and we are alive to offer those of you that are
of a winning hand on the recorded session, as always
we’re going to take a little bit
of time, recognize a feud that
are popping into the room com so tear with me while we a
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pull up all of the stream teacher everything’s functioning
properly , and then we all will be able
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volume on a icy eyes popping in Aiken a
minute here as, situating and all pull up and we’ll talk
to view the people as they come
in and we got some good stuff to
talk about a night toe tonight is Monday
night some help and AL looks like a
mob S summit and not be a
participating as planned but to
the stream looks pretty solid so
if you touching a little bit but will
overcome a lot Sara but what’s
up of excerpt the Caroline ID
doing, snipes good to see
women’s ev , I enjoyed it early on great
topic ray contents annual yield
debt that are in better and
better every time you stream
until it , saying what is at the time
Friday night man toes and saying
did absolutely absolutely and say nothing of
stone recovery mode an act 314 tedious oz an excerpt
the form or LT see and I’ll tell
you what, I like guilty sea of
always liked LT see com I don’t , and II got in nine again and at
two LT see comment at the low
point so common in even back
before in 2017 when I picked up
the f , and I got back in again around
68 during this a latest of a
romp off so , II need in order, and now II
feel like gun as the market goes
up a thing as a light gray
opportunities out there but, by
yeah, , better known it what’s up and notice again , blocking you from my
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what’s up , which eat every time I see you Alex she
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what’s up and see we got going on here
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and I got a nice finish from
cool its edited that I’ve
achieved , it’s always nice and cool to
tell me that achieve my health
goals led was keeping track it cools
in keeping track man what I
would do to a poll , right toe of carried all
what’s going on that Friday night until you guys
what you know we had with an amazing stream it was it
was really was a ton of fun and
I started out I did a nice up by
ID get on it all these thought and so I did jump in and nine
and I get that out there and what’s up bananas what’s
going on now I know it’s late
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earlier think that’s what it’s
gonna be a the guy of eventually it’s gonna
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then again figure out that the
right time here by thinking of
8:0 , tear up to give as bottled water of up
to alleviate eighth of a tight
city of ago from one extreme to
the other that’s a cute john
your was never know and I can tell
one from the other to toe and the health of that, it’s a and you know may then on dell
the OTC , yeah you know me so check this out to buy can open a mighty of a
chat here year ago and see a one of the line and a you know it’s
always good to be a little bit
alkaline only be too acidic , and look like a giant I know
that I was going for that affect
Alexei this is the same bottled
water, I’ve done it just a diffe it calmed although DC and the dell OTC that up and Owen always always
make a mistake when I decide to
read up on the news on because I
get fired up and again to prepar stay a stay politically
oriented, but then I’ll tell you
guys want so going through the entire
everyday is a new day and always
seems like to assist us a gift
to keep signed giving up so I
see of th , if you turn on the TV and sure
you’ll see a Nancy Pelosi, and a speaker of the house, and
hell to owe a cheat is,
absolutely you know how to
control and in there so much
were were kind o but bill Gao get into digital
asset because as kind of a a
nice opening to it, that there’s
so much stop it goes on and Tino
she of this is on what would gets me
is that there’s so much speak
right now and a lot of
doublespeak of there’s so much
doublespeak and ’cause what we’re seeing out
of them is a significant amount
of of of anger throwing anger
you see a significant amount of
b are speaking it’s more and more
dangerous as they go on and really this
latest one, is you borderline
treasonous and we’ve already
seen a significant amount of
trees and to they’ve got to stop because
it’s a danger on two of the
safety and security of our political representatives
and it’s a danger onto the
present the United States, but
it’s also a major disruption,
too, re get back to work you know and
and start feel passing of bills
and laws of it that people need
in order to survive in this
countr and and trying to you know
orchestrates, which is what
they’re doing trying to
orchestrate some type of
fictitious of victory of of the typical, I disagree with
