Ripple XRP and Banks are long on Crypto

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I wanted to cover today on so hopefully , we can get started your right
away so aid money back saws ago
and anything that you guys want
bring up specifically , let me know on their deftly up
some developments in the space
of a Giancarlo, commissioner of
SEC was stepping down as band is , and that question with that is
whether or not he is going to be
odd crypto friendly or crypto
averse and so so far it looks li looks like he’s a deftly up on
board with a 21st century of
technologies and really looking
to develop of the space that is
a bl the U.S. equaling so as so that that’s fear, are you guys are driving
right a let’s get into law only pull
it up and buy let me let me up on the
sideline the USC Point because
that’s deftly connected to
something else that I wanted to
one of on sell any of it a matter of all,
timing and everything else let
me let me get into some of the
topics that and I wanted to
cover engage fully into one discussing
exactly where that’s going to
want a play and so a penny out a
number of of topics one thing th , Justin sun of a guy I go adjust and son still adjusting some on any help so, so there is on
the number of new technologies
that are are being developed in
its interest in exhaust talking
to and there’s others that are
developed in designed to log a
developed and designed to solve
an issue that doesn’t really
exist or a glad to see guys I joined in , so one of one of these
technologies that I founded and
I thought it was really
interesting so we’ve seen a lot about on being
able to take on multiple credit cards and
putting them on one credit card
and having access to an
assortment of credit cards on on
just one a up typically you might haven’t
an American Express of these
amassed party might have
multiple American express’s you
might have of now if you take a credit
card, as we’ve seen developing
you can put a fiat currencies on
it if you can put U.S. dollars
you b on to then up yet you have the
option to then select 11 update
an excerpt the AMA paid in like:
one pay with my the zone to pay unite deftly see a a an issue
with when traveling our
international surcharges they
get applied whether you’re
taking money out of all the account or on many
times when you’re using a credit
card to get Ting with up with
the surcharges international of
fee that they can just you know of
charging directly yellin pounds
but it’s the conversion that
there that the dinghy one so
having the solution using a of digital
asset let’s say you know if
you’re the basis of your credit
card always utilizing, excerpt
he th , to where you can get rid of
these international charges what
doesn’t make sense I’m trying to
figure out how there could be a so you’re better off if you
accidentally leave a credit card
behind the restaurant you’re basically screwed because
now taxes all your credit cards
is in that one credit card so to
me that doesn’t really solve a the problems that they are
solving might’ve been in concept
only that in rival product
attach to it and the product
ROMs are try of thanks for joining and net on
a odds on a 7:00 PM east coast
time 4:00 PM a Pacific time and
whenever time it is a overseas a , that digital assets are
solving a problem that they’re
attempted assault from that
doesn’t exist and that could be
further fro all of that in fact the scene to
solve a problem that doesn’t
exist either try to find this
problem were created from almost
lik , so im and but on the other
side of it is is the real issue,
which when we look at on money
transfers, we look at and up and made the global the
cross border payments if you
look at the issue when you’re
traveling and you need to take
money o technology hasn’t been invented
to solve a problem or is it
being applied assault proms is
completely inaccurate on and so
that’ and it’s gonna go away and big
point is fictitious an excerpt
he is fictitious until I start
explaining of the use case a
nice i utility I if you focus in on
those companies that are
actually developing something
that’s functional developing something that has an
actual use case of been your
eyes begin open and that’s
exactly what happened in this
conversat the eyes began to open a
specially as if in a focused in
on yours the use case of rebel
of that year’s use case a rebel
net here when it comes to a wire transfer
the people of was with us they
were in business and and we’ve
done business together and they
v from the U.S. and sending
payments to the U.S. sending
product a cross shipment and
it’s interesting because on the broad cash and posted an
article and it has to question
all regarding escrow and whether
not an escrow on is needed, in
in t of international trade to where we’re seeing a eight to
an actual problem being
resolved, through digital asset
in three black chain technology
and one making a heck of a lot faster
and making a heck of a lot,
cheaper of the other component
is that you need entrust,
between up al all when it comes to escrow and
how many times business is all
whether they’re going into
business with each other for the
first , and so utilizing what’s called
a letter of credit, becomes a
standard of doing business and
as part of the letter of credit
mo on so you know one of one of the
