Rich’s Top 6 Marijuana Stock Picks for 2018. Plus Cryptocurrencies Update – with Rich TV Live

Rich’s Top 6 Marijuana Stock Picks for 2018. Plus Cryptocurrencies Update – with Rich TV Live cannabis pot weed hemp stocks to buy now 2018 canada canadian what’s up everybody welcome to looking
at the markets and rich TV live I’m so excited to be here man rich you are my
pot stock guru you are my cryptocurrency guru how are the markets looking today
and how are you today sir ah the markets are uh they’re not the
greatest today so far they’ve had better days that’s for sure but they seem to be
turning around I’m looking right now at canopy growth corp you can see that they
actually are starting to turn around yeah they are starting to climb here so
that’s a good sign yeah looking at the HM LSF ETF it is also climbing so it’s
funny I talked about this they all have the same chart they’re all the same
pattern here’s leaf another company that I absolutely love
I’ve profited from it is climbed up up one percent they all have the same chart
it was David this is the one it doesn’t have the same chart it’s called Suniva
SN and vf1 that I’m looking at very closely okay it is considered the canopy
growth Corp of California so I’m watching that one very carefully here is
canopy growth Corp yeah obviously the Medical Marijuana
LeBron James of medical marijuana stocks I love it
one of my favorites and it has just never disappointed and it’s up again 1%
today but you see the same chart yeah all exactly the same chart
interesting tell me that they don’t have the same chart here is a fire up and you
know it’s not as dramatic but you see the same trend it’s going up you know
hasn’t changed much but they came down early to start the day after a pump fake
and then they’ve all started to climb back up and the
six companies are six of the biggest and the best companies in North America in
the world as far as I’m concerned a lot of people been asking me rich what are
your top five what are your top ten I would say these are six of the biggest
and the best night you can invest in obviously a fire ax has a contract with
shoppers Drug Mart I don’t know if you’re familiar with chocolate Drug Mart
but they are the largest corner store medicine you know medicinal Shoppers
Drug Mart like hat like shopping /ms in slash gift cards everything types store
here in Canada and they’ve got a contract which Shoppers Drug Mart and I
think that it makes them one of the biggest and the baddest and I believe I
believe this is a company one day that we’re gonna see it a hundred dollars so
these are companies all of them I mean we see canopy growth Corp is already at
24 and I believe this one day will be at a hundred and Suniva is at seven and one
day we might see Suniva at 50 to 100 so these are all still companies even
Canobie aurora cannabis at $8 i believe one day we could see at 100 so when you
look at all of these prices they seem very inflated this is the Canadian price
on the TSX but leaf I love it in 1886 one that we could see at 50 to 100 they
I still think there’s a lot of room for growth the ETF right here the horizons
Medical Marijuana yeah 1496 I think one day we will see this maybe at a hundred
so these are all companies that I still think have huge growth potential and
everyone’s asking me Richard what’s your top five what you top 10 there’s six of
the best I it’s really hard for me to do a fought top five top ten I will I’ll do
key because people are asking me but it’s taking me time to think and do the
research yeah because I don’t just take that light you know likely light lightly
right think that that’s a big responsibility sure and what I think
about it I think these are six of the ones that I really really think are the
biggest and the best right now can we review those now you
say there were six that you mentioned just to slow down because people are
going to say hey slow down let me write these down again this is a list that’s
always changing you know rich is not going to say you know this these are
these six okay it’s just these are the six right now that he’s thinking of so
are you including the horizons ETF is that one of the six that’s correct yes
okay so that that’s one you mentioned áfreeá or a frere
you mentioned canopy I believe that’s three that’s correct
what else it was med relief in there I think Leif was in there Suniva that’s
med relief yeah and a rotor cannon Aurora that’s six right there canopy
Aurora med relief yeah it’s an e bus and Sivan might do one that maybe you guys
are not used to because it’s a new IPO that just came out just recently in the
last month or so so it’s one that I really want you guys to watch carefully
it’s that exploded out of the gates and I think long-term has huge potential
because of its ties with the United States and it’s obviously a producer in
Canada as well so they’ve got all of North America covered so I really
believe this is one now you guys really need to watch that nobody’s talked about
and what want to do what I pride myself here in on rich TV live is bringing the
winners but not just the winners bringing you guys new information yeah
and bringing it to you guys first I’m gonna be doing a lot of videos shortly
to I’m going to I’m going to talk about some of the pics that I did last year
and men it’s these a lot of these are them I mean can it be both Corp I’ve
been talking about this since last year when there are two dollars Dave yeah a
fire you know they’re at 10 and I’ve got videos different two dollars two and