your politics to all House
Speaker of Nancy Pelosi stating
that somebody from trumps family
are and up from his staff does that
mean then anybody on but it’s
deftly opening up of you know
some security issues onto a
safety a on me of this president is
saying is going into on and
handling a certain of four
nations of that are detrimental
and have detri of the United States and so you
know I wanted to open with that
you know because and I think
it’s important you know and I
think of it this one really when when
the truck talked about this one
has been going on for a long
time of the deep stay whenever
migh , and and now it’s a battle off
for the survival of love of this
country for the future of this
country ought to really pull awa of that is done nothing but
serve to enrich those on or
sitting in Washington and
incidentally on over the past week of those
in Congress actually made another attempt on
to vote on a pay raise is the
other an already not getting
paid enough offer doing a job
when t basically bashing each other on
he and on a niche as detrimental
now on the other side of the
coin because a mime last Rima
talk that there’s up beside that’s
going on and this is why it’s dangerous
because with this fuss side of
them bashing each other , and making up on these false
accusations and especially in
this scenario because they see all of the
present the United States now is
antagonistic onto the status quo
of what the government meaning
tha which also rings true onto exactly what’s been
happening with foreign nations
on taking advantage of all of
the United States now till this this all factors and,
because of some of the things
that are been going on all so I
in regards to the Federal
reserve, , between a China in the United
States and for many many years of the government of China on has had an opportunity to
take advantage of of the United States lenient on
trade policy on torts it and
also it’s very very a critical
at this point you know for for
thing and how will we just saw and
we’re just witnessed and Mexico
now as if this is, fundamental and
that all kind of a move on to
year on but that this is really
important, because you what we
saw of the Mexican government has
allowed you know floods of
people coming in from their
southern border NYMEX: it’s very
very stric with the intent up allowing them
to enter into the United States now one
country breached its own laws in
order to breach the laws of
another now by doing so all of
those acti that obviously we’re not going
to and Tesoro you know of are not going to look at all of
these of these individuals that
are coming up from of the
southern countries an invading
force a the ball to penetrate into our
border or going to respond with
tariffs and how there’s two ways
the countries can respond one an and in this scenario obviously
Mexico was a very important
neighbor next goes a very
important trade partner on and
so we need t in we also have to keep our eye
on the prize and ’cause the
prize is the development and the
technology of digital asset, in
the all because if we are open for
you, and if on manipulated into
believing all of that you were
always living in the state of
thre onto a publicize a ridiculous
dangerous statements , we take our eye off the prize
all which is again a technology
and of an eight, I in an asset
class that’s in development
there this country being the United
States as well as countries
around the world, and so one of
the things that I’d mention
before all on from a a capitalist free
market perspective a leveling
the playing fields which really
allows everybody all of the same
free so and that’s where we’re gonna
take this how and where to move
into the next level marina, go
into second gear to only just
the so to try to figure out, where
we should start but see bats as
the bets on two at mach 31 for
inflation skyrocketed after the gold standard dropped I even
of every currency was based on
U.S. dollar fee of full faith
and credit of us another moving away from the
dollar and we keep printing
money and can we just get a spot if I
agree Carreon hit that really is
exactly where you know we need
to be and we need to figure out , people around the world get
along I threw a through trade on
through negotiation on and then
through access onto this on
today of that so what really allows a
salty get along and I learn
those lessons many many times
over on as I traveled around the
world a different diet, trade
negotiations are or business
negotiations with people from all parts of
the world on and then again
traveling not to those countries
and it’s something that you owe
you n , but if we’re not interacting on a daily basis with people
from outside of our circle of
influence a from outside of meeting and
this can go as far you know as
far is all just again the loan
with people from you people that you don’t know
but most importantly of being