metrix that have to occur on is
the release of the product, but
before you release the product to the detail will, crate the
product is shipped and there’s
all these variables that have to
go into a letter of credit and
now unimportant the check the wrong
box and it creates a major issue
now block chaining and digital
asset teens are resolving solve a
major issue when it comes a letter of credit
because you can automate much of
that process you can simplify
much of that process off from th it automatically is not put into
this black chain environments
where party be and sees exactly
what you entered and can tell
you or you know through to a IE
worth you know through an
automated process a can tell you
immediately that you filled out
the wrong when product issue that nobody’s
really notified and you get the
follow-up the shipper has to
notify this other all this
differe and it’s not tide up in an
escrow, someplace city and a
third party entity a between
these two banks of the two want
that the 2: now as that as the process then
moves across all of you got your
ducks and in order that saw some
so it dug so over on its only be over here, say as if
I got a ride is my right hand
and look at my home video that’s
the that’s mainstream the mainst on anno Sosa now you have that
this whole real world utility and movement that can be
applied obliging you can have
all movement that is going to be
applied through the digital asse that has plagued by multiple has
grows as certain things happen
in certain amounts of money will
be released so for instance on it gets put on the ship a
deposit its release from the
letter credit of this that
product gets to the port on the
other side of to full amount of money gets
transferred and it’s all within
transparency so everybody knows
exactly what’s happening that’s
a r each individual packages ago’s
but the flame tire environment
the full environment is
completely upside down and
backwards so the first segment will rebel
net is a is accomplishing in
achieving odyssey on the payment
side payments are big and I talk
a talk syndrome gonna get all your
ducks in a row and one sought
the ducks are not want to I
should news but this band of all
want , let that be a good lesson two
loss of picture from yesterday
the team ducks in that picture
you can see and because I’m kind
o up by the by the week in the
pride be about nine and then by
next week the Prodi six are five
MB of walking around and I so so now know Porsche of
think you very much men
prescient that , so let’s see here are a now tell hazards are we really
start thinking about OK real
world utility mandate that
gators love dogs a snake’s love
docs, som of this there’s so many animals
in this area of the chow down on
these docs whether there and
paid for more up as are walking
ar the many times the mothers and a
they’ll either eggs and they
come back and then happen
tomorrow or even a cell on light
now know what’s interesting, and as was again as we look into
Israel world utility own to look
more also into real world of adoption and
and really identify and tall
many organizations and companies
are rapidly moving into the
space Omar would sum and legacy you peek into that II had I had my
suspicions of Al one of our
neighbors on because they always
seem to be out feeding the ducks
and we have parents would all these
birds but the ducks the weast at
ports of dioxin odyssey is
another generation of ducks on
behin do want to well regenerate the
cycle now that the odd that
neighbors gone maybe the ducks a
comeback and all to sell the
Affleck anno flamingos here know
absolutely none and a that the
stall parts are, and what their
of the flamingos the of these
long beaks of debt acts that of a hit and
that Olivia visited the kids is
tall and never seen it all the of a , so you know it’s a busy bits
glad to see one so so what what
we’re seeing right now and
yesterday I talked a little bit
about and up one day as funny when
outside the one that one out on
the patio went outside and there’s a snake
on the patio Michael the
activists naked and on the patio so grab the snake tosses Niguel
next day when onto the patio
there was a turtle on the patio
walking around the the turtle
Duria and educate came out to a
they’ll find the ways and now
get these really bizarre lizards
they’re not really need one has,
they’r so will we got all these crazy
things here in to in the backyard and even
saying yes to really a history league of the of boxing
kangaroos on a safe MB of fish
up a dam or forgive the up and
boxing kangaroos and the a then
th stop of a a reptiles and you Gotta stay well aren’t
over the reptiles so for shaman
thanks for that again so ISO as we’re seeing this
space develop you know yes I
talked about the top 10
companies from last year that
were really ident that I made a Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart
has done some really crazy
things, that some really crazy
patents other day there issuing
a lot and if we can be an arrest and
or implanted and that 2 pounds
one patent and to do with , if you’re in an accident at
the scene on responsive that the
emergency crew would would take
your stats of come up with
whatev on Health Care Technology , so your data all your health
records so that the other part
of the patent was the was putting all of your
