Ripple XRP And Crypto Buying Opportunity

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I'm sitting here watching reruns of The Sopranos it's the final season those of you that have not never watched The Sopranos now there is some graphic type things in there but if you're not offended by that kind of thing it's one of the best shows ever so I was just randomly I was switching through the channels and The Sopranos last season was on and so I got caught up in it I've probably already seen this series about three or four times um but anyway I thought today in a down market would be a good day for me to to kind of go over with you how I what I'm what I look at to buy when the markets down like this this is these are the things that I look at to buy and and some of the digital assets that I'm looking at now the backdrop to what I'm going to tell you is um I focus on a handful and then my father this has kind of become a hobby with him so I have a handful of digital assets that he has researched that are more the longshots digital assets up but just to to clue you in my father's up like an extremely smart guy he's a Georgia Tech graduate and so when he tells me something is probably a good investment I go for it and so this is what and I can get into some details of some of those as well down the road but today I'm gonna I'm gonna mention them but I'm not gonna go into detail a couple of but first the first thing we need to establish up front I've been telling you this for weeks proof of work does not work it's a fact it's proven um if if someone get if a miner gets control of 51% of one of these proof-of-work digital assets they can control a period in the discussion they can control it and that makes it not the centralized period now these guys that approve work guys they can deny this until all day long but the fact is they are having to suspend et Cie transactions on coinbase cracking all over the place they're having to do this and and they don't know who's doing the attacks and next time it'll be another digital asset and don't be surprised if that's part in my opinion that might be a big part of the reason the market tanked in the last 24 hours is because of these and as this market works all digital assets get drugged down with them but it's the perfect opportunity for those of us that are paying attention to what's important and what's important is this week a fatal and I'll repeat a fatal flaw was found in proof-of-work digital assets consensus and proof of stake are the only ones that work from what I can tell XRP being consensus and some of these others may be proof of stake but I wanted to show you on coin market cap here are the digital assets that I look to invest in when things get like this um I first of all you need to know that the ones that do not have an Astra those are the ones that are proof of work Bitcoin proof of work I do own one Bitcoin XRP now myself um I will always be an x RP buyer but not in let me personally I do not buy x RP unless it dips below say 25 cents then I become a buyer of x RP again I do not right now now that's not to say that it's not a goodbye now in my opinion it is but I got in XRP so early and I've got enough of it to be happy and so but if it goes below say 25 cents I start buying now if you are still collecting x RP I think it will be a great great digital asset that clicked all the way up to a dollar personally but what I do is I'm focused on other digital assets until it hits that point um now I'm not let me go ahead and say I'm not saying that these like Bitcoin and aetherium and some of these are not gonna skyrocket over the next year I think they are I think they will but I'm I'm buying a lot of these things for the long term like say for the next two to five years or two to even six years maybe um and so I'm not doing it for the short run which what I think could be the short run I think that proof-of-work I like I told you the other day I believe these proof of work coins maybe not Bitcoin but I think the others are going to be switched over I think they're going to do one-for-one swaps with a with a better digital asset like a consensus or a proof of stake I think they're going to do that eventually I think etherium is going to do it um and these these four I have to believe that these forked things that keep forking are just going to disappear because why why get involved in this Bitcoin cash when you can just buy the real thing in that Bitcoin that Bitcoin cash bitcoin SBI would never be invested in in those not that to me personally okay so moving along iOS this is a smart contract platform that people claim has a my dad's done a lot of research on this one I have not researched it a lot well but I would I am willing to invest in this one stellar I do own some stellar now that might be a horrible thing to say but stellar is for those of you that haven't been around for a while stellar kind of moves with ripple they are a similar technology stellar moves with ripple in fact I bought stellar way way way back when a long time ago and then I think I can't remember if I got out of it then got back in it I have a little I don't know a lot of still but again before as I tell you all this I'm a 99% XRP guy literally 99% um stellar I will because it's so cheap I will as kind of a just a stellar remember um okay so yeah stellar is is is kind of um a hedge is the wrong word about stellar because it's so cheap and I've seen where stellar will go and I think that stellar is is probably third in line in terms of the advantage of having gotten into this early and so stellar is one that I'll get I'm not real big on stellar but I'll get a little bit of it okay that's what my position on stellar um like coin oh that is a proof-of-work not interested in light coin when the founder of light coin has sold out no not interested at all Tron is a definite ron's of Biggie for me for a lot of reasons from the Tron should have an asterisk here this is a mistake Tron is not a mind digital asset also want to make a point with Tron this is a tweet from Justin Sun this got bit Lord sir bit Lord he tweaks this out earlier today today I moved a bigger amount of tronics in escrow this is for my son that the TRX will be released him in 13 years I believe this way he will basically be economically independent he starts his adult life really everybody should be securing their children's future this way and how cool is it that Justin's son reads this tweet he says your son will not only receive Tron but also B TT which is that's the BitTorrent token which is a sub token of Trump with numerous amazing projects happen in third