Ripple XRP And Are We Are Entering A Bull Market?

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I must be tired this afternoon because I just started this video and then realized I had not plugged my microphone in so I had to restart it I just got off the treadmill and now my wife's on the treadmill so if you hear anybody on the treadmill that's who it is you probably won't because it's a few rooms over first I want to start you out this is x-men x RP x @ x RP 33 give him a follow send me a lot of great information he sent me this article from Bloomberg Russia's richest man plans crypto tokens backed by palladium I'm not going to try to say all these name well Vladimir Potanin and it's billionaire chief Vladimir Potanin planning several digital platforms sorry including using crypto tokens for trading palladium the world's top palladium producer is in talks with Swiss authorities about issuing tokens by Switzerland based palladium fund and may eventually expand the concept to other metals that he said in an interview in Moscow how awesome is that so anyway your your as I've told you many times you're not it's not just gonna be palladium it's gonna be gold it's gonna be silver it's gonna be copper everything the world is going to be tokenized and what's going to trade side by side in different trading pairs with all of those things that's right XRP and some of the digital assets that were born of the technology itself so I just wanted to show you that just yet another example of some who's gonna tokenize assets okay this was from XRP 1,000 bones excerpt from the XRP zoo at 1,000 bones XRP I like this little pole because he's he's copied in there just about every major exchange that is or is being that is going to be started he says which would you prefer as a base currency to buy all other coins with and let me refresh this so we can see where this pole is I just wanted to give this cult polar boost because he copies all these get all these digital asset exchanges he's got he's got 842 votes 94% of the vote is XRP I think that all of these places need to be aware this so go in and it's at 1,000 bones XRP go in and vote in his poll and let's get this word out retweeted as well okay next from XRP veteran I'm not going to go into the whole article it's kind of speaks for itself ripple partner HSBC wants more global mainstream adoption for DLT solution the HSB exec urges the CFTC to make more positive noise about blockchain I wonder why HSBC would want the CFTC to be making more positive noise about blockchain and distributed ledger technology i think it's obvious okay moving along now I'm about to show you something really interesting this is web surfer app web surf ology sorry I'm wet my whistle here a little bit I'm at Webster followed you sent me this and this is a really good article right here okay I'm gonna read you a few things out of this this is um this was an interview done with Tom Jessup who is going to run fidelity digital assets it's the title is it's still very much an early adopter market all right now there are so many things in this article that this guy says that will ring excel some very familiar to many of you have been listening to my channel and the reason they'll sound so familiar because I've been I've been screaming this from the rooftops for the last eight months almost exactly what is said in this article so I want you to listen and listen good fidelity has recently begun offering a bitcoin custody service we started with what I'll call crypto native types so a lot of crypto hedge funds Jessup says they're dipping their toes in they're dipping their toes seeing whether the water is nice enough to swim behind them stand about two point five trillion dollars in funds under management a wholesaler of 401k pitches the combined market cap of all Kryptos and tokens currently stands at about a hundred and forty billion dollars that's one publicly traded stock company it's just 10% of Apple shares the global stock market by comparison is a hundred trillion dollars making Kryptos point one percent of it then you have the gold market which is some trillions housing of course bonds and so on we're also seeing quite frankly even from the adviser community interest from financial advisors financial advisors are sort of the gatekeepers to the entrance of the investment world they're presumably the ones who study portfolio theory and all the rest their aim is usually not stupendous gains or and/or losses but reasonably continuous gains over years and perhaps decades for that they have some rules of thumb don't put all your eggs in one basket is a mainstream one have different uncorrelated assets is probably the golden one now remember folks what I've told you for the past eight months is that financial advisors as a whole to retail and institutional are eventually going to come into this and they're gonna say hey you need to allocate your assets you're gonna put and they're gonna tell their clients to put between a half a percent and 2 percent or so in digital assets so now I'll read you the last couple of lines of this article and let and and listen good folks because the digital asset investor has been telling you this all along because I was a financial adviser I know how these people think it says what we might see in the near future is actual retail investors who perhaps don't have much of a view on Kryptos or don't care about open opening finance but just want a quick answer to say how should they distribute their ten thousand dollars in savings with the financial advisor then perhaps saying that say $1,000 of it should go towards kryptos there it is folks that's Tom Jessup saying what I've been saying for eight months only read that last line to you again but just want a quick answer to say how should they distribute their ten thousand dollars in savings with the financial advisor then perhaps saying that say a thousand dollars of it should go towards Kryptos that's where the world's going folks you're gonna see the entire finance financial world begin to put a half a percent to two percent towards digital assets and X our piece the greatest digital asset ever created so guess what that means for XRP and more specifically the people who are early adopters like yourself and me who hold our XRP now it means very good things folks okay next um this was from the block I'm not gonna read this whole article because this is technical stuff you'll get the point just by my reading the UM the headline report this is from the block stellar suffered a 2.2 billion xlm inflation bug in 2017 more than 2.2 billion Excel and word core created in April 2017 by an attacker exploiting a bug in Stellar's code according to a report by Masari and so basically they're saying this was a successful attack on stellar then David Schwartz comes in and he replies and he says invariant checking what have from this and links to an article on riffles website to explain these riffle guys at every turn they've they've dotted their eyes and crossed their teeth and that's why it's so great to be an XRP investor if you've got to love it then this from Rand nooner and this was today we're in a bull market now I know that he thinks that this will get him a lot of likes and retweets and get some attention so what I wanted to do is let's look at it because Rand nooner may very well be right folks look at what's happened this is from coin paprika calm if you go to the site and you click on return rates they give you the 7-day the 30-day the one quarter the one year yes we still see those negatives for one year one physical year I guess but look at what it looks like when you look at days and then 30 days and one quarter now I want to draw your attention to something interesting three of the worst performers are the three that in my opinion will be the best performers over the over the short well just in general are gonna be the best performers probably over the midterm but look what's happened with some of these others in 30 in 30 days look at these vos a 19% return like coin a 33% returned Bitcoin cash a 23% returned finance Queen 68% 23% stellar 53% car-to-car Donna look at the 1q let's look at some of these big numbers cos an 84% return like coin 119 percent return 217 percent for bananas coin 84% for Cardinal y'all just that's a that's something I don't say very awesome is you often as y'all on my channel but y'all is what we use in this part of the country all the time that y'all okay Tron 27% maker down here at 67% – 2025 I'm telling you Iran noon there may very well be home to something here folks but that's all I'm gonna say about that but I do feel that the tide is turning a little bit okay from c3 Nick this is a reply to some other tweet but he says I'm the only one new asset class which has been through a pretty brutal bear market no investment advice telling you folks I feel the time turning a little bit then Bitcoin macro says if you quit crypto during the bear market it may become the biggest financial regret you will ever have don't do it bear markets are where future OGIS are born in a few years when you sell your bags to new bees at the top they will all tell you how how you got lucky and folks those of you that have been with me and have been listening to this channel and have been on on Twitter and have been active for this bear market pat yourself on the back because you put your big-boy pants on you manned up you didn't cry and whine about it you just did your thing and you either held or you kept adding and averaging down and that's what it's all about both bear markets don't last forever and bull markets don't last forever but the people who get on and the ones who really do well in these markets are the ones who can keep the emotions out of it and do what's in that what they need to do when when everybody else is crying and running for the hills I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that there's an awful lot of green starting to appear on these screens thank you for listening

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