Ripple XRP Amazon Uber and New US Chief of Staff – BREAKING CRYPTO UPDATE

[Applause] hey yo what's going on everybody good morning hey yo hey yo how's it going cheers Cheers good afternoon good evening good night whatever time it is welcome back welcome Monday Monday crypto livestream what's going on how are you all cheers hey yo that's right it's time to do a little run-through big updates things that are happening what's happening tell us more the videos that we put up the giveaways that are going on must know must know good times great oldies how are you guys how was your weekend before we do anything remember I'm not a financial advisor I'm just looking at information with you guys how are you today though tell me what's going on with your Monday it is Monday December 17th we are looking at a close in on the final weeks of December the final weeks of what's gonna happen end of year are you ready is it happening something popping off or is it maybe q1 of 2019 is it q1 of 2020 is it q1 of 2025 that we're waiting for tell me more tell me are we rich yet what's going on guys good to see you happy to be here hello let's say hey to some of the peoples that jumped in the room first good to see you guys Felix hello Felix Logan my rone P boy Mikey Smith what's up Bill Gould something clever hello hello pika boy Millsap XRP Mexico kfn Mexico in the house what's up Mexico grind what's up something clever hey hey what's up what's up chisme bill cool again hello Jake gosh guys it's so good to see you all thank you for joining me who's Cheers good morning Jake Galeras Bob Bob Bob Bob ticket to the moon ticket E hello hello Jason K pew-pew pew-pew plow plow Cheers let's do this thing let's do this thing we're in the mountains today ah so fresh fresh air good times great oles what's up kick boy hello good day good day mates cheers how are you all la la la la la yo yo kung-fu do you do your own audio do you have someone else do it I'd like to know which plug-in and you use for the drum kit ah gelareh you a master of mixing are you a music mixing studio master do you making beats my friend tell me about your beats let's make some raps I'm not a rapper I'm just a parody artist but by do I got I got some raps I'm ready I'm ready to let loose with my tongue I don't know that sounds bad I take it back I meant I'm ready to let loose with my words okay let's move on Cheers what's going on with you guys how is it going this morning let's look at this first where are we at in the coin prices what's happening if we were to look at the prices right now Bitcoin up slightly Bitcoin up 5% XRP up 5% etherium up 5% gos up 20% how did it do it how did it do it AOS I thought you were done but you're not stellar up 8% litecoin up 7 Bitcoin cash in Bitcoin sv still fighting below litecoin Tron Cardno Manero iota they're all in there they're all hanging in there doing their thing not too much change they're 7 to 2% up on some of those so what's happening what's going on out in the world some of the updates that I saw that were exciting to catch up on I should say I must at least from say before we go anywhere we did finally finish this ledger video where is this where is this the ledger giveaway we finished this video is a review and giveaway all you need to do is subscribe to the channel like the video comment in the video and you are entered to win you're entered to win the ledger nano you can win it I believe in you I believe in you so yes legend nos review and giveaway videos finally up on the channel you guys can go check that out and see what you think about that tell me more tell me everything and I put this up too just so you guys know you can retweet and comment and thread to make sure you're following for bonus entry done that Dom bonus entry that sounds pretty good I saw this as well the Trump chooses Bitcoin advocates chief of staff chump chooses a Bitcoin advocate as chief of staff that's right Congress proposed wall coins what is that in addition of the daily we feature a couple stories from the US so looking at today or was it yesterday the Trump administration making announcement that Mick Mulvaney director of the Office of Management and Budget will be named acting White House chief of staff that's very good that's very good for the United States at least showing some adoption some acceptance of innovation so Moe vani has solicited Bitcoin donations from his campaign in the past interesting what's he gonna do though buy a brick build a wall speaking about the president big beautiful wall that sounds what he's going through with his wall this is crazy uh I don't even want to read anymore I don't want to read anymore buy a brick build a wall Republican member of the US House of Representatives from Ohio talked about this idea in recent interview on NPR there we go that's pretty I think the best part probably is the US having a the Tripp administration putting someone that's an advocate of Bitcoin as a chief of staff that seems pretty good that seems like some quality see see in also covering this news the chief of staff Bitcoin is good not manipulated by any government well it's not manipulated by T government but it might be manipulated by the miners but that's okay at least we have a shift in perspective around the u.s. supporting looks like supporting Bitcoin Bitcoin is good hmm is it good for Bitcoin is this question right here having the officials of the Trump administration is certainly positive for them supporting Bitcoin it's good for the long-term growth of the asset class but also looking at this somewhat neutral stance for cryptocurrency sector it could affect the mindset of regulators and law makers in the u.s. to a certain extent it's realistic and it's it is good to see this I have to say it can interestingly enough be very good long-term but they're saying don't expect anything short-term it might not have an immediate short-term result from this news but maybe it does maybe actually the reason that we see green at all is because of this news coming out it's are to say we don't really know we don't really know the market is green and that news did just come out that's good just good to know yo I do pro audio I use Pro Tools I love Pro Tools Pro Tools mmm Pro Tools the best – I love me some Pro Tools are you actually used to spend a lot of time in Pro Tools love it yo yo Bloomberg live right now talking about everything crypto but XRP Wow Bloomberg why you do that yo yo why you do it that way Bloomberg no let Bob Bob win hello hello need more XRP we have to quit and get a new job you said no don't do that yo what's the news about Amazon and uber okay let's move along move along well the news about XRP Amazon and uber you guys want to know the news the big news the breaking news right off the bat Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom Bom so kung-fu nerd news giving you the updates I actually saw this from crypto Eddie put a video up on it and actually Shh well crypto Eddie made a video about that yesterday but also Richard Chamberlain sent me this article it's basically the document that Dilip rao was talking about so this is apparently where we're getting this Amazon uber breakdown is here's one of the documents from Dilip Rao's presentation and apparently all the way down here on page dudududu thank you so much Richard Chamberlain for sitting this to me that's very cool thank you thank you thank you Richard sent this to me and he followed him on Twitter and I don't know if he put it up on Twitter but I'll retweet it but basically all of this comes from this one image which I saw the video that crypto Eddy did talking about this and I thought that was really cool of crypto Eddie hello and also Richard sent this to me but I was just so busy yesterday finishing the edit I promise for you guys I was like I don't even have time to do anything about this so we're talking about it now Monday morning the one interface for payments across any network so here's the ripple API and here's Amazon and uber listed as possible use cases right there dun da da da dun dun dun dun dun dun dun so Amazon and uber and Seagate possibly pairing up to an open payment network ripple API that lets them use XRP is that what we're assessing from this so the ripple API sourcing liquidity hopefully from XRP now Amazon and uber both have international businesses so there is a very good possibility that they need were mitten services and that they would use them for that but this again is just speculation I believe at best that we are expecting uber and Amazon to use them I don't know where we I don't know where we would get this document it looks like ripple made this so if this is a ripple created document and where was if this is a ripple created document then maybe we can say this is an example they are saying they expect companies like that to use them and here's a here's a great little gift no single experience to move money globally we have a video coming out talking about the hexagon model which Sam was talking about we have another video coming out talking about XRP and big gains possible but when that those videos are coming out so we're editing those but this is kind of touching on a little