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Bitcoin now let’s jump right in says the first piece of news I have for you guys
is Dubai to use blockchain technology for 50% of his transactions by the year
2021 now I thought I want to talk about this because you guys know the market
the last week hasn’t been the best a lot of people have been upset so I decided
to find an article talking about long-term adoption long term investments
as well and show it to you guys to show what I’m talking about basically this
was according to the UAE s ruler Dubai it’s going to use 50% it’s gonna use
blocking technology for 50% of his transactions guys this is big Dubai
handles a lot of money so this is a perfect use case for for Bitcoin not
Bitcoin for blockchain now obviously we don’t know which cryptocurrency it’s
gonna be if it’s gonna be their own they definitely have the means to start their
own blockchain but it might also be a particular cryptocurrency so it’s
definitely interesting to keep an eye out on this but notice how they say the
year 2021 now Dubai is some is a place that I
think is more advanced than others so I think they will adopt the technology
first so for them to save 50 percent by 2021 means that there’s gonna be a ton
of other countries and cities around the world that are not going to be using it
yet and are still gonna have to adopt it so keep in mind when we talk about long
term investments in a long term potential of blockchain and
cryptocurrency we’re not talking about the few months because as much as we
would love to see these things adopted instantly it’s going to take some
and so this is the first step and then mentioning 2021 which is three years
from now is definitely eye-opening to see what a long-term investment really
is because do by doing this again a lot of countries don’t have to come out and
do this after so Europe still has to do it you know the whole of Europe pretty
much still would have to do it the US would have to do is still I think Dubai
would would adopt it faster than the US and Europe and you know China’s stuff
maybe not Japan is Korea because they are pretty advanced in this too but
still a lot of this is great news for cryptocurrency but it also shows the
long term investment that it is next piece of news I have for you guys is a
u.s. property company called prop II now accepts ripples so this is actually the
third cryptocurrency they’re accepting so far they accept Bitcoin etherium and
ripple and it’s not for all listings I believe last time I checked it was just
for one but still that is absolutely cool it’s all if you guys can see it’s a
payment for one of the largest piece of property in Silicon Valley the spans
over 27 a triple actually responded to this or reacted to this on Twitter
saying new and exciting business use cases for XRP emerging everyday we are
happy to see property Inc add the digital asset as an option for home
buyers across the world now guys if you guys haven’t mentioned this before but
one of my long-term plans and investing is in 10 to 15 years take a part of my
cryptocurrency investments and put it into multifamily real estate and by the
looks of it I might not even have to cash out part of my investment I might
be able to simply purchase the real estate that I want to in 10 to 15 years
using my cryptocurrency so that is very exciting and I think this is only the
beginning obviously it’s only one listing right now but it should continue
to grow over time and we’ll see more and more listings and more and more
companies actually do this now if we look at the overall cryptocurrency
market three hundred thirty seven billion dollars 38.2% Bitcoin dominance
now we see EOS is up 3% and Tron is also up 3.3% but for the most part various
small changes here and there point 0 3 percent 0.15 percent very small changes
over that’s ten that doesn’t even count – point two five percent if your
plastics up a little bit one of the biggest movers in the down
direction would be a Bitcoin a private if I can find it that would be because
it had a huge run up earlier and you guys can see it’s down almost 13% today
therefore most of the market it’s pretty steady moving sideways not sure exactly
which direction it’s gonna go we’re gonna be looking at this more at the end
of the video with a technical analysis part but so far looks pretty it looks
like we don’t have a confirmed direction now if we look at ripple which I want to
talk about sixty-two cents twenty four billion dollars market cap ranked number
three and market cap sighs you guys remember ripple had its huge run-up and
you know I say this every time I don’t personally have any ripple invested
right now I did however by ripple when it was at eleven cents all the way back
from a little bit after the summer of last year I believe it was and then I
sold it on the way down I didn’t manage the time the top correctly I sold it a
little bit a little bit under the all-time high and now I don’t have any
but it is very tempting to get into it because of all the use cases because of
all the partnerships and overall how smart the company is first piece of news
though I want to talk about is Apple added ten pairs of XRP of the currency
pairings on their stock app now this by no means is anything crazy and this is
not a partnership and it’s not even a partnership rumor this is just they so
we know tron was added earlier early earlier this week to the stocks app on
the iPhone or on for Apple and they were added earlier this week hug however
ripple has the highest number of pairings than any other cryptocurrency
on the app could that be a sign maybe but also may this is still way too early
to speculate anything I do think Apple being a huge company that deals with a
lot of money wouldn’t benefit from adopting blockchain and certain
cryptocurrencies ripple being one of them with its fast transaction speeds
and low transaction fees I think rip would be one that would definitely serve
them but they also have the means of starting their own blockchain if that is
what they wanted to so def keep an eye out on this I think in the
coming years and actually in the coming months slash coming years we’re gonna
see a lot more companies sort of make the decision between our b-boying crypto
or are we starting our own blockchain or are we going with one are we starting
are we going with an existing crypto or are we starting our own block so
definitely excited to see how that works out however one of the rumors that’s
been going on a lot as well is the ripple Amazon rumors out guys disclaimer
before I say this ripple has a has rumors with absolutely everyone and
