Ripple CEO On Fox Business While XRP Ledger Lights Up…SBI?

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor and we are having a thunderstorm right now so if you hear thunder in the background you've just gotten a new sound because I don't think we've really gotten a good clap of thunder on this channel yet but we need one after I finished this video I'm taking my sons to go hit baseballs and then tonight it's Friday night and I'm in the mood for some hot wings I'm gonna find and attract some hot wings down somewhere I haven't decided where yet but that's what I'm thinking about on this Friday okay first from mr. b XR p @ XR p mr. Heath's kind of summed up the week really well for us and I wanted to show this who's talking crypto this week Congress check Steve minuchin US Treasury secretary check Jerome Powell Fed Chairman check Brad Garlin house tweeting and doing interviews on CNBC and Fox Business Fox Business just happened today by the way and I will show you that in a minute check meanwhile XRP ledger is lighting up with activity and SBI going into maintenance in just a few hours that's the word on the street is that SBI is going into maintenance very soon and that that will lead us into SBI going live hopefully soon I've been hearing a lot about that okay next from Braun Melancholy XRP at Mike honcho underscore 11 there has been around 1.6 to 1.5 billion XRP moved within the last 24 hours yes billion now let's put that in perspective folks what there's a hundred billion xrp that will ever be created or that there are period about 40 something billion of those are out on the market and the other 60 or so is in escrow with ripple so out of the 40 something billion you've got one point six to one point five billion that's been moved in the last 24 hours for folks that that smells like SBI because SBI is such a huge part of all of this it wouldn't be it wouldn't surprise me one tiny bit if that had to do with SBI because SBI has said that July's the month okay and I got this this is the the first person that sent me the interview today Brad Garlin house today was on Fox Business yesterday he was on CNBC today he's on Fox Business got this from a JQ fuds fake at age a twenty eight twenty eight eight nine seven three sent me the video now there are a couple of things that I got out of the video the first thing that I got out of the video is well first let's read what Brad going else said in his tweet eat tweeted out the video great being on Mario bar to Roma's critical that your viewers understand that Libra does not represent all crypto we agree with Donald Trump that the USD isn't going away and we want to see thoughtful regulation that allows American innovation to flourish so the first thing that I got out of this is what I tweeted to you what I tweeted out yesterday and that is that I believe ripple and Brad Garlin else have this is my this was my whole reason for investing in XRP instead of being a Bitcoin guy told you many times before on this channel that I am as angry at the banks and the central bank's for what they've done in the world to destroy our money and destroy our savings than anybody I would have just as easily been a Bitcoin maximalist when I started investing in this if I had not been in our late 30s when started and for that reason oh but but because I was older and experienced XRP is what made sense to me not just because technologically it was better but because I thought that if in in the real world in the mature real world you're not getting rid of governments and for that reason I didn't go down that Bitcoin Road I went down the XRP Road because I thought that it was a bunch of mature smart people with highly educated and highly connected that we're gone that we're going about it the right way and what you're seeing now the way that that ripple is able to position itself as this libre stuff hits the news the way you're watching this all unfold proves that we're those of us that saw xrp is the mature smart way to go we were right we are right so and so they positioned themselves so that now you're seeing it on TV every day the politicians and all they do bitcoin that's that's represents anarchy that represents oh they're trying to get around the government and then Libre oh how dare out there Facebook these these arrogant big tech companies think that they can come out with their own digital asset and then over here you've got Brad Garlin houses going on the news going on these TV shows and and he's saying hey we love regulation that's why we went to the regulators in the very first place that's why we've been doing this for the last seven years talking to banks and regulators and so they are perfectly positioned XRP is position as this regulated bridge between we don't want to try to replace fiat we just want to be a bridge that's regulated we've talked all the rails we want to be a bridge between the central banks that issue their own fiat digital assets or the banks that it issue their bank digital assets or a corporate the issues they're in corporate digital asset which in in libras case I believe that they might let these corporates issue them but if they do it'll be in the where they have to keep it inside of that corporation something I don't know how that would all work but the bottom line is you can see it all unfolding how smart the way that riff has done this has been and they were right and we were right as investors and that's that's the first point I wanted you to get out of the interview the second point is something she showed on the screen I didn't realize it but the Wall Street Journal wrote an article called crypto currency to the rescue Facebook's Libra could help the poor who lost credit after dodd-frank so I mean it's like Wall Street Journal was just figuring out what I've been saying for for the last year which is all of this is from the financial crisis it all was hatched from there that when they did the bailouts and all that was the worst mistake these banks are me they wouldn't even be dealing with this I don't believe if the banks had not done those bailouts that was the supreme arrogance that created all of this well what they're