bit of what I was talking about in my hexagon or video that I just reviewed Sam's video looking at oops no go forward now ah thank you so much for setting that over Richard it really means a lot so looking at this here is the private blockchains solve for privacy now we know that this is something we're talking about all the time is inter ledger so private blockchains solving for privacy it makes interoperability a big problem they cannot communicate with each other that's what interoperability does and this is the inter ledger so that enter the ledger is a way for payments to be standardized and moved across multiple blockchains we talk about inter ledger often we talk about the ILP and what that means and the protocols for the in order value the inter ledger that'll be used now if we go back to this sweet graph no single experience to move money globally now if you look if you listen to what they're saying and if you look at what's happening the no single experience to move money globally means that they might be expected to be pairing Amazon and uber and Seagate to the ILP and knock directly to XRP now if they're paired to the ILP could they use XRP yes they could do they do they have a direct pairing we don't know is this just an example from a cool graph they made maybe possibly I don't know I saw this come out and AJ on Twitter said can anybody imagine if Amazon and uber were actually to utilize XRP holy money and mr. bee said keep in mind if the money isn't crossing borders there's no use case at this point and I think that's a good that's a good point to think about if they're not gonna use their the ledger to settle money remittance services across borders then what is it going to do at all no single experience to move money globally means that there could be an ILP connector and not just a single currency but either way this graph looks really good I see Amazon I see uber and I see a couple different nation-states they look like they're exchanging monies there's a good that's good stuff global money payment demand on rise so this is all from this great document that Richard put up which I can put up on Twitter and retweet for you guys and you guys can check it out but the Global payment demand on the rise as global banking reach decreases Global payment demand look at that look at that what else do you want what else could you want mmm I feel like that's a hunky worthy that's a hunky worthy image right there Global payment demand on the rise in fester blast off yo yo yo yo kfn how's it going what's going on with you Cambo how are you Kryptonian 23 what's up everybody Philly Billy Gould hello crypto bird uh good morning hello hello hello bye-bye bye-bye so talking about where we are with these coins XRP is at 30 cents up slightly from where we were at 28 yesterday 28 29 the last two days we have Bitcoin at $3,500 Bitcoin so sixty billion dollars still in Bitcoin that's not too bad I don't know the total market cap though the total market cap of crypto is at a hundred and twelve billion so it could be dropping below a hundred billion dollars and dominance of bitcoins at fifty four percent so dominance of bitcoins actually up meaning that we're losing value in some of these alt coins people are realizing ah maybe I don't want to hold Virg maybe I don't want to hold Aurora maybe I'm not interested in holding bitshares or digi byte maybe you do like did you bite I don't know I don't know this is a judgment free space okay if you love those coins my bad I'm not trying to throw shade at your favorite coin okay geez geez guys so global payment demand on the rise that's what you want to see especially if you're backing a coin that offers global payment settlement services that's good stuff so here we can see the ripple modernization of global payment infrastructure one simple API integration global access real-time on-demand no delays and trackable global payments with no failure so looking at this entire document there is a lot of really good stuff here network of rules and governance cost efficiency in emerging markets one interface for payments across any network pretty good stuff here one interface for payments this is this interface force use of XRP it might not it could be just like the other parts of ripple net where they have options like a suite of services that allow them to pick what they want to use that would be possible we don't really know again this is a gripple product a ripple api not specific to XRP but still really good stuff open interface payment across any network mmm-hmm yes yes tell me more tell me more what's going on everybody thanks for joining the stream smash the like button smash like smash subscribe hit the bell we're doing that giveaway for the ledger nano have you guys seen that video did you guys go watch that video yet where it is it where is it this video let your nano s review and giveaway so go watch me talk about a ledger and you can comment subscribe follow like and you can enter to win enter to win and then you can retweet and comment in thread for bonus entry and I love all these gifts that you guys put in here these are great so good we all be like pew pew pew pew good gift that's a good gift that's a really good gift so many good gifts thank you guys so much for just participating it means a lot and one of you will win one of you will get to win have you guys heard of plasma have you guys heard of aetherium plasma aetherium plasma is the upgrade to the etherium network that does partial proof of steak so what does that really mean it's kind of like there's scalability solution if we talk about bitcoin and their lack of scalability and we talked about XRP and how much we like XRP because of their efficiency when they talk about scalability transactions per second the ability to scale to solve some of the problems for enterprise solutions aetherium founder Vitalik butrint knows i need to do something metallic which means founder knows he needs to do something to keep his platform able to compete with these cost-efficient microtransaction efficient Ledger's like XRP so what does this mean plasma is the upgrade so this is a great article if you guys I'm gonna put this up right now actually on Twitter this is really good stuff for you guys it actually just they actually seem to want to know and want to learn and want to be part of this conversation why let me learn this is a good article for you let's put it up let's tweet this out okay there it is that's out there you guys can go check it out go check that out what's this guy talking about on Twitter I've changed my outlook instead of going on a long vacation after XRP moons this right now is my vacation after xrp moons I'll begin to work to turn millions into hundreds of millions I can think dan apena for the newfound ambition what are you guys think about this are you vacationing now are you vacationing after XRP moons I kind of actually like this idea the ripping whoever you are I like this plan you're vacationing now because after you're going to work harder I like that that makes sense ah good times good luck best of luck with that I'm not uh I'm not sure about that plan actually I take it back maybe you should work now to work maybe take a vacation and work some more and maybe take another vacation why does it have to be one or the other why does it have to be so black and white why is there no gray area please please tell me about your gray area or don't let's move on let's go back to this what is happening with the scalability for aetherium to be effective so we know we talked about XRP a lot because it's so effective but can you explain why it's effective because it's scalable because it's cost-efficient and because it actually can scale so scalability is one of the major points of concern for aetherium and for Bitcoin no surprise the current limitations faced with a network in terms of capacity and speed so meaning they cannot be adopted they can't be used and they can't be put into use cases if there is no scalability so this is a big thing and so how does plasma work we can you can read through this and look at how it works I'm talking also about the idea of the Lightning Network with Bitcoin a little bit these are big things for these currencies this is a big thing for aetherium this is a big thing for Bitcoin if they can't figure out how to be scalable and how to keep up then they will not be able to that's just the way it goes they will not be able to do anything at all they'll just be let's be falling behind because it's just tough it's just tough to compete if you're just not if you're not able to offer a Sur if you can't scale if it's not cost-efficient and if someone could use XRP to achieve this same you know result easier they will they will so Vitalik butrint recognizes that and he is putting in the work to make his plasma work now the the last point one of the main points of concern with plasma this is the highlight of what we're talking about with this is that it is mass exit problem so this is a plasma is the mass exit problem which refers to a scenario where many users try to exit their plasma chain at the same time so you can realize a lot of this stuff is coming