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excerpt the minutes so , glad the glad the year on and
on actually a working on putting
together on my grade live
stream, where were you get the
pop bo , a catalyst for all of the
previous a financial crisis of
it stand out above the banking
space, and another look at
looking int all within not within our
digital asset investments and
holdings excel Russell, the one
that’s up popped on india’s one
and one and then nine after of the dog
knocked over the calmer the kind
of a delay things a little bit
further so any out without
furthe it can see through may it’s pretty and even think about
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appreciate that, and and glad
the you’re all you’re able to
make it on this morning by the
year of A toe are eight Libya to get into
this will will start of the
stream out this morning with
upward some interesting nine info, and I wanna talk a little
bit about of the coming up
economic crisis over and you’re
up comedy bits and I starting
point f , if you have a gripping again
grab your coffee and I highly
recommend that you do on
although this will be very
engaging, Ragen all which one of focusing on up
what what we could refer to, as
rebel killers on but as of us
said many times in the stream II
b , but were to go through and one
by one by one of going through
in looking at Baeza, and
although I’ve talked about some
of thes , within the payments pace of
that we can equate is a 125 $1,000,000,000,000 on industry
of that sets take so all before
we get into that lets died in a
little bit into what’s happening on on the docket here on has to
do with the fact that in Italy,
is is developing or or has
designs on a pudding in place all we can
refer to is a shadow currency,
and it’s not the right
terminology on but I believe that you know
for our conversational purposes
today on a deftly, you know
where that organ EU’s toe now
obvious and by embracing the Euro it
deftly had eight direct impact
on the economies of countries
like a type Italy , like orchard will take Spain,
like Greece and we’ve seen
Greece go through multiple
financial collapses on and and
of bailouts us since the implementation of
the Euro and in fact, it’s gone
much much worse on and then you
know if you wanna tie and some
of a little movements of that are
are a little bit terrifying, in
Italy that are embracing us some
of the old propaganda of Mussoli so with this you know why the
wine is a solemn port and right
now what we want a look at this
right now as we begin to see a potential on, the construct of the European Union a
potential deconstruct of the
Euro on to allow these countries to
regain their nationalism to
regain their national identity to regain their self sufficiency , whereby you relying on their
own economy up and their own
currency a now the problem with
of the Euro overall in why did
it ha detrimental impact on on some of
these economies you offer one a
look at the economies of Greece
or in Italy or or Spain or Port or France, and you see young two
distinct nations where,
especially Germany because much
of the economies of Europe had
been sup of all their economies and so at
a point where we begin to see a
transition over the past number
of years to a more positive economy , we see those countries
remained stagnant, and again in
all 31 are all related back to
other reason if you wanna look
at a coun living was in Germany on and
Acosta product food and and rent
and things like that was
significantly lower up in a greased and it would
then in Germany at the time now
when you attempt to bring
everybody into a same economy of
two choi on if you’re going to have a
similar Euro the cost of goods
across Europe will also increase
onto a similar level, to as a
base a net of functionality of what was happening you know in
Greece office looking at this up
as no hearing a second car shot and thank you very much
for that appreciate it, Carl Lewis, laugh and a second wouldn’t say when
we miss , though the sternum is
concentrating up up up up a car I so a nanosecond, David be of PCA
one world currency by let’s go
to that, happen because a I
don’t I don’t believe in the one
world of us a cannot even agree on
climate court in UK never use
the Euro Greece prod debt to you
very difficult , and yet there’s a lot of those
issues I grew that David Paul
100% of you graze was deftly you
know highly indebted, and create on and much of of the economy on
again in in your up in the end
and the Euro on throughout the
you or be all with occurrence
wit or advanced economies are
supporting the rest any it’s not
a positive overall because even
from a political perspective on its very up to moralizing,
and so why is all of this
important all right now
specially so when there’s a
discussion coming ou of separating out and going to another currency that will be
developed side by side , with the Euro so they can
attend to all recapture some
form of independence up in in
the run in their economy, and it least you know they’re there
looking in a direction it’s not
necessarily there looking and in
int isolationism they’re not looking at you know
protectionism all but they are
looking at their own and
national identity and looking
for a solu that’s gonna pull them out of
the of long-term economic
recession that is costing jobs,
and development on in their
space , obviously within Italy they
also lost one other major
industries which was the textile
industry which much of the
production m now with all that being said on
this odyssey certain segments
and industries, better still
advancing all but is an overall
withi and in the Iniki behind all of
this is going to then relayed
back to a it’s happening in this
digital asset space and we see
thi tangible form of of of of
currency on to rely on to help
build on and develop on obvious
as we know within the black
chain techn all within the financial space and digital asset with the Cass
ability or potential of
providing liquidity on in areas
that it’s that it’s direly
needed but ev meaning that it’s giving all
people access to the global
economy and why is this old and vital in countries like Italy were
grease on is that it allows many
