21 thoughts on “Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse discusses the future of cryptocurrency XRP”

  1. The difference between Ripple and all the other bs is you can hear AMPLE info and interviews straight from the founders. Straight from the horses mouth. Plenty to make decisions from. (Meaning….buy Ripple.) The more I watch interviews with the actual people involved with and leading the company, the more I realize this is a company not really a crypto discussion. All the crap shoot cryptos are a gamble. This is a company and is a long hold. If you see any vids that say "bitcoin vs ripple" or whatever, ignore. Irrelevant. Misses the point.

  2. Brad Garlinghouse is the man. Visionary, experienced, focused, passionate and energetic. This company will be going places. I know Xrapid is of only interest for us XRP holders but having hundreds of clients using Xcurrent isn't a bad thing either. What matters is the experience clients have using Ripplenet which can result in some or many also adopting Xrapid.

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  4. What really is Ripples main competition? they don't have any really…Ripple is the most likely to become the transactional coin that Bitcoin was meant to be…and it will be used by alot of people, and more likely to be accepted by businesss's or the government.

  5. Is there a case that proves the banks must have XRP and the network where the XRP does not get left out?

  6. Do the banks only want the Ripple system and not XRP? Do the banks want the system and the banks use their own coins?

  7. a question, not a comment.
    how does Ripple manage to keep the currency form going crazy as the Bitcoin & also to keep the validation possess of the transaction fast as the value rises ?

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