down to these coders figuring out how to make this work effectively and so there's a lot of work going into these different systems whether they're using proof of stake or proof of work or partial proof of work partial proof of stake there's a lot of interesting spaces coming up and developing new ways to scale and so there's a issue with this one where they can flood the routing chain causing a big network congestion now this could be triggered by fraudulent activity but either way it's not good for the network so you can see this not gonna be work it's not gonna be useful it doesn't do anything and it can't be used then you can't you can't expect it to be supported or grow in value so one of the biggest off chain solutions that strives to significantly increase the overall performance of a theory of network is created by this tree like structure we call sharding sharding is this concept that it is a holographic structure of the ledger so basically it distributes the work processes into different sub branches instead of having one whole network focused on one task like if you imagine if you're a Bitcoin er and you're working to mine Bitcoin and the block that you were working to mine just got solved then you spent a lot of time working on something for nothing because someone else already solved it and you can say this is possibly the incentive to have miners be competing for blocks but also if they could create what they've talked about is a system called sharding that allows them to the split the workload into multiple trees and multiple branches which then makes it so that people can work on multiple tasks of the same under the same network at the same time which means if someone completes a task they do not necessarily remove the workload from other miners or from other supporters of the network so allowing them to keep working in in these micro tree structures that's what sharding is so this is what they call the where was it a tree like structure of numerous smaller chains so that's the best way to describe sharding right there is a tree like structure of numerous smaller chains and these chains would be able to alleviate alleviate the work of the main chain and this would be able to handle more transactions per second so that's what they're looking at trying to create for aetherium and will that work we don't know we don't really know if that's gonna work or not so that's up right there and I tweeted that article out you guys can go check that out and see what's going on also coming through in XRP News the amber crypto update XRP ledger statistics show surprising numbers as cryptocurrency tries to brave the bear storm so the XRP ledger is showing good numbers as the rest of the crypto markets dropping and we've seen this and we keep talking about this XRP is the second largest crypto holding in position number two and on a positive note they have shown good signs of growth since in the last you know a few months showing some good support levels they are down in the year just like the rest of the coins are because right now this time last year we were experiencing some something closer to all-time highs than all-time lows so we were again really doing great last year at this time and we obviously are in a little bit of a lull here still a little bit of a lull so on a positive note the cryptocurrency recently in a survey showed that since 2012 XRP has garnered some astounding records they said that over a trillion dollars has been transferred in the form of XRP Wow 900 million XRP transactions have taken place wow that's a lot that's a lot of the XRP transactions popularity with XRP is growing and people are talking about it and in fact the other day I just heard someone at the Creek over I overheard someone mentioning XRP to their friends and I was I was just sunbathing and I was not really looking to go and start a conversation but I did hear a small group of people talking about X RP and I thought whoa that's pretty big that's pretty big Austin's a pretty progressive spot and I think a lot of people in Austin maybe follow me or aware of me maybe they didn't know I was there maybe they were trolling me and they saw me and they were like let's talk about XRP there's that kung fu nerd guy but either way I just listen for a minute and just let them talk they were really full of some interesting points talking about how they're expecting it to maybe drop a little bit further but they're really excited about buying more if and when it does because they think it has really good potential and I thought you know what I'm just gonna enjoy this conversation these guys know what's up and they didn't need me they don't need me so the XRP community members take a hit apparently at bit wrecks over misinformation in a report I'm not sure about this this is news to me just I just saw this and I thought I'd put it up and we could talk about it a few prominent members of the XRP community took a hit at bit Mex research for a research paper that wrote earlier today due to the paper put out by bit mix researchers David Schwartz had gotten into the argument with bit necks over a few errors including the research and here is bit Mick's argue that bitcoins network is more resilient than XRP what that's crazy what is happening here so bit Mex research put up a tweet that said why proof-of-work makes the network more resilient against being shut down compared to the alternative model of asking from a list of nominated servers which is what ripple does that they're talking about the fact that XRP is using a unique node list they have a list of nominated servers that support their network again they can be voted in and voted out and they can be changed and you can even vote to have your own UNL or you can just choose your own UNL so I think maybe he's confused and David Schwartz responded saying you've got to be kidding me 51% of hashing power can shut down the network by double spending it's not clear how you fix this with Bitcoin with ripple it's clear honest nodes change validators proof-of-work is worse period in bit Mex said I agree the ripple model of asking from a list of nominated servers can be more resilient against a double spend then what is available when using proof-of-work so it sounded like he conceded and said you're right it is true so going back and forth always on the Twitter wars with people running their mouth and sharing their knowledge asking for you know asking for support in their opinion but their opinions just like everyone else's opinion I don't know what I was gonna say after that it's just like everybody else's opinion it's theirs Bitcoin price falls below cost to mine and this has been a long time coming we've known Bitcoin price has fallen below the cost of mine for long a long time but this is on the New York Post the New York Post putting this up talking about to add misery to Bitcoin enthusiasts the act of mine of mining is no longer profitable the vault asset is now fetching around 3,200 and I think I'm not gonna I don't know if they put it in here the cost to mine a Bitcoin I believe is around $4,000 is the bout the cost of energy so the amount of energy that you pay for electricity cost to mine bitcoins around $4,000 and they said that this is what this is what this is leading people to say it's tulipmania so considering that if you're mining right now you are mining at a loss you might need a cost loss because you're expecting it to come back up or if you shut your miners off then you're not willing to play the risk game and you don't care about putting a huge electric bill just to mine some more Bitcoin so if you're a minor and you can't make money that could mean that nobody wants to validate transactions so what does happening with that what would happen if the if the network no longer wants to validate transactions OOP let's go show you if the network no longer wants to verify transactions what happens is we have this thing called the mempool that fills now the mempool is basically like a memory pool of waiting transactions about to go through and you can see what is this unconfirmed transactions here we go here's yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday and right now after usually every time Bitcoin has a good run like there's green in the market and there's some price increase you can see there's usually the mempool filling up so here's the mempool a memory pool of Bitcoin transactions that are waiting to be processed basically they're just waiting for a miner to pick up these transactions and put them into the blockchain and consider that transaction done now what happens is if there is no one mining Bitcoin this mempool fills up and you can't you can't get any Bitcoin you can you can't send it it won't send nothing will happen and in fact the smaller amounts you try to send the less likely they'll be included in the current block you'll just get left behind you'll just end up sitting here in the mempool forever maybe not forever but for a long time and so that's the danger is that if people stop mining Bitcoin the mempool fills up and in here we are this is the dangers of Bitcoin my friends give me the ledger let's see what you guys