Ripple Multi-Hop, Banks using XRP, and Crypto Sanctions

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were to , and there there’s just some
things they’ve been coming out
lately of that I believe could to its
it’s it’s a little bit of foam
all that’s been spreading and in
this space I believe there’s so
m that’s taking place and not try
to put words into a into other
people’s of comments that are in
the space ideas so to speak and on and and there’s just Asia so
much to one does so much to go
through so you a deftly looking for to
all of that on this into a
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think it’s important we get
started so here’s here’s what we’re in a
new arena focusing on like a set
on we want a focus in on on a few key topics this
morning on deftly of 12 guys to
want to jump in a participate
the nascent questions if some
feedback on that parts important now to it so let’s start this off by
a folk scene in on on sanctions
in the digital asset space in
the crypto space and and I think on and within this development,
and as you team in the U.S. a microphone
kiss on the impact of of digital
asset in black chain on the
United States up while observing
ever of the trends on in the
marketplace on and at the same
time when to make sure that what
our government is doing is really for the benefit of the
growth of the digital asset
space so totes up in ski in to see want
to know and let’s let’s talk a
little bit about some current
event of its been happening
right no to everybody knows that there’s
a little bit attention right now over an ear on Iran has been a a
a sore spot for for many many
years was not knew as much of
people one to put a focus on on
the of Iranian of Iranian of navy on
attempted 212 aboard on my us of
the U.S. side naval ship on and
they they surrounded it may ca on they were they supposedly , you should matter not kidnap a
supposedly were holding of the
crew of this U.S. ship that was
how that happened to be off cour , but you know so I was my point
is is that tensions have
predated a tour of they’ve
predated albom all of Iran is
engaged and i the bad actors state, which is
the government which of all
fortunately on has ultimate
control over the populace and we
saw on a all lost their lives over in
Iran as a result, the Jan one
talk about that either my point
here is that all you over the
past a of digital at the digital as a
platform in order to circumvent a sanctions that are put on them
up by a the world body and think about, from a on if
you look at it from a macro
perspective as state uniform
estate perspective how does one
state or of lead to another state who
they all look at as a bad actor
of creating have a key and
specific to regions of the world all whether it’s through their
their financial support of
terrorism on board kids through
on the manipulation of a
currency or e on how does the world’s a stage
deal with those types of actors so really there is there’s two ways
that you can deal with the
states would with countries and
can tow it at Kao net through
econom in every scenario a country jump
into military activity on because again we we always
have to think about the people
on the street now military
action should always be utilized
as a la of that country is at a point
and and a tipping point where
they are threatening of the the
region, through of the buildup
of lo , or or if it’s even you know
through the invasion of other
countries of unfortunately of
the military of of the military option disease
on the table and Annas to be
utilize now you know of it out only get into
that conversation either bone
meal my point with all of this
is that with the run as a bad
acto on they have overstepped on their their of their
boundaries multiple times up
over the years, and there’s
there’s there’s good reason to
believe of the D the agreements that are put in
place on it’s been proven time
and time again on but again not not even close
in on that the point with all of
this is that there are economic
sanctions of them have been lev a stage upon on Iran now up and
as part of that conversation
you’ll hear honest talked about
ad that again the opportunity or
th of utilizing digital asset to
circumvent on again to circumvent the
sanctions we saw that same
conversation in Venezuela we saw
them attend the Petro of the of
the crypt and currency and force other
countries to use it to buy gas
that countries of some absolute
disaster but now up here on you
know what’s what’s amazing about all
of this is that it is that we saw for the first
time and eight of digital asset
crypto currency exchange
actually then a year on so in
and we’ve seen countries that
have forced cryp and India up and elsewhere all
but seeing a crypto exchange
that is actually a stopped trading in and I
believe we saw that the we saw
that with finance teams change so rapidly on but here we see on a limb
easily pull it up here on here
it is it’s called local of local
bit points is the exchange and
so t today is the 25th sons
yesterday, and get completely
lost track of the day’s over
this past week has been super
hectic of all lo most likely and even according
to this article in state specifically that U.S.