able to deal with people from
all over the world and that’s
what ha of people from all over the
world of igen you know it’s it’s
so important to have a a certain
level of respect off for
everybody so it be to make another Howard the
duck up to nosed with that
question was too but I remember
how are they the coastal areas to a , it’s funny to sew and even I can even not
go back to all the stop button
or to go, we see here and Jan, the cats were we were and alameda’s goal by when Moon republican goodbye and does that mean an OLAP that
means, but that’s ridiculous to
know if of it that statement was
O. Jan discussing a republican tell you one only because of
that no luck and it’s fun, but
anyhow ID to go on that you know
little of little ramp but I
thought , now and this is kind of where it seen out some oars the
attacker can open want an open,
and does another statement again
and I think it’s a porn as we
look of is absolutely up in a
responsible hand and what we
learn from this also on is that
that that the media and the
terminology and t are you can be manipulated into
and and deny talks a little odd
about the intent and you’re
reading in between lines but I
like , but it was an article on business
insider about Judy Shulman, who
trump is nominating ought to be
up, and the eye and , I forgive exact position
[email protected] of trying to open it,
civil and get it here real
quick,, sitting in the Federal
reserve an was really, all telling, and
then were to go into something
else here , we see a real good of a good
scroll upper school down nine , were not put this a grounded
announce gone , and II copied and pasted over
it was trying to grab something
from a from Amazon, here is,
Judy Shulman, it’s interesting
beca , Bretton woods, which is also
important, and this in a
statement but this is Judy
Shelton on who want your trunk
one is a ties advocating on a return the
Federal reserve return to oven
Brentwood System and here’s a quote that pulled
out of the article and I think
it’s it’s interesting , because when we look at it to
what is really the intense at
this point on as we’re moving up
through the system and then
after were to look at some interesting
statements from BN white melon
because it becomes all in all
relates a very nicely together,
bu economy she said and are they
helping or hurting I think it’s
legitimate to say are the two dominant or does it
turned out that the only serve a
small segments of the private
sector and what is their
interact I she then was advocating again
for the Federal reserve on to
return to their Brentwood System which was a balancing of the exchanges and for the
currencies to love be based off
of and going back to a gold
standard all which we all know the gold
standard of ended in the United
States U.S. dollar was impacting
a longer all by the gold standar one so now from this when I
thought was interesting, as ANS,
if always digging around looking
for on how banks are responding
th , we all know and probably heard
of a bee and white Nile and the
and why Mellon on under and this
is just last month, they publi , that specifically focused on
the arm large in the emerging
trends in the evolution of digital assets in this space,
and so, the the received offers
a year to all we have, expert
contributors and of time a
castaw and then we have Lucien Foster
was the head of digital
partnerships, would be in wine
on melon and so what’s amazing
about this I eyes, of Boca stand on an
initially on par two par one was
interesting, part two was a
little bit more interesting, and
I pull you guys can see it because I
think it’s really important, par
three gets into, what’s really
it’s taken out of ensure the
safe on so this this quote here from
of part two of the article
states the industry is only
starting its journey on the use
of black and token as a nation of assets
in capital markets and some
important lessons have to be
learned and the past two years , and also a lot and pour Les and
have been learning the past two
years which it helped to reset the
course of the market token is a shun should be
focused on efficiency and
product if the teens for the
industry which are numerous
rather than easy mo easy flip and on theirs that
tendency on to one and display
it and make money quickly on but
that you know is deftly on you
nudg , sort of merit Mac I wish we
could copy and paste other people’s comments and make it easy to it and two
can’t do much stow , car that had missed out on a
lot of what’s been said here,
but , it is very bad and I’m just
going back checking out you guys
are as anything in here I need
to keep its a little bit more of
vis , while digital assets this is
crazy right here that gold rush
and I CEOs as a right here I
love this car and let’s make sure this is
part two, are thinking, make
sure this is the right one, are
thinking now of yes or to our
fate, there we go and, a real R.&D.