health records and and really
injecting of this somewhere in
your body where all your records
when w so if you’re ever in an
unresponsive state of then they would actually of
the emergency crew in the ER
crew all would have access onto
your data that would now be on a
chi on a chip year that chip departure date on a chip so bit of Wal-Mart for easy now
Wal-Mart is taking another step
on forward into the black chain
space on and I think it’s interesting
because all we have multiple on
organizations that, are getting
into black chain we odyssey of
upon a chip chip, we have of the
office b moving I think it had a faster
and faster pace of chords like
digital asset adoption of the
question is whether not of the
users 1%, I yell at the decides to
adopt the digital asset of the
face but digital asset that to
be up barely large the user base
on i what were to have to watch
because very soon a face book
will be rolling out this global
point, and when they when they roll out this global
cloying again were going to have
to see exactly, how it gets
adopted on exactly who would
upset o terrapins to Graham there
messenger there what’s at now
what baseball as many other
organizations are identifying
and as they be to stay pigeonholed on into that
one industry so for instance,
like Wal-Mart identifying that
black chain and digital asset
and face book you really identify
they have all these and we talk
about these book before but that
billions of customers to low believe that such as you
in one area where as Wal-Mart
you know you really their
clientele is only where Wal-Mart
so are were a space book has an
opportunity with a global reach which is
extremely impressive regardless
of what we feel if it’s gonna be a centralized
of digital currency whether it’s
gonna be a a proper crypto
currency or proper digital asset
it’s at a faster and faster clip you
also that is you know where
Rabin face book now again if we
focus and was OK so what’s
Wal-Mart to oh Wal-Mart and Pfizer are
joining in with a project of
this appeared on.telegraph and
then I dug into the actual
pharmaceuti called medi ledger so the
project is called many ledger
and Wal-Mart is now expanding and
joining of this pharmaceutical
consortium so this was reported by coin desk on June 3 of that
this a consortium any ledger
again a pharmaceutical a black
chain pharmaceutical powered art, the
site a black chain powered
pharmaceutical consortium is
what this is and so what’s
important out of deaths of reaction of actual
out, you know too many of the
pharmaceuticals debate the track
out, all but they’re not really
o and was it unsolicited but the
pawn bias somehow comes are
necessarily unbiased and so
obvious and we watched, when
you’re watch by bandits on the problem
because we’re more of a band Aid
Health Care of society we’re not
into well we’re changing but are
the and getting better and taken
into the root cause on so it’s
important that now have some
transparency into the
pharmaceutical re and are a really be holding onto
the pharmaceutical on industry
at large on it’s interesting to
see a consortium of of the above on and he’ll be interesting to
see if they are going to allow
full transparency all with what
happens and then whether not the
r are hyper focused on the pain
that aspect take care more about
how they get paid, then you know
how do they actually a provide t unneeded down a little bit
further hero can forget that won
only open up the many ledger so
many ledger is interesting in on
ter lives in its function by
bringing together companies Jon
this is from the medi ledger web
site of by bringing together
companies try the same standards
to execute their business
process block chain makes
noncompetitive busi the woodbine advanced networking
tools were all partners in here
to set standards so that that’s
obvious important uniting set s what can they do to track again
not just a positive patient
outcome but negative patient
outcome what can we see in terms of
transparency all when it comes
to the actual research that
spawn behind it you know and
then you you on because there’s a lot more
involved in it up overall when
we’re looking at what’s up you
know what’s really what’s up up
in t so a non LME backup here all its easy
bits, can you give me your
opinion on my comments and wild
stars on I completely missed
your coming oz on a tangent here And as a
big, Eight, Omar big farmers and a like
that, not in as all these of
crypto of crypto bird of what’s
up glad you made in glad to see
when th man really awesome of wooden boards here all your
next video that you put out, I
watched your your video earlier
so on NEC are , Wal-Mart all the real wild
star at Wal-Mart trying to get
the laws changed here in
Oklahoma law so they could put
clinics in t and it’s it’s not unique it’s
it’s deftly not unique, CBS has
the many clinics on target also
as clinics in their stores, so
it’ of these clinics are more of
along the line of urging cares
Southard are not be a full blown
medical of clinics other
offering t , vs. insurance based on because
it is an urgent care
environment, and you also
potentially, reaching out to on
individuals that an awesome real basic screenings
that can be done on and that’s really the ideal
place to do it is in a store
where again you can offer the