happening I guess he he's he's from China so I guess he was trying his English is a little broken here I think he's trying to say there's gonna be numerous amazing projects happening over the next 13 years I think that's we getting it but how cool it this guy is as active as active gets in social media and as a CEO this guy I mean he doesn't sleep from what I can tell but I'm excited I think Tron something to be excited about I've told you about the BitTorrent project finally um I would never buy Bitcoin SV I think those I think the guy I think that is a disaster the whole thing card Donna this is my sleep what would you call it sleeping giant card on and remember this is founded by trolls Hoskins and Charles Hoskinson was one of the founders of the theorem he did he he did not like some of the imperfections of a theorem he has spent the last year or two perfecting what's wrong with the theorem one thing being proof of work okay the theorem is not scalable he knows it and the talent butor knows it it's not scalable I believe that you're gonna see some combination you remember last year when we had all the I cos I believe that you're gonna see some combination of card on O possibly Tron and z/os coming out as the Dark Horse's that become the go-to smart contract platforms this year that's what I believe is gonna happen that I believe card on o is the one because these this guy has spent the last year to getting with scientists and engineers from around the world and forming like a kind of consortium and they haven't gone and tried to immediately start putting out products or dealing with companies and all they've been trying to perfect this platform and I'm excited about Cortana as I go down these um I'd stay away from this more than anything in theory I'm classically these the two that are the wild cards these are the ones that my dad and I have discussed um and if you look if you start looking around v chain is one of them okay Porsche part of the reason we're looking at these is because these are cheap and you can get a lot of them v chain but the one we're more excited about then than any of them and this one has a lot of hype around it is holo chain you can go in right now and literally spend a little bit of money and get hundreds of thousands if not a couple million of these start looking around for holo chain okay also the last one I've mentioned it before it does not have it lacet yet it's called hadera hash graph go google it go to their website and sign up they actually will let you upload your they will let you upload your identity papers and it'll put you on the list I don't know if it's to receive free ones or to be able to have be able to be one of the first ones that's able to buy whatever they call their digital asset when it comes out so that is on a definite hadera at hash graph my understanding everything I've read is v you know third to fifth generation crypto and so that's a definite something you need to look into next Philip none this is this is back to perspective faults I love looking at things in perspective the longest Bitcoin market was four hundred and ten days and lost eighty five point six three percent the current Bitcoin bear market is three hundred and eighty-eight days and has lost eighty two point one seven percent so what happened next he did a poll and most people think there's going to be a new record bear market what I say to that is who cares it's irrelevant to the big picture of what is about to happen because here's what it's about here's what's really going on folks Genesis Genesis trading this is thirty one minutes ago Genesis trading OTC trading volume is up fifty percent year-over-year this is what's really going on while everybody all the average Joe investors like us are in retail Oh today was a horrible day this is what is really going on and these people are not buying all this stuff over the counter for no reason they know what's being prepped um finally I wanted to show you one thing it was interesting that I saw this um is the Fed chair Jerome Powell I am they're talking about the US debt I am very worried about it Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said that he is concerned about the ballooning debt in the US it is a long-run issue that we definitely need to face and ultimately we will have no choice but to face well let me make a comment here first thing yes he is worried about it second thing he's not going to do anything about it no politician that has ever said they were going to do anything about it has done anything about it they won't do anything about it because none of them have the guts to tell the American people no to any of these government programs that they cannot afford and that includes everything from Social Security on down the list the programs are bankrupt it's all bankrupt they know it they will talk until they've been talking about doing something about this such Reagan and before and they never do anything about it and the dirty little secret is that they can't do anything about it but they're not going to do anything about it and that's a fact just watch let's watch I mean what we're gonna hit at some point they're not gonna have any choice and the party is going to be over and in my opinion digital assets will be the beneficiaries of it and that'll be a sad day because and the reason it'll be a sad day is even though it'll be good for you and I there's you know just about everybody you know around you is going to experience more pain than you can even imagine and that is the sad thing about it and in my opinion large digital asset holders will become the 1% when that when this shift actually happens it's not just the u.s. is a worldwide just look at what's happening over in France with those yellow best protest last thing I want to show you I told you that I was watching The Sopranos today I just randomly this is from at Brooklyn crypto three-bean crypto puts this up what you're into this family there's no getting out and he's talking about the XRP community that sounds about right um but I thought this was funny that this happened to see this today while watching Sopranos rerun maybe being crypto was watching the same reruns on HBO I'm not sure but I thought it was interesting I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button until your friends and family that this the today these are the kind of buying opportunities you look for thanks for listening

46 thoughts on “Ripple XRP And Crypto Buying Opportunity”

  1. Was going to say wtf re Tron with no asterix lol. And yea agree on XRP and TRX being great investments. Both are going to be BIG.