like that tear we go check this out now
this is so awesome and the
reason why I think it’s so
awesome is here we go we go from
you know, c , then we go to you know some
chaos if economic trade level and then you know we want a
emphasizing focusing on why is
it important to stay you know
focus to Brian the prize because
as you let your mind wander into all
the negative ion news that’s out
there on it’s important to keep
especially since it were
involved us I think it’s really really on
important, what you know that
you we identify and we follow
only look at you know exactly all what’s
going on so and a second , and setting a second was this, I
keep expecting auburn Reina come
flying and if youth of up and if
of a teddy of its awesome took a year ago so so let’s look
at this real quick to write so
we’ve got , where were you are a tough case of Ian why Mellon and
out the first thing the wording
and notice here on in this
article and again this is part
two a on because the time about black
tune block of checking
technology and the token as a
nation of assets, and so the
other in there this space is just still in its
infancy on we’ve gone into a
corrective mode of its for the
good all were starting to see
that t that and you have you
individuals that are are
identifying you know through
this this article series and in
utilizing you very i , 2012, but on it when when they start
really identified, I CEOs on my
CEOs really a Kennedy nothing in
the past you know why were there
why on in the insane boom of the
market as people really I started to see about we saw on
new investors and really didn’t
have the same , and on and that’s difficult to
say a thing of the same
knowledge base of investing and
you might have been a little bit
more o you easily a subjected to onto a
foam oh, and then the flood of
two start you really on and of
trying to invest in looking for
t it was a little bit of that the
& mention the lack of investor
knowledge but even if he were
knowledgeable, as stock investor
th ill people obviously wanted to
get you actively involved to know
that see your eyes even its tubby and wine only crystal
amber all before joining data
censure by pushes a capital
market industry as head of FX and tears why
support four and a bank in New
York, Mellon, key area yup,
that’s it’s it’s amazing you’re
really is to oh on your ego and see of the guys are going down OK
toe to anyhow, Mellon was a guy
to dive of the excerpt and all so us a lack of investor
knowledge that deftly all one,
pointed it like the gold rush
many investors lost money on now
y as a road up the road up with
them as a wind down the road
down with them on and so it was
this up that was that initial
law. Th onto what happened in the in the
high tech boom up. All when a
lot of companies came out with
ideas no substance people poured
m zero product simply because it
had a dot com after it now we
have we saw the same type of
thing happening as I see OS
except we odyssey at the inn beginning
lack of transparency booming
value the other a lot of
interesting things, that they
put into a blit of of the amount of money raised
up by IC OS and I thought this
was really all telling because
if we look at queue one of 2018 on I think this is queue one
maybe maybe not set first half
of the year I’m not sure exactly
other taking this up by the AMA
sel , now here we have 2017 , the gist is miniscule amount
of a ICL 2018 at beginning half
year 2018 that was the boom your
fry CEOs and dropped off I wish , because there’s deftly and a
lot more development into the
space than been the talk your
ball read the Torah clarity all
the t , and multiple channels, are all
the things that this article you
know seems to be covering a
little bit more in depth, in
terms a node different terms here but you know it’s interesting
because terry’s talking about
the digital asset investment
funds you know where they have
to compl the investment company act in
1940 , is gonna talk up later on here
easy to talk about really all
the factors that go into , that they go into law,
securities exchange of act of
1933 and 1934 and in all of that
of the securities, because now
what is r on the st OS touches securities token
offering, which is interesting
CIA that opposition a real
estate, and then all there’s all
these differ and all looking back at it now,
and in their just now starting
to catch up all with many of the
early adopters which would be an to the radically be you know so
much further ahead knowledge
wise, in terms of the space and
even of those that are you in a
wor so and then I think it’s
interesting because the third
part of his article of the talks
about here is and this is really
geared up is as sensual to institutional
investors it’s not just essential to
institutional investors it’s
essential to all investors, but a special ian’s institutional
testers, because they’re the ones that the other
to be responsible for a
significant amount of other
people’s money it’s one thing if
you lose yo it sits on opening because here
is the gets into another storage
unlined sort offline storage , be getting getting into all of
the Swiss crypto ball on talking
about would Gemini’s offering 1.
base in terms of a custody on a custodial
accounts offer all these
institutional investors, and a nine images that just keeps up
you know of it that’s just a
just a test amazing you know
that there’s more series within
this , so that to me was a no when I
found that, I started reading
their there there are a series
here it is tears were pulled out
a shun stored on the wallet to
provide relevant services such
as asset servicing delivery vs.
