’s a longer-term strategy same thing with Amazon I mean the people that made their big hits with Amazon people that made their big hits with with Google big hits with Netflix they kids with any of the big companies were early adopters and they bought in at the early stages and they were also able to put the money in and I say this on every video you know invest what you can afford but also invest what you can afford to lose so any of the money that you put in to an investment like this is money that you have to just forget about if you try to dictate the ups and downs of the market it can be very detrimental and not not it’s gonna be detrimental to your health but it’s gonna be detrimental to the finances that you’re investing so you’re going to lose more time than you’re gonna win when you start following the trend like that and you try to predict the highs or predict the lows and I’ve seen some YouTube videos you know talking about oh yeah I’m gonna wait for it to drop to a certain point but you never know if it’s going to drop you know maybe it won’t ever drop to that point you know so you really if you willing to invest then invest if you have the money you’re not worried about and you can be that long-term investment money that’s really how you have to look at it we know that the market can hit certain target points you know we know that in at least in pass fake based on speculation we saw that XRP you know hit over $3 we saw a Bitcoin hit over $20,000 and that was without any utility so now that we’re seeing utility in the marketplace for digital assets for XRP for other digital assets in general now we see another stable coin pegged to a Bitcoin on the etherium network yet there’s so much at play right now we have sorry about that hang on one second we have countries that are adopting digital assets as their national currency bringing in blockchain to be blockchain friendly countries we’re just seeing at the very tip so someone before I mentioned you know dipping their toe in the water that’s that’s exactly what’s going on right now so have patience do you think Bank of America will come out this year I think there’s other things at play right now with other banks in the US and I I’m convinced you know that and others have talked about this it’s written about that the ripple team they really parade around I mean they know they’ve got they’ve got something that is super super valuable they know something they know they have something that’s truly changing for the for the economy and really financial transaction when it comes to global payments the banks also know it so we’ve seen some some top banks that are working with ripple net we see what SBI is said about ripple net as an X current we’ve seen the test and the response back on what X rapids capabilities are and I’ve also believe that many of the banks have been waiting to see what the government regulation would be on on this space and if the SEC and and the government keep dragging ass on this and they and they fend they don’t come up with a solid plan I believe everything’s gonna pass them by and these banks are gonna say you know what we’re gonna do it you know we got it we got to go live with this it’s it becomes a money game at that point especially when we see other countries around the world that are becoming more and more friendly and passing specific regulation at at the at the federal level but we’re seeing some changes at the state level as I talked about before that they’re passing regulation because they want the jobs and so I believe that if the states are doing it if the Fed is talking about even though they’re not they’re not moving if other countries are doing it that means the banks are definitely you know noticing what ripple is doing they’ve noticed what other banks around the world have done with ripple net with X current with X Rapids so it wasn’t a straight answer to your question it was a little bit roundabout but and let’s see here set price money is everywhere when extra P let’s see do you think stellar is a threat you know what this is interesting I put this into and I’m not sure if I brought it up on my other video but I look at at stellar as a complementary digital asset and complementary solution to ripple ripple net and XRP I I see that the two of them together are really targeting two different segments in the financial space so when you look at stellar as a non-profit dot or their mission statement is to help the underserved that’s that’s their goal their primary mission again on their website is to reach out to and help those in in the the poorest segments of the world move their money on so someone’s got to do that now when we look at ripple net ripple Ned and XAR P obviously has the capability of going to the smallest denominator it as they definitely has the capability of of micro payments we know that but what’s the focus right now the main focus of ripple net is really to achieve global payment transactions through the largest institutions through through the banks through the government and through financial institutions that that’s the major the goal of ripple net we want to see millions upon millions of dollars moving rapidly and moving cheaply and again on the other side xlm through stellar is focused on all of those poor workers out there that might be working out of country that are earning small small amounts and they might be sending 50 dollars back a hundred dollars back 200 dollars back that’s their focus and so the way I look at it and the reason why they’re complementary is because if a bank is then going to be involved in these transactions and they want to attempt to Bank the unbanked in many of these impoverished areas or they want to help Bank those foreign workers in a western country you want to bank and make sure that they’re able to bank