are talking about what's going on what is going on with you hey yo hey yo clarity thanks for joining ahmed ali dirty bike sprocket hello everyone g money drew b what's going on everyone thanks for joining smash that like button loco is free hello hello we could just swap Ledger's ah yeah you want my ledger to you I'm born rich Bob Bob morning morning hello opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they all stink that's what I was trying to say thank you grind thank you grind you're right you're right so never been 4,000 to mine Jon love Bob raka what's up man what price is it to mine then how much does it cost to mine a Bitcoin tell me what you think tell me what you know cheers yes thank you guys so much for starting your day start the day with kung-fu nerd what's up with this that's right start your day kung-fu nerd live happy to do it we came on a little early today we had a lot to do we have a lot to go go over and we have a lot to get to so we gotta just get this done and get it out what's going on tell me what's going on with you what's up dang want to switch places someone needs cinnamon I maybe I do need cinnamon I don't know that's a good question could this be the start of a bull run that's a great question as well could this be the start of a bull run if it was the start of a bull run then we would have about a very short period of time to hit some really high prices for a good bull run to call it a real bull run otherwise it's just a bounce otherwise it's a bounce it has to be has to get some good momentum for it to be called a bull run I think um hello ello thanks for joining guys what's up you would you would do what if Amazon partnership is announced what would you do mmm that sounds sounds rough anyway let's move on let's look at some other stuff really quick I saw this today Truong foundation is trying to pull in Kobe Bryant the CEO and president of Kobe Inc and NBA legend pulling him to attend the Tron's first international conference in San Francisco you Tron fam out there you Tron lovers looking at this as a special guest in the Tron San Francisco event hmm a special guest to share his vision on entrepreneurship join the conference so Knight Tron summit by Tron in San Francisco January 17th to 18th 2019 and also tomorrow is Brad Garlin houses AMA you guys excited about this Brad ama tomorrow I don't even know I don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow at this I think we'd at least need to get above sixty cents to be considered a bull run that might be true that might be this might be true you might need to consider something above sixty cents for it to be a bull run our final AMA of 2018 with BG whoa BG and Monica long is next week that's tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time mark your calendars and share your questions via reply now let's look at some of these great questions 600 retweets 6 572 comments questions this is a lot let's see first up Sam I am according to Chris Larson and Ripple response to fast payment task force ripple strategies to capture the market through high level integration with payment hubs and financial software providers what progress has been made and what integrations can you discuss Wow Sam that's a really good question man that's a really good question what processes have been made what progress has been made and what can you discuss I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna go ahead and guess I'm gonna go ed and guess and say that they're probably not gonna discuss too much they're probably not gonna discuss too much but they'll probably give a best answer they can hello let's see Stephen deep says hey Brad will ripple net members from countries that are not open about crypto assets like China be able to use X rapid to source liquidity from X R P if not can they get around by multi hopping through other members in other countries to use X R P indirectly now that my friends is an amazing question that's a really good question Stephen deep thank you so much dude I'm gonna retweet this question it's a good question right here ah that's like such a good question if they are banned if a country is not open about accepting crypto assets or using them for admins can they expect to be able to use X rapid to source liquidity for X RP and if not can they get around that by going through multi-hop which is something we talked about how multi-hop allows them to use other banks downstream as they say and utilize them for X R P that's really a good question Steven thank you so much I'm gonna like I'm gonna like Sam's question to Chinese financial institutions can have bilateral relationship with other nationwide financial institutions which they use to pay others with multi-hop this is Michael nor Dillo trying to answer the question he says they can take the yen from the Chinese financial institutions and use X rapid to complete the scenario the second half of the payment the Chinese the Chinese fi won't even know x RP was part of the equation now this is something that we talked about with SBI and their NRI remit or article in Yahoo Finance this is something we talk about in a lot of different ways looking at eventually most people will be using X RP for Mitton services or for whatever speed of use and transaction and utility but they might not know about X RP by name they might not know by about it by name at all and even though there's people at the greenbelt talking about it and it seems like it's catching on and people are waking up there's a there's a degree of a threshold that people some people will never care especially you know like if I go talk to some us you know there's a lot of people in Austin they're like Fitness people you know like Fitness health people I'm one of those people you know I go to a yoga class and go talk to people about nerdy stuff like this and they do not care they don't care at all they would not be interested in a conversation about the backing of a app and who developed it and what what infrastructure are they using why does it work they don't care they don't want to talk about that so this is actually really really really true.the they might not even know that they're using it and it could be used interesting right there I'm gonna like that good good good stuff this is a good question to hodor hodor hodor good step old or me and the XRP community have been attempting or to trying to track x RP our X rapid volume levels is there any news you can share regarding expected X rapid volume levels in the first quarter of 2019 well or which exchanges to watch for it in and thank you for doing another AMA so he's asking about the volume of X rapid payment corridors and where can we look at that where can we see this volume I'd like to keep up to date on it and that's a that's a good question is well Hodor thank you so much is it possible let's go to John banana John bananas question giving you guys a little preface on these questions they're going to come through tomorrow is it possible to have an ecosystem where ripple preferred liquidity partners pool their xrp for transfer to of value purposes with this means that if they did this the payment would not show up on the ledger as a payment but rather would just be an internal transfer John banana what's a good that's a very good question as well is it possible to have the ecosystem of ripple where preferred liquidity partners pool XRP for transfer of value purposes now that sounds a lot like X pool just by the way he said pool and liquidity and XRP now we do have a video coming out later today talking about X pool and the hexagon theory from sam-i-am and that video it'll be up I'll hopefully have it done I have so much to do I should have that up kind of like late in the evening like I did yesterday for the ledger video after I finished all my work and after I finish all my chores and cleaning and exercising I'll come home and I'll edit that video for you guys so it should be up on there good stuff good stuff this is a good question from hazardous Mick hazard face are you still confident that at least one major bank will use X R P X rapid before the year is through if so which bank ah man of course they would just love to hat know that don't we all want to know what bank it is is it happening is there that is this Bank happening we were told put context around this we were told basically that before the end of the year one major bank would be using X R P via X rapid what do you guys think about this what do you guys think about these questions so far what's better than capital gains yo look at the Euro motors I watched the last AMA from August and there were no questions like that Sophie Allen you're right the questions seem to be getting a little bit more serious a little bit more focused a little bit more mature I think that people are starting to show up to the conversation that actually want to have a conversation and not just get swept up in the hoopla and you know that's I think this maturity of the market really brings a lot to the table it shows really how much we're expecting you know how much it shows I think how much we've matured it shows how much the markets mature even just slightly it