saying and this they flash this on the screen in the interview cryptocurrency to the rescue but it could provide they're talking about cryptocurrency could provide low-income Americans with a cheap banking alternative and perhaps put pressure on banks to lower fees will regulators and politicians allow it so you can see another dialog hashing out of all of this and I believe it's all good for crypto in general um but let's see well I'm not going to be able to get get this thing to move right now but anyway I'll use Brad growing else as my thumbnail so you can see them but see them in the interview but so anyway you kept you kind of see where this is all going now but the most important thing is that crypto is out there now folks and this is what you're looking at here is just another example this this is from the crypt of gender at crypto underscore ginger Bitcoin and crypto is getting more positive publicity Libre not so much will this lead to regulatory frameworks soon and this is on a local news channel representative Kevin McCarthy and he's throwing tens up he's saying I'm I'm a big fan of of crypto currency I'm not out to destroy this or anything and so that you can see where this is all going right they're not trying to say they want to ban all this because ultimately they know they can and I think they're beginning to realize that the people want this okay and next we got this from XRP crypto wolf I talked about Larry Fink being interviewed but he summarized it a little but I was just gonna read this to you black Blackrock CEO Larry Fink to reduce fees and cross-border transactions the world needs tech to democratize the exchange of foreign currencies in cross-border transactions it sounds like Fink would love Ripple's technology and their mission with XRP I wouldn't be a bit surprised if think owns XRP or Blackrock as well okay and then ripple tweeted this out let's see I think this was today ripple is number 13 on the San Francisco Bay I don't know what the T stands for philanthropy list we have an obligation and an opportunity to show that we can take some of our success and funnel it in a way that is positive SVP global operations so ripple once again doing the smart thing and being filmed being philanthropic to show that it's not just about their success but it's about helping other people x-men XRP attics are p33 sent me this he didn't send me does he sent me a video from CNBC but oh I wasn't going to show that I didn't want to show the rest of his tweet and all that or the rest of this diem and all that but he put out in front of me that you know I've talked a lot about QE and all this basically we've talked a lot about how these governments and central banks have backed themselves into a corner by keeping interest rates so low for so long and they've printed money and bailed out and all this well they're there they back now they've got so much debt on them but back themselves even further into a corner they can't raise interest rates without the market freaking out and now it what he sent me is that they're all about to start this QE again quantitative easing which is nothing more than the term that was aided by central banks and it means money printing and you don't have to take my word for it I pulled the definition so you can read so I can show it to you but here's these are just a few articles that came up recent articles about QE remember QE fed bond buys could be back sooner than you think that was from a month ago this is a day ago ECB to cut rates in September QE 2.0 still on the cards ECB will restart quantitative easing that's from Fitch 15 hours ago quantitative easing will likely come to Australia John Abernathy four days ago but it's already beginning now when you hear QE and you hear about all this stuff lowering interest rates the digital access is a place to be folks gold silver digital assets but just so you know here's what quantitative easing is quantitative easing is an unconventional monetary policy in which a central bank purchases government securities or other securities from the market in order to increase the money supply and encourage lending and investment well if you look at the last line that really tells you the truth of it this is all a bunch of BS this is the real stuff quantitative easing increases the money supply by purchasing assets with newly created bank reserves in other words money printing in order to provide banks with more liquidity in other words it's an excuse and a bullcrap marketing lingo that just means creating new bank reserves printing money that's all it is and it's because of all of the irresponsibility from all these years okay now here you want something else that will drive people from stock markets into gold silver and digital assets look at this breaking news Iran no earlier today I think of today um the US had shot down an Iranian drone and now Iran has officially announced it has captured a British tanker in the Persian Gulf UK emergency meetings underway that is creepy folks okay and finally the crypto utility got at utility guy 7x CEO of crypto exchange Dweck's arrested in Italy here's the article on this it says them that Dmitry Vasilyev former CEO of now-defunct crypto Exchange wex was arrested Friday in Italy the BBC's Russia service reported and the details of this are kind of fuzzy but the bottom line is this guy's being picked up for a reason who knows if it was a defunct exchange the way I read this he's I think he sold this exchange to another guy and then the other guy that bought it said that nobody on board that was the people the staff that was there when this this CEO left the staff was his old staff and that none of them liked the new CEO and then one of the employees disappeared with the private keys that controlled everything that was the gist of the way I read it and so now they're holding this guy and ask him a few questions but the bottom line is this folks don't keep your digital assets on exchanges get a ledger nan OS in the description of every video that I've ever done I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family do not keep your digital assets on exchanges have a good weekend you