very basics that a majority of people on the
public you know they don’t know
other basic stats and so it’s
it’s very important, to have in
our re a focus really on the trend of
of of being healthy and also I
think that is is also would be very
important now I see vets say you
had a calming to they came out
Masa been before that, the only
see all of Mathis eve benchers on I
know that name and I should know
who that is an I’m drawing a
blank right now on many sea
ventur on a NAFTA think about that for
second baby is throw in a
something to jog my memory otherwise on half to one search
my cool memory of an adjusted to audit on sorry about that by edu and
throw something in real quick
and jog my of memory on that
that’ll help much as moving,
oracle and a light or goals been around for a
long time big player in software
gained a noun blood that the
node one oracle and oracle
actual of big Pharma would be against
anything I know meant big guy jacob’s
ladder big farm of they’re the
ones that are are backing this
consortium so this many ledger
is a c which isn’t, isn’t, you know
necessarily negative, however I
would rather see all of the deal
at you know that the outcome
track so everything is very of
transparent, if you’re going to
be doing that, research it’s
going to be up all reflected up
by the FDI that studied then does become
public knowledge , and and really that’s where all you
wanna have that all your data
should be then on the block
chaining a black chain so that
your da sometimes some kinds of
questions can give you accurate
information sometimes a camp and
all but then also not a surly
documenti comedy a pain somewhere you go
to the Dr. that doctors first of
a F, you might go two product is
a steroid based injection on to a procedure but the cash base
procedures that actually work so
and I know of, talked of chip
this can become less night was
up a and go from from a crypto to
block chain to one banking to
one when we talk about to be
getting that done about the
letters of c and the end that you know will
go on and on the pharmaceutical
industry and animals what’s so the idea real let’s see, and second they like diet outcomes if it’s
not the rule that so it’s right that does happen and it does have an Dr. Hold of up to that of the use of a oats flight online Opie want a
smart handling, all of us money
on my hip info they can even
ring on my order all right in
the pr , drops is other big data that a
doctor’s office is deftly of UO
susceptible that other people
seeing it, they they beat their
d a lever it happens all the time
that other people or seen data
whether it’s a mistake or
whatever might be what’s up
excerpt the a legacy on an old away from a
double and I believe on so that if it’s just crazy so
anyhow where where was I before
I went into this this a spiral
hear about the many ledger
either some , it was the despise and others
join working group to use block
chain protocol for supply chain
that that’s where we’ll supply c of the movement of product one
or the product is , you wanna know, when that
product expires, you wanna know
that and you know it’s
interesting because there’s organizations out there
there’s is one organization I
visit one time in Detroit area,
it was unbelievable, they had it
w their medicine tastemakers all
won some and either get
pacemakers and every you can imagine they
donated sanitized that 11 floor
an entire floor this building that a key to the
pharmaceuticals the pulling
their sorting pharmaceutical
medication now the thing is
there’s an expiration dat means that at that point they a
pharmaceutical company can no
longer guarantee all weather not
that dosage on isn’t
degenerating it’s going to become harmful to
the person they just can’t guarantee that
that that the a medication is
going to be at the same strength
of that their promising it to be
s by this organization on and when
their sorted by this
organization other then I
donated around the world and
it’s amazing this t , so, that that’s in that to me
you put a little bit of black
chain on into that in IE a
little been attracting on in
your U.S. all like the IMF or you
organizations that, I like the Red Cross you know
when they get the nation monies
a donation monies of a piece of
so, you know but it’s important
ro hurricanes down and an ad on and
then there’s so much money
donated onto Red Cross and some
other organizations and the
money ne is being able to move money
directly onto those
organizations I died map
something at one time you know
about how amazing if you off four, donating onto the
underserved and watching this
network of a you could build out
CD have all of you could have
monies onto the people of the data are
in need of the people that are today and
you know that in some a
qualification process that money
can then be dispersed to them
also Maj you said medical goods there
they disappear other is to be a
very tight process on monitoring
now I’m edge and there’s
entities allow them to build their entity
to allow them to build their
product to allow them to then sell their product and sell
their product back to the
donating, country that say the
cells product to the U.S. but
the entire tr multiple times about bank in the
im bank and now you have a
tractable mechanism in this
solution to wear your and monitoring the