sanctions are almost up a you
know certainly the cause of them
pulling out of the Iranian
market Helsinki based peer to peer
exchange to go so it’s it’s interesting that that you they need a needle
by all countries and their
companies that are part of of
though that the world stage here
of th , by you know by a group of
countries so if it does group
agrees that were going to place
a sanction because that’s the
best thi on both from the state level
that’s their first attempted
getting that country on in line
with their thought process
without uti , again Indian I would probably
argue this in all right a wrong
whichever side you wanna be a
Chinese bamboo the BB, on us so
th instance on in the run that were
and maybe maybe is not the first
play itself when I can be the
last of it were going to see all you know if if you get to the
world at large onboard was
something you can deftly move of
countries in two of you into law
of co you can look at it from
different perspectives alike
you’re just a young not not
delay this of this topic but to be run as a major supporter
and finance ear of global
terrorism for years and years and years there is no excuse to say that
the Iranian regime you know has a point, in in
their activity so they have
there’s no purpose in their
financing of terrorism over the
years and th a for the purpose of
manipulation and control so that
is a bad actor state, 80
everybody has to agree with that
I definition on got some really crazy us stories
they came out of a vow to
Venezuela on just recently and
you’ll have to share this
because to m , let’s take a look at that some
of the people that popped in on
one make sure we had knowledge
everyone as they as they got com you I’m not afraid of of
disagreements I actually
appreciated because that’s the
only way we learn from each
other and on the cu and soap is 40 minutes and
announce its own port and
understand both sides specially
enough if you don’t understand
the other si that that’s how we get along so
any of that have been too well
the rent on that the excerpt the
Carolina drive in listening a ma and outs of you know we’ve got
so many choices seem to get into
the car you got your your XM
serious radio of you got a
multitud being able to tune and and and
listen to pot gas and anno that
I appreciate you know everybody
that the Johnson on an early
morn and then we’ve got to I know
well over here from a from
Dublin we’ve got an excerpt the
bananas and from a from Ireland
as well, TM but so it’s it’s a form of a
craig’s listen to peer to peer on so as a peer to peer, their
allowing individuals that’s a
circumvention of a of the of the
marketplace and of the sanctions on so going to an exchange
exchanges I guess would be a
little bit easier to yell place
a heavy a focus on as a as a
country to other shutting down the
circumvention so Merrill and that’s a long ways
away of a toll calls well up
there, Norway Anders in from
Norway , fantastic in a lot of
benighted man II like Norway you know what I you know of
Norway is a great place you know
I spent of you know some good
time traveling over their of
starting I Uni that they really think
about where you’re going to
start riding an year to see you know crazy
stuff all over his waterfalls
and and the fjords and just
everything you know it’s
unbelievable so of Washington Anna lee is
it’s awesome and Castaic anno were were
planning another trip, ice to
travel a time when I was working
but on now are were planning a
trip an a right now be on different
locations in, but then the
Norway so we Gotta figure
something else out, but you know
it’s crazy at anno what about the United
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plays in the U.S. to but not so
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there’s re the Ahl of the a the views and
then the places to visit in the
U.S. are are just up outstanding
you know and so that’s something , as always gonna be a little
bit over led them on and so,
that’s Grady and I was on this
morning streaming and nine and of its good so, a stride
everyone, Australia, just Gotta
figure figure that out become
lost really want to spam like
three w Cali all that write Jerry all
you’re in a poster Rica and that’s you know one of one of that the reasons I
you not just as it aided towing
to one going down to Latin
America, for South America Gao
is ma , and Brazil, and a seen some
really bad here he was, but
odyssey some really nice areas
to, but I know I know there’s
some amaz , site, got sidetracked in this
conversation I want to give too
much time on just talk about this and got
a ton of things to go through so
on Mr. Be a breaking 40 as are
his heart and then not taking do is that excerpt he is proving up
its stability to 00 and that is
you know so important to know
the ad I agree Jerry of you know and maybe Venezuela so let me
let me just utterly stupid and I
just think it’s important share
you know and and anno of light high know I know
quite a few people from
Venezuela I know people the travel to one
to Venezuela on now it’s almost
impossible to get to Venezuela
via direct flight on but you
know and they ended up yellow up with
power outages of that were
pretty extreme and you know it
and they’ve been up of full
power gri alive five no axes to anything
watcher batteries died three
