33 thoughts on “RIPPLE BREAKOUT! ? Bitcoin Price Analysis JUNE 13 2017 | 2710 USD | Cryptocurrency Ethereum BTC XRP”

  1. what about your video about "bitcoin = lebron james" | I mean, lebron lost yesterday on the road, steph curry has the new ring right now & celebrating in oakland

  2. BK, on your moving day averages, one of your viewers uses odd numbers, but I noticed 2 of those numbers are primes. You mentioned something about prime numbers a few videos back. What is the significance of having his prime number- moving averages in the chart.

    You explained why he uses odd numbers, but re-explain the "prime" pls? Thx.

  3. Thank you BK, great video. Love learning about this stuff and you make it entertaining at the same time! Also, thanks for the email, Pierre

  4. Morning BK from Cape Town, nice way to wake up to a new video. Think I still managed to get in on time. Already starting to see the breakout now. 🙂

  5. you keep posting all these charts , and how you read them … but most of your predictions were fails lately . why should we listen to what you say ? mind sharing what results do you have , what sample etc ? anyone can make speculations but very few actually make them right

  6. my man thank you …. you rock !!! one hour after your video release i bought xrp and riding on the wave, it's 20% increase on value

  7. Hi BK I am moe all the way from India. I am thankful to you for educating people on the Crypto currency market. Thanks BK appreciate all what you are doing!

  8. what platform is best to trade crypto,currencys EK please i trade stocks and want to switch asap thanks andy uk

  9. I was on this ripple train just hours before this video Brandogg.. same wavelength.. I saw the dawn first being in UK so unfair advantage for me I guess..peace Boss

  10. Hey dude, what do you think about Digibyte? Do you think the price will go up soon? Can you make a vid about it?

  11. Hey Brother, keep doing what you"re doing to educate and build us up who are new to the Crypto Plantet. PEACE, AND CRYPTO COINS…

  12. You're awesome…..love your passion, knowledge and humour……my eyeballs try to keep up with your charts……but I get what you are doing……..may this world and it's people be free……you are bringing a community into the future! Do you remember Reverand Ike…….he instilled the worthiness of being wealthy into the consciousness of many people in his time, just like you. Many thanks from down under……Australia!

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