of those two then participate in
the global economy all of that
mi , whereas when you know I’m
assuming least look at a
countries are up and trees in
Africa or Latin America that are
you still co on more access because they have
many are people remain on banks
a sauna see there’s a lot more
on in the fundamentals where we a some of the things of that are
happening and out of something
else on as a is a transitional
point, and you know to get into
a as it’s that it’s the faster and
more efficient of methodology
and moving a currency up
anywhere, anytime so on Wella
and in doi and we do about the little more
I did one La Point out one thing
and I believe that this is as is
important, and in its been brought up on on
a pre on a number previous
streams which has to do with
finance and this also factors into the
entire equation on because one
of the things that were going to
see I believe in and I could be
w , moving into a peripheral
position all where we see these
up we see the up new digital
asset on exchanges and rowing at
such a are either going to remain in
direct a, a wreck competition
with each other or we’re going
to begin to see a blurring of
the lin of one over the other whether it’s of the digital
asset exchange being bought out
by large a banking on industry
up or receive banks being bought
up b all of that movement within
point base for sure, and were
also beginning to see that
movement with finance finance
right now and Abel the having one of the largest global footprints on any
digital asset exchange and
finance is growing at such a
rapid pace right now all of that they really need to
identify you know how did they,
head of the up to lead grow I
beyond where they are right now
in which is predominantly dominated
right now by.based on by a
percentage by uphold on and then
by nance is a foreign exchange , within the U.S. on is I
believe a little bit more
difficult than if you really
drill down into it, not
financial advice here b is that when you hold a
valuation of more than $10,000
on a on a foreign exchange and need a report that so few
old $10,000 on.base up images
sitting there being held you
don’t need to report that if you
have $ on its in its reported under a
specific got on a specific form
of forget exactly what that is but that’s holding
money in a foreign bank with
potential economic gain on
overseas that does need to be
reported s on and one so when we do put
money there now by nance also is
aware of you know what’s
happening from a regulatory
perspective from a business perspective for
growth a potential within the
space also understanding the
dynamics of what it is going to
mean to a discussion about by nance
pulling out and all we know we
uphold of all your investment
when every have on there and
it’s a it doesn’t what it means is that
this industry is about to
explode even further, because
finances stepping into this
space on an it to the other exchange is that
I did mention that are are here
you have to crack in Gemini also
another all large organization toque seen in on the custodial
side of being able to support of
the larger financial
institutions that are ramping up
in getting and soon by nance which will be
supporting a custody of
custodial account on to support
financial institutions all wear
also you on I think it’s really really
important on in all of this
factors in all because what
we’re seeing his you know we
have by nance expanding their global footprint
on a very rapid pace right now as they expand their footprints
on obviously then we’re also
seeing a seismic shift and what
that means for the economies of
all you’re up is an example if the
EU is at it you know if we look
to the U.N. we look at the Euro
of causing you a potential issue Alway an imbalance a between a
certain countries like Germany
Italy and Germany grace on it
allows also on a different form
of o the UK off or saw in the
beginning guess they
participated in the EU however
they never up of the neighbor
and accepted of the E which was important it was an
import dynamic but you can’t
have one member that does that
one none of the other members of
our a when it’s going through on a
third party whether it’s a you
know with with banking rights,
and you know for going to be due
orch up and be a situation of that
individual country , allow each to develop and and
grow all based on their own
image, and that’s going to be
important and you don’t want
these cou and on a second of O’Neal and
some these comments I am I and the look here, many guys are
thrown of such great stuff, and it on dist of a lever in on here
so the video Khaled let me go back
to this I think is good and then
were to dive into the rebel
killers because we need to talk
abo , we Gotta pop bottle on as
well, open and if you want you
comments of you coming in from
him as well tell to one world currency only go
back to the one dated because, I
don’t believe in one world
currency on as II never really
believe needs to develop their economies
based on their merit on however
now when you have a leveling the
playing fields meaning you kno on two of the global economy
through digital asset and a Lowy
and the on bank to become banks
we ramp up competition we ramp a
p toes that are in a in in
countries that could be
considered a controlled, by
their governments, could have an
easy work around to then become participants on
in the economy think about the
Venezuela is as it is a primary
example of second lag offer
second to highly highly educated people
in Venezuela with an economy of
that is has collapsed on yet
meal for for them if you know
what so their currency is is isn’t
worth young toilet paper in this
point but the point is is the
uneducated people they can do
amazi again there’s highly educated
people over there on that are
being stifled a because of their
government because of a collapse
of on what’s happening in their own
country and these people can be
paid whether not it’s positive
for them right now or you know for future game when
when you know the stair there
are there earning you know they
have a way, if existing you also to oh, its ear David yes agreed
a grease in France alike
Californian’s wanting to secede, it’s if you came as for with
cracks in it which I believe