payment audit of fund
administration , and so just as really amazing
amazing stuff all when we think
about yield the source so are a ton can I link as you know what,
link it in the up in the
description of deftly put up
their eyes by law that article
and I just is Jan again it’s it’s it’s eye
opening on its kind of all
telling, and it shows us that
these big financial institutions
are 100% research in the space on in
trying to educate themselves
about the space but not just
educate themselves of the one
educate which are also up, you know
investors and institutional
investors to some bats their
clientele, that they’re reaching
out to ans are a glitzy, and got here , being why no one wants this to
move more than anyone to know
that magical two billion lost
keys excerpt you can go and
action to , and the and barred as a key
for governments taking
transactions and other there’s
so much that’s exactly it there
there’s a si onto on everything that I,
started out with anno because
and the reason why I wanted to
start out with it the political
aspect f and we need a clear,
transparency in the
functionality of government, and
we need to be able to hold our
government representati regardless of what party line of
the cross or regardless what our
positions are on each and every
one of those up, the represent , and with full transparency of
action on sauce we’d see their
voting record on however there’s
so many other things that go one in their campaign all where it
comes from, how it’s utilized
and so forth and so forth on but it’s very very important
and that’s one of the aspects of
the black chain technology can
help provide a specially than us were you
going into our you overall view
we going to voting eccentric
centers so, I think that is very
very you know the interest rate, on
increases and then the impact it
then had on the economy now on
the other side of this year we
se teen dress language, when it has
to do all with trade negotiation
and how, how low trump is
handling of the Federal reserve all of it that all the sudden you know a couple
months ago decides to increase of the interest rates
and such a rapid pace you even
in a small percentage is rapid because we were close
to 0% were 1/2%1% and also on
the it jumps up, and a NAZI
united just too much in a deftly impacted the economy, trump is
very right about you also been
able to audit of the Federal
reserve one if the government
find ou and hear this guy of Larry
summers comes out and said
there’s something to prove a
about ROMs Dictator Andy a nose
and ears no t of going after, North Korea
going after you’ve run where is
the ND, what he’s doing is you
know fulfilling a campaign
promises a onto their neighbors into the
world at large of both
economically and from a security
perspective to oh and oh so it’s
really it and when we see these types of
things happening and I would
love to be able to go back and
see full transparency full read a record of what these
guys did what did Larry summers
to all when when he was in the
obon administration as an adviso or some other things in its view
from a military perspective anno they they seemed a
whitewash on a lot of the things
that happened because they’re
trying to get a size specific
got you no and I think this is really also
another aspect when we’re
looking to trade that we talked
about you know the significance of of
of trade, and in many streams before, and
really if you look at on to the fall purpose of , of cross border payments and
rebel net and to what excerpt
the overall with digital assets
of Canedo off from from may of from a global perspective to
simplify of the exchange of
goods, to simplify of biz the the completion of
business transaction, but when
you have other and trees again
without transparency and a full transparency when
you’re negotiating and if you
have one party that is
negotiating all with bad intent
are with ill i and pleat Leah, incomplete opposition of what
you’re sitting and talking about identity of an issue so China for years with manipulate
their currency devaluing their
currency which would have an
impact on their competitive
advantag I lowering the cost of their
product of making, into it more
difficult for the United States
are any other countries for that
ma , I’m all of these other
products sell American Products
when into China had extremely
high tariffs , all these years and so now
which runs on about is let’s
have a fairness if you want put
tariffs on our product or to put
you w and a opportunity within not
within the global economy and
that’s what’s really important
and that is exactly what is
being offe , they only let me look and
Samir comments hero see if
there’s a CE which you guys of
mine have to say not say Sara
been a kind bodice nights I appreciate that
I’ll tell you what when whenever
I tally of discussion was
somebody, I always you make a an
attempt to do was to stick to the facts
because no facts are facts anno
if you go based on a motion to
and you’re going to yell lousy
ar up to see match of all voices on
and and I’ll tell you what you
know, I’ve never backed down
from any form of discussion on
matt and on and there were some
people out there protesting,
like to tell you exactly what
they are protesting about on any
other pro , what they’re saying the