also shows the level of education around this market increasing it shows the ability for us to have a conversation about the network and about the token and what's going to be happening I think it increases the capacity for us to be able to be informed because we're asking good questions right we're not going to necessarily always have all these answers but at least if we're formulating good questions we can know what we're looking for right it seems seems very intelligent of the community to be able to formulate these questions I'm very proud of us good job good job team damn you guys doing a good job out here now let's just look at a few more questions unless what are you guys talking about I have to pay someone to read it to me I'm American I don't read mmm I like you I like your sense of humor ability I like your sense of humor Felix NYC I think is like trolling or something he's trying to throw some shade I'm not sure Jon lebra la bracha kfn I bet you get asked how much XRP do you hold not many youtubers disclose how much they have which is fair enough in truth it's irrelevant you know I think at some point it's kind of relevant like if I if I holds none or if I hold a whole bunch you know maybe that would be good information to have about like how much I'm you know shilling it that's possibly something that I think is interesting to think about for the transparency of the trust of us you know like trusting each other why am I talking about it all the time how much do I have but I often tell people thank you so much Paul Paul Everett from the UK thank you thank you thank you thank you Paul thank you so much I really appreciate it and let's hit a hockey let's have some hongki's for Paul hongki's let's do the Lion King honky No please work Lion King yes yes thank you so much I really appreciate it and yes the honkies yes on this a crocodile oh that's a good I don't like that one I really like that one that's a good hockey so John LeBrock back to your question you know what I encourage people to not share as much as you might want to think like I wish I knew how much this youtuber had do they have XRP at all do they really like it or do they have a whole bunch and they're really just hoping to shill it up both of those seem like really good questions but unfortunately it seems like it's too much of a risk for people to let loose how much they have and I always tell people to not compare it's you don't have to have a dick measuring contest out here with your friends about how many how big your bags are and if you're if you're a female you can relate that to some other some other organ possibly measuring contests it's not about that that's not what it's about and so thank you so much yeah for putting that up on the table everyone does talk about how much do these people hold and they ask a lot people ask often like how much do you hold I have 500 XRP that's how many I have it took me forever it took me all year to be able to save up to be able to buy my 500 X RP and I'm very excited about it but I again I don't encourage people to tell people how much they have or how big their bag is that seems like something that's very dangerous to do but you guys can do whatever you want you can do whatever you like whatever you like I bet in the AMA tomorrow they will answer the easy uninformative questions Kenny Williams seems to be up to date he knows the name of the game they normally do that they normally seem to like do an AMA and they answer the easy questions but maybe they'll give us some of the good ones maybe they'll give us some of the good ones maybe they'll answer some of the ones we just read through because some of those are really good whoo that sounds good how much is a bunch how much is a bunch a bunch could be I think more than 12 if you're talking about bananas a bunch could be more than 12 if you're talking about bananas yes hey kfn nevers the worst time to buy I agree you have 10k XRP you do that's cool I have you said I I have 10 K X RP will that get me rich I don't know man I don't know that sounds like a lot but it sounds like a good amount it sounds like a good amount so here we are lux do we have a one or two more things to look at really quick and then we'll come back and we'll do a review we'll just do the outro review and then we'll be done we'll be headed out let's see here what was the other thing that was in the news today this is a interesting I thought one of the first crypto millionaires says bitcoins dead hmm now we talked a lot about Bitcoin up or down we talked a lot about Bitcoin and its future how how likely is it to hit another bull run does it work especially when you talk about the code and you really sort of recognize the min pool filling up even right now at 3500 the min pool filling up because it's not cost-efficient to use and miners aren't mining it because it costs so much to mine right now and John you never got back to me about how much you think it costs to make a Bitcoin I'm pretty much sticking to my 4000 price until I hear better facts or better news so a $4,000 Bitcoin means it's not profitable right now to mine it this guy is saying it might be dead and we know that if Bitcoin does hit a bull run and it reaches towards those high prices again the men pool will fill up even more than this is right here it'll fill up and eventually just completely stop and that's what happened last time during the bull run there was a lot of transactions that were just not being picked up by the network people were very upset they said their Bitcoin was never arriving or being sent it just got left out of all these men pool transactions until finally maybe a miner would pick it up and push it through if they had space in the block but there was no incentive for them to do so because the blocks were already full and this is again one of the highlighting failures of this proof-of-work mechanism and the again it seems like they've moved more towards a for-profit scaling solution with their lightning Network yada yada yada gets so Kody Hedy it gets so code heavy it's such a nerdy topic how do we make Bitcoin cool how do we make Bitcoin cool probably stop talking about the nerdy parts like maybe I should just start a new marketing campaign where I just like take really really really really dope ass videos and photos and just like hanging out looking cool with my XRP like XR pees cool eh eh because honestly it's pretty nerdy stuff pretty nerdy stuff this articles talking about this Eric Finn Minh so Eric Feynman he's basically became renowned as one of the earliest crypto millionaires is what he told MarketWatch in an interview with the virtual currency that made him as wealthy as he is he said bitcoin is dead it's too fragmented there's tons of infighting I just don't think it will last now I've said this before and I've taken back that report because I thought you know what this might not be true I said in the past bitcoin might be dead and I've had some of you guys chime in and say no kung fu' don't say it it's not true he's not dead he's not bitcoins not dead bitcoins a he now it's a person and he's not dead he's fine he's fine he's fine this is fine so he says it's too fragmented which I think we'd recognize it is pretty fragmented Bitcoin cash forked off and they did their own thing they're gone Bitcoin cash itself forked from the fork so Bitcoin cash is now to Bitcoin the leader is it has internal fighting issues about scalability about how it's gonna work who's going to who's going to let it you know who's gonna let it be part of their enterprise solution if and why when it it doesn't scale these are really good questions and these are questions that a lot of smart people around the world are asking right now about Bitcoin and this is just one person Eric fenman who made money in crypto thinks he knows now the funny thing is once you make money in any field once you you know make a million dollars in any specific field I'm pretty sure you feel like you're entitled to just say you you know but I don't think you do I don't think you do he might not know how he made millions he might've just gotten lucky he might not be that smart a guy he might not even be able to talk about the mempool or proof of work algorithm and how it works I don't know I've never had a discussion with him and honestly unless I've talked to you in real life unless we've had to face to face conversation I have no idea what level of understanding you are coming to the table with and I don't I can't assume that you know anything honestly I love you all I love you guys especially you guys are so amazing and I know you guys know what's up because this is why we're here but if I'm talking to someone in the real world and I'm asking them about Bitcoin I usually assume that they do not know very much even if they made millions in it and for him to say bitcoins dead is a pretty big call it is fractured internally it does have a lot of issues but it might not be dead it may have a bull market or two left in it so he says it might have another bull run in it it might not be dead right now but he said he's on the way out and a fin man was especially especially verbal about his downbeat on