will happen in other countries
would try to follow eye and it could be a very it’s
a deftly a positive to let these countries on exist
on their own I think if it’s
really important that’s what
they’re saying is you can’t have
all t and of people are gonna be happy
you know it just doesn’t make
sense that way so , tse here to be a scroll down here David
and you thrown up some good
stuff tell you if I unit industry I
haven’t seen you participate
before but menu you deftly given
some good info here so, if you
do no , operating outside of the
coming of two young and they’re
the other moves up to Malta of
because it’s more crypto
friendly exac good point, now the key to 20
were eggs are leveling the
playing field will comply yup I
gray point dated are that the
comment t on and with the duchy 20 AR
regulations are to see more of a
leveling of the of the playing
field I think is important on
and yo on in the U.S. market and the
U.S. market you know within within our Pala
political a structure also going
to see more growth, and more
compliance a coming so it’s a to a Michael Metzger that I
guess on in this instance of my
poverty edu works to my
advantage , italy’s George I’d moved
everything away from buy and
since they got hacked and others there’s always gonna
be of some issue out there a
point base point base, I I’d
honestly know we you people talk
bad a the idea of a merging of all of
these digital asset exchanges
with banks and our banking
rights and what banks are
normally trad , so we’ll only drill down here , itsy took a were to get set up were
to get to a face book in a
minute of K Collet CIA soon order , tse the drilling down here at the
moment the bottom , look a year ago David he did
say OK first time in the stream
you’re in the other streams
awesome, more knowledge on
global eco , I’ll give my opinion my
opinions can be based on fact, I
don’t I don’t operate in a
vacuum, just on the excerpt the
minnows ti on what happens and differ
regions of the world know let’s
say what’s going on in the
Middle East you can look at it
in a vacuum you know yet to go that way way
way back in on you can start
looking yell back key into the
early 19 hundred’s on to
understand , teens and the like 19, light
after world war one of going
into law the early twenties on
to see some of the up and the
politic but everything when you discuss
something like that you wanna
look at it , macro perspective as Wells of
micro perspective and
understanding all the different
variables on how they’re getting
impact so you and multiple perspectives so
even looking at you from idea to
dual asset perspective and understand that the dynamic
so what’s happening from a
global economic, a point of view
with understand that the
political m all the different of variables
are to plug in with a digital
asset to then look at the
potential of the growth in the
space to k , its ear , TBD there are now more than 20
excerpt he focused you to parser
range from Khartoum bear
promoters the faction news
reporting an and are you deftly unlimited and
in scope of time, and in the
riot that you dig through and
say you know what this is this
is ju on an educational because and
you’re in the mood for dodge’s
fluff and and Ya just to your
entertainment universe is actually learning
something and it actually
developing and then
participating and that’s what I
really love about yo of there’s a lot of people that
sit on the sidelines and listen
which is also me I really
appreciate that a lot and I
really app on in the comment because of
taking a lot out of it , and I’ve been able to all put
that into some other things that
that I’ve talked about,
researching a little bit more in
depth all but everybody has something
to want to provide so you know I
really love that to a lot of that and it to cover all those CIA but
everybody ignores that fact and
talking into a bowling ball of a
some might call me and saying so
I k at least I’m not sitting in the
eye and the bowling alley doing
this array of a of the hit of up as is a odd duck pin bowling
balls and that a Canadian thing,
I forget with airs at Canadian a
sort of this Doc and whenever to and feel bad things called and that their balls are about
that size so to write so let’s let’s of a of
it to leads of let’s take a step
over into the rebel killers so
now that we’ve had a little bit and I love that allow some to it so we always was played at
its funny my son and his friends
always wanted, Dave and buster’s
owings going on, Dave and bus you know is all about the video
games right knee just in a span
that 20 bucks and video games
now you go to Dave and buster’s and
and it’s like 40 blocks you know
and you get you get $40.00 worth
and you get the cards to the k are that they can win tickets
are then we go into the back of
the end of the day after about
30 minutes of the builder you’re
40 and then I would go to the
trampoline places and they came
back without my son got a
another football and another soccer ball family
all its hit it and it’s just a
tool areas you know that’s a big
difference of a one to play to oh , are a let’s see here, west and
a second day today and say it’s
the BG 123 magic keep along on a
bowling ball and Jeff said Doc and see exactly it is my magic
cable and actually I get
messaging on the front side of
install me what to say to a beginnings data to any back to
and so am I gets a new you like you
like the arcades to a stubble
blast back in the day we don’t
play video games I remember way
bac to a it and those the best and
we still blessed with and the
video games to all are eight, its of its
look here so check this out now or to look at rebel killers and
all rebel killers, excerpt he
you know is it gonna survive are
we so worried about all of these are getting into
the space all we really worried
about all of the USC cloying
which is a conglomerate of 14
banks o on getting into the space you
know there’s so much that’s
going on here on and so you know
we could be that we could really
be a they’ve got some brilliant
people of it got you know first
mover advantage you know they
were in the space they can’t
open the s that, that the global payment
space is really important on and
that this a global payment
