Ripple And XRP – The New Swift And Bitcom

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I got started a little bit late this morning because I was doing some kid shuffling around as I do often in the summer time I wanted to get this started by showing you some some examples that unfortunately are way too easy to find of the ignorance and um I don't want to use the word stupidity but our congresspeople at times are both embarrassing and scary their lack of understanding of people who are running the finance system of the world their lack of understanding of what's really going on this both of these are from crypto Dave at crypto Dave 13 the first one he sent me was this and this is representative Maxine Waters and she's talking about how they need to get a good understanding of all of this blockchain stuff and in here she said they need to talk to some experts who can explain to them about this bit calm thing and I I didn't mispronounce that bit calm is what she said um now if I had not heard this kind of idiocy many times out of these Congress people then I wouldn't have have have zeroed in on this but bit calm is not just her mispronouncing something it illustrates more what we're dealing with here but I said I want in on that bit come IPO so she's obviously stuck in the dot-com bubble I guess and then this guy's even worse the next guy I'm going to show you is this we've talked about him before this guy's obviously got some lobbyists from the banking system who must be giving him money because he says that we need to ban all cryptocurrencies he said all cryptocurrencies serve no purpose except for drug dealers human traffickers and tax and sanction sanction invaders so this guy is completely lost his marbles he knows nothing about what he's talking about these people are running the finance of the United States of America when the most powerful countries in the world it's really sad and scary when you think about it uhm next this is from XRP crypto wolf cryptocurrency is not banned in India Indian government breaks silence on crypto regulations government confirmed that the report with recommended crypto regulations has already been submitted by the internment Ministerial Committee tasked with drafting the regulations so as I've said a thousand times on this channel nobody's banning crypto in any country I don't care if it's India China Russia you name it they're not banning anything but they've spent a lot of time over the last few years trying to scare people into thinking that are bending it so that they can position themselves but that's about the extent of it okay um and now I've got the old computer is having some fun with me this morning but we're getting it don't worry this was funny from x-men xrp at XRP 33 he said they say a picture says a thousand words this picture happens to say a billion I blew up the Newton space Wow enough said look at who's there the Queen will finally take her throne and this is at the g7 and this is of course Christine Lagarde who is a a big ripple proponent and you can see that all these guys have a lot of respect for I think the world has a lot of respect for her and we certainly do this needs to be my thumbnail okay when we move along here I'm gonna drop some these windows as fast as I can so that we can get speed up the process here but that's okay you're used to that on this channel okay got this from mr. decrypt though at mr. underscore decrypt though this is a quote that he's tweeting out let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws Mayer Amschel Rothschild and then he did a take on this he said pay digital asset mister here's a quote that I think you'd like allow me to connect a nation's currency and I care not who issues the money mister decrypt though this is a twist on this quote I thought that was pretty good stuff and next I see me we got next I'm good by the way I'm gonna finish this video with something really good and a shout out here in a minute Jeremy a lair now we remember Justin son had paid something like four million dollar or something crazy to have lunch with Warren Buffett and he's been trying to get other people from blockchain to go to the lunch with him Jeremy elaire who's the CEO of circle which is a which is partially owned by Goldman Sachs took him up on it hi Justin I would be honored to join you and Warren Buffett next week to discuss crypto count me in crypto is now a major global policy issue and there's a great deal for mr. Buffett to understand and for us to learn from him as well so that should be interesting to see what comes out of that so Jeremy Laird got for free Justin Sun paid I think it was four million dollars okay um this was from Guinea crypto at retire underscore young underscore one and Cotswolds at Cotswolds underscore Jen had twenty tweeted this out what this is this is a sweat that swell which is ripples annual conference they just updated their page and this is the agenda and these zeros in on this on Friday November the 8th at 1:45 liquidity is different now and that can only mean good things because they're saying that liquidity different now that we're there in a different different situation than they were even a year ago with liquidity for X or P okay and then we have this from x RP trooper at trooper x RP and this is from curacao egg this is this is the CEO of bit true glad we made this happen on bitch Aires first anniversary like someone said it's a cherry on a cake bit trees very own XRP validator is now running x RP validators are crucial to the mission of x RP as they participate in the consensus process and improve the centralization of the network we're dedicated to success of x RP and hope that other exchanges will join us soon so they have them they're now running their own validator that's a good good news alright um yeah this is big this is big stuff too from x RP james TI x RP James sent me if I can get rid of this the old computer is cooperating less than normal with me today so let me see if I can pull this article ok Chinese Court upholds legality of bitcoins ownership BTC protected by China's property laws a court in whatever you say that however you say that China upheld Bitcoin status as a virtual property the ruling reaffirms that Bitcoin is legal to own in China and indicates to holders that they will be protected by the country's legal system in disputes that can't be small folks let's see if we can get rid of that