through in utilizing the stellar solution the bank and then achieve every aspect because now they have a solution to start working with these individuals I hope that hope that hopefully that kind of helps good advisors recommend both and XRP together that’s I’m glad you said that yep let’s see here stellar is going after businesses ripple after banks that’s a good point yep yeah but and holding some stellar I like xlm I think it’s it’s pretty good you know again I I got in I haven’t bought additional xlm since the beginning when I got in but I did get a decent amount at that point I saw it go up real nicely and now it looks like it’s back I look today I think it was what eight cents so it’s definitely definitely backtracked a little bit XRP I believe is sitting right around like twenty nine thirty cents so let’s see I’m gonna wrap it up here in a minute I don’t want to go too long I think I’ve been going about 45 minutes elemér music do you think the SEC will make Ripper ripple sell their XRP I don’t I don’t know if they well I guess they potentially could I don’t know if they could I don’t know if that’s that’s even a possibility that they could really force them into selling something but I yeah I I just I just don’t think that they would do that I think the SEC is more concerned again on regulating what XRP is whether it’s a security or not I don’t know that they would really force them to sell it I think if the SEC decides on the negative side and decides that XRP is a security I think that’ll have more of an impact but I’d also believe that they’re not you know I think the SEC when once they finally get their act together they’ll look at XRP and and and see that it isn’t a security it doesn’t it doesn’t meet and I had a video on that too how we test it it doesn’t meet the Howey test so let’s see is there any other crypto to catch your attention that’s a you know it’s interesting you know I look at I think there’s other good companies out there you know I look for real-world utility and I really you know there’s so much going on in the space I like the ones I like the digital assets and the companies in the top space you know that those are the ones that I’ve really been you you know those are the ones I’ve been focusing in on like obviously Bitcoin XRP xlm and in the early days I got into some other projects that are still out there and one of them is is kick I think what is it kin ki n I think that’s there and and right now they’re they’re going through some discussion here so we’ll see what happens with them and the sec and so there’s definitely a big case to be had with them and that could really set a trend in the marketplace but there’s so much great technology out there and and that’s what really is is really inspiring to me is the is the blockchain technology and and the possibilities you know i think they’re in forget what day this was but they talked about XRP in the gaming in the gaming industry and i think was a fortnight there was i don’t know if it was a rumor if it was a real if it’s really gonna happen was that Manero or one of the others that’s going to be the first digital asset on for tonight or first digital asset that’s it’s uh that’s available for making purchases online on the video but you know i think there’s there’s so many industries out there there’s so much potential now it’s a matter of whether or not they’re able to really really capture the potential you know so we have you know we we see the inherent issues with bitcoin and this is what i wanted to focus in on saturday so i won’t really get into it today but like neo but bitcoin really i think we’ve already identified it’s it’s not really functional as a day to day spending coin it has other great attributes but that’s not its attribute XRP could potentially be a great everyday spending coin but that’s not its purpose its purpose is for banking so that that really leaves some other wide-open spaces i think that are being conquered right now and and it will adapt i think healthcare is is a huge huge huge space that needs to be that needs a solution for for many different reasons not just from a cost perspective you know how we pay for health care how we maintain our healthcare data um if you think about our health records right now our health records don’t belong to us they belong to the hospital or the doctor I know I’m getting sidetracked here a little bit on this but but I think there’s just there’s so much potential out there right now in this space so a planning I’m wrapping it up here I didn’t want to go beyond 45 minutes I’ll take a look and see if there’s one more question over here really really appreciate you guys coming on I mean kind of going through this process with me it’s my second livestream it’s it’s crazy because the first livestream I’m okay making the videos okay speaking in public I can get in front of large groups without an issue but for some reason I kept really holding off on the livestream I kept saying I can’t do it you know the livestream uh was a little bit daunting for me so I’m pulling it together this is the second one I’m not sure if the lag if you guys are seeing the lag or if it’s just coming through on my second laptop here but I truly appreciate you guys coming on tonight participating commenting definitely if you get a chance hit the like button appreciate that on Saturday this Saturday 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time I’m going to do another livestream might be way too early for everybody was gonna plan on doing earlier but that’d be way too early so HR Kate good to see you on glad you made it appreciate everybody and if you can get on early Saturday morning that’s when I’ll see you guys I’ve got a couple other videos planned that I’ll start posting until then

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