space, is up you know is
something tha it were to look at this a little
bit differently so of owe something else of real
fast and I wanted to bring out I
thought this was interesting so
there’s this organization is t , talking about all of the fact that the route
that revolution is going to
begin on boarding about 20,000 , shrill yens that signed up for
a wait list to participate in
revolution and unravel its
actually setting up the
headquarters a , go for shaman thank you very
much happy father’s day to
everybody happy father’s day to you as
well glad that you want to add
you brought that up to oh thank
you very much appreciate that a now now revolution, is again
you know it’s important because
on its its growing on and a
faster and faster pace and it’s
relat us Oates been around for four
years on the kind of lit up by
things over in your up on and
now it’s going to start lighting
thin over in Australia on and wise
import because again it’s an apt
based of bank and so we’re
moving away from a brick and
mortar ba significance is have is that you
have the spin Tech Banks popping
up off intake banks that are that
have banking rights that are
setting the stage of their
making that the moves that are
critical o of then a Jp Morgan told by an
answer point base are upholder
Gemini or any of these are
looking around and they say are
let’s s and and start down this path, we
need to get into the banking
space again you is Jp Morgan the one
that’s gonna be ripe for buying
or is a revolution of going to
be more right for bind because
now which now became capital one
capital one is not transitioning
over to a brick and mortar
coffee shops and you shall
capital once which is interesting notes of
yet are in an art for shoved
regulator to shoot you for a pop
in and and visiting with us tell us others all these all
these dynamics of going on right
now , when we start seeing the this
type of a shaft and we start
looking at you’ll be the amounts
of money that point basin by
nance and dollops of the bears also
smaller banking groups on in the
United States in and year out
there also ripe for four buyout
on of that we’re seeing with.base
and the development within that
what we’re seeing right now with finance developing finance
us which is a critical move for
them, so why then is it important for us
to focus in on these rebel
killers because it of its all
it’s all related it’s all
relative to o , so in a second , let’s see , it it be, rarely discussion is a
thought leadership not retarded
stuntman and up to shake that did and am so glad
you came on the notes always great when I
see you know of new people that
are you know seen the engagement
and and and really understanding you as we go through and and
really young discussing in
drilling down into the space and
looking at the article, you’ll
need to and each one of those articles
has a certain Spain do it
whenever the writer wrote about
you know we won a look at it to
just se and in just as a note dated Jan
glad you brought that up because
that also factors into how we
identify are, from a from Leon
re on how you also been perceived
of the political on struggles
and political debates in battles
that go on all II highly
recommend you know look at each of the
different of sources and then
try to formulate your own
opinion instead of allowing yourself to
really be a brainwashed by you
know one channel that has won on
potential agenda or those channe on a tear to get a better
understanding what happens and
send you know from their then
the U.S.
that’s t so you know but were what we’re
really seeing right now on view we see , here we see an industry we see
a technology of that is
developing and am talking about what’s happening within this
global payment space soul is
where we’re coming up on an hour
and half ago little bit longer
soulfu tang in their yell to the rest
of his ride off because we might go about,
another third of 20 and 30
minutes on to get through this toll flea that’s OK with
everybody to like to keep the streams to
an hour and a little bit more
contained so , but light so industry in
technology you are our critical
overall meal and development
within and in this industry and again
I’m talking about the bid and
the global payment space, now in
order to develop and in order to
s , we can’t see any of the
companies to sitting on the
sidelines and growing stagnant so we know the companies on need
to one continue up really
looking for new growth
opportunities if you’re not
looking for new gr , and so with rebel,
specifically rebel with the
rebel net platform laid out an
amazing plan that you know that
many people look toning of this platform this
global payment a cross border
payment platform infrastructure and a stop a black chain
utilizing a digital asset
excerpt he on and we’re starting
to see all what that really
means on not jus to speed of payment, you know
the overall efficiency and cost
of transaction all but the
secondary component which is ex rapid providing
liquidity on allowing banks to extract there are there are
millions upon millions of
dollars are sitting stagnant and
noticed robot’s true accounts
and they ca that is a critical component now these up USC taping Morgan
face book and others and now a identified that what rebel
date in one rebel is doing is
actually a rally and then it’s
actually very very important and
it’s and a second and all we know that the space
is a $125,000,000,000,000
industry the who can also latest of many
a solo and IP editors have to
step up to compete and nobody’s
gonna sit back and this point and say, you know rebels in that
space, forget about it yet we’re
just gonna keep doing what we’re
doing let them do what they’r tell us really amazing with all
of that idea is that and over
the past and all 40 of 40 plus
years and even had the financial the
financial industry this
financial banking industry tests
at all relatively quiet home and in relatively
complacent and as swift, is really
dominated every aspect of the
space, with and with their
unified of messaging platform , when it does happen a denied become one of switch to
the small bottles to all of so it was so 40 years goes by and finally in 2012 , one small entity decides you