solid days now I said you if you
go and then you need gas are
waitin a producer and exporter of gas
on now the population sit around
in action if the weights us so
wait in line said just it’s
insan and on and on to do another of
topic on Venezuela here you know
so I think if I think it’s
really important to Deanna I what sun and others
talk about your earlier to get
some feedback and comments so,
but that’s that’s a rate of the
ha so I could see here only go back
to topic at hand in hand, get
through this there’s some some imports
stopped us so now up to the next
point now when men were engaged
with a Congress and and listened
agai You know some of the some of the
flood some of the misinformation
some of the misunderstanding on
in the digital assets base is it crypto currency is used by
overused, primarily by all of
the criminal elements up within
society now digital asset the oic up has
been not tapped into land has
been used, by criminals
obviously on you know you can
avoid you can a the hack currency on the other
hand to as being utilized for money
laundering for racketeering taft and in every other on type
of a criminal intent on known to
man since the beginning of fiat
currency so if digital asset ha and fiat’s been around for a
couple 1000 years I would have
to say that it’s safe to say that a fiat is the preferred,
Maffei of movement of of Tainan singer whenever you know
intimidate you know in a
criminal endeavour of fiat
currency for the most fargo’s
buying traceab and have it does, disappear into
the system of now a DC that goes
on when there is money
laundering taking place then the
powers but fee at currency is by far
you on the top of the list of
all of this criminal on intense
now that digital asset comes
into pl as we all know digital acid
through the black chain is
transparent and tractable for
the above the flood stairs and
politicians what they have to understand is that digital assets are the
wave of the future would they
have to understand is that
criminals are going to be
criminals rega on isn’t going to do anything on
its own on until you put it into
the hand of a criminal all with
hill intent then that tool wil can easily be on in a filtered
into the system and hidden and
isn’t 100% of traceable digital
asset again on the other hand,
is you know with all of that
happening and yes you know we’ll
still see criminals again there
to use the tools on and hands on
and what they called hear this is an
interesting article, I pulled up
on the CC and on and then also
had something of a hidden from to actually of data press
release a couple days ago on the
20 seconds if this if they said
is the first law enforcement
action o mixer service with the mixer
service I did they basically
mixing all the digital assets on
together on and then they kind
of on of of a tracking an
investigation shut them down so they saw that they up over
the past year and a son mixer
grew up make seeing all these
crypto currencies on moved about
$200, big points so this up this up
organization and and it wasn’t
on the Europe old trade press
release, not sure where of a CC
and a , they said here on China find
exact of a statement I thought
it was interesting and how much
money these guys made , and EC Tarantino is another statement
that the total turnover of dark
and markets announcer Bracher
800,000,000 a year so it’s really at the end of the
day it’s seems large and but
it’s a drop in the bucket
considering you everything else
that the to they were profiting about a
75 bit points every single month
off from their mixing service
now this was primarily targeting
o on but you know the point with
all of this is that you know as
much as a criminal wheel one
stay utilized on a digital asset
on Euro poll or any of these on
agencies can then go back track
and all you’ll be able to track
them down and shut them down so
I t I let see we got here, yeah,
many any feedback comments on
this side divine I don’t think
criminals used many check a lot
of it of 90% of dollar bills in the
U.S. have that’s true to our TV
can view backtracked that it’s
insane of the but there are you
kno that’s what they say so, what’s
a logjam watching from the YMCA applicable john Eaton start
saying to a toughly doing a good
workout type Didier of AT&T is a vase
accepting of digital asset for
payment through a third party
service on same third party
service t , glad the tuned in me of glad
for the a and that you time
taken in the in the donation
offered here so of the hopefully
a teleplay don’t die ruin your
workout is he is used are
working outside of a of the CIA and Ford hold the JV
NAZI criminals are stupid white is traceable BT see when
they can use privacy coins like
the narrow and that that’s a
good point if you know so they
go to what happens on the privacy
space in that regard, you know
to see what kind of of traction
they can take up with with a
palm and , you know that all been bats
and I like the divine saying
there’s a good chance of apple
wants to try to ban them and they go underground once
their underground you know then
there’s going to be an
underground currency at that
point but again you know it’s not the
tool it’s the intent of the
individual of those individuals
will be tracked and found you
can hi a nose still that’s so on now
going back into into law into