that’s part of their awesome marketing tactics part of their amazing team their
team is genius when it comes to guys remember them donating here and there
getting their name out there they donate it on Ellen of course the biggest talk
show right now everyone knows Ellen they went on there with Ashton Kutcher who’s
another big-name talked about ripple a ton and donated ripples so guys this
team make no mistake like or dislike it this is very smart now the CEO of abre
stated that he talked to head fun hedge funds high net worth the high net worth
individuals even commodity speculators they all see the volatility in
cryptocurrency as a huge opportunity and he’s saying once this happens all hell
will break loose now what I think about this when I look at this is thinking
back no one would have been able to predict where cryptocurrency is right
now several years ago a lot of people made a ton of money but a lot of people
would have been looked at as absolutely crazy if you said there would be a 337
billion dollar market cap for it to it right now and if at the end of 2017
you’re gonna say that was gonna be it almost a trillion dollars moving all the
way up to over 700 billion dollars I believe was the all-time high was over
700 billion correct me if I’m wrong I haven’t looked at in a while because of
how much lower we are right now but still once these big players come in we
don’t know the market could go to three trillion pretty fast
it might even go to 30 trillion within 10-15 years or maybe even more it’s
impossible to even imagine I don’t think anyone can actually but it can actually
imagine what’s going to happen simply being because usually people
overestimate what’s going to happen in one year and underestimate what can
happen in ten so this year everyone’s talking about you know everything
exploding maybe that I heard something about ripple going to $24 having over
having almost a trillion dollar market cap guys that’s not gonna by the end of
this year that’s probably not gonna happen by the end of this year just
because the overall market would have to grow so much
that’s over playing what can happen in a year but in ten years
cryptocurrency might be a you know Multi multi tens of multi trillion dollar
market cap and no one would have been able to predict it now obviously we hope
that’s the case but we don’t know what’s gonna happen
guys a lot of people I think are under playing the long-term potential of it
but basically talking about Amazon which deals with a lot of money obviously
dealing in the e-commerce space the 3.3 second transaction speeds and the point
zero zero zero four dollar charges per transaction is something that would
definitely benefit them a lot and I think ripple would not be a bad
partnership for them being as ripples Tech is already being used and tested by
other firms banking institutions or financial companies like MasterCard
American Express I think ripple would be a pretty solid
partnership for them now guys keep in mind this is not a partnership as saying
like they’re not saying this is a partnership this is not an announcement
this is just talking about how Amazon would benefit from them but being a big
company like Apple they definitely have the means of doing this themselves now
let’s talk a little bit about Tron before we end the video off seven point
three dollars four point eight billion dollar market cap ranked number nine
still mainly what I want to share with you guys about Tron is that these are
the lists so pause the video right now if you guys want these are the list of
the 18 exchanges that are going to be supporting the Tron migration so if you
keep it on my ether wallet or wherever you have it right now it will not be
supported you guys have to move it onto an exchange that supports it one of
these 18 I would probably go with mine and since it is one of the biggest ones
and my favorite one personally that’s where I’m going to be holding my trunk
but I want you guys to stay up to date all you guys have to do move Tron to one
of these exchanges and it will be fine also they have been talks about tronic
wiring BitTorrent Inc bit actually the company that owns utorrent
with over a hundred million users helping Tron with their whole idea of
decentralizing the Internet I think this is a very good acquisition
for them one that I think actually plays into what they want to do it fits in
their white paper where they were talking about torrents and I think
moving on to be to make the decentralized Internet BitTorrent is
definitely a company that will help them out in an acquisition that I see purpose
for and I see improving tron overall now guys let’s take a look at the market
captain really quick before we end the video off basically we are down today Oh
actually we’re not actually a little bit agreed but it’s kind of an indecision
candle we’re down the last week we all know that Bitcoin however if you look at
it is very oversold it’s at 35 RSI getting near the $30 the 30 not $30 the
30 RSI mark last time we saw that was here and here so the last time we touch
the six thousand nine hundred to seven thousand dollar support will we see that
again maybe that would probably be the lowest point I think things could go but
overall I don’t really think we are going to hit that if we do it will be a
short bounce I don’t see this happening again where we hit it and trade sideways
for a long period of time I think there’s too much good news coming out
too many people are too bullish on it for it to stay down very long but guys
this is the time to pick up your favorite all coins and build your
portfolio and if you guys want help check the link in the description saying
portfolio review I haven’t I’m gonna have it in the comments and in the
description you and I can go on a one-on-one call we’ll go over your
portfolio we’ll build the best strategy we’ll go over some of the all coins I’m
looking at that I haven’t shared in videos yet and overall give you the best
strategy and portfolio to see the most games everyone that’s had the portfolio
reviews have had great things to say and they’re all seeing some pretty solid
gains so guys we are instant that make sure go check that out but other than
that if you guys did enjoy this video don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and
comments down below in order to enter a chance to win the Bitcoin giveaway and
of course check back in tomorrow to see if you won but guys thank you so much
for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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