know what are to take on this behemoth,
and and we’re knocking to sit
back and we see a potential with
technology to outdo and a swift and we wanna see that done, and wanna see that there’s a
potential where swift isn’t
really developing a swift isn’t
a growing a swift is sitting
stagnant o and oh so so, you know so that
you know is deftly detrimental
onto the entire space and out a list their technology to
potentially to influence a cross
border payment on before rebel
came on to light up obviously
there’s an online banking popping up on
however all with rebel they then
deciding all permit and
institutional perspective organ
and mak to that became very important
because what that did was it actually brought to light of that there is a terry important
critical a component here that
all of these other banking
entities of now all realized and
that swift it was taking 3 to 5 days and
the transact money a cross
borders that many times that
failed due to human error, and
when that f , and and that is having you a
major impact especially when
you’re going through financial
crisis and these banks would
prefer t a transaction business
transaction a now when you begin
to see that there’s this new
growing opportunity on this is where competitors up
come to that come to the stage
so rebel open the door 2012
rebel opens the door and all of
these and so did the Starr production
sites caught six years to obey
been watching monitoring
watching monitoring then they
start seei they start seeing that you know
what there’s actually something
to this so six years later they
start to develop into the space and a they’ve already got out
200 plus customers of obviously
when we look at a Jp Morgan if
we look at if these up if you
look however they don’t have the
complete full solution and are
so like are focused on the idea
of the digital asset there
really mis is and where they’re all
eventually going to get on board
and maybe we’ll see various
aspects of of the solution
developing whic alike and all but they’re
missing the element of the
liquidity aspect which is so
vital onto everything and hand so just
adding that the direct messaging
and the settlement component is
important , and it’s in having the digital
assets as a as a of element of
it is important, having the fact
that the excerpt the ledger is of three that the fact that , it’s fully of decentralize so
there’s no one entity now up you in full
control of on that, that environment
utilizing this digital asset all
which is underlying yell the
whole the whole solution to back that with acts rapid , it’s going to further
utilizing digital asset to them
provide immediate liquidity off
for the transaction of of of
exch time a , and up pound sterling can come
out on the other and without
anno Strub ocean account so it’s
it’s really really important and , of losing and that
organization right now is swift,
they’re the ones that will come out of the real
losers so on and why it while I
say that because swift with what
1011 thousand customers off 40 y of their the ones that have
everything at stake because as
we begin to sing customers
migrating whether to rebel net
whether the and a cupful customers
necessarily wrong rebel that
there to pull customers away
from swift, so swift is the one
to lose you tak of thing is is that as we see
the space develop further, were
also seeing more and more of
individuals more more companies
all o with digital asset so we see a
lot of these developing
countries that will become a
more active a participant’s up
in global tra and will need to utilize the
services of a rebel net a USC
word ease up on so becomes ill
in there’s a shift in the entire
dynam as it’s important that we even
identify these companies coming
up and let’s call them rebel
neck killers whenever you know
the r in this space right now if we
think about it we have all are three of our
three with Korda on a cord ID’s
utilizing and an added on
excerpt he as there are an
initial digita and I think what we also need to
recognize and identify and is
that there’s tears multiple components here
so we have financial institution
component and we have retail
component taste book at this
point, to the institution component the lessee is already made a
statement, it was the USC are
designing a second, and I
nodded, we see are two and was
it might eve the DB transactions, and the
minimum criteria is 15,000 or
above and anything under $15,000
of the Z is not going to touch
that the lessee is a conglomerate of
banks are trying to create their
own internal a solution similar
to a swift, and trying to contr and we have a Jp Morgan which is
also creating on internal
solution to try to transact up
globally, through their own
entities t upside of all that because rebel
net as the nonbanking entity is the one provider they created
something to help banks up a
really identify and realize the
full solution so as a technology
c are the ones on the development
side building something amazing
and selling it to the banks and
facilitating that so they’re the on this other company is not
trying to rapidly develop also
into the space and understand
all the dynamics to really it’s
a rebe , up to look back a LI can
remember the name of their of
the organization so any help so within so that’s a
that’s an interesting dynamic,
Baeza, is as they enter into the
space I think you know they’re
th their many many customers on and
these are again focused strictly
on the ba ba space now are the Seibel this up on Ford
stock com, there was you know
some statistics in the sport
stock of article of it appeared
the ot toe and so visas looking at this
$125,000,000,000,000 market and again they’re focused on you
know how to we move as a direct
sores money from one bank to the
other and that’s why visas now on again you I think it’s really
important because you were
seeing different, a different
emphasis are different focus on
it by , whereas again rebel net is
more of a global solution, the
others are our little bit
different, and so but it but it
doesn’t ma on and you know and so they they
offer something similar with a
little bit different spin on it
a little bit different flavor you obvious we have the battle
Pepsi and coke that have gone on