government and taken all of this
you what we’re thinking about
and w in certain countries certain
circumstances certain political
groups why they maybe I’d Gantz of
digital assets from mainstream
adoption and if you think about
some of the concern that those
indivi that accepts a bride’s and makes
large financial gains off from
hitting deals with large and
lobbying groups as same politicians a new get huge amounts of money
transfer to them inquires I book deals and
written by ghostwriters on in
order to enrich that individual
on and in order to gain their
compliance and oh so that is something that
you ID and I think if you throw
that you know that I think it’s
an interesting a point you know of these that’s a know is that you know from a
from a political perspective you
know I think it’s it’s crazy you know if you look at the way
you can manipulate of the
politicians on into certain
action, through a deal through
one through why some of them might be
against an odyssey you looking
like the Sherman eder on who
receives you know huge of yul of
the nine, and a credit card processing
companies so you know so that
that sun and that’s obviously
where we’re at, that’s so to me
a site the divine, and see if you tried
to encase them to a legit point
the change will not be able to say be stuck with them criminals
won’t be able to launder them like they can cash exactly a
that that’s a good point and on
that’s the whole intent of the
up of the criminal is to be able
to and if it’s just phenomenal,
narrow form and you still will
have to have a mixer servicer
somebody out there that’s then
moving the of the Havas idea that’s
that’s the nice if they have
it’s exactly right to think
those are great points of light
that you h so that serum when you off-ramp
to Fi of privacy points don’t
help exactly, so I think that’s
deftly all you very very good
poin announcer that something that we
need to emphasize of me with it
with a political law yuk lasted
are making their decisions on t of now odyssey there’s a ton
that we can read into the space
it we see the growth all we see
the potential of of of rebel net
we on and we we see what the bread
barley house is stated regarding
ex current been swift 2.0 swift
as an hold a candle to allow dr in much greater of then a you
know any anybody could imagine
on in much greater than what
swift would ever accomplish so
swift i so hear what we’re seeing is
that you know through excerpt he
of you can have a corrupt, the
very of all reliable source of
liqu on it cannot be utilizing or two
of the facilitate the event of
pain and remittance on a can be
utilized all four of the exchang on it has significant
functionality onto it so the
form of broader perspective and regardless of the amount of
time it takes it has by far you
know that the biggest of the
growth of opportunity and a much out of any of the of digital assets mainly because
you excerpt he being utilized
you know for a solution like ex
rapid now and right now ex rabbit Hazen,
full on odyssey they engage an
odyssey its active all but
here’s here’s some thoughts and I want a look at some you
know I wanna look is something
that recently came out an
article that came out and in so so here’s here’s my point
you odyssey things are happening
on banks adoption of a rebel net as a solution
currently utilizing acts current
obviously , we can we can look in terms of
its its kind exploding the
adoption all we’re seeing more
and more financial institutions
that which is the world’s second
largest service provider of
remittance payments team on
board use utilizing rebel net on
now one of that that the biggest
unknown variables is when will
ex rapid being gauged by these
banks and II firmly believe that you
know there’s specific criteria
in terms of and at times talks about Sam
boxing on and I believe that
when they rolled out ex Rabin
odyssey was tested prior to what
you put with the potential of shutting
down of this of this software
you know a software program or
whenever might be on you need to
you to I believe that you in order
for ex rapid to me roll out in
earnest all we need to again see
specific on volume of activity by a specific number of banks
all happened prior two I have no
idea what that is on just it
just a conjecture you know at
this p you are they going to love a put
the Exe wrap it in two of the
mainstream du sand and again
from my perspective so on now
with a the owe the heads of you know
they’ve got about who’s who and
in the up in the in the world of
finance a sitting down with
Chris , but again the intent of toes
organizations would not sit with
the Bragg barley house wouldn’t
say it with a rebel corporation tale of utilizing other rebel
solution onto a fuller extent of
all it is is a swift 2.0 that’s great bear to compete
head to head with each other
they might show up in trade
shows but is it swift 2.0 that
is stimulat you provide a global liquidity
of and and it’s really it’s
unparalleled you know so also
considering the fact that
through acts and why they’re excited about , about the one rebel is doing
with rebel net so and I believe there’s there’s
you great things that, you
obviously you know there’s a ton
of excitement in the space but
also be you know we we should of you
know you know looking at this
ideal for Sean Penn thanks for