and then the next thing ooh we don't ever like to see that that will go away in a sec and we'll be on to this next one this is from web surfer at web surf ology and while I'm at it I'll be going to that one crypto currency trading platform bit so preferred digital asset exchange to ripples ex rap and has become the first cryptic company to be regulated in Latin America that's big-time to folks we're getting regulatory clarity all around the world now okay I want to give some credit where credit's due today green eggs and ham the first normally the first thing I do in the morning is I go and I get pieces of news this video is a little different in that I was made aware by some people OTT of people as well as green eggs and ham who is to the lifeboats on YouTube and you need to subscribe to him and also following on Twitter at ham eggs in Sam um very intelligent guy and he's a very thorough guy he reminds me I've called him before legs like I forensic accountant this guy is really good at digging deep and fun and and really looking at the behind the scenes of things and I want to make a point before I go into I want to about to show you the video that he did and and I want you to go I want you to stop what you're doing as soon as you finish my video I want you to go watch his video because here's here's what has happened and really it's happened with a lot of people but it's happened with me over the course of the last year and I'm gonna kind of go go into this but before I leave this page here you go and give him a follow on Twitter alright um there is one thing I believe that that in the XRP community and and those people really not just in the XRP community but people that are following digital assets and look at look at digital assets as investing are kind of in two groups and it reminds me a little bit of one of my favorite movies and I'm going to go into that in a minute but we've kind of come to two groups in the XRP community as I see it you got one group of people who they're investing in they're thinking okay XRP sand and Sam talks about it at the end of this video a little bit people that oh why are we only a thirty cents and it just doesn't make sense it's just at 30 cents and then you have and those people are kind of just looking oh I'm going to invest XRP and I've heard good things about this and it's gonna just going to go the prices are really going to go up and I'm going to get rich then you have another group of people and I believe over time that I've kind of become I've kind of come around to this way of thinking the other group is a group of people who have seen enough they've been this started as just a XRP a part of their portfolio along with bitcoin and maybe Tron and maybe this and maybe dot but over time that second group of people has come to a higher level of understanding and they've come to a level of understanding of how just how big this XRP thing is much larger it's not just investing in a digital asset it is replacing Swift it is changing the entire financial world and XRP and ripple are at the very forefront and will be one of the major companies that I would convict compared them from I've compared them before from the Gilded Age to like a the way that the railroads changed the world and the way the way that petroleum changed the world and that would have been like the JP Morgan's and the Vanderbilts thomas edison creating the lightbulb and electricity that's what this is comparable to once you fully appreciate and you and these stars fully aligned in your mind and you finally grasp what's really going on well that is what to the lifeboats sam-i-am did a video on today and you need to go and watch this video the second that I wrap this up go and watch this video because Sam has he's not just telling you what his theories are he's going back all the way back I believed a 2015 or 2016 and he's showing you articles that came out from riffle and we're where an actual announcements where this Bank in this Bank in this Bank are testing and then they're they're forming organizations of groups of organizations to test and to interact with this platform and all this and he's showing you how it's like a plant and as you watch the video all of this starts to piece together and so for those of you who are those who are right now those people understand why it's 30:36 there's a much bigger thing going that that's at work here and I am fully convinced of that now I wasn't can pull II convinced of that until probably the last I mean the last year at least I'm not known for quite some time but those of us who have really been plugged in and really been you read enough articles and then it all starts coming together say this really does mean what I thought it meant in my gut it really is this kind of level this big well go what and here's just one example he talks about a lot of banks in Canada that are involved and this is a deleted tweet from Corey Johnson who left ripple and a part of me is always wondered if Corey Johnson left ripple because he spoke out of turn out of turn or tweeted things he shouldn't have tweeted a part of me as always wondered that but this is a deleted tweet where he's shaking hands with the Prime Minister of Canada who just came out with their unstable coin by the way and he says I'll say it again this matters okay that tweet was deleted sam-i-am mentions that but same items video ties in all of these different banks he highlights shows you the banks shows you the bigger picture you got to go watch it and then there's this and so then then Lionel comes in and sent out this tweet this morning the video is beautiful contains Brad darling house it's a compilation confirming Bank of England is a ripple customer along with yesterday's VOE announcement and some historical BOE videos cross-border Mitsos da da da bottom line is if you want to start to really understand this bigger picture and how huge all of this really is go and follow these guys to at Lionel for six to nine four five five zero Stewart XR at Stuart underscore XRP if you really want to get plugged in and go watch these videos they're putting these things out after a while it becomes where it's undeniable folks okay and then this okay guest one at freedom nine forty four two nine nine four four it's very interesting to observe these Titanic global shifts but it first seemed to be somewhat unrelated but coherent at the same time two crypto exchanges