Ripple And XRP : Price Has Boomed(And Busted) Regardless Of Uncertainty Since 2013

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor I wanted to show you this is a tweet from Anthony pomp Leon oh he runs a Morgan Creek capital and they have several different digital asset funds but he he put in this out this tweet today meant with a large University chief investment officer yesterday told to her one hundred percent of her portfolio will be digital assets in the future every stock bond currency commodity will be digitized she didn't blink she knew it was true this is inevitable just a matter of time and that's what I keep that's one of the things I keep saying on this channel is that XRP you're gonna have two categories really a digital asset two major categories one is going to be all the previous S asset classes that are that are being tokenized but the beautiful thing for those of us that were here early is that X RP and the other digital assets that come out as the top 10 or 15 the ones that rise to the top they're going to be paired with all of those tokenized assets in this new world we're in turn and that's what's so huge and even these endowments are starting to figure this out they know it they know what's coming okay next this is from and the old computers been slowed down a little bit today this is from Stephan dia he says it's happening now rational FX UK we've partnered and rippled to make your money transfers faster easier and more secure join the thousands of clients already using rational FX to manage their international money transfers that's all I'm going to go through with that but I just wanted you to understand all around us adoption of ripple and XRP is happening everything is just like pomp Leon Oh said it's just a matter of Tom that's all it is as a matter of Tom this thing's going down okay next this is from renewable god @ re n 3w for BL guy and he gives this and somebody's about to ring my doorbell but it's okay okay he sent me this now those of you that don't know BitTorrent was BitTorrent is what Tron Justin Sun from Tron bought BitTorrent and then once he bought BitTorrent they created the BTT token and that is on the Tron network and so everyone who owns Tron received BTT well BTT is what's going to be used on the BitTorrent Network well what is BitTorrent this article as you can see it says could BitTorrent be the most important development since the printing press well what they're talking about and you should go read this article it's on medium and what they're talking about a lot of you don't like Tron that's fun but I believe Tron is going to be one of the winners worldwide in this digital asset race and if but if you go in this article what is what they're talking about is a decentralized platform is how that could change the whole game with the youtubes and some of the others out there all the sudden you would have a platform this decentralized with a new way for the creators to earn money and have actually earn money as people are streaming their videos or whatever but they're talking about how this could change the world but for me this Trump the reason I like and that Tron's one of my holding is that they are working on something that's an actual use case and you can't say that from any digital assets but it is one of them and so you ought to go check this out all right next I wanted to show you this this is from Brian melancholy XRP at my concho ander score 11 sent me this now I've seen this before but I have a lot of new people that are watching this channel and so I wanted to bring this to your attention if you've never watched this you need to go watch it today this is a CRI pto online that's a channel that where they've uploaded this the great crypto conspiracy um this was a segment where this guys from the I think it's called the palm palm beach research report or something to that effect and he was on the Glenn Beck show and Glenn back read they did about 30 or 40 minute show where this guy out ones and shows for you the parallels between what is going on in markets in the past like in calm versus what we're dealing with now he even draws out a timeline showing you what all of the big boys in finance were saying while they were investing in crypto behind the scenes he shows you all of this this is a big eye-opener for those of you that have not seen this you need to watch it because it really will complete the picture of because every day if you're invested in crypto you're going to read all kinds of articles that are going to scare you that are designed to scare you you're gonna see it left and right I've been in this since 2013 and I can tell you and I'm about to show you that this whole game that this is it's almost like there's a game going on and and and your job is the way you play this game if you're smart is to just block out all the noise because there's a lot of noise it's all being thrown out there for intentionally to scare you away from this opportunity so go watch this now um the next thing I'm going to go through with you like I said I was here I've been in this since 2013 and the the theme of everything I've heard this over the last say 2018 end of this year all I've heard and I touched on it in my last video all of hers oh we have regulatory uncertainty for XRP and nothing happen until then and that is a bunch of freaking bull and I'm going to show you why it's such bull we've had regulatory uncertainty since – that when I was in it in 2013 you hadn't even seen regulatory uncertainty unless you were there back then regulatory uncertainty has been with Bitcoin and XRP and all digital assets from the very beginning these people I mean they were we were considered just this side of being a terrorist or a money launderer or this or that back then and every day you woke up holding your investment wondering if today was the day that the United States would ban the cryptocurrency or ban xrp that was the environment in fact Bob way who is the guy who