Aurora there at 891 in America and they’re at $1 when I was doing videos
last year yeah so and even the ETF right now it says at 14 it was that like
seven when I would videotape loaded they’ve all come back but they’re all
still up yeah I prove it yeah oh go to barter let’s go to barter for a second
let me show you got what I called last year
okay so last year I was talking about Aurora and I kept talking about and
talking about it talking about it so just to give you an idea Aurora is up
536 percent since June I was calling Aurora in January of last
year okay it is a lot more than five hundred percent since January yeah since
June it is a five hundred percent in the last month alone nineteen percent and in
the last three months sixty-five percent yeah so why do I
continue to say that Aurora is my number one pick of 2018 because I love this
company I’ve been watching it since the beginning and they are one of the first
fastest movers and they are just acquiring so many other companies and
getting involved with so many other companies and they are becoming a global
powerhouse yeah and they are my favorite I own it I will continue to buy it but
the way I trade it is I buy it when it goes up I sell it yeah and I enjoy my
proceeds and that’s what you should do if you’re an investor and that’s how I
trade and I’m not ashamed to admit it so how do I trade I buy in the red and when
I see a profit and I sell it I mean keep talking about it but I’ve been talking
about this company and here’s the proof since I’ve been talking about we’ve been
talking about it on our show right we kept week in the last month it’s up 19%
so if it’s up 19% the last month that means that substance we’ve been talking
about it right in the last three months it’s a 65% so that means that substance
we’ve been talking about it yeah in the last year it’s up five hundred thirty
six percent so clearly it’s substance we’ve been talking about oh yeah yeah I
would say so do you know with these picks
I mean I’m gonna continue show it to you guys let’s bring out the evidence
these are all companies that I’ve been talking about and I love them and I
still love them I’m gonna keep loving them now you’re gonna notice on my
channel I’m not talking about these as much it’s not because I don’t love them
and I’m not buying them or am NOT going to buy that it’s because I think that
there are some smaller ones that will have the opportunity to do a 10x right
prize these companies it’s not as likely that they’re gonna do a 10x when they’re
already at $10 yeah yeah because that means it’s got to go to $100 right first
for the smaller ones to do a 10x to go from $1 to $10 I believe that’s more
likely in the next one to two years then some of these companies going from like
for example canopy growth court for them to go from $30 to 300 yeah do I think it
can happen I do do I think it’s gonna happen in one or two years no right but
it couldn’t 5 or 10 so you know you see GW Pharma and they’re over a hundred
yeah I believe that canopy fire uh Aurora they’re chasing GW Pharma right
right it’s tough it is very difficult for a stock that has already gone up
five hundred percent or more to then go up another 500 percent or more in the
next year that’s that’s very difficult so what rich is doing I believe is
finding what something that hasn’t already gone up exponentially or as fast
because the tough part is finding the next canopy growth Corp finding the next
áfreeá or Aurora it’s easy it’s psychologically easy to buy something
that has already gone up 500% the question is can you buy something when
it’s not all that known yet and that’s what rich is trying to find like look at
this a fire another one that absolutely love in the last month of seventeen
percent in the last three months of 17 percent in the last year of 222 percent
how can you lose buying these stocks tainted
yeah yeah I mean when people oh man I lost and I’m like I get perplexed I’m
like really it’s up in the last month it’s up in the last 3 1
it’s up in the last year how did you lose yeah they keep showing you these
pics and write it is ridiculous it’s a little bit ridiculous
I mean how much is our up and the best part is I don’t even give I don’t even
charge I see some pretty guys and they charge for their pics right absolutely
free like I’ve been giving these pics free for over a year
look look he can’t be man like really you guys want to see canopy you know
want to see canopy man and they can’t be having talked about canopy more than
anybody right look Hannah P in the last month up 21 percent in the last three
months up 63 percent yeah it last year up three hundred and seventy four
percent how could you lose if you bought canopy tell me how you could lose some
people yeah some people claimed that that they they bought canopy
oh I listened to rich and I bought canopy man they must have bought at the
top and then a little dip happens a little five percent dip happens and they
get frustrated in the cell and then it goes up and it just it’s like really I
think if you you see something up in last month’s last year and it’s just
consistently going up that is a gravy train up at proportions I mean I don’t
see that and I like I said I’m constantly looking and I’m searching for
guys on YouTube to find information from and I keep seeing the same information
so for me I want to be that place with you
the guy that discovers right the hidden gems so I got hidden gem for you okay so
I want it to prove to you the pics first cuz those are all pics from last year so