fast-tracked in Asia and news on a new crypto based currency exchange system akin to Swift insects and SPV system surrounding Iran and the oil that has close ties to dethroning of the USD and Russia's recent interest in joining the system resignation of both the head of the IMF and the World Bank followed by appointment of the head of IMF to the president of ECB active voice of DLT by the Bank of England influencing the rest of the EU seemingly deliberate slowdown of crypto regulations in the US at a larger scale it looks like dominoes will be falling in the order of Asia Middle East Europe America safe to say level playing field dethroning the dollar now folks I've said many times on this channel that you if you're really if your eyes are really open and you're really piecing all of this together what's going on with ripple and XRP we keep hearing level playing field new world order Brad Garlin house on stage with Christine Lagarde from the IMF he's in a room full of the most powerful central bankers in the world all of this ties together it it is no coincidence it's not a coincidence that this week we saw the Treasury Secretary the Fed chair Donald Trump all of them are talking about digital assets they never speak of ripple or XRP but you see questions that are obvious LOB's of excerpt that are talking about ripple and then they'll go away from it and they won't talk about it it's all right there in front of your face if you're really looking and what I wanted to tie this in but I wanted to give you a disclaimer first because I don't want you to think I'm talking about something heaven or whatever that's not what I'm talking about I am gonna make a point here with one of my favorite movies that a movie that my son loves to watch the point that I want to make I want to tell you up front so you don't think I'm coming out of left field here all I'm saying here is that sometimes in life there that there are no coincidences in things like this and I fully believe that there are no coincidences and it kind of reminds me of this there's a there's a great one of my favorite movies in my son loves to watch this movie it's with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix it's the movie signs and signs for those of you if you haven't seen it you should go see the movie Suns is about it's about aliens coming from outer space but but it's got a deeper meaning and the he's a no Gibson is a priest in the movie and his wife I'm not going to give away all the all what happens in the movie but the bigger message in the movie is are we all just drifting around and and are things just happening or are there no coincidences is there is there is there something bigger at play and that's kind of what the movie is all about now I'm not trying to make any kind of a religious time ripple do not take that from this that's not what I'm saying all I'm really saying is that I have I have seen so much now that when you see brown Garlin house putting out a string a long string of tweets it's not a coincidence it's not a coincidence that you're seeing him on stay in a room full of central bankers and that you're then you're reading an article about all these banks forming a group or a consortium in there and then they're talking about replacing Swift and yesterday Japan comes out and they're gonna replace Swift none of these are coincidences but one of my favorite lines out of this movie I wanted to read to you because it's to me it's now part of what they're talking about is like I guess you know whether whether God is involved in no that's not what I'm getting at here I'm just saying I don't think any of these are cool expenses but I love the line this is one of my favorite lines from the movie they're sitting on the couch and they're watching there are two spaceships that are on TV and they're hovering and but nobody in the world knows what's going to happen yet and they have 14 lights on the they're on the ships and they're there the younger brother is Joaquin Phoenix he's sitting there he's talk he's trying to get some kind of positive feedback from his brother that everything is gonna be okay and he said um some Mel Gibson who's the priest he says people break down into two groups when they experience something lucky group number one sees it as more than luck more than coincidence they see it as a sign evidence that there's something up there watching out for them group number two sees it just as just pure luck just a happy turn of chance I'm sure people in group number two are looking at those 14 lights in a very suspicious way for them the situation is 50/50 could be bad could be good but deep down they feel that whatever happens they're on their own and that fills them with fear yeah there are these there are those people but there's a whole lot of people in group number one when they see those 14 lights they're looking at a miracle and deep down they feel that whatever is going to happen there will be someone there to help them and that fills them with hope see what you have to ask yourself is what kind of person are you are you the kind of are you the kind that sees sons that sees miracles or do you believe that people just get lucky or look at the question this way is it possible that there are no coincidences and what I was that that last line is what I want you to get out of this folks and that's why I thought it was so cool and I'll read that last line again he says or look at the question this way is it possible that there are no coincidences and so what I would say to you as XRP holders out there I talked about those people oh it's 36 well is it 36 and they're freaking out about all this well look go Sam im's video go watch it's that two lifeboats on YouTube and watch that whole video and think about what you've all the different news pieces you've heard from me and other people over the over the last year and ask yourself is it possible that all of this is coincidences or are we really talking about something that is about to replace Swift and change the entire financial system as we know it is that what we're really looking at because piecing it all together that is what I believe with every fiber of my being I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button and tell your friends and family that I do not believe that all of these interconnections are coincidences and I don't think I don't think sam-i-am does either thank you for listening you