that on unexpected unexpected
man of D , so the of so this was an article
in a this is as PSC be Thailand
on tabs rebel for black chain
paints a reason why bring this
up of 18 however on there were some
tweeds that were coming out from
Tennessee be as a response, too,
somebody’s unquestioning so o , and really the question what
was what you be using excerpt he the response from a CD Thailand
was we will be using black chain
technology for rebel a light as for excerpt he you
may have to wait for further
announcement and how we already
know that if these banks are
engaged it some point they’re going to
turn on the Exe rapid solution
when it’s ready and when they’re
ready on ex rapid will happen
now torrid biggest typing teases
tantalizing news for rebel
excerpt the bulls on but they
didn’t tease the tantalizing
news because of which is great that they
responded to the question but
again it’s really yell common
sense of that we will see you
know bank’ and an overall faster than
they’re going to do it on and so
if there if there are 80
adopting into that solution
obvious if they to their fully imbedded with
swift and they’d never move lower
rebel net that I can use acts
rapid but they’re using of the
rebel net solution and they’re
using ex of the fact that people you know
our are trying to read into
every little line and then
putting up the and I get it you
know you on bay there was no utility of tantalizing news a you know they
weren’t easy that there are
merely responding so again you
know my point with this is
there’s e that responses you know that
could’ve been the response
someone has a great question and
here’s our amazing response and
just a it’s of let’s get into multi of
now I think it’s important you
know that that of that all of us
on been others 40 a plus people to as of early adopters as
content providers as content on
a participant’s it’s very very
important , that we stay informed on key
aspects of the solutions that
were backing of just like the
research that you might do a
prior to men per shot lots of man really
appreciate that so, and three of them and that’s
crazy man to owe you know so really you
time to emphasize and focus any
of your to invest in stock if
you’re looking for a long-term
holdi and that’s the one I’m gonna
hold for the next 10 years and doesn’t make any sense if
you’re gonna buy and hold appear
invest in a stock in and I’m not
saying that excerpt he is a stock you know,
seen not as a digital asset it’s
not a stock Indian and non rebel
in any of stretch of the imagi on it’s very important that we
understand all of the full utility as well
so on odyssey you can dig in and
say and look at bit cloying and
there’s a lot of a opinions bac whether not big point is a
long-term hold all weather truly
is a store of value on
eccentrics at a run in the
digital a currency on its holding its value of this
point you know it’s got a Deitz
and ramping up with a market
that’s not an zero on a theory
and the terms of the framework of
the other of the black chain
companies you know have done
built on all but the longest
with with a understanding the nature of
what were investing in its
import also then to understand if a rebel yell is the primary
vehicle at this point, I should
say the largest vehicle of this
point that could potentially
utilized on excerpt he on as a
digital asset it’s important
than for us , the the excerpt the ledger you
know understanding the dynamics
of how all of the excerpt the
digital asset can be utilized
all out of rebel to rebel net you
know factors in onto the utility
of a excerpt he is well through
ex rapid all and understanding
be you know knowledgeable about
what’s happening now it goes a
step further because as we as bash in the United
States especially if you’re
participating in the grassroots
initiative on our reach two on
two Congr of a in Congress with a token
taxonomy act but I believe the
next initiative is an hour each
of two state gov’t so state
governm tile regulation and to certain
acceptance of digital asset in
the state level on a bears and a
lot of significance so we see
wha to see you know some of that the
rules that have been not you
know passed around in Nam and
Nevada all we see what that he
would a I third party platform to be used off for payment of
taxes on an as well as on
additional on acceptance of the digital
asset space by the by the state
government and in Ohio on as
they did in Wyoming so that next
initi BU two content participants of
the twitter influencers that
Witter influencer participants
whatever might be whenever the
platfo or elsewhere in the world on but
again focused on the U.S. crowd
here and we do have of young
decent size international of
loan not really speaking, in regards
to be all how did you took the
that happens on in specific
countries on however so so again
you we stay actively involved on my
of a meeting coming up on nine
on Thursday of it should be very very
interesting of they’ll provide
some feedback on after I have
that meeting on a flight a few
people kno tough, I’m really hoping that it
will, will really allow us to
get further engaged in supporting
the of direction that the token
taxonomy at goes in, hoping that
as a community all will have our and that’s really what it’s all
about good we sit back and do
nothing and then hope for the