this year I got a whole bunch of new pics because I still love all those pics
right okay and I still will be buying those pics yeah and will be selling and
day trading those pics cuz I love them sure but a you know they’re gonna go up
and down and they’ve already had massive runs yeah so we eat to find the next
ones so I did a video yesterday but this company so this is a company that I
think has really really good potential have you heard of a
baddest bi o suta khals yeah saw your video on that that was I believe that
was yesterday you put that out and I said okay you baddest I’ve spoken about
that on my channel before and now you’re talking about it
what’s down today but again could that be a buying opportunity what do you
think well like I said I don’t know if it’s a buying opportunity I just think
that based on its chart based on its trading pattern based on its history you
could see that on January 1st it hit 86 yeah and right now it’s down to 32 cents
okay so that’s a traitor I believe it’s at the bottom of the chart looking at
its pattern based on its history right it’s on the bottom of the chart okay
okay that’s kind of what I’m looking at and you’re looking at the the
three-month chart is what you want you oftentimes look at I’m looking at the
three-month chart yeah it’s it’s been this low before and this is at the
lowest it’s been at the light in the last three months that is true so you’re
looking for the bottom of the range yes so for me like I think it’s very close
to a bottom do I think you could get it a little bit lower like it’s been as low
as 22 cents so maybe you could get it around 25 to 28 but I think if you’re
looking for something that has some amazing movement here’s one you know
that has amazing licenses that is positioning itself to be a major player
up 10% in the last month up 46% in the last three months up 500% in the last
year I mean I don’t know what else to tell you but I just think that this has
huge potential and because it’s already hit a high of as you can see on this
chart ninety cents it hit on January 3rd not too long ago hmm like not too long
ago a couple months ago right 90 cents and we’re right at what 32 cents yeah
yeah just think that you know it’s a little bit of news and with the market
turning around this will also turn around
you will see a badess by suitable go to a dollar could good go to a dollar and I
think at that point you will get a chance to make three if he goes down to
20 or 25 cents you make four times your money yeah so those are the types of
opportunities that I want to be able to discover it got you
I want a pinpoint and I want to be able to identify but I still think at Google
or you’ll be able to snipe her this lure I believe it I’m gonna continue to say
this I believe we’re gonna see the markets go up and down until September
okay so I believe you will see maybe another spike here going into April and
then that will be like a head-fake and it’ll be a short-lived spike and then
it’ll come back down to reality hmm and then at that point in time what I think
you’ll see is you know it’ll really go down and in the summer time you will
have amazing opportunities to buy okay it’s why people will get excited because
recreational will become legalized in Canada and that might generate some
interest but I don’t think it’ll generate a lock in the timing because of
the summer time and insert time typically people are just gonna take the
summer off they’re gonna go on vacation they’re not gonna be focused on the
markets so that is not a good time for the markets regardless of the big news
the news might trigger it I hope it does but my gut is telling me it won’t so
what I’m really positioning myself is for September till January of 2019 where
I believe there will be a huge spike and where all the big boys all these bigger
players and these smaller guys like a badess will explode and at that point in
time if you’re positioned in the right companies at the right time in this
industry you will make you will make money because if your position in the
right company is when those spikes happen yeah that’s when you get the
opportunity to really take advantage of an explosion and that and that is how
I’ve profited from the markets that’s where I’ve generated revenues in the
last few years trading and even with crypto currencies same thing and they’re
down today but with the cryptos when they’re down that’s the time to buy yeah
yeah so that was the time to be a accumulating your favorite
cryptocurrencies and I wouldn’t accumulate anything out of the top 10 or
top 20 right because that’s my strategy right but you know you do whatever you
want anybody can do whatever they want but for me I’d be looking more for same
thing those home run opportunities or the the top 10 top 20 coins that you
know I really love that I wanted to get in for cheaper and I couldn’t get in for
cheaper before cuz they were overvalued right now maybe undervalued so now may
be the time to start picking up your favorite coins so that’s that I think we
need to really start thinking about got it for those who are on my channel and
and on Rich’s channel too who don’t know a lot about rich riches from rich TV gonna put a link in the description of my video for this or you
just go to WWE TV check out check out riches picks check out riches
videos also there’s gonna be a link below in the description of this video
where you can find riches channel on YouTube and you want to subscribe to