  2. IMHO, it seems to me that these major cryptos dips since few months ago were strategically planned since 2017. Planned to boom the BTC on late 2017 as a gamble to make cryptos famous and create big news everywhere and collect many buyers after, then pull the price back down again (which happening since few months ago).

  3. Crypto crash-Report: Critical Vulnerabilities Leaking User Data Found on DX.Exchange, Patched Later –

  4. Great one as usual. I have a question: what if regulators will decide that xrp to be used only between institutions etc. thank you

  5. I can't help but be wary of the hype going on here. I'm totally new to cryptocurrency and this will be my first purchase. Are you guys fairly certain XRP is going to increase in value more than others? That it won't crash? Or are you really hoping the horse wins?

  6. I've heard multiple people say this same statement and I don't understand why, "You can pick up a bunch of coins for not alot of money". Price is all relative to token metrics so its sort irrelevant. I could create a crypto network with a 1 trillion coins and it would be even cheaper than HOT,XRP,TRX, etc. I understand psychologically people feel like they are getting more but that is it.

  7. BItlord was trolling though…. an XRP Twitter user posted the same thing about except with XRP. He's been trolling the XRP Community the last couple days. He doesn't have any kids lol.

  8. Seems like feels like and sounds like a smack down just occurred. Hey you whiners, quit trying to piss off the man.

  9. Only faster currency and privacy currency and better contract based currency will be the future and I wil come back to read my comment

  10. So glad you have mentioned VeChain, i have listened to you for months and respect your opinion and use the template of xrp, a team and a use case i believe VeChain has them.
    See you in leichtenstein im buying you a beer!

  11. Having other holdings is not only logical but sensible. Why plant a garden of 1 tree type when you can plant a forest of trees

    Thanks for talking about the value of other upcoming new generation digital assets. Valuable information!

    I admire your sincerity, especially when it comes to giving credit to your sources.

  12. Hoskinson didn't leave Ethereum on his own accord, he was booted, just like he was booted from Bitshares and Dan Larmier, the creator of EOS. Hoskinson didn't come up with the idea behind Cardano, a bunch of Japanese businessmen did. Hoskinson is simply a salesman as Dan Larimer calls him. Cardano has no interest from the business world and never will. They are years out from attempting to scale. They game will be over by the time they do. The Ethereum Alliance has hundreds of the largest companies in the world with more joining every day. Companies of that magnitude wouldn't be joining if they didn't think Ethereum could scale. As for Tron, to quote Jed McCaleb creator of Stellar and Ripple, "it's garbage". Tron wouldn't exist without Ethereum. Tron harvested billions of dollars from young naive investors when it was an ERC20 token and a bunch of hyped up tweets from Justin Sun. It's essentially no different now. Sun used the billions in free money to buy Bittorrent to further pump Tron. With all that money for doing nothing, I don't blame him. Bittorrent is free to use. Nobody will pay for faster downloads via a token, they will simply go to another torrent download site. Tron borrowed a bunch of Ethereum code, did not credit Ethereum developers, apologized, and then proceeded to borrow more Ethereum code with crediting Ethereum devolpers. Vitalik Buterin also thinks Tron is a joke, which it is.

  13. So what wallet do you use to store TRX? Apparently Ledger Nano S platform mentioned that Tronscan has malware…

  14. If you are new to crypto and want to invest in XRP I HIGHLY recommend using uphold. I spent over $100 there and they awarded me $10. If you use this referral link: you can get $10 if you deposit at least $100. XRP will be #1!

  15. Xrp is the one ! No worry if price still remains low. Still in bear market and we need regulations and then xrp will go slowly higher

  16. Yessssir, you right on the money about VeChain!! VET is working with DNVGL, LVMH, Brightfoods, etc.. it will be just as big as XRP…. holochain however was just a coin people on 4chan decided to shill/pump to noobs, be careful with that one!!

  17. As great as XRP is or as great as this buying opportunity may seem nothing is moving until we see APPROVED regulation. David Schwartx engaged on twitter today and said there is no separation of instituational/retail prices. I would say there's clear price manipulation or 200 institutions are using XRP at 0.34

  18. HOLO will be swapping their HOT token to Holo Fuel in a few months. Once the 1:1 swap happens, you will have 6 months to swap.

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