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just because of this little flight thing but anyways one thing I wanted to also
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and the overall market few things I wanted to talk about number one this is
interesting this could mean absolutely nothing this could be pure speculation
that we are coming up with right now but the CEO of coin base of the president I
mean the president and CEO of coin base as well as the ripple CEO are going to
be on the news together on March 6 so at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on CNBC they’re
going to be there now I’m not going to spread fun and say this is because
Ripple will be the first coin add at the coin base but it is this is what what
this probably is is simply just people from big cryptocurrencies talking that’s
probably on it so you know coin base is big and ripple is pretty big it’s like
third in overall market cap I believe Ripple yeah third overall market cap so
just some base cryptocurrency people talking about
cryptocurrency that’s what I believe it is but could this mean something
different maybe we don’t know but I see a lot of people now say could this
possibly mean that ripple is going to be at it’s a coin base I’m not gonna go as
far as to say yes just by this article but it is pretty interesting to see now
also Walmart has filed a patent for blockchain based delivery system we’re
talking about mass adoption and that’s not just with cryptocurrency that’s with
the technology behind it blockchain technology as well and more and more
companies are starting to use it and if Walmart has is one of the latest one to
file a patent for a delivery system using blockchain based technology so
that’s very very cool more we’re gonna see more of this with many companies as
they come especially they want to hang around in today’s space they don’t want
to crumble and end up disappearing like a lot of companies did when the
e-commerce thing came around definitely a good move by Walmart to
stay afloat and hopefully we’re gonna see some good things because I have
heard that blockchain based tech blockchain based delivery system and
blockchain based technology in companies has actually helped tremendously when it
comes to like things that could take weeks are now taking seconds simply
because of this technology and getting everything you know filed correctly and
all of that so I don’t know too much of the exact details by just know this is
definitely going to help them out in the long run now let’s look at the market
cap let’s give it a little refresh as we always do and see what happens 460 what billion dollars oh come on come
on come on always takes longer than I wanted to fir no apparent reason
come on a coin market cap you can do it there we go 465 billion dollar market
cap Bitcoin diamonds that 41.8% as remember previously it crushed 40% now
it’s already a forty one point eight almost 42 percent and that’s because
bitcoins up 5.6% today and seventeen point six percent in the week now coins
there are some points beating it such as Manero is beating it Tron is actually up
20 this week we talked about Tron in the
previous video we’re gonna cover a little bit about Monero right now so
obviously at the end of the video we’re gonna look at the Bitcoin chart and see
kind of where our technical analysis is leaving us where we see Bitcoin going in
then in the next few days slash weeks slash months now manera wiseman era up
so much I’ve always been a fan of Manero because of the privacy aspect to the
token I think or to the coin I think privacy coins are going to be
huge in 2018 and just continuously going forward because the more privacy I
believe the better and I think that’s what people want so that’s definitely a
good move on their part a good move well not good mother but it’s just a good
move for them that people want privacy because they are so far the leading
privacy coin so yeah definitely something to look out for if you guys
won’t pick it up again the market starts on basically everything financed
BitFenix bid thump alone the xav DC it’s a huge cryptocurrency it’s ranked number
nine so definitely I’m Webb said it previous I said it so many times before
us I will say this in December I think privacy coins are going to be huge in
2018 and going forward 2020 2025 2030 because that’s what people want so don’t
sleep on privacy coins don’t sleep on privacy coins as all I’m gonna say and
that’s why I think I mean Mineiro has been holding strong even though you know
the markets been down obviously Manero is down as well but it’s nowhere near as
down as much as some other cryptocurrencies are and Tron Tron right
here you guys remember Tom was launched on
bit tricks and up bit everything whose call was the other one up um it’s called
up bit there we go so it was launched on bit tricks and a bit and it’s already
been doing crazy well there it’s up maybe it was up like 20 percent
yesterday at one point you guys can see still number one place you could buy it
is a buy Nance however bit tricks is here at number seven and what’s crazy is
that Tron is number one in volume for 24 hours in big tricks now this is also
could be because it just launched that people on bitches are picking it up
which is what drove the price up obviously however this is still a very
good move to see Tron doing this because again Tron cryptocurrency ranked 14th a
lot of people have a lot good things to say a lot of people lot
of bad things to say but this is definitely you cannot deny that this is
a very good thing for Tron to be seen on this exchange and not only be seen but
also be having having the highest volume and being ranked number one in trading
on that when I’m the number one here in trading on that exchange so that’s
definitely something very good for Tron ok I think guys a lot of you guys like
Tron I know I do too I think in the coming I think though you guys know what
I think about it’s a risky play and I think we need to wait until the end of
March to see really what’s going to happen with a whole beta launch and all
that hopefully that gets launched in time and hopefully he lives a lives up
to all the hype because they do have a lot of hype but they do have a lot to
prove so they cannot let us down when it comes to those important dates and those
important releases but yeah cool to see Tron at number one Justin Sun also
tweeted about it obviously Tron is number one in bit tricks and they are
number two on a bit right behind Bitcoin so not bad not bad to be behind Bitcoin
you know it’s not it’s very hard to compute a Bitcoin if this is a big