that for sure and if you’re checking me out please subscribe to my channel while
you’re at it all right so what rich does is he’s mostly into the marijuana stocks
space the kryptos space but he also you know he’s not against buying Facebook or
something like that snapchat maybe something like that as
well so you’re not against the blue chips in addition to the pot stocks oh I
own a lot of blue chip stocks I just right now the markets are trading I
don’t know they’re there I mean you can’t go wrong with Facebook can’t go
wrong with Amazon obviously those are two that I love I talk about a lot on my
show you can’t go wrong with Netflix sure those are all companies that I love
Apple I honestly love all of those companies those tech stock companies and
as you can see Amazon just keeps going up and I talk about Amazon a lot on rich
TV Clive and I continue to talk about it because it’s one of my holders from my
long term portfolio and it just keeps going up as well as it’s booked so I’m
very happy with it I also like stocks like Home Depot
and I really think long-term is just gonna keep going up I also like PayPal
I like Visa like MasterCard so there’s a lot of companies honestly that I like
that I have a part of my long-term portfolio that over time will go up but
they don’t have the same explosive opportunities that the marijuana stocks
do and the cryptocurrency stocks to you and that’s why sure I’d like to play in
the marijuana stocks in the crypto game because of the explosive opportunities
got you as far as buying crypto currencies we’re still not at the point
where you can get them on etrade or TD TD Ameritrade something like that do you
have any favorite places to get get your Kryptos especially the more obscure ones
where to even get those yeah you know what when you go to rich TV
it’s a great resource and I just want to thank you too for this opportunity
because look you should know this would be possible but when you go to rich TV
live you can see that we have all of the exchanges there you simply just go to
cryptocurrency and you see bananas is a great place to trade cryptocurrencies
quadric I here in Canada is my preferred location where I do most of my trading
cool coin is a place to find more obscure coins quaint Square is another
Canadian exchange where you can trade crypto currencies local bitcoins is a
place to buy and sell Bitcoin and I believe they do aetherium too now
coinbase obviously is a world-renowned place where you can buy some of the top
crypto currencies just the basket of them coin mama is another place paxville
is another place bid treks is where I have most of my crypto currencies that I
buy and sell but bid tricks won’t take any new business hmm so because the big
tricks won’t take in a new business I can’t really refer any business to them
right now unfortunately but I really do like bit tricks they’re very good
exchange I use them a lot poly onyx is another exchange that you can use so
there’s so many exchanges cracking live coin digit rate is another exchange here
in Canada that has ripple so if you are looking to buy
ripple you want to get with the Canadian exchange digit trade is actually the
best exchange in Canada to use crypto Pia is another exchange not my favorite
smaller exchange but I do have some coins there and Emma Gemini is another
exchange so I have them all listed right there rich TV life for you guys as a
resource as a one stop shop also under trading I have all the resources like
trading view that I use for tricking coin AG world coin index coin market
Capcom bar chart I use all of these resources on a day-to-day basis so I
just simply go to rich TV click whatever I need for that day and then I
and I look at my charts and I do my trading now right now when the park its
are like the way they are honestly I’m focused on other things you know if my
money is already tied up or I’ve already invested I’m right now focused on other
things I focused on making money so that I can invest more and as I generate more
revenue I’m investing and buying more of my favorite cryptocurrencies and
marijuana stocks yeah so that’s what I’m doing right now I’m just like squirrel
just accumulating all my favorite you know crypto currencies and marijuana
stocks just getting ready for the huge explosion cuz it’s gonna come yeah and
we you’ve talked about this and it’s on record you’ve talked about the
possibility of a slow summer and then more of an explosion in September
especially for the marijuana stocks what about kryptos is there a
seasonality to that or already just wait until it goes down and then you buy some
how does that work yeah you know I’ve only been following crypto currencies
for about six months now so maybe maybe eight months so I’m not an expert in the
Kryptos I know how to buy them I know how to sell them I know how to trade
them I’m doing IC o—- reviews I’m reviewing them every day I’m learning
about companies and I’m learning a technology I’m very excited about the
technology in the future of the blockchain do I believe that long term
that these are going to go up yes do I know when absolutely not I don’t know I
believe there’s a lot of fear I believe there’s a lot of FUD I believe there’s a
lot of news that is affecting the market and I
don’t know how that is going to affect the market short term I just know that
long term I’m gonna continue to invest in my favorite cryptocurrencies because
as an asset I believe in that class of asset just like in marijuana stocks last
year I believed in the future of marijuana stocks and it was right I was
