44 thoughts on “RIP GENESIS MINING – The Final UPDATE 2018”

  1. When it compes to mining bitcoin and mining ingeneral i trust only Genesis Mining as there are so many scams and ponzi nowdays. I wouldn't risk and invest anywhere else and I am saying this after years of mining in different sites. Genesis Mining proved to be real and legite, their paymants are regular and on time. I have a few contracts and btc is one of them. So far I can say that I am more than satisfied with how things are going and just a feeling of beeing secure when my money is invested is everything. So, Genesis is definitely my reccomendation.

  2. After exhausting market research, I invested in bitcoin market with Genesis Mining. The smartest move I have ever done. My contract is running and my payments are regular. Genesis Mining is definitely going places. It is not the biggest mining company for no reason. And one thing's for sure – IT IS NOT A SCAM! We all experienced rocky start with mining in general, but GM stayed true to their customers and that’s why they gained my trust!

  3. I read about it in The Economist and then decided to invest in bitcoin market. Genesis Mining is as TE said the largest and safest company that deals with cripto currency. I signed my contract a year ago and I get profit every day, of course the stock market affects but its normal. Genesis Mining is the company for all of us who don't wanna deal with transactions with themeselves and don't have enough knowledge.

  4. Nicely done, genesis finally turned out to be even worse than other mining companies. shame on you, cheaters

  5. Mining market itself is a gamble, you never know how much will you earn from day to day. I think when you start mining you kind of agree on that, but you just hope for the best outcome. I am mining with Genesis Mining and despite market changes I haven’t had any major problems with my payments or contract. Yes, I have upgraded my contract and it seems to be a good move. Hope the whole mining industry will be soon back on tracks. But I will be mining with GM in the future as they gained my trust trough this market crisis.

  6. Cloud mining companies are having problems now. But everybody will be investing into such companies, when price for bitcoin grow to $9000 again. Growing comes after falling.

  7. All my presale contracts were terminated, all my Bitcoin contracts were terminated, how was a person supposed to be able to afford to re-purchase those contracts a second time? I feel my contracts were stolen from me, I paid for them, and now they're gone. I lost my ass.

  8. Remember this time last year? MOON MISSIONS…fugg I was on KUIPER BELT missions. We knew everything…we were smarter than all those wagecuck plebs. Our electric tokens made us rich! We could hide in our basement with some computer equipment and dream of Lambos. Those were the Halcyon days my amigos…they ain't never coming back either. I hope Target or McDonalds is hiring…

  9. Ive had my 15TH contract terminated, luckily I bought it last year in July. So I did make a small profit, but then lost it in crypto trading bear market

  10. I'm still bullish in crypto, I think the following months will be the best possible opportunity to invest in solid cryptocurrencies that are going somewhere, seems to me like you are just following the hype and leaving as it has died down, I expect to see bitcoin at 10k and possibly more in the future, not tomorrow but maybe in a few years. I could also be wrong, and the market wont recover, but looking at the history, bitcoin has always bounced back from these huge drops eventually. Still holding 3 currencies myself, hoping to sell them to bitcoin at somepoint and hold for years.

  11. Go buy some silver, its cheap, check the graphs for yourself. I prefer holding something physical with real value. Easy to buy easy to sell.

  12. The business format of Genesis Mining is also almost like a scam company actually. You pay them for X dollars for Y hashrate. In very short time you will experience that your income decreasr drastically hard so that you are not able to earn back your investment.

  13. My view point in the stock market will crash.. people will buy gold and silver thinking that will save the day but when a large institution asks the comex for delivery of the gold, comes will NOT have it.. when institutions realize this they will be forced to take a cash delivery but they will not want to hold there USD$.. cryptos will be the only option and the pump will be huge in my opinion. The question is how low will crypto go first before the tide changes? Just a few thoughts to ponder…

  14. I only bought a very small contract and when I saw the problems and lack of customer service I did not buy any more hash power. I did get one payout that amounted to about 30% of what I had put in after 6 months. Hoped I would see another payout but at this point I am considering this a lesson and very happy I didn't put any more money into it. Based on what I saw early on, I came to the conclusion that the money is better invested directly into the crypto market where at least you got something for the money that nobody can take from you.

  15. I suggest you don’t stop investing in crypto. I understand it’s painful right now, but the best way to get your money back is dollar cost averaging. Crypto will be the most profitable asset in 2019. I’ve lost over $80,000 in value since January and I’m positive i’ll get it back plus more by 2020. This is financial advice. I won’t be wrong.

  16. Okay dude, couple of things.

    1. Genesis and all other cloud mining is ridiculously risky, like you said. But Genesis gave you the opportunity to move from open-ended to a radiant contract. Totally unfair, but I did it anyway.

    2. Dont blame the good crypto's for 'scam' artist like Genesis or whatever. Crypto is here to stay and I hope that you didn't sell all of it.

    3. Prepare for a big major stock crash, like the one from 2008.

    4. Happy X-mas and have a wonderfull 2019!.

  17. My bitcoin mining also is determinated. But my ether and monero is still running. But along the way I switched payouts in ltc because the minimum amount is reached quicker, so I receive now dayly payouts. Also no profit here, if markets maybe grow a bit, than it will be brake even. For me it was a test and put not more than 1000$ in it. Greeetz.

  18. Hey man,

    I just discovered your channel. Nice videos and a filming setup. I’m working towards starting a YouTube channel of my own, but it’s a way off.

    I have some Monero and Ethereum contracts with Genesis and they are still active.

  19. First video I have seen but I get the feeling you are always 2-3 steps behind. Cloud mining? Now you are into equities and real estate toward the end of a cycle. Good luck out there.

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