statements there are making so I
went over to to them and
confronted a, we got into an
interesting con , tell we’ll you don’t seem like
you’ve ever traveled before,
where’d you travel to and EOB ever and ever left this
idol of Chicago, to be making
all these grandiose statements,
you know, you know obviously you
k , many as Ali up into Canada is
OK BU never been to the Contras
and you’re talking about to oh
what makes you that Dalton an
exp and so I told my so well if
you’re so passionate , about that then let’s go walk
down the street here and I’ll
buy you a plane ticket and a page a one way plane
ticket you go over there, and
you go tell them on what your
feelings and believes are and
then outlet on because no facts are facts
and enough to want to try to
make stop up and go based on
nine taste on nine
misinformation of in its not go down that path of of
right now on so so something
else that they pop down to me
some looking at the banks, I was
look , in terms of getting into digital asset on
and one thing popped out to know and we we’ve talked a
lot about how the positive
impact the digital assets can
have in bringing you know
millions and mi millions of one bank than under
banks on into the global economy
to oh as part of that we’re
starting to see , others yet again having their
me to moment, trying to develop
their own digital asset with Jp Morgan witted day of jp
employing width a spoke with a
global cooling and at the USC: which is the
youth of utility settlement: all
which was developed up by on a
group of banks ought to be used
for and nobody else, and so more and more in a seemed to be
trying did you know test the
market and they wanna get into
and really up to you, and their
path on the proven technology that’s
already out there, and this came
a bad thing was ID and I
streamed of the other day and when I was typing in a city
let you know I believe fully in
competition so to me the fact
that the idea of all these up in
e and we’re trying to to replicate
it so now along this vein in this idea
of it all leads up in these
financial institutions and a
corporation’s towing through and
and and attempting ought to
designer deve or a new competitive products to
try to solve this problem that they’ve never been able to solve
before, but they now think they
can solve it by utilizing the
same old Financial Instruments and so it with what’s crazy as
some looking for all this and in
this article pops up on about
Amazon so Amazon is launching a
br is kinda shown their cards on
and really a you know seen seen
what were to see and so what
what comes out is that the
commerce a threaded builder tell the Amazon
credit builder, according to
this web site it says here on
May 9 as a of its funny, Carey
just and two areas, so so they have
this of this program year on
called again Amazon credit
builder a program that lands to
shoppers are on amazons loyalty cards so I said OK this sounds
interesting that amazon’s
attempt and bringing and those
who have no credit history bad
credit so you k tear their goal here in the
souls of quo I directly from
momma from the group here on in
the article and it said reaching
farthe are talking about people that
have zero credit and wore you
start going down in the six
under its the five hundreds or
even lowe of utilizing the credit card, so
they want to a offer or they are
offering what’s called a secured
credit card, in order to miti are asking people if you want a
credit card to posit let’s a $500 and you’ll
get a $500 credit limit to
you’re basically putting up the
$500 collateral in order to get your $500
Chrissy can borrow but $100 a
day you’re putting up as
collateral , see take 500 down to borrow
500 dawn of credit you’re buying your own credit
town order to all by your own
credit , and as with the interest rate is
the interest rate is 28.2 4%20% toe in a 20% is insane anno, but even if you get have
good credit this credit cards
out there that are charging 16
to 24% even when you have good
credi charge up to 30% plus which is
just crazy crazy crazy so at
Furr’s I’m looking like I yelled
it is something different of
that g its there’s nothing new there
basically saying as we want you
all we want a find, a new
customer base to spend your
money with A , and but me so II see the pros
and cons I completely one ever
said that their point as to why
the charge and a high percentage because you have to mitigate the
rest of these individuals that
have zero critter or have bad
credit of you knows so here you know
that it’s just it’s just so
shocking to oh so let’s look at
the pros of this scenario, and
then le it’s an available solution it’s
offered by Amazon, it helps
individuals brag credit to
potentially established a
positive credit a credit history of the balance
can be paid in full without
incurring interest rate if you
borrowed the $500 you can pay
the $50 an alternate of so the kind with
all of this is that it extremely high interest rate
the alternative tall of this is that, there’s a crypto debit
cards tears, you and digital asset of
tact loans to know if you you’ll
have to go that far know how
long is akin to be before: base
a a credit cards that are digital
asset base taste on individual’s
credit, but if we look alike
neck so on neck so offers of
digit so that’s a really interesting