right and because of my predictions I was rewarded yeah I believe with crypto
currencies I was also right last year and I made a lot of good moves I didn’t
do as well in the crypto currencies as I did in the marijuana stocks because I
didn’t invest as much right but percentage-wise I did really well in
both yeah McDonagh stocks and crypto currencies
last year if I look at historically marijuana stocks have done very well
between September and January yeah in 2016 and in 2017 when did the crypto
currencies do well in 2017 they started to do well around now you know and they
kind of did really well until January and they’ve just recently pulled back
yeah so yeah I think you know it doesn’t take much to turn things around and it
could be news it could be the market makers it could be manipulation it could
be whales it could be insiders it could be a
combination of all of it but whenever they do decide to explode the key is to
make sure you have some yeah yeah before not after before is the key exactly yeah
yeah we’re positioned nicely like our community right now is positioned nicely
because we have crypto currencies and we have marijuana stocks and we have some
of the best yeah so my goal right now is just to accumulate more while they’re
low yeah yes leave they’re gonna stay low right right
and people should also check out Rich’s whatsapp you’re a rich TV Live is on
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discussing these things and giving their pick
now don’t forget rich and I are not licensed or registered investment
advisors just because we give picks that just means that their things we’re
interested in you know we can’t tell you what to buy or sell nothing in this
video is a recommendation to buy or sell anything we just call it as we see it
and right now you’re you’re getting these videos on YouTube for free and you
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free youtube videos I don’t see other people offering this much free content
so you know subscribe and and you know get those get those updates click on
that little bell there on YouTube you get the latest updates it’s pretty cool
so you know sometimes people say rich why do you give free picks why not have
a paywall why not charge people since you’re
helping them make so much money what do you say to that rich I just I it’s it’s
about helping the people Dave I don’t I I invest for myself
right and when I’m finding winners and I’m talking to guys I’ve talked to so
many people that make a living now just buying marijuana stocks Dave wow that’s
great just buying crypto currencies and just
doing I SEOs and I hear these stories now and they’re like rich i buy and sell
your pics and there’s people that are got good at it Dave and so they survive
now that’s great and that’s how I survive to be honest with you and I make
a good living at it and I don’t have to kill myself yeah I don’t have to do a
nine-to-five I don’t have a boss and I haven’t had a boss mole like so it’s
working well for me so we can work well for you so why would I charge anyone
like why would I want to take money out of someone’s pocket I’m here to put
money into people’s pockets and the markets are aren’t enough so when you
have someone else that you can bounce ideas off of it just gives you
confidence to say you know what maybe I shouldn’t invest in the stock so I’m a
part of a lot of groups where there’s people talking about stocks and crypto
currencies and people are bouncing different ideas off each other all the
time yeah it gives me courage to go and make that investment when I can say to
my group hey guys do you think about this thick I’m gonna
buy this pic today right you know I’m not buying it cuz someone told me to I’m
buying it because I want you yeah whether it goes up or down I’m a grown
adult I can deal with the consequences yeah it’s tough sometimes but because
you know there are people who bought Bitcoin at nineteen thousand five
hundred or so almost twenty thousand and now they’re you know their investments
so far might be cut in half or maybe they bought it thirteen thousand fifteen
thousand ten thousand and now they’re down it’s tough it’s psychologically
tough but isn’t it true rich that Bitcoin has been through crashes before
in its history since 2009 Bitcoin has been through crashes it’s at some 50
percent or more crashes and yet hasn’t it always come back up at some point if
you don’t freak out well yeah and it will I mean that’s just the way it goes
like it Bitcoin is is going to go up and the
blockchain will continue to grow marijuana stocks are going to continue
to go up and marijuana stocks are gonna continue to grow I’ve already shown you
guys the evidence right I can do the same thing with Bitcoin if you like we
can go through the historical evidence of how much Bitcoin is up and it’s
staggering yeah how much it’s up so there’s going to be a retraction at some
point in time people have to be realistic
yes short-term it is down you can see that short-term it’s down right turn
when you look at it as a whole it is up a ridiculous amount like thousands upon
thousands of percent so when you see something that is up like this yeah
right that’s up like this and it just goes
like this like a hockey stick and then it comes back down everybody’s panicking
right this was under a penny yeah yeah it was under a penny right so now it’s
at 8,000 or 9,000 everybody’s panic oh my god bitcoins down Bitcoin is not down
it’s like the same thing as when people are like oh my goodness can it be growth
