46 thoughts on “"Ripple Is Used In Every Bank" And Accidental Proof XRP Is Decentralized”

  1. ripple website being down doesn’t prove in the slightest that xrp is decentralised. Is there some kind of lame assumption here that if xrpl was centralised then it would be hosted on the same server as the ripple website? Sorry for the gripe but you definitely would make a person look like an idiot if they ever said “XRP is decentralised because ripples website was down the other day and XRP kept trading”. Verify your tech info with an actual tech before spouting it to your subscribers without a “this is my opinion only” disclaimer.

  2. Can you please spend some time evaluating the various exchanges? I would like to hear about security, usability, which lacks significant listings of coins, so on and so forth. Thanks in advance.

  3. Warren Buffet + Fidelity + trillions of other dollars and OTC = just fucking buy. Find some couch change.

  4. Plz donate or share https://www.gofundme.com/a-new-start-after-a-huge-loss-help-w-car-an-home&rcid=r01-155215142568-1b2232e043a84059&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m

  5. Dai, google ventures is behind Ripple Labs startup. Many other big companies too, would be great a vid about that. Thanks

  6. A company website going down is a horrible illustration to demonstrate XRP decentralization. If a publicly traded company goes down does the stock still trade?

  7. DAI I also tried to set up bank account on Bittrex and they make it so difficult. I stopped the process and never got it done. Too bad because I have used Bittrex before but it would’ve been nice to use it as an option as well

  8. I stopped using CMC months ago, as soon as I found out they exclude the XRP Marketcap in Asia. Another great Vid DAI.

  9. Hey, DAI! I don't know if you missed it or not, but US Rep Tom Emmer also forecast in his presentation that the US government predicts 10% of the global GDP to be stored on blockchain by 2025. With nominal global GDP in 2018 being ~ $85T that would put the marketcap at a conservative $8.5T without factoring additional actual daily use cases. Meaning a cool 65X from where we today. By then, marketcap of the top blockchains would not be linear at 65X, but progressive by ???X. Maybe you could dig into this a little more. Also, I've been using Coingecko for years. Pretty comprehensive site, one of my main go-to's. But please use night mode if you're going to use it on your channel. Us night owls melt under all that blinding light! Plus it looks more cool! — Get $ome

  10. I think it's better to hold something like BTC or BNB with a buy order at the breakout point for XRP. If I would have done this back in January with BNB I could buy almost twice as much XRP at that breakout. I say almost because XRP would have to gain like 20% to threaten a breakout.

  11. I'm starting to get a bit nervous about the progress or lack thereof in regards to any growth. Why people won't talk about XRP? WHY Do people hate Ripple, XRP? I can't for the life of me understand why so many people can't see the obvious benefits of XRP. SPEED, EASE OF USE, focus, savings, cost per transaction but absolutely zero growth. It's totally unbelievable. Why in the hell does the SEC wait for all other countries get proactive on digital assets but wait unnecessarily to make a damn decision. Futures markets shorting price to smoother growth…

  12. I stopped using coinmarketcap some time ago. I now primarily use, worldcoinindex. All the best to you and yours DAI!

  13. So if everyone cashes in their Xrp when it skyrockets like I read everyone talking about doing, what will that do? Just give it all away to the banks?

  14. Not every bank is using xrp,but that is the plan,think about this…. If ripple partners a bank and that bank has so much competition with other banks and then they come out and say ripple is amazing … We saving millions or billions depending on the finances of that bank ,and speedy transactions then there competition essentially has to join or fail,because ppl will run to new cheaper banks etc etc the dominos will fall… We have to b patient. I worked the numbers out if ripple can get 5 percent on these banks liquidity flowing through x rapid,price would be 12.5 to 100 dollars depending on fomo etc etc

  15. I don’t care if ripple is used in every bank, it means nothing unless they are using XRP. Ripple does not equal XRP so they say

  16. XRP will be used in every bank…..need anymore confirmation?! XRP! HODL! Even the haters can't hate anymore, lol! Almost moon time……..

  17. Richard, it's your dad. Just calling to let you know that I am not a financial adviser, but the prairie dog I just ate was.

  18. they are scared to talk about XRP notice how it cuts out a split second after he says ripple is used within every bank, I mean he barely gets the statement out ….I'm pretty sure networks like CNBC are being told by the higher ups to ignore and just brush off ripple and XRP as best they can because I don't see any other reason why XRP is never talked about in depth on a mainstream network with everything XRP has going for it and not only that but it sits at #3 and battels with ETH for the #2 spot…

  19. buddy you need a better microphone all the bass in your voice is syphoned off and its nearly unbearable. im a daily listener by the way. keep up the great work

  20. Maybe they aren't snubbing XRP. Maybe they don't want to rush the public to know the whole system is going to change.

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