litecoin which is falling 95 percent as also on the way out he said so litecoins been dead for a while I've actually said this in the past I've said litecoins pretty dead but that's really just because there's just not a lot going on in the ecosystem we know that they have the Charlie Lee did a great job tweeting earlier our a year a year ago today saying be careful it's gonna go to $20 and it did it went down to $20 so we can say that yes Charlie Lee's at least informed and trying to do his best informing the community about how we were expecting to have his bull this bear market but I've said litecoins dead mainly because it just doesn't have very strong ecosystem developments around it but we don't know if maybe they're pairing with someone if litecoin is part of the ILP if litecoin gets paired to one of the etherium oracle solutions and it becomes available for enterprise use then anything is possible and again tomorrow someone could wake up and be like yo so when tomorrow could wake up they could be an executive at they could be an executive at Google they could just turn to someone and say yo let's make litecoin a payment option on Google like we don't know I don't know nobody knows it could happen it could happen I'm Batman now this article talking about bitcoin and litecoin being dead is again just I think more speculation about what possibly because it could be happening in the market we are again two weeks away from the close of the year and we know that there is a lot of expectations for an end-of-year bull run but I'm gonna go ahead and say that it seems like most people are really reluctant ly letting it sink in that maybe we will have to wait till about q1 of 2019 maybe at least q1 of 2019 to see some movement but we do see good things so let's do a review let's do a run-through hey what's up everybody thank you so much for joining the stream smash that like button I'm gonna chat with you guys for a minute that you guys are in here chatting and then we'll do a we'll do an outro breakdown review let's see what's happening with the combo with the chat Eddie Money knows hey you love me too I love you thank you so much guys the problem is I hate Bitcoin I've never touched it the guy at my wife's Xmas party was calling aetherium lithium can we get a Kevin Hart no let's do the honky let's do that honky no no yo yo what's going on thanks guys protocol says bitcoins not dead just will not remain number one I agree Paul Everett says everyone should have five Bitcoin in the bag I've heard other people say at least having one Bitcoin would be a good idea moving forward especially if you believe in this tech and there's billions of dollars in Bitcoin I have a feeling that they could turn it around and make something useful out of this if they decided to if they decided to she's on board with the ripple company I don't know who she is but I'm excited I I'm excited about that XRP will dump says someone and then someone else says XRP will run right next to eachother XRP will dump XRP we'll have a bull run both the comments right next to each other let's hit that XRP hunky i like you and have no reason not to I like you and have no reason not to hey did you guys hear about that new magical digital asset called Dexter PE yes yes yes did you guys hear about that magical digital asset yo guys a hundred and fifty seven plus people in the room smash that like button please just smash the like button it really does help me out a lot it it builds up my my confidence it makes me feel good about life I really need this right now guys I need you to smash that like button and give me some love smash it please get a hundred and fifty likes you have a hundred and 55 56 57 58 59 six I don't stick so many people in here we should be able to hit a hundred and fifty likes please just place smash the like button if coinbase Prada calls comment about if coinbase does list XRP will they list it on Queen BassPro so we have rumors out that coinbase is going to list XRP on the 21st that's a rumor that we've heard bouncing around we talked about that yesterday in stream for a minute is it possible does XRP have possible listing coming up on coinbase i don't know about that and even if coinbase does list XRP at this point i'm not sure that it would do much for the actual token itself so that's a good question protocol and people are asking about that and they're wondering about that rumor and what that means coming out so we'll just the wait till Friday and see I think honestly it just seems like another day it'll come and go no big deal Luxy Brix is asking if I'm still filling my a da bags I again and also one of the people that primarily supports these these I'm gonna go ahead and say pre mind even though it's not like the most popular term for them card a no and XRP and xlm are pre mind cryptocurrencies I have a big x RP and AD a backer I like x RP and a da I'm not very rich I'm a very very poor person poor no I'm actually not I'm pretty I'm rich just not wealthy you know I mean like I am very wealthy I'm just not financially wealthy so as much money as I as I can afford to risk I like to put into x RP primarily and I put some into a da Ayda whatever you want to call it and ADA took a big dive since the last time I bought some so I bought I think about seven since I bought some and now it's down to three and a half and if I wasn't in the middle of just like a really really financially demanding time right now where I'm trying to find you know move and find a new place and do all these different things if I wasn't in the middle of that I would totally be buying more especially because ADA is at three cents and because X RP is at 31 cents right now but 30 cents just a second ago now that's a good question bricks thanks you for reminding me yes I do love me some ADA that's what I that's one of the other tokens I really like hello Jessica what's up Jessica Perry hey how's it going yo top what's up League ah no shade Cheers smash the likes here are some likes for you thank you guys thank you so much for the likes I really appreciate it thank you thank you sneaking my foo fix get that foo fix the Foo Fighter fix mmm that's true three point three ADA is a great price yes exactly three cents our point zero three for an ADA is a really good price also thirty one cents for XRP really good price so so good I would say I mean if Bitcoin goes down below three – I'd expect a lot of people to be jumping into Bitcoin at that price not necessarily maybe it three but like a 2 5 @ – @ – it'd be insane I'm not sure it'll go that low I think people are saying that we might found support at some of these new levels and there might be a bull run in the myths but could we find a support level here can we find some stability here at thirty five hundred and thirty five cents and a theme at $100 can we chill for a minute at this support level before we see the next bull run take-off or will we have another drop that's possible as well that's a very very strong possibility so smash that like button guys thank you so much for joining let's go back and run through the updates of the stream for today the daily putting up a article Trump chooses Bitcoin advocate as chief of staff and Congress proposes wall coin so I don't know about this wall coin this is interesting buy a brick build a wall so he wants to make an ICO for his wall ah I don't know I don't know that's interesting anyway the daily talking about Trump choosing a Bitcoin advocate as a chief of staff Congress proposes wall coins interesting interesting this is the same idea same are same news different article the new US chief of staff is good not manipulated by any government Oh new US chief of staff says Bitcoin is good not manipulated by any government so we talk about that is it not manipulated by any government yes is it manipulated by minors possibly this is a one of the first crypto millionaires says bitcoins dead we talked about this the price of Bitcoin and mine and the possibility that it's having some internal issues coming out of the gate the price of Bitcoin falls below cost to mine now this is on New York Post and this is actually very old news if you've been following Bitcoin closely as soon as it dropped below 4500 to 4400 our 44,000 I believe as the price it cost to make a Bitcoin electricity cost and so it is below cost right now it costs more to mine one then you actually could sell it on the open market for if you were thinking about why is someone mining them people might be mining them still because they expect the price to come back up and they expect a higher return in the future and possibly maybe there and if they need to make profit right now they'll sell bitcoins that they mined before before it cost as much to mine it possibly because the the difficulty keeps increasing with bitcoins you know each step each tear up it increases in difficulty so the Bitcoin price falls below cost to mind this is at least worth talking about because it's on New York Post this is again the beginning of a conversation that highlights why we like XRP this is again the beginning of a conversation that highlights why we think XRP is more efficient than Bitcoin one because