Corp is down it’s not down that’s like saying oh my goodness Amazon is down
well it never really goes down right but you know Amazon doesn’t really ever go
down but a good kind of lately goes down or even Facebook you
know it went definitiely during its IPO after its IPO and look at it today yeah
Oh more than more than a 10 bagger right like it I peeled at 30 bucks so it’s
it’s it’s it’s up like well sorry not 30 but it’s up it’s about five you know
five five times its money five six times as money so you would have you know not
a great a great return on Facebook and I’ve opened it since the beginning right
and Amazon I’ve been talking about last year since was a $700 and today it’s at
1600 so you gotta learn to find these winners but if you jump off the train
because it went down for a day but over the month is up over three months it’s
up over a year it’s up you need to really look at your trading strategy
yeah and better look at not only are you trading the wrong way because you’re
losing you’re also losing money on transactions yeah so instead of doing
all these transaction fees and trying to be a day trader by something you believe
in hold on to it long term and watch it go up yeah
Facebook went up Amazon went up Yeah right these are all companies that were
talking about for a year canopy growth Corp has gone up
dramatically we can look at their chart do I mean we look at all these charts I
mean I have proven it I mean but I’ll keep proving it cuz people don’t believe
write them mjf so you gotta give them the evidence right yeah so let’s give
them the evidence so right right now it’s a it’s a week by right so what does
it tell me it’s telling me that the marijuana stocks kind of starting to
come back to life but you could look at their chart over the last three months
it is up dramatically like it’s at $10 it went up to 30 almost 40 you know now
it’s back down to 24 is it down is it up it’s in the middle of the chart over the
last three months but over the last three months let’s take a look and then
we’ll look at the year over the last month 22% last three months
65% last year 401 percent o his canopy growth Corp up absolutely since June of
last year it was at four dollars and 89 cents it’s up for her
percent in January when I was talking about it it was at $1 yeah yeah so folks
before you say all you know riches picks it they didn’t work for me well you got
a look at his time frame okay if if rich makes a pick and then the next day it
goes down don’t freak out don’t say he was wrong because rich has never said
this is gonna go up tomorrow this is gonna go up in the next five minutes
that’s not how he thinks and that’s not how he invests and besides you need to
invest in your style and how you want to invest don’t do something cuz rich told
you to do it don’t do something cuz anybody told you to do it but you got a
look at the time frame before you become a hater and start saying oh rich was
wrong you know what sooner or later rich is
pretty consistently right if your time frame has a maturity to it where you’re
willing to look out not just look at the one week chart or the five minute
candlestick chart rich is looking at the three month chart as you can see he’s
looking the one year chart he’s looking the five and ten year charts sometimes
you got have a long term perspective with these things don’t get me wrong
I’ll date trade something if it gives it to me if I buy pure luck if I buy a
baddest pharmaceuticals let’s say at nine o’clock in the morning and then by
the end of the day it’s up ten percent just by luck yeah I’ll take some profits
sure but I’m not typically a day trader if I’m holding a long term perspective
if I believe these companies have potential over the long term then I
behave like a long term trader I don’t you know I’m not necessarily looking at
the price chart every five minutes and driving myself crazy there’s a badess
right there all right yeah it’s down today four
percent so what that’s one day at the heck makes me want to buy it if anything
that’s that’s when you got to think about buying you want to buy when it’s
down yeah because what happens with the market is it goes up and down and and
you got to buy in the bottom and then sell the top buy at the bottom sell the
top and what I’m trying to teach people is buy at the bottom of the chart yeah
don’t buy at the top of the chart buy at the bottom of the chart yeah we started
learning how to buy at the bottom of the chart you’re going to win you know you
talk about my success ratio my success ratio for myself okay is I blew myself
away because instead I bought 12 marijuana stocks I put in
$20,000 I was 12 for 12 David I sold all 12 and I sold it made a
hundred grand I mean eighty thousand dollars profit over a period of a few
months if I can do it anybody can do it okay
and all of those pics are pics that I’ve been publicly talking about there’s a
lot of my viewers a lot of my Watchers listeners subscribers that have been
saying to me rich I did very well thanks for Aurora cannabis yeah because they’re
still holding it yeah right I did very well thank you for canopy
growth course like a lot of people and then there’s a lot of people say hey man
thank you I went on a vacation and I made 10 grand on canopy growth corporate
I made 10 grand on Aurora you know with that pic and I love to hear that and
that’s what I want is for people to win yeah to win and really in 2018 we’re
dedicating ourselves on rich TV live to finding you the winners yeah you know I
