Ripple Employee Spotlight: Warren Paul Anderson, Product Manager XRP Ledger (2018)

My name is Warren Paul Anderson. I am the product manager for the XRP Ledger
and xRapid. I then found my way into a grad program at
Harvard which ultimately led me to discover Bitcoin in 2011. I got involved early mining Bitcoin and finally
in 2013 decided to stake my career on the technology. And ultimately that kind of experience led
me to continue down the rabbit hole so to speak and explore other blockchain technologies
both Ethereum and then finally Ripple with the XRP Ledger. And then I landed on the XRP ledger and it was just
like if you’ve ever done a transaction on the XRP Ledger the three to five seconds that
it takes just blows you away. It’s really how I think money should move
in a global system and its literally just as fast as sending an email. So key priorities for 2018 for the XRP ledger,
what we call the big hairy audacious goal is to make the XRP ledger more decentralized
than Bitcoin or Ethereum. And really what that means is making sure
that there is a topology of trusted nodes all over the world that are running in different
geographic locations on different systems and that they are the ones securing the network
for the future and contributing to the consensus which is essentially, the consensus protocol
which is essentially ensuring the stable kind of development and progress of the actual
XRP Ledger. So our decentralization strategy has always
been to gradually decrease the amount of participation that Ripple has as an individual contributor
and we’ve orchestrated this strategy to include more trusted nodes on the unique node
list and we are executing on that strategy today. And what’s going to bring us to ultimately
be more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum by the end of 2018. So sharding is actually a way for nodes on
the network to share specific parts of ledger history. And that helps to essentially make the XRP
Ledger more healthy long-term and it reduces the reliance on central operators to store
you know centralized data for the XRP Ledger. So its really important it’s a feature we’ve
been working on for over a year. And we’re just now about to implement it
on the production network so we’re really excited.

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