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  2. I have 80% quant and 20% xrp, Quant has heaps more multiples left and also game changing but early whilst ripple because i never sell xrp

  3. There is no such thing in life as a coincidence. Everything and All things are from a chain of events to be as such. Spiritually that`s the way this world works.

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  7. The new system is being built in plain sight.
    The herd will focus on daily routines, tv shows, 9-5 etc.
    The minority see the future. Some are blinded by their emotional attachment to their investment and cant see the wood from the trees.
    We will be the new 1% and all you need is belief and patience

    Thanks DAI such great insights you offer. I hope to meet you and shake your hand one day sir

  8. It is just a matter of time for this to be revealed. I'm 100% convinced that this IS HAPPENING and XRP is the one asset to become the standard – no coincidence. I've watched the SamIAM video and it just cements my belief even more. With the help of these videos (DAI, GreenEggs, JungleInc, BakkupBrad etc etc) and the great people on twitter, the evidence is uncovered. GREAT job DAI! See you on the moon!

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  11. you are starting to get on my nerves. you ramble on about this and that. so unprofessional….. unsubscribed. you are just an xrp cheerleader

  12. Sam is very intelligent, he did a great job piecing all of that together. Plans within plans. Canada is positioning themselves to be in the right place, and Mark Carney who is Canadian, is the head of the England’s Central Bank, and used to be the head of Royal Bank of Canada. Big things happening.

  13. Maxine Waters is all the above. Ignorant, Stupid, Embarrassing, and Scary. Got into politics worth way less than $1 million. A few years later bought an $8 million home on a senators salary. Let's add Corrupt to the list. She is not alone.

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  16. I get it, DAI…I'm in that 2nd group of people. I realize that this is a whole new financial system coming our way and that Ripple & xrp are in the forefront of it all. I did watch Sam's video earlier today and the info he shared showing the BIG picture blew me away!

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    cash has always been king in the black market

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    It's like selling electricity to the owner of a candle factory in the 1890s.

    Give it up, he's a dinosaur and irrelevant in this space.

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