best am sure that we could all
but t of our are are really value
active on in getting the word
out so to know that some me know what
what is is critical and is
exactly why you know where to
one a call on everybody all when
the tim are eight, Arlene what is the
eye you to video they’re a
posting up there on the one I’m
not sure what it is a just itself for review, so the
Dea and the only do something
here real quick on men to keep
this to an hour and Edie go through this and
nine and a second tier ago I need to do want to Oman
cleanup of some of the things
I’ve been working on here so and second , adding a few more moderators
to the ITU the channel on just a
simplified as do something real
quick and then a law and Brad lo italy’s all do that that’s
awesome and was a new not even
sure that that that work their
buddy of check that out on the
apprecia it delighted deftly I hit the
likes , and show some support for the
channel for sure you know
anything of anything you guys
can do at this point so let’s
sun and it of politicians in Norway say big
point is only for criminals and
money laundering its propaganda
of the same time that of the ce as at the meeting with the
International Monetary Fund you
like that so this this just tells me you
know from that perspective of
there’s a balance and we talk
about this before as well, and
Oman g to extend on to extend be on the
hour that the that I’d try to
hold my head butt on U.S. only
the college tuitions are acting
on of debit point is only for
criminals and money laundering look at the relative age of your political class of your
Elek team officials that are
sitting up in in parliament and
government of in Congress
wherever of that embarrassing up, I don’t
even know what to call it a
spectacle all with the
politicians questioning a face
book and and tenley I just I just got the
notification RT be 10 thank you
for that appreciate the eye the
excerpt the tip of of the just came through said
that’s really awesome it’s fantastic I get up again
open up and just getting some of
the of you know pop of
notifications so , all open that up here, let me
see as we’re going, Ms. If I can
get that here excerpt the two
baht, so say yes so you know we
c , now my of tip of balances
filled again I can start using
it to 1 to 2 bout against a
appreciate that are TV that’s
awesome, so it is so where was I a light so
again with government so let’s
go to the other part of what
Anders was saying year of the
same t what what digital assets are
they they are their operating on
misinformation are hyper focused
on that misinformation as
accurat of they understand on all of the
that you know various dynamics
of love of what’s happening
economically on in this exactly
whet open to trying to pass through
some sort of legislation and
that’s where all you do you can
really begin to educate on at
the be the government doesn’t but
eventually it’s all that come
together in a really it takes
you know it takes a community
onto to mov , with the up with of the
politicians ought to truly help
you move of the their
legislation through Congress now tang’s you know we think
about it from the perspective of
you know the bill gets presented as a lot of other things happen
politically it’s not necessarily
a priority now all the sun you
gravitate to one politicians say you know a stamped in history
for all time you know because black chain
technology you is the dynamic
shifts all within this industry
black chain technology is you potentially greater then
you know they invent of the
Internet or compare will to all
of the invented the Internet as
far this is the next step so you get
a politician that wants to take
part in that concept and they’re out
there like all worn Davidson
Daren Soto on time hammer and
there’s many many others on an
NEC I’ for the U.S. economy as well as
what it means globally to get it
all of the one to get on board
so again on the other side you k anything when it comes to oh,
nothing, the I know about other
countries but the majority of
politicians in the United States
are what they held his head say you
know for us when it goes to
making decisions of finance and
economics and oak show me one
Atty. all but you didn’t read data are
learned up and the reality of
what’s happening you know any
deftly don’t learn anything
about f here you have even in the
medical space you have doctors
that they don’t know anything
about nutrition telling the
world is that and they don’t understand
finance but yet we a lacked of
it we lacked these a
politician’s these lawyers to go
in represent as i malady of a digital asset how we
expect these attorneys to
understand the functionality of
a black chain and how we on a oh
spec shooting on a youngest is a
rumor mill all which many of them do
because they all the other to
rely on Ya whatever small you
know bit of information is
dumped on their you know then it’s up to us than
to educate them from a
grassroots level they let them
know look as as a up as a
constituent on of black chain technology as a
constituent yuan here to educate
you on what’s happening globally
up with digital assets you know of two of they can really have a
major impact on everything you
know that that we need to happen
so I knew the talk about mall t to get sidetracked in a little
enough time to talk about multi