it doesn't cost so much to keep its its function it doesn't cost a bunch of money for the energy to maintain the ledger it is very XRP is cost efficient and very energy efficient bitcoin is not now Newark Post reporting on this something to think about we thought about that it's good to go this is a XRP community members taking a hit over a bit treks misinformation and report this is just kind of a something casual no big deal that we looked at the XRP ledger statistics talking about some of the great numbers in the XRP ledger showing cryptocurrency tries to brave the bear storm so we have again seeing a big number here with in the last six years a trillion dollars has been transferred in the XRP ledger that's a lot of money 900 million XRP transactions have taken place has a lot of transactions so very exciting there we have this video that came out yesterday ledger nano s review and giveaway so if you guys are looking at wanting to win a legend nos all you have to do is like comment subscribe and drop the comments in that video and you can get a bonus entry by retweeting this and by commenting in thread and you have a bonus entry and then in about a week's time we'll take all the entries put them into a graph and we'll hit a run number generator and we'll just let it go to town this I put up the tweet for this is a theory 'im plasma upgrade so what is the issue with aetherium why did it fall behind XRP because it's not scalable because it's not adequately able to handle the scalability it needs for larger global scale part of his solution Vitalik butrint solution for this was to push proof of stake so a partial proof of stake algorithm it's called plasma we put that up on Twitter you guys can read about it the Kobe Bryant special guest at night Ron so summit by Tron in January the 17th and the 18th in San Francisco Tron bringing Kobe Bryant to talk about I don't know I would love to hear him talk about crypto we have this was really big Amazon uber in the dilip Dow into the Dilip rau article the Dilip route info pamphlet that we had seen basically Richard sent this to me and I saw crypto Eddie Ari talked about it but this is a really really good dive through for no single experience to move money globally there's looking at Amazon and uber and Seagate right here looking at them sending money to different nation-states and being able to resolve or settle inside of XRP that again is really strong use case so no single experience to move money globally and you can see they have Amazon and uber highlighted as possible use cases again this is a really good graph this is a really really good document and I'll put this up and you guys can retweet this and check it out as well so you guys don't get stuck and I'm gonna actually go ahead and do that right now I'm gonna put this up on my Twitter for you guys let's see tweet this is the doc you want to see and I'm gonna paste it and I'm gonna actually tag Richard uh is it Richard cornfield I think I said Chamberlain a second ago back guess it's Richard cornfield thank you Richard so much for sitting that over is that was you write that message it to me yes totally okay so Richard cornfield sent this over I'm gonna put it up on Twitter and tag him thank you thank you if you guys ever want to send me stuff I really appreciate it it means so much and maybe you'll get a Twitter shout out or at least a shout out on air cheers Cheers this talk is for you this is the doc you want to see and go retweet that guys go get it out there let other people enjoy sharing this knowledge of this beautiful beautiful document is so good this is a great little picture right here Global payment demand on the rise as global banking reach decreases this is exactly what you want to see if you're thinking about backing a cryptocurrency that offers Global payment settlement services this is exactly what you want Global payment demand on the rise and look at this sweet little graph headed up this way it's just so good it's just so good wait wait let's tweet this too let's tweet that too this says everything retweet this says everything retweet go check that out and retweet it that's a really good stuff maybe even we should put this one up no single experience to move money let's put this one up as well this is this is this is a good image this is a good image what's up everybody hey thanks so much for joining the stream thank you guys so much for joining the stream smash like smash that like button smash the button for me move money globally and there it is boom out there on the interwebs for all to experience and enjoy so here's their solution we talked about this often people are like well where is the solution how does it work I want to go up and see this so here we have this as private blockchains so this is why we talk about like if if a single use case like if there's a blockchain that has developed a private corridor and they're like well we really want to be useful this is the this is a solution so even if there is private blockchains like even these are considered private blockchains aetherium hyper ledger bank chain chain these are all separate they're either siloed their individual siloed chains now the inter ledger is a standard payment protocol so it lets all these visa SEPA blockchain ACH work together it's like the internet for payments and that's why we're super excited about the ILP and the fact that we can get our own ILP connector from the ILP connector from weeks and from XRP teapot that is really good your first international bank receiving address we are the first people in the world to have individual ILP connectors that is so cool thank you so much wheat sa' and thank you so much for it whoever is if you're part of Coyle and you're watching my streams and you watching me play Red Dead and you're watching me do workouts thank you so much it means so much to have XRP be streamed to me from the ILP I really appreciate it guys and whoever's been sending me the ILP five eight nine tips I see you I see you out there thank you thank you so much whoever's been sending me these five eight nine tips on the ILP I really appreciate it so they've solved this problem before by creating a interoperable protocol layer there's no single experience to move money they'll all be paired to the ILP and again if Amazon and uber and Seagate are paired to the ILP that does not necessarily force XRP use but it does give the possibility of XRP use now this is again part of the ripple Network so this is a ripple net infrastructure the open interface for payments across any network the ripple API it again is not specific to XRP but it is inclusive to ripples network if there is any remittance in the network it is forced through XRP now does Amazon and uber have any remittance needs yes I believe they do Amazon and uber definitely have remittance needs so this is really big stuff it's not necessarily like it's not the equivalent of saying Amazon's going to use XRP exclusively but it is the same it's opening up the conversation – they could use it possibly if they wanted it will be available to them and that alone is really good because we know what people like is saving money they like saving money and how do they save money by delivering on these goods and services effectively and cost efficiently and that is why we have been backing XRP from day to day one from day one that's right so don't forget we finished this legend an OS review and giveaway it's up there if you guys watch it and like and comment and retweet all the things big stuff big big stuff cheers Cheers cheers Cheers please smash hey what's up Jen rding hello my man how are you you can't even take Kobe seriously what does Kobe know about crypto that's I'm wondering that myself I'm wondering that myself it's hard to say Kobe Bryant will rap battle dude I will take on Kobe Bryant in a rap battle you guys had never seen me rap battle before but I bet I bet I bet I got some I got some lips I got some limes I got some bars I don't know bear trap so Benjamin Moss what's up showing in dropping into the chat hey good to see you why is everything pumping it's a bear trap says Benjamin Moss is his response to why are we pumping right now bear trap is what he says let's see here 178 people watching 180 people watching thank you guys so much for tuning in don't forget to smash that like button right now just go ahead and hit it so can we go below 3,000 BTC says big ferati anything's possible at this point we could easily go below 3,000 we could also stabilize at 35 or 4 we could drop a load 3 to 2800 I've heard as low as 25 possibly so end of you you're coming pretty soon we have two weeks left to find out what's really gonna happen is there gonna be some type of you know end-of-year Popoff is there gonna be a run is it gonna be a bear trap a bull trap who knows would institutional Scott Caruso throwing in some questions here would institutional investments be more interested in utility of XRP and ripple net not sure why they are not the leading crypto well or leading crypto for the ETS that's a good question Scott that's a good question and I think that you're right it seems like there's an interesting kind of like reluctance