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hey everybody it is Maddie here with altcoin buzz happy Monday hope you're having a great start to your week so far we're taking a look at three stories today including a focus on a ripple courtesy of Alisha we're taking a look and we're gonna be discussing the upcoming aetherium hard fork that looks like it's planned for mid-january right now so this is the etherium constantinople hard fork will get you up to speed and make sure you're privy to all the details surrounding that but let's start as always with something a little bit lighter on altcoin buzz IO article by Luke more and more freelancers prefer cryptocurrency payments this is the new finding so the market sentiment might be bearish that does not mean there are no great things happening in the crypto space this week a study from humans dotnet revealed by crypto currency has become extremely popular among the freelancers adoption is coming I can relate to this guys because I'm a freelancer in terms of what I'm doing here and then the question has to be asked would you rather be paid in a currency that is expected to appreciate or would you rather be expected or rather would you rather be paid out when things are at their all-time highs if you anticipate that cryptocurrency in any way shape or form has a future in which its value is going to appreciate then it actually makes sense to be paid out at the lows and you know that's kind of what we're experiencing right now certainly a bear market versus where we were earlier in the year so this survey was recently held amongst 1,100 freelancers and it found that cryptocurrency is gaining popularity among the self-employed the survey conducted by humans dotnet showed that out of 1,100 people surveyed 38 percent used cryptocurrency before while 41 percent had never used the technology and only 24 percent had never heard of it humans dotnet highlights the main advantages of cryptocurrency here when it comes to international payments the fact that there are no middlemen security low Commission transparency all of the above were mentioned none of them are mentioned the percentages correspond to the freelancers that responded in relation to those points to those advantages and one of the big factors when it comes to freelancers is their appreciation for how easy it is to get paid by international clients of clients that are found over national boundaries freelancers are also drawn to the technology because it allows them to deal with clients they may not know or trust interesting findings here you guys can read through some of the rest of it let us know if you're a freelancer if maybe you're getting paid in cryptocurrency or if that would be your preference but this definitely speaks to some of the advantages you can enjoy by using stuff and technology like Bitcoin in other news here by Lisa ripple gets praise ripple which is one of the hottest coins this fall has managed to draw attention from multiple market players the latest company to express its support for the coin is the multinational financial services corporation American Express yes add that to the list so during wings of change Europe conference in Madrid that was held this week carlos querido general manager of corporate payments at American Express made it clear that he's fond of ripple why because it secures ultra fast and efficient transactions around the globe I just want to remind you guys let's take a quick pause here and point the fact out that sort of about a year ago at this time don't quote me exactly but before Ripple really went on its meteoric rise you may remember that it was sitting at about 25 cents for the longest time so when I look at ripple I look at the retracement that other projects like Bitcoin like aetherium like stellar Els the retracements that they've done are actually quite a bit less pronounced in my opinion than the retracement that ripple has done because before ripples meteoric rise it was 25 cents again we're above that 25 cents mark right now we're below sitting at 30 cents and we've talked about it in the past how really amid the unfortunate circumstances of this bear market XRP has lost relatively less value than some of the other ones and it leads me to wonder you know does that mean it's well positioned well poised to really explode when things turn around possibly so here's a quote the future is definitely digital digital as the way payments will continue to be across both the consumer part of the business and the commercial part of the business that's a quote by mr. Carey eddo the statements made by the American Express's general manager of corporate payments sure that partnership aimed at enhancing the speed of worldwide transactions between American Express Santander and ripple struck in 2017 are beginning to bear fruit and we've talked about some of the other reasons why ripple XRP does potentially have quite a promising future we've talked about how they're a dream employer we've talked about how they've been added to coinbase custody now whispers of being added to coinbase straight up and besides as Lucia concludes the rumor has it that the company is planning to sign a partnership with Bank of America if you've not read about that story we've discussed it before we've published it here it is is ripple about to sign a partnership with Bank of America article by Luke from about three weeks ago let us know what you think about XRP if you're still fans of XRP if you think of potential partnership with American Express could be a good thing and finally today speaking of Luke article by him etherium constantinople hard fork planned for mid-january what is this all about you may have heard about it by now according to recent news members of the etherium core development team have reached an agreement to activate the constantinople hard fork on block 7 million 80 thousand so if everything goes according to plan constantinople will go live between the 14th and 18th of January 2019 that's just over a month away so the developers have agreed to launch the long-awaited Constantinople if the hard fork is not going to be postponed then those are the dates that we can expect it Constantinople is one of the theorems largest upgrades to date which will change the infrastructure of the etherium blockchain so this upgrade is all about increasing the efficiency of the etherium blockchain while decreasing the mining rewards from 3 to 2 aetherium per block this of course has a huge impact on the mining business making it less profitable to mine a serum for miners and although this fork was originally planned for November so last month November of 2018 there were some issues on the test net that delayed things but here you have Peter slag ie a core developer of a theorem he said quote we can just say mid-january it doesn't make a difference if we decide on a date or not we can always postpone right not a huge commitment there Peter but there you have it that's his quote Luke talks here about proof of stake and the fact that the Casper protocol which is going to be introduced a few months later after this hard fork is really going to change things and as Luke writes constantinople is laying the foundations of those with Casper etherium is starting to transition from proof of work to approve of stake system or proof of work requires energy consuming calculations to minimize proof of stake offers an alternative with a number of major advantages at proof of stake it's not the miners but the shareholders or owners of tokens who are able to get the merits of the net work worth noting because no complicated calculations are carried out unlike proof of work it is possible to stake a theorem with virtually any computer making it much more energy efficient and transactions can be executed at lightning speed so that's going to have an impact in terms of really the whole way that it operates as a system in terms of its its software in terms of really the economic incentives behind it but let us know what you think about constantinople and down the line casper as well whether or not you're excited this is obviously getting a lot of coverage from different places etherium constantinople hard fork to come and mid-january based on developers new agreement that's courtesy of coin Telegraph and here on crypto market coin calm aetherium core developer a theorems constantinople hard fork to be happened to happen rather by block 7 million 80,000 the calculation right there is January 16th of 2019 let us know what you all think and if things change guys be sure you're following altcoin buzz and altcoin buzz news because we will alert you to the latest to the best of our ability we're also on Facebook Instagram and telegram if you enjoyed the video smash the thumbs up below check out our last video here on the right if you choose to invest on this Monday I wish you all the very best all my positive karma goes towards you but have a great start to your week either way we hope to see you again in our next video take care of

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  2. apollo
    Can you do a update video on the coin apollo  and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what's the future of this. Thank you

  3. Thank you for for the update! American Express is actually already partnered with Ripple since 2017!! If you go to their website American Express is listed as part of their Global Network on the main page.

  4. Does this hard fork affect My Either Wallet at all and all the Erc 20 tokens saved their? It uses ethereum as gas to send out from mew.

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