exchange for Bitcoin it’s pretty hard it does have 23 point seven six percent of
the volume traded there but Tron’s at 9.8 basically ten and our bit tricks
it’s at eleven point three seven when he took the picture so very cool very very
cool according to trading volume Tron is
actually number four in the world so they will be they will launch their test
net on March 31st and the main on May 31st this is just the beginning so
hopefully he’s right you know this is the beginning for Tron and when it comes
to launching things so they don’t have a product out they don’t have something
for people to actually see so when Tron deal does manage to get all
these things out and starts you know people start seeing this and people
started liking it you know big if is if it comes out well and people start
liking it but I have faith looking at this that I think they’re onto the right
path I may be completely wrong so don’t forget this is not financial advice
whatsoever guys this is not financial advice is just my opinion but IIIi would
hold on to my Tron right now I am holding onto my Tron and kind of waiting
to see what happens now one more thing going back to coin market cap for you
guys that I completely forgot to mention is
day is a green day correct yes and see a lot of coins are in the green today not
buy too much a lot of them aren’t really up or down by too much as a few in the
red few in the green so now after what I’m going to show you right now in the
Bitcoin charts and the technical analysis we are going to do I think you
guys if you’re interested in picking up coins eyes what a man should have linked
to buy nets down below you guys can go make an account it’s free buy all of
your favorite alt coins and I’m gonna mention mine again I know a lot of you
guys are sick and tired of hearing this I’m going to mention some of my favorite
crypto currencies to pick up right now number one Neal this is not any order
just like the first one is Neal Neal very big very very very big fan of Neal
I think coming up Cardinals actually gonna be doing pretty well it’s down a
ton recently after the whole crash the market correction after that cardano’s
down at tons I think cardano’s good Stellar’s good those are like three big
players that we’re obviously talking about now if you want to go down the
list natto is down 8% in the last 24 hours so may be a good time to scoop
some up if you guys think that’s if you guys are looking for a long term play
short term it might go down a little more we don’t know but in in the long
term I think I think it has a place it does have a place in this crypto
currency market so by Nantz coin is another one I think is going to do very
well it’s only up 6.67 percent so I think that that is pretty much
negligible I think we’re gonna see finance coin do very well in the coming
future and then as well poins smaller cap coins like Bobby I think as 10x
maybe even a hundred x potential and request Network desk definitely also has
10x potential in it to lower market cap coins that I am a very big fan of so you
want to mention that you guys have probably already know the coins that I
like I talk about them all the time but I wanted to make sure that you guys do
not sleep on picking some up because those are looking very very nice now
here is the Bitcoin chart that we have been talking about for so long and we
have been looking over for so long guys let’s take a look at how everything is
looking so basically to complete the head and shoulders I just want to point
out right here a lot of people know that we are forming a reverse head and
shoulders and in order to complete that we are going to have to pass
the point right around right about here I believe it would be so basically the
$12,000 mark if we complete the reverse head and shoulders there I’ll be a
little lower yeah a little roughly $12,000 mind if we complete the reverse
head shoulders that I think we’re gonna see Bitcoin definitely take a nice
little moon as some would call it I don’t think we’re going straight to the
all-time high in one go by I think breaking the $12,000 resistance is going
to be key it’s going to allow us to keep pushing upwards we did break this
resistance right here again we’re gonna need a few more days to you know stay
above it we could always correct below it I don’t really see that happening
long term though I think Bitcoin has you know Bitcoin is going to be going up and
we are excited to see and go up a lot of people are waiting for this moment and I
see a lot of people sleeping on when to pick up I guess not sleeping on Bikram
was sleeping on when to pick up waiting for it to go back down to $6,000 it
might not be a great time to pick up some more if you you know if you want to
but I wouldn’t play that risky move that is very very risky very very very risky
now guys that’s gonna be it for this video I just want a quick update on the
market for you guys so hopefully you guys enjoyed if you did as always smash
the thumbs up button and leave a comment down below letting me know what you guys
think of the current market situation and what are your favorite altcoins
heading into the next few weeks also guys I did not forget the 10,000
subscriber event that I’m gonna do or kind of like it’s kind of the giveaway
and everything that I have planned for that is going to happen I’m going to get
a video made this weekend explaining everything about it now that I have
everything finalized I’m sorry for the delay but you guys don’t want to miss
this so make sure again you’re subscribing you have notifications
turned on guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for
another video


    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

  2. Figured out why I was having problem seeing your screen well , my phone is too small. I watched on my tablet and everything was great so I'll start watching on tablet. Keep up great work

  3. TRX hodler here, I can't wait to moon here soon, we shall all see at the end of March, Fingers crossed here.

    BTC Address: 39wFG7Qww44ThReLKLwhXbva6BKx2FWVgt

  4. Enjoying the videos…….I like Tron a lot also holding on my Xpr for the long run…

  5. I agree, pretty sure it's just featuring some big dogs in the crypto space on live air. Highly doubt they will announce Ripple on Coinbase, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a quick jump in price leading up to the news segment.

  6. HODL!!! Got my ripple during one of the dips when it was at 75 cents and gonna continue to hold. It’ll Moon one of these days and then we will all be driving lambos and doing cocaine off the backs of hookers.

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