for years and there’s nothing
wrong with the competition on
and again to highlight the fact that
the one loser in all of this is
going to be swift and and that’s
something that’s important to why is it significant that we
talk about face book and would
face book is doing off for this
entire space science organ going
to a deftly of our able to handle
your own internal conversation
but I know you guys throughout
some of some common site if we
wann appear that you know that on and
on ignoring so Chevron did bring
up are really really on good
comments and, that that comment
i runs constantly it’s not just
362-5247 but its global in scope
to know where is a Jp Morgan , you know is his relatively
even though they have brick and
mortar they do business
everywhere what’s interesting
about this di anywhere in the world no matter
what even if they try to block
it it’s still available somehow
some way whether it’s in India
wh , your you have a direct access
to this digital asset space and
that’s so important to identify
its understand so , sun shipped only reason swift
shows to start playing catch up
as everything to do with the
competition for rebel and that’s
10 of it they launch was that there
are a cheapie eye or whenever
and they’re trying to you know
step forward with something
better Teflon shaking now and the fact
that you know the door has
opened and if it’s only rebel
doing it and know you can look
around a because nobody else is doing it
yet and that all the sudden
you’re jp morgan’s I call you
know what maybe we’re wrong and
here’s and that all the sudden you know
people are looking and saying
you know what other all these
other banks outdated and sitting
on anno the do have other options
and there’s a big names in the
game value these up are knocking
of you jeopardize you know
they’r these guys own, ayatollah and
all over the world toes guys you know odyssey know
something and this USC: yielded
as conglomerate of banks which
are some big name banks to all
ot and you may be there in on a
light the fact that I can
support my kids my customers and
I don’t like the fact that it
takes five you know when we live in the age
of the Internet and things are
instant you know it now I see
these other guys ago instead, go
o these up the PM you know I get
to look at the different
companies I make my decision not
forget about swift and also that
is def or it is 100, and at about 125 , let me look that came out of
Forbes actually so you love
that’s a good Point I’d need to
go back in and relocate that I
think on is looking at the fact that
that’s the amount of money
that’s transacting up over a
glow over the day of the of
cross border com so and that’s what they’re
looking at you know as an
overall of each they have come
out of transaction that’s taking
place, in a five trillion a per day and
I believe that’s the right
number I you bite into the.all
go back and look that up but
that’s a , only a bit data on glad you
brought that up to the all go
back and double check that , you see here , and a test is an oxymoron it’s
funny , and CEOs going to are to a a R a I , EI tie at the bell instilled in
getting notification that the
day alerts are really working
the way they’re supposed to, and C, and of all, get back and what a
song about a slick and I wanna
make sure I get through this
isn’t the visa solutions started
a s , tse David guy agree a less
swift as a hill Marion Partners
was one like Exel and which
could have been all but then
they’re st other still going to lose their
11,000 Mac and I’m not saying
swift is going out of business
and I believe swift will maintain the relevancy a I doing something like that
that they’re gonna have to let
an accessory on so I think
that’s to be interesting , tse here on if I tease book
whizzes by consent base to point
to any of the 1,000,000,000
phase for use as women seconds
and ca it’s it’s another of you know
competitive all and added
advantage you know that face
book as so let me up and go bird
on BBC we’ , and then we’ll wrap and all I
wanted you take this out on too long so you
know so here’s why why we see of
the importance of a face book
and you know whether the face by , is that they are opening up
the digital asset onto the
mainstream are simplifying the
process now one of the issues I
think th with cake, that’s been a suit
right now by the SEC over their
kin token in the way the
distributed it, through an icy
oh and and on a you know that was deftly a
little of anno outlandish but
they’re deftly feeling other
ripper caution will see how that
ends , what you’ll face book to
advantage of mail that they
spoke advantage is really the
fact that they have , for you what what’s a number
users they like two billion
users I forget how many active
users they have might be, I
think it’s the the active user base of the
fact that their time to read an
environment where individuals,
and we’re taught about you cross eventually like messenger to believe base book need will
introduce of this cloying
through their unusual platform,
but four to be successful on the
NAFTA of like the day with messenger
as a standalone on to allow it
to be utilized a little bit more
seamlessly not just within face book but
from outside a face book that
thing is is that are able to immediately tap into
a huge of customer database a
huge customer portal the thing
is is that the face book point
is not necessarily a beaded the
transaction it could potentially
then be utilized a PDC
transaction business to consumer
on solovye yuletide in the way it on so it
just it becomes almost more like
a cop and was like a paypal and also is it really resolving
a full issue all because of its
a stable point delight
necessarily need a whole
baseball: Orkin up, transactional methods but
now they’re going after excel my
credit card so there to have
cost involved offer accepting my
cre potentially on in order to
transact that back over to oh there’s multiple cost
layers involved and that’s one
of the inefficiencies overall on
the up on the on the consumer
side a on they are going to a tinker or
unite to 1/2 to 3% charge from
these of American Express or
MasterCard in order to accept
the c a percentage of what is my cost