want to really just focus on finding you guys the winners yeah that’s what it’s
all about now on one hand I see that you’ve got some pics you mentioned them
today some of your favorites the top six on the other hand you’re kind of sound
it kind of sounds like you maybe we should just wait until September because
it’s because of the whole seasonality because the whole slowness of the summer
I don’t know dude do we buy now do we wait do we watch it again you’re not
telling us what to do but if you do if if we do believe that
these companies will go up when do you get in I believe you get in to companies
that you love at a price that you’re comfortable with okay that way you can
live with yourself yeah I never want anybody to say oh you
know rich talked about this company and I bought it today and then it went down
right well I talked about the company I never told you to buy that company I
talked about the company so I really want to understand the difference yeah
when I’m talking about a company I’m putting it on your radar I’m putting on
your watchlist I’m not talking about it because I’m
buying it that day right that I want people to really distinguish the two
yeah you know a lot of people think Oh Richard put an alert
a video that means buy it right I don’t want anyone reading between the lines I
need people to understand the reason why I’m putting on a video the reason why
I’m putting that education out there is to just simply make you aware of it so
you can add it to your watch list put it on your radar start to know the
company watch their news get to know the company if you like what you see and you
see it’s at the bottom and you’ve been watching its trading history and you
feel like it’s at the bottom of the chart and you feel comfortable with
making that investment then make the investment right right and then if it
goes up and you’re up 10% 20% 30% or more take your profit yeah that is the
rich system that is work for me that is what is working for me and that is what
I’m going to continue to do now do I hold long term sometimes but usually I
am the type of guy that when my Mart when I see my account go from twenty
thousand to fifty or to a hundred I’m going to take my profits and run yeah
yeah that makes sense that’s just the way trade and I’m always
looking to do that and the only time I’m not selling or I’m not looking at the
markets is when I’m down yeah yeah when I’m up I’m always looking kind of like
you twitch any so when should I stop right and then I’ll put my orders up
I’ll say okay canapé is that or this is a fire a fire
ax is at eleven dollars I want to sell it twelve I’ll put my order up at twelve
I’ll let it sit there right and I’ll do a 30-day order and I’ll let it just sit
there and that’s my order I want it to sell for 12 bucks I’m gonna put it up
for twelve bucks if it does it it I don’t sell it if it hits it I sell it
and that’s how I train and sometimes if it doesn’t hit it and I want the money
I’ll lure it I’ll say you know what I’m still up I’m gonna lure it to eleven in
fourteen because I’ll still sell it and make a thousand bucks so I’m just gonna
take a thousand bucks because I gotta pay a phone bill or I gotta go on a
bikini and so let me take the thousand bucks let the mark appear for the trip
sure actually and that’s something I’ve learned how to do and I really enjoy it
Oh system great system I like the idea of what you just mentioned putting in a
limit order to sell it I you know decide where
you want to sell it you can set a limit order with your
broker let the broker do the watching for you let the broker do their job
that’s what you pay them Commission’s for if you pay commissions by the way
I’ve heard that Robin Hood is now going to start offering not only free stock
trades as well as option and cryptocurrency trades
I’ll be watching that very carefully I’m very curious
III don’t use them right now but it’s gonna be interesting to see how that
turns out I’m always on the lookout for new new ideas new things I know that
rich is gonna cover it I’m sure as well when if anything becomes super important
in the news whether it’s unwritten alive whether it’s it doesn’t have to be
stocks or Kryptos it could be sports it could be what’s going on in YouTube in
the in the YouTube verse light like you’ve been talking about all that all
the crazy fight videos that have been going on any any updates with that man
there’s so many there’s so many it’s like one week it’s the news and the next
week is kind of you know now it’s dragging on kinda yeah so it’s not
really something I’m as excited to talk about at this point yeah right I’m just
excited more about to be honest with you I’m just excited about seeing what
happens with the marijuana stocks okay and what happens with the crypto
currencies right now right because to me that is the real story those are two of
the hottest industries in the world for a new Millennials yeah and even though
I’m a little bit older than a lot of Millennials I kind of I like to I don’t
know I’m a high-energy type person and I like to hang out with younger people and
I love Millennials and I love the way they think I like the way they invest
and those are the places that they’re investing yeah and those are the two
places that I like to invest so to be quite frank I just enjoy those
industries I believe that long term anyone who invests in these industries
will create financial freedom for themselves and being a freedom fighter