nine UO thing to consider is
that there’s already solutions
out there if you wanna take up
$1000 are those credit cards up or
these of loans actually going to
help you establish, you credit
and I’m not sure they are , and but I believe that that’s
the direction things are moving
and so you see these as like a
loan shark all rain that’s
exactl again and again yet to mitigate
rest but you can’t use the old
financial tools dictate dig your
way out of this problem table th , silly those of bad credit to
those with no credit to their
undated this point and you use someone that has no
bank and no credit is it fair then to
give me 28% of, you the credit
card, and it’s crazy, but it the same time we can start
gaining entry and allowing
individuals entry into of the digital into one of the
global economy through a digital
assets system onto which you’re seen
organizations again us like.base
and uphold and many others that
are going to begin to offer a
credit car the dual asset and so and again
III really think that if Amazon
was really concerned about
helping of the underbanked or
the und of to partner that finding new
one entity to partner with and
they wouldn’t go back to the
financial institutions of old
and in , when I saw that now and oh so tiny how you know that
that’s you know, those are some
of my thoughts in on this is why
I think it’s so important and , we, wade through a lot of it
negative all you know politics
that are out there that are
being all publicized all week to
stay and to stay focused on what’s
the good, you know for the
development of of people in
general so, tell hear something
else , got along these lines let’s
see , see if I posted the softer and
I think this was an event of
last time if all you know
statement the point here and and
I love , German central bank , chief course cold water and
digital currencies tell another so this is from
yesterday as article to
deutschen Bandar bank
Bundesbank, the president of
Jens wiecking and, added damp and so can you imagine doing
here is the fun in the industry
to I’d bet you know if you look
at what’s going on within the
bank are finding a way to somehow , a ring in, digital asset
Sony’s talk about how bad it is
a student the stabilize
Financial Systems and he says here , & a speech is said the
widespread use of digital central bank money
could have serious consequences,
you know and so it sick of it
just crazy so it goes on the
sentim , Tass lost costs and Wideman I
can’t pronounce the name is that
there is merit in digital tokens
out whenever they condemned es , Anna Anna just goes on and on
enough so I just thought you
it’s interesting so you have a
bee and why Mellon that’s coming
out and to really writing appraising
article about this new one asset
class and what’s happening and
development and the fact that w and also it’s just a notes
amazing some active volume was
was negative news and and you’re
waiting in all those negative
news an tale from the type to stop the
Ouija saw off from Nancy Pelosi
or up from that other guy the
acts of albom on, adviser to
same k get their attention off of offer
the off the prize and get back
into of their way of thinking so
well want everyone then you kno is, crazy it up so, and the house side that brings
us into a full hour, so when
around the cell and in an hour
and look of this you guys are
are doi array conversations going here
on deftly seen some of some of
your people coming on, you know
more often which is awesome, and
s deftly up in tally appreciate
everybody off for a for being on and Tony
and the stream and and following
and and all that good stuff so,
auburn rain , have you that you heard of the
social score system and people are
using to judge us on the same
level as credit scores of Meyer
there was something going on in
China , that they were working on a
program like that I don’t know
if there’s an if there’s any
merit to it outside of that and
I know com how went, but yet deftly and
deftly some of some issue there,
and I’m a little bit back, see , tse car a cool , and the thing else here and
think of anything good toe today some idea can walk in
with thickness of the karate and
one of the day at Sandia save a
save Ferris 1986 to a S, funny she’s thinking Buehler
Buehler and the one so any of lights on another
round it out here at this side
is hour again I really
appreciate everybody for jumping
on all we are appreciate everybody for hanging
in there, commenting a
participating there’s so much
that everybody can learn from
each other i on on people a globally, and
then the same as idea of this
opportunity to learn from
people, all over the world I
think it’s odd , I hope to be on, again on
Wednesday and be traveling so if I make it back in time, then
all beyond it for some reason I
can make a bike back in time and
a check you guys out, maybe I’m , again accretion everybody for
being on the port is seeing you
again on the neck strain of
you’ll see a , an excerpt the minute tomorrow
night at 10:00 PM if I can make it on
Wednesday, then nine, checking
out Friday, in an earlier hour,
or maybe even a Thursday at an
ea the ECU is good to see you on as
well Spanish fly , all you and everyone else I
will take you guys out soon again
thank you have a good evening


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