of getting face the point going
to be a plan to buy face book:
and then if it cost me now I
want of pitch shifts, dynamic like a
paypal, or an excerpt heated by
all wearing think about the
excerpt beatified if it’s able
to be on you know and on and I can buy
excerpt he threw let’s say an
excerpt the tiff file with my
credit card and I can use my
credit eventually are going to have more and more
utility of our digital assets
moving digital asset around on
Sorg and wanna see you easier
trans and also I think there’s still
some you open question about
you’ll cost involved in you know
small small LAN Yu payment a
small on and is it really that
necessary that we really need a face book
point on at this point on to do transaction people on
for then maybe it’s more
seamless and more cost effective because it allows baseball to
get into the payment space and
create something so I think it
out so that that’s really
interestin , and seed a video camera see
clarity exactly when the white
paper launches and a number of
days, if you wait an excerpt the
23 da all marts another good one the
try to get into banking and
seven on politicians love
grandstanding drilling big tech
will not le , use you’ll see a segment off
love of overall though you know
it’s important though to see
that everybody’s trying to get
in th there looking 510 years in the
future on as the digital assets
base grows and develops it’s
more of a five year plan on and
so I and now we see this you know
that the development within the
space the potential in the space
the way other you bigger
entities and others just so much that
needs to happen on as as as the
space grows and developed all
but it still longer and longer
game o of flood that we have to see
enter into the space odyssey
what happens if a pace book a
sign of some impressive partners
agree a or really a direct the
competitors in the space nothing
was a crypto any brought that up
to one for videos you know based
on a s and oh so, viewed what is and
keep your friends close but keep
your enemies closer on and so
that’s where you’ll from which
she , so to speak to decentralize
mechanism for the payment
structure on I think is an
foreign to them so some of you
know the allowin letting them in saying a
participate and his book on the other hand
it’s it’s it’s such a cheap
marketing scheme you think about
it what base book could spend on
mar you know they’re the ones
spending the money , two bridges they would face
book but they spoken to utilize
their name these guys get to
participate and be part of the
progra it that the end of the day when
really means is that, blows up
the space even further done to
bring more mainstream,
acceptance know I think it’s interesting
that someone to talk about it
today you know and I think it
has to be discussed it does not not one of these on
entities are going to really
kill off any the others at this
point on the role developing
growin a currency transfer global
payments, cross border payments
all whenever you know that the
one major loser there’s can be
swift, on and so that’s it’s it’s
really interesting yachts and
we’ll see exactly all what’s
gonna happen on in the near
future so today I agree that ship you know
that none of the space book
partners would assign down
without knowing what they spots
in game it’s not a you know it’s not a
rebel competitor they’re not in
this points to Okasan large
institution transaction like
these up , and even a way that you why is
that not been a direct,
competitor with excerpt the it
does the excerpt the ledger is
much bigg micro payment potential be
whether it’s through on oil all
weathered speedy excerpt the tip
of whether it’s through of this
new the there’s there’s all these
little distinctions but I think
it will what we see again from a
micro payment perspective within within up of the Internet
if things I think that’s to be
another major a competitive
space of it were to start seeing
dev of rebel netted even the primary
focus of the excerpt he is
really to manage and handle
large transaction you know so I
think it on a table of eight a good to see
one year, lore of Mccracken FBI
up a spoke at the Congress laid
in later Lincoln profile says
she car please wordplay and many
other on many more rebel
partners and that’s interesting
to tell you started to see all
these piece it needs to be elevated away
from the state mob of being utilized
for nefarious purpose which is where now call one to
bring all of this on together
into one final know it comes
down to regulatory clarity it
comes do , would dig into that a little
bit on and so we need to
understand the full scope of
everything out old relates to
one another getting face book on board these
onboard of Jp Morgan on board
Allred one board also allows
more lobbying to Congress not
too ma and there’s many others that
still have are are allowing
misinformation and miss up
perception of digital asset to
dictate their of that again that brings a spec
to regulatory clarity on and so
that completes all really completes everything,
tse here, in SIG rammed into
Graham let’s see what happens
with them right, and CIA or GS of the BB and the Chinese bamboo, these
arrays are offered earth or to
make sure the massacre didn’t
get it there import a very competitive
you know been very competitive
for the space and Kevin Paul and
thank you very much up all for t of mail will ultimately the
White House would decide because
swift is used for sanctions and already looking excerpt he
ultimately, yet the bed, from a
regulatory clarity perspective offer regulatory clarity to
happen token taxonomy acne to go
to Congress needs to go through
the house gets signed off on my
hou so that’s vital on it that point
you once you have all of this
stuff happening , and a White House the end and
really swift is obligated and as
an international company as a company with a footprint in
the United States with banking
organizations I mean in the
United States swift’s a main
offices tie the banks are part of a RR
young U.S. based banks on so the
needle by by sanctions, the same
thing will go for rebel and rebel that the needle by by
sanctions are U.S. based company
are going to be all regulated as