flow of currency in good ought
to 80 and you’re able to monitor
the flow out of 88, through a purchasing
a system in in BN be
unbelievable have right now
there’s nothing there’s nothing
that will provi all with with the nonprofit it’s
it’s ugly but a government out
of a picture of an all
governments can do is for
channel it has or to do without a passion not
because the government says you
have to do it and then they
don’t do what anyone is so I
think th , do something here in a second
a real boom are eight, its ear, like Matt snared this
information is awesome to shake
that, appreciate that might
Michael really do all of bodice
knive said say I OT X’s an Arab IDs
will track the prisoners no
matter where they try to hide a
skate and they’ll be as long as
they d on and they are attracting
monitored all when they come out
of you know is long is there
still under all of that a
certain perio odd ledger on the ECU , many of , let’s see here, regulation
with time is it for 5750 almost 8:00 array so chips are
already being used on prisoners
that now this time into the
black chain and then we’re all
set do shipped to the chip you talk to every everybody is chipped
with the wrong with their
cellphone that’s for sure , a rate and see the money and
wild animals are art chips and
attacked for sure she of a that’s why she 20 of the gee 20
is coming up of the interesting
to see the outcome on so you know so with all this great
stop all this potential these
possibilities all the fall of
that as a really exist in all
that y Tom were deftly seen some some
regulation of kicking in how we see what’s happening
others been some precedent set,
in other countries there’s a
Supreme Court decision in Israel
recent I’ve told of their bank that the
need to they have to I deal with
all of the largest of digital
asset exchange in Israel other t that sets a precedent a globally
and we’re seeing those types of
cases all over the world so why
James Ryan, what’s up from Cana from , so let’s see are so so was part of
this you know we also see we see with what face book is
doing their launching their
digital pointer global: kick a
Canadian Company incidentally
James of which a back in, say 2000 lights
2017 got beat or to begin if, 2018 of their lease there were
selling can on my know that I
see all the launch of when and
so now it’s interesting because
over the a couple months and I brought
this upon a previous train that
done take raised a fond of a day of
five million dollars right now
to help other a company’s fight
the SEC up over over of the
securi and an ad in actuality, the SEC
is coming after kick extremely
aggressively right now with
direct claims that the edit a
law tha that the proper paperwork was in
file on to be treated as a
security and this is exactly, you know what we’re seeing in
these types of cases we’ve seen
some of the cases already
settled out, where the SEC made
diet was being that they’ve been thus
taking their finger in the SEC’s
eye over and over and over
again, the SEC’s gonna come
after them there antagonizing the beast and
B’s does now rising up if they
get swiped by one of these big
clause and they only have
themsel a rational is rational
conversation as you can have
with a government entity however
they still need to operate
within certain c of of the no of of of the of different
rules on and so they have to operate
under this up the other the how
we test then they’re going to
apply these organizations and
these right now measly five million
debt by the millions probably
already you know evaporated of awe
paraded in in the in the court,
Clawson Atty. cost up to this
point of sets the SEC’s coming
after ki make sure that you’re innocent
of the above and your digital
asset is that the security and
at least half of a track record
of o because we now are are you know
facing extreme scrutiny and
organ gets knocked down now it
might still come out there to
fight t as security but you know they
already started off in the wrong
foot and these come out with
that victory then do the war
chest t neither five million dollars
more than nine more than any
others right now so you know so that that’s a
little bit on the run the
regulatory side in terms of
what’s happening but there’s more than that
because an embassy still see all of this
progression of what’s happening
with Tom , are within Congress, within
the token taxonomy at a there’s
still a lot of momentum and
there’s gonna be more coming out
from , but some ideas get some of the
guys together of dell’s together
whenever you get that if the
group together and you put
someth and Malaysia now viewed as a
there’s another big all
regulatory a case it would ever
get let’s get the band back
together were g will make it happen a com so so Malaysia and other
another big victory where, an
obviously regulation across the
board are are going to really,
push not a silly guarantee all
mainstream adoption but it’s
going to make it easier on to
allow off for mainstream
adoption so countr on and and now at this point you know
worse we’re starting to see
president been set and president
is so lucky you know with
everything and so here’s what we see with
in Malaysia all missing by that
I still have this up article
pulled a gimlet CIA by all it is this as
another article I pulled up U.S.