to verb to publicly support XRP and their possibilities of utility and also ETF's I think at some point there might be a degree of kind of just milking the cow you have is a good way to say that like there might be people that are kind of just milking the cow they have right now they maybe know that there's a better cow in the pasture that has better milk but they're they have a they have they're gonna milk the cow they have in front of them they might be beating Bitcoin into a dead horse ETF if that makes sense that's just the way they do it that's kind of what they did to a couple other commodities if I can think in reference back to I want to say it was nickel no no no no no aluminum maybe Urania I don't know there's something some commodity I was just researching you know months back talking about how they basically they this murdered the actual the use of it but then pushed an ETF through and that kind of gave them a lot more control and manipulation of the price which is what they like which is what whales like they like control they like manipulation you know just like just like the good old times let's get that hundred likes yeah come on let's smash those like buttons and get that hundred likes that would mean a lot patience everyone Kryptonian 23 said patience people remember we have we've come a long way there's a long way to go there's a long way to go let's be patient well I agree let's be patient there's so much happening out here and there's a lot of developments happening and I think we just looked at an article talking about how there's a growing gap between the people that are you know here for price and then that people are here for the actual code so there's like coders that are here to develop and innovate and then there's in there's investors that are here to speculate and chill so we gotta expect maybe you know we gotta expect maybe there's a gap there's a growing gap between the innovation that we see like I'll there's still a lot of innovation coming through and people are doing a really good job of putting out new updates and keeping their systems moving forward and we talk about this a lot we talk about this a lot we talked about how the refinement is key here refinement is key any team could tomorrow fall off and just disappear and I may not any team but I mean a lot if you're not gonna show up to the space every day and put your best foot forward then you're probably gonna start slipping and you know it that's a that's just one of the things that's happening that's just one of the things that's happening in the space continually they have to show up and put their best foot forward and do the best they can and that is a challenge I agree it's possible that we could expect you know some slippage some some coins to be let go of some coins that won't make it but again everyone seems to be pretty pretty head in the game if you're thinking about the difference between the price and the difference of the the utility and the innovation and the tech there's a big gap there there's a huge gap between the price right now and the actual utility and the adoption and what's going to happen with it and that gap as it grows if that gap grows it becomes confusing to us the spec of investors because we're over here thinking like well we hear the technologies better we hear it's getting better we hear it's being used why is the price not reflecting that and that's something that we've experienced for over a year now easily recognizing that David talks about David Schwartz talks often about how the price is not reflected at all in the utility right now there's not correlated and that's again one of the reasons we need to be patient about what's happening right now just be patient and let it happen you want a cow that produces chocolate milk the David the Schwartz vision XR PSV that's funny Jake Jake that's funny dude I like it I like it kung-fu nerd ooh reverse psychology tell people don't hit the likes guys hit the like button it's like button people are gonna like it or they're not gonna like it you know like if they do decide to like it or not that's up to them I'm just reminding them to do it I'm reminding you if you've been enjoying the streams if you enjoy my content if you've enjoying me being live and chatting with you guys it really means a lot for you to hit the like button and show your support thanks a bunch it means so much so we did the review we did the roll through and we did the update we talked about all the things we talked about in the stream today and let's see what else we have going on oh let's talk about this really quick we have this hundred XRP giveaway random winners going strong the hundred XRP giving away to everyone all the days every day of the week except for we haven't given this one away yet so you can go retweet and comment this is gonna be like another few days or two before we choose a winner on here so one random winner will receive a hundred XRP all you have to do is enter and retweet I broke a old XRP all the hotkeys all the hot there we go so here we go this is what a this is well let's go back this is a ledger giveaway so you can go do the legend an OS review and giveaway video and also there's a ledger link in the description if 30% off if you have not gotten to legend nos it's 30% off till the end of the year and we also have this XRP giveaway random winner will receive a hundred x RP this is going on for another day or two so you have to just retweet and comment in thread and there is some new x RP merch out as well I put up some new x RP merch what do we got going on here some t-shirts some hoodies some socks some mugs and uh if you go to the next page secret merch at the end kfn army gear dun dun dun dun KF an army sweater okay of an army tank and a K F an army T there we go pop in and lock in with the best of them how do you think it's gonna go tell me what you think's gonna happen end of year with XRP tell me what you think about all these news that just came out all the news that just came out we were looking at the White House chief of staff we're looking at talking about by Nance putting up the article on aetherium plasma we're looking at Tron's of Tron's conference is coming up looking at the Amazon uber using ripple net using the ripple payment infrastructure what does that mean can you tell me what that means will we see something into here or not thanks a bunch everyone for tuning in I really appreciate you I really really do appreciate you guys yes thank you so much for reminding me Ahmed I did I did just verbally say the beginning the video I'm not a financial advisor I am NOT a fiduciary I'm just looking at just looking at information and sharing it with you guys and it means a lot that you guys are joining me thank you thank you thank you so much some of the gear actually comes in colors Edward Benson said why is it all white some of them have colors but they're just not displayed in color and if you guys want a free stock you can get a free stock in Robin Hood if you guys want a if you guys want five dollars in the cash app or if you want the up hold $10 you can get all of that in you in the links in description also check out the other videos we have up there also in the description there's so many links in the description so go check that out give some give some link love thanks a bunch everybody I really appreciate it Cheers you're beautiful and amazing just how you are I really appreciate you have a great day until I see you oh wait I've been trying to like figure out a better time to go on because I just keep moving my times and I've been going so hectic comment when you think that we should go live Central Standard Time what would work for you or comment what time you'd like but put your time to put your area your time area or whatever whatever that is yeah tell me where you are in the world and what time that would work and we'll think about doing some different stream times thank you guys so much watch out for the video coming out later today we have a video edit hitting the channel later and I appreciate you guys have a great day until I see you next time [Applause] you you you you you you you you you No No

8 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Amazon Uber and New US Chief of Staff – BREAKING CRYPTO UPDATE”

  1. Kung Fu Nurd, Thanks for the shout out but I have to correct you on a piece of the info, it wasn't me that sent you the info about Dilip Rao and all credit should go to the correct person Richard Cornfield.

  2. LOL what was his campaign promise getting mexico to pay for it now the us taxpayers paying for it? Bait and switch and by the way chief of staff doesnt have much say on the economic side. Hes a moderator nothing more. "In general, a chief of staff provides a buffer between a chief executive and that executive's direct-reporting team. The chief of staff generally works behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes, and deal with issues before they are brought to the chief executive. Often chiefs of staff act as a confidante and advisor to the chief executive, acting as a sounding board for ideas. "

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