up and less of you guys are good
with that and try to think time , the Vaughn, and is watching
couple months you’re politicians
will start coming around all the
sudden the lead new information, so matter of us support you know from from
all from all aspects so let’s
eat no one compares to Yuma
Santa and missing out on the
conversational open of up to two
guys a group of me see OM to get through the upshot you’re
the man yes to a pass that I agree with that
100% for Schott is really
amazing and consulate in a
showing support for content for
a creators you know that sits its
outstanding you know you all are
you now spending time you
listening, supporting
contributing you know there’s just so much
announce it’s really amazing and oh so, to tell tests, yes oh yeah so
that it is this all community
that’s why the beginning you
know and and now you know when
we talk it would deny as been
contributing online his son is
stream on and each of the
participants that are here and I
really appreciat there really is really really is
to alight let’s let’s wrap this
unable and of doing an hour and
1/2 II like it into an hour to nobody wants to sit through an
hour to have video with that they can engage and
you now so common and a pass for
a new try to figure out where the world in Malta not be
a wise and it in this video
stream it’s on the of the mail
and others can talk about multi
of when AM to one excerpt he been
used by banks and as we talked about them
beginning cell to tie so this is
on types, tse and no ideal of blue bunny is,
is that an ice cream place and
could be mistaken a miniature , to awesome exurbia Carolina a
day that school men, appreciate
appreciate your time here again
it are that sets Graham and a
lege , it is ice cream of thoughts and never a dull than ever have
the bunny , is it a ice cream place or
just some ice cream that’s a
distributed a light so let’s look to me look
your let’s get into this animal
and then we’ll wrap this up into
that eight, times and at 930 I on you know weeks are like minds
days are like I know of that did
you know but it’s it’s crazy so
September 28, 2018 a Siam commercial bank pioneers
rebel nets multi up feature his
and sought a ceo’s and then in
the news again a Siam bank is
alw a over and not in Thailand, to believe I believe it’s one of
the the larger banks over the
area on but a so as CB Siam
commercial bank on utilizing an
relie to the mall to a feature and as
I got into a city light on and
on among the rebel the com web
site, to pull the sun is a lot
of diskettes jumbled up on and in
my brain you know and I go back
and unlike denied I Gotta figure
this out and only a figure how will you
everything that I and I learn
you know and try to go back in
and remembering every little
aspect to the multi of high speed up
the videos of done that before
it’s great to a gale travels I
have a I have watched the videos
and , this lets see here , are eight were well OK so
multi up, now let me let me get
right down to the significance
of a multi hop and where it
wears a t and I wanted to read this
because it was soon so important
and now I can find a statement
this is awesome, and its ear are some process to know that’s
not it means like it was a
perfect, the benefits a multi
hop, and I can find it a deal
basically you know multi OP is
it allows these financial
institutions ought to move money , and so let’s say you have a
small unity of a bank on
typically a yuppie need to move
money from one currency to the
next of many of them you know art on
you know that the larger bank
wire transfers on and don’t have a pool of a of
a liquidity that the notion of
Ostrow accounts on and so
they’re able to utilize so here
it is on the multi a feature on
because normally they have to
convert it into a U.S. currency on before they can settle it on
in the other bank and the other
currencies so here it is right
here so of a lack of Stinnett
int that there’s been without that
standard of integration, or for
a move that of money and even
cross border of its going from
all on but that but it becomes very
important on because they they have these
expensive work arounds on and so
if they’re using soul images
read this statement eureka’s and
r to really requires expensive
work arounds a neighboring
countries relying on the
correspondent bank system have
to first convert then settle across multiple
correspondent banks before finally being exchanged
to the currency use that the
beneficiary institution so why
is that significant and wise
that exp lack of a standard of
immigration on the role of these
little let’s call them jay pm up
silos so to speak and maybe
that’s an ea they don’t have all of the big
global access on someone comes
in the big Brands like I’ve now
we Gotta figure out how to
change requires numerous fees including
two sets of foreign exchanges as
a matter remembering in the end
of the normal activities to ex and then from U.S. dollar
currency to the next currency
saying so there’s two exchange
is going on on as a result
there’s little that to participate on you and
in exchange up with through the
digital asset the marketplace of
being able to actually bank on b offer them to send money I threw
these untypical channels that
they’re trying to use which is
losing money in the conversion
pro and made gets to a point where