Securities watchdog says
desperate kick turn two black
chain to , and heightening notices bailey
SEC vs. get one of the
challenges inherent in defending
an SEC investigation is that
they give if you poke the bear better have
bear prove arguments to muster
in response so we’ll kick open the
floodgates and years of up
another one this is a trolley
Schramm woody say trust may from
direct experien , these are all tweeds that find
out there and is all you know
over what done what to the cake is doing over
there came point so canned
security or should point out all
I’m not mad: it didn’t read this
orde this is on CC and as well and
this is strict that his is the
one strip mall Asian regulator
approves three crypto currency
excha three crypto currency exchanges
in a in an extremely extremely
up a, strict environment of
stand so so here we go, let’s
eat all to achieve compliance with
regulatory standard that’s great
malaysia’s been strict with this
regulation of crypto currency
excha but they’re giving them nine
months to operate and nine
months to achieve compliance
within said regulatory standard all
whenever those regulatory
standards might be all we can
really dig into woman and look
at what their strict guidelines
would be but at least they’re
making that first step forward
in the first of four and is
everything that they were able to take the
first at forward and there to be
an environment with is no legal
digital asset exchanges in Mala you know the first three are
approved and 13 others nine
months ideas and with a nine
month I need is amazing things
are gonna h so all that is what I’ve had 21
really I discussed tonight I
thought I was some really
interesting topic did know what
to expect on thought of the uninteresting
to one USC what we’ve got going
on at 7:00 PM on now I know that
rain wants to buy at two were b all love the rest of the world a
spreading of excerpt the
happiness it’s a , so yet of deftly the guys Asia
said something on your way and
deftly at the thumbs up if
there’s anybody in still on the
strai it the thumbs up and , little bit of odd news with
with everything going on here let’s eat a night of there’s a
little bit of a rumor that that
rain is going to be on the zoo
on tonight, I believe that the
zoo , Da com put put above a lake
here only sibling grabbed the
lake any open a new on so I nor was I, I’m looking
at the stream near Malaysia of
the idea that’s the that’s
article and telegraph , gets one home yet I had a
different article when I was on
the ice on CC and deny women and I read something
on their local news is well that
I thought was interesting than
as a press release here to view , from June 4 of this is of the registered a lot of what
is it was it’s a bond loan all
are all will Asian us in AG
Technology isn’t open eyes
technology so there are three of a long, if
it were that were reported some
on light so tonight that, as second, get to this eventual
and try to wrap this up in in
the hour the time of the gun my
head here so, it’s a auburn you
ca excerpt the bananas Mama Doug
Allred ducks in a row of a duel
on the ducks to bomb of the
smaller ducks and deftly digit
ducks i what is a casino coin and never
didn’t little gambling: , auburn rain array of
electorally time slot now like
their lead time slot you know what early time slots
good annual audit last night I
want to late last night after I
was all fired up from streaming
ba , we see here, I’m trying to dig
down here also were on the
delays in track of time and
momentum but anyhow so rain is on the
auburn rain on the zoo tonight
not sure when they’re going
online they’re supposed to go on
live no , but if you if you know when
they’re going on a beacon of a post that out there all rain
that be awesome of you have any
idea on lets a casino cloying is
of live on rebel ledger that’s p man it’s awesome I didn’t hear
that one everybody checked out to see the
point and report back in nine
let’s figure out what what
that’s all about that’s pretty
cool crypto for dog is fired up
everybody’s fired up is what
happened to get totally totally
fired up you know talking and is
everyth and then you not doing those
lakes transit stops 01 a balance
it out I like the late streams
to on did you know you get you
get and excerpt the minute ship is
still on a chip will be
streaming tonight at 10:00 , you might be and in Pratt mode
still , try to drag him into the
stream, chip might be on and
Pratt mode so deftly lets all
Leo Pyle in and go check out,
excerpt the and now be awesome but all I
wanna see I wanna see the zoo’s
the zoo chat, and annals all
fired up to seeded 8:00 to oh , getting CSCE see CSCE a real
CSCE up to any tour is said it’s on its
home ledger that was copied an excerpt yell all right now
where to find out more about the
OK again at you dig into that
119 was a call casino: the they’ll
write their casino coined up or are a casino: it’s make sure we
talk about that on Saturday to O Saturday morning, beyond at
8:00 AM and up and then that’s
up so we’ll we’ll talk about
casino point stock about nothing
bu boasts that up behind me on all
do that to all do that tomorrow
that though be a cool background
image for upper Saturday so any help appreciated
everybody for coming on
appreciate everybody for
chatting for dissipating joining
in on I promise I’ll t the other great show great part
of participation and and make
sure were we’ll see everybody
later tonight in a chicken guys
out you guys know what to do keep on
a delaying your crypto

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