40 thoughts on “Ripple CEO On Fox Business While XRP Ledger Lights Up…SBI?”

  1. It's probably SBI. But it doesn't necessarily mean anything than them preparing to get their exchange up and running allowing for business to commence. It doesn't mean any changes on price


  3. ..I thought we were suppose to live with less government and that was what it is all about..Bitcoin was a great idea and it took us here ..Are you saying we are suppose to live with politicians at all cost while trying to get ahead financially..That does not work to well unless you are the pedo island club ..They do not pay taxes

  4. Having a seat at the table exciting, I still live my life same just holding XRP waiting for it to pop…..Knowing and realizing it’s a potential is enough for me…..

  5. Did you hear about the opening of public ICO Telegram? It will be an amazing project! I bought 3500 coins for a long-run period toncrypto. info/buygram I'm waiting for the growth)

  6. There are worse things than being a bitcoin maxi, like trusting our government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Swift GPI is completing 15 to 25-second international settlements and is the first mover, you really don't see the problem this causes for Ripple's XRP?

  8. Crypto enthusiasts in America are pathetic! Quit begging these idiot politicians to decide on the regulatory future of crypto!!! THEY WORK FOR US!!! VOTE THEM OUT!!! If they won't get off their butts and move, we should organize some kind of crypto PAC to oppose them. I don't care what your political affiliation is. Repubican or Democrap….they both suck if they oppose innovation and freedom. Crypto is my political party! Crypto is my voting issue! I don't care about your entitlements, your wars, your walls, your healthcare lies, your fake promises… if any politician on my ballot from the city council up to the President take anti-crypto positions or even fail to act on it, I WILL VOTE AGAINST THEM 100% OF THE TIME!!! #xrp #btc #ada #eth #link I love them all!!!

  9. I stopped buying once I had 50,000 XRP……if it goes anywhere over 10x I will be a happy camper…..camping for months…

  10. Ripple is a troyan horse in the system. It works with it, but eventually, it will change it. Its a step for humankind towards full DECENTRALIZATION. A transition point in the paradigm shift to a holografic world: “the center is everywhere, the circunference nowhere”. Ironically, an old idea. See Pascal sphere.

    This archetype is manifesting concretly in what we call Globalization…

    Maybe there is potential in the baby enterprise “holochain”.

  11. Btw anyone else feeling embarrassed for those "first" reply-ers on yt vids? Leave a response that requires a brain — farts

  12. Delete a wallet or do some maintenance. XRP is so progressive. Get those chicken wings and a cold beers while those morons ruins the up-time stats.

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