they can’t afford on to do that
so then there are a stern, airy
of influence for business and
shr considerably into their
microcosm of people that they
can touch and sea and it’s much
more difficult financially
speaking for th now when the significance of the
multi up feature that any of
banking institution a can
connect to a red because now
it’s it’s e on these financial institutions
UC and then and this looming
read from here because it’s a
perfect same as on rebels
website yes , which can then settle in
payout across the region without
exchanging currencies multiple
times in any heavy fees so now
they g on Indian all the fees that they
that they typically all will
have to pay which makes it next
to impossible offer them to
partic you in a disobeyed economically are in
trade, so speak so calm side I
completely of Las doubt on non , nine and the chats here so of all go
get back to the minutes Oregon
and prescient that are to be
again you know that’s great , the let’s let’s jump over here
so all with multi up to push of a push of managers
still on and thank you for everything a
degree we can happen Memorial
Day all would check out later,
so with multi up again this is a
dir of the multi of a feature for
all of these Asian on a paste a
smaller banks now and the benefits of Malta up
and let history here and this is
good so the benefits a mall that
go well beyond the financial to this is this what we’re
talking about, now the customers
a rebel net institutions
including remainders and
assamese will see on assamese our estimate is
responsible for up to 60% of
employment in developing worlds
but that number is thought to be
as hig so on and it is very significant again rebel net rebel net is
providing a solution on to
settle payments , faster odyssey within the SEC
on its cheaper we know that on
and it’s transparent right now
through their process are a multi up using swift whatever the
solution might be as of the theirs of a clear lack
of transparency and its odyssey expensive and
obviously you know it’s not
taught it’s not a good of method
of moving money any longer on
Malta a because I thought that these
site two paragraphs these two
statements using the Siam
commercial bank as an example of
a I believ , you again you know folks in on
you know the settlement of
payments so we wanna make it
easy transparent sheet on
utilizing mal what to that the Ovitz it to me
it’s it’s amazing write it just
it’s just amazing on to build have these,
solutions on to help of banks in
to help people in these regions
of have the ability to now
participate chip an excerpt the minute watts of
men and mourning it is lakes and
it’s almost 930 and dogs and we have a dog house
guest and they came over
yesterday that we have for three
days and he was barking and 4:00
AM t midnight com rain was absolutely
awesome last night on those if
you really engage in
conversation and we talked a lot
about unio you know CNN learn and
understand the various aspects
from the topic were learning
again learning from each other all other such an amazing I
engagement here crypto hutch all
the way from Tampa Florida
what’s going on and a CIA here, we got people
from Florida taxes, Tripp 21
from California white North
Carolina it got done Merrill and
we’ve go a Ireland UK so one Norway so
it’s awesome a second largest
bank total assets $81.4 billion
on in the a sigh and commercial
bank to have cars that dire talk
about that bank so that’s awesome, and tested here we are Georgia
now pass up in Georgia, sun and
a Horlick also in tampon and
test IC OK great thinks of taft
car you’re really focused and
understanding of the entity
that’s utilizing it did the
solution that will you know that
has that this banks that are bringing on board
on is is just unbelievable and
also were seen a major
transition in the world on and
we’re seei within the digital asset space
and we’re just seeing the
beginning so a Chicago and Gail travels love Chicago
and every time I go there of
dubliners is there is a mayas on
my list and gibson’s a
steakhouse is and those are my two stops I
love those two places and then
Fido and love going to go also
so, anyhow all really appreciate
ever import engage in conversation
important topic important things
happening of a from a a
political perspective of that
world and h all with some of the
participants of the token
taxonomy act us a lookout for
that and maybe we’ll spend
Saturdays of a conversat , oh god no idea where Boca’s
chip of excerpt unit and so on
any help again thanks all for
being on thanks for spending the
time and, without the further ado and
and assign offer of a it through
the opposite of what any of a
everybody have a phenomenal day , Monday evening to know I do
still plan on being on Monday
evening and with that on Monday , 9:00 PM we’ve got idea nine to
9:51 10:00 PM a stream of
Mondays and Wednesdays I deny
streams Monday through Friday at
9:00 P and auburn rain on Fridays and
10:00 PM and then odyssey guys
can join me with your cup of
coffee with your Guinness with your
Jamison whiskey whenever your
favorite rate might be of the pain will pour the world
your hand on Saturday mornings
on so again appreciate everybody
look for to see on the next rema to Yvonne Holland and or crypto

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