such and they need to abide by you’re not going to be able to
utilize swift to circumvent
sanctions you’re not going to be
able to utilize visa or Jp
Morgan or so, if the government doesn’t
control swift swift is obligated
on in their their members are
obligated by law on to adhere to
a IE of a bad actor state like
you’re on your stereo or North
Korea if in fact there are
sanctions again these of these companies
are obligated on two following
that they don’t follow are going to be penalized terry
very harshly so swift isn’t the
only one of the White House
doesn’t have the ultimate,
determina and are not going to circumvent
the sanctions they really had no choice you
know they had no other choice
but to abide by the sanctions and ’cause they would then face
swift a swift a penalty of by
the United States due to a
circumvention on all of
sanctions are b , but to that just the reality
on the ground are not discussing
whether not of the sanctions are
our car good or bad will have a that just how works, and that
substantive going to continue to
work, and that’s exactly why , a digital asset will be uses a
circumvent shun for nefarious
purpose because of it was a tool
that could continuously be utili that’s what all these elements
are critical of two on to
identify also regulatory clarity
for the space on to see how
these enti again is is you know, VOL you
know they’re there are their
operating under this
misinformation that it digital assets are going to
be and are used on to circumvent
sanction that are used offer
drugs that are used up for
terroris so one of the first bills that
passed back in January were
specifically focused on, how do
you deal with, and had you love,
moni or terrorism, for some of the
ferries purpose so that was one
of the first of entity are bills
that passed through Congress
Alis 10, the tip of the tse, bird of
what’s up thank you very much
for that of two acts rp from
bird dog and chip watts Saris
lee and and what’s up with at 15 and 89
that’s like 9851 to a a a and
free sheet that man, so why you
know what’s you know it’s coming
o , let’s see what is this side is
it enough things here all of its Koll, to my street on it so
awesome all of that’s that’s a
lonely look at this so would
cripple bird OPS a year, to
romps execut , which executive orders that, I
would want a read into that a
little bit , tse year and a black all these
governments love the idea
digital assets eventually taking
over because they would have the mutable transaction record
grade point, even for the
suppose it great point man that
that’s that’s an awesome point
and that you know too many of us of
ignored on also is there right
now all your your records are
relatively a private, you know
but there , if you don’t have any of ill
intent with that but your
records are still on now, more
readily available offer
everybody, did t the OS subjected on to a full
transparency and that’s what we
also want so if you want our
records and what your records
and Ion and every less transaction that
is banned not transact it
through a government by
governments, and looking every
entity than it , and I wanna know how much it a
little how much on lobbying is
paying to every single one of
these congressional
representative that’s what digital assets also
go to provide is that we’re
going to get full transparency
in every shape every form you
know th but if the same time to bring
that and it also allows as full
a clarity and full transparency
the voting process so now we can
a toe day on the block chain will
allow us to expunge the boating
of the voting up, and a
registrant’s on that are out
there and r of La to shenanigans and one on
on and that won’t happen again
but without with digital without
blocking technology, boating
perspective it’s amazing guess
it sounds great on paper on the
level w as a nap and you know on next
year as a gifted is something
they’ll take many many years to
potentially implements you know
if i really gave some some really
great to all of you know
feedback, saw some, Monday
evening on 10:00 PM as the next
ream a soul of yes happy father’s day to pop
Arundel, and all other deaths
were in the community Opry Shea,
every you know everybody here,
coul and a research that, Stephens no
one did, 13772 woods are all my things are not
working I think it’s a deep stay
conspiracy I can write this down and light
on that by guest and Spencer
works in both directions owns a
start its building individual
acid , are make rocks we have a stop
that for sure on encrypt a bird
of no while some dead people can
vote even mickey mouse as of oh
a to a, etsi, David Dee, I believe
the rebel mansion as a
participant to contribute
alongside a lot of other
companies of the tube , and colleagues ECU border
executive order got ill and,
George a 0.059 to 2 baht thank
you very much for that I’ve
really appre and deftly look for to seeing
all yuan nine, and on the live
stream on Monday at 10:00 and of
got a question , see a nosy answer of toes down low to say at all and all that swell and no
chip and lays down with OTC and so anyhow again appreciate
everybody for coming on and hour
46 and our 36 it came on a
little bit later off and then
been us , to see so, an AL deftly
appreciate everybody a happy
father’s day , and 10:00 one day and night Tuesday 10:00 with chip excerpt
the minute, and ago many of you guys also jump
into the Dea nice tree met to
9:00 PM, weekly Monday through
Friday so O outlook for to
seeing yo and we’ll see you guys soon and
very much , odier that’s my take a right to

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  1. Ripple killers ? its most likely all those companies are using XRP in some form , XRP has or will take over the financial system , meetings with the IMF , BIS , White House , Christine LaGarde , probably over 300 banking institutions by now and more signing on , its quite obvious whose in the lead by many years……. Ripple/XRP the standard.

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  3. How are a bunch of stable coins that's tied to a centralized government issued currency a threat to a worldwide currency/system, not to mention the jpm coin is used to move money internally.

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