used who worked a triple he literally joked that the people that worked at riffle did not know back then if today was the day that their doors would be broken down with an FBI raid and all of them sent to prison they had that's the environment we were in the environment that you as an investor today or in his nothing you have no uncertainty as compared to where we were back then and what happened even with that terrible uncertainty that we had back then well ripple is thousands and Bitcoin back thousands of percent higher than they were back then we when we had real scary uncertainty we didn't I mean you we thought it was almost like we were criminals just for the idea that we were gonna go buy Bitcoin or XRP that's what it was like and I'm gonna show you to show you some of the things that happened it you may not know of here's one FinCEN funds ripple at this is from 2015 now this is more recent but back in 2013 and before that he was even scarier pinson fines ripple labs inc the first civil enforcement action against a virtual currency exchanger seven hundred thousand dollars they find ripple okay and I think this I want to say that they had to get money license or something to that effect that's not the point I just want to make the point that we were seeing this type of thing left and right from 2013 all the way to 2015 this was the type of thing and so those of us that were out there that were buying the stuff we didn't even know for sure that we wouldn't get in trouble from owning it but then look at this um this was from 2015 before the one I just showed you it says FinCEN Financial Crimes enforcement network has levied its first final virtual currency exchange this is about what I just showed you ripple labs which distributes and exchanges its own cryptocurrency xrp is being five fun seven hundred thousand dollars by fence in as a as a division of the Treasury Department for acting as a money services business and selling its virtual currency without registering fence in now that's seven hundred thousand dollars I've often wondered folks if that seven hundred thousand dollars got a lot of people off of ripple and XR fees back that are still off of it ripples back to this day now I have no way I could know that but I'm just saying I've often wondered that but let's go back to 2000 and let's see when this was 2014 okay senator calls for Bitcoin ban in a letter to financial regulators now back then I was holding virtual currencies in digital asset I didn't I didn't know if tomorrow I was gonna wake up and I'm gonna tell my wife you were talking about uncertainty that's uncertainty I was gonna have to tell my wife oh sorry I just put you money in this and they just declared it illegal today and so we're out of business no I did think that this might be something that would be a game changer for our family financially but I was wrong and it's illegal I hope it will get in trouble that's what it felt like back then that's what that is regulatory uncertainty folks not what we're dealing with today not the talk today then there's this let's look at this um this is and this was just uh this is from wired back in 2011 okay the rise and fall of Bitcoin who could have known back then the Bitcoin rose and fell now keep in mind back during that time I believe don't quote me but in 2011 I think Bitcoin may have been somewhere in the ten to fifty dollar range and this person a wonderful Benjamin Wallace still has a job I put the rise and fall of Bitcoin you're an entire article about it for Wired magazine and then there's this can Bitcoin survive is it legal whoo this is the this is from 2011 this is the kind of things that we're going on is it legal and so anybody who's who owns it is sitting at English am i doing something wrong I mean I can literally remember having these conversations with my father I mean I don't know where we are we doing something wrong by doing this I don't know but it just seems like an extreme opportunity I can remember having that conversation that was in 2013 this is in 2011 can Bitcoin survive is it legal so if you owned it back then imagine what your friends and family were saying to you if you owned it back then I mean and then there's this 2013 this is when I got in the game and this is the type thing you were here let's talk we keep talking hearing about regulatory insert keep hearing people so well XRP and rip and bit cause nothing's gonna really happen without regulatory certainty bull crap folks bull crap 2013 do you know what XRP and Bitcoin I've done and they both had regulatory uncertainty and they've had it ever since that until I think I think the SEC just gave an indication that maybe Bitcoin was not a security in 2018 and from this time 2013 I was there it was somewhere as I were calling 100 to $200 range and and watch I'll show you about uncertainty for reasons you shouldn't buy bitcoins one losses okay they were oh they're so scary and risky okay to regulation this entire thing is about regulatory certainty down here it says completely shuttering Bitcoin in other words making it illegal would be a challenge but the term and FET federal could at least push it underground that would greatly diminish its value for legitimate Commerce and so the currency's value would likely plunge the day the feds announced new regulatory restrictions that my friends was the type of regulatory certainty we were under at the time we didn't know if it was going to be declared illegal that's what it felt like every day and I want to finish by showing you this guy'll of showing this kind of stuff this is from 2011 Gregg's shown poor guy I wish I'd kept my 1,700 Bitcoin at at 6 cents instead of selling them at 30 cents now that they're eight dollars hashtag Bitcoin I'm a digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe hit the like button and tell your friends and family that poor Greg shown is out a lot of money thank you for listening

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