someone who’s trying to help people I just want to bring them the truth
and like I said I might not get as many views I might not get as many
subscribers as some people but what I will do is I’ll
you guys the winners and that’s one thing I’m proud of is it just keep
bringing you guys the winners and I’m gonna keep bringing in the winners I
ain’t gonna stop doing that that’s for sure I’m keep traveling to faraway fun
places I’m gonna keep showing you guys the videos and I’m gonna just keep
finding new ways to make money and just help people date because that’s all I
really have ever wanted to do and that’s my goal that’s my modus operandi and
that’s the vision of rich TV Live so that’s why we’re not that’s not that’s
why we’re not interested in charge of people money right I’ll never charge
people money that’s you know rich TV Live it’s free why not take advantage of
it you got nothing to lose just make sure you make your own decisions folks
that’s all it is as rich just explained to us a few
minutes ago just because he puts out a video doesn’t mean you need to buy this
right now it doesn’t work like that you’ve never seen me put out a video
saying I’m telling you what to do folks you need to do this you must do that you
have to buy this now when I see people who make videos like that I’m like wow
really okay I’m not gonna mention any names but I see that yeah and we’re
looking at the chart right now I mean rich picked this one a while back and
it’s I mean the timing couldn’t be any better they’re actually exploding while
we’re talking yeah yeah look at that they’re client while we’re talking that
that’s yep canapé look at that this is why I’m so excited about this yeah and I
think the biggest mistake I made last year was I took my eye off the prize I
focused on the Kryptos thinking the kryptos were gonna yield bigger gains
than the marijuana stocks and I was wrong okay and the marijuana stocks have
the potential to yield just as big if not bigger gains in the cryptos right
enter safer they’re safe because I’m only investing in the biggest and the
best licensed producers that are in the hmm J ETF if you’re not in the HM LSF
ETF the horizons marijuana life sciences ETF in America hmm J in Canada I’m not
interested yep not interested and if you curious
what those are just type in hmm J holdings into Google it’ll tell
that canapes in there Aurora áfreeá the big ones alright so yeah yeah I can you
guys about today so all I want to do is bring you guys the best and these are
the best yeah and what I want to do is you’re gonna see a lot of new videos
coming out there it won’t necessarily be these ones I will sometimes talk about
these ones too when there’s big news because these are always good
bread-and-butter stocks you can be buying and selling all the time but
they’ve exploded so there may not be the same opportunities there as I believe
there are on some of the smaller license producers that I believe will one day be
where these guys are and a year ago I would have never dreamed that these are
where they are right now right so I can imagine where some of these smaller
license producers are going to be a year from now some of them will be at $3 $5
$8 $10 $20 the key is which ones it’ll be fun to see which ones and see we can
discover that date and that’s what I want to do here is I want to discover
the winners in the marijuana stocks and the Kryptos and like I said if there’s
any news that’s big and trending on YouTube or sports stories we’ll talk
about it too but to me this is a big story I think the marijuana stocks the
legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada is a huge story 4/20 is coming
about a month from now I’m gonna go into the event here in Vancouver I will cover
it it will be interviewing people there that will be a huge opportunity for
people to see what is happening here in Canada yeah we really want to I mean I’m
in marijuana country here in Vancouver like let’s be honest so I want to cover
the story I can interview a lot of these bigger companies and even the smaller
ones and I just want to be a resource to be able to do that for the people and
bring you guys the truth very cool very cool
well reporting here I am David Modell with looking at the markets talking a
rich TV live over on rich TV we’re streaming for both of our channels
if you like what you see over here on my end I’m David Modell you can subscribe
to my channel you can email me at David Modell at I do help people put
together trading and investing plans so you can email me if you are
interested in that and if you’re interested in what rich does head on
over to rich TV subscribe to his YouTube channel links are in the
description below this video all right Wow we’ve covered so much we got you got
riches top six for now possibly that’s always gonna change though so you got to
keep keep checking back every week I plan to be here every week and we’ll
see what rich is up to and you’ll see what I’m up to rich thanks a lot for
doing this once again it’s always fun always a pleasure David guys subscribe
to David Modell this is your boy wrench remember I am NOT a licensed i am not a
licensed advisor please always do your due diligence don’t buy any of my picks
that I talked about because I talked about it buy it because you love this
this is your report with David Modell and we’re out

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    Keep up the great content guys, love these videos.. I have minor positions in:
    My largest holding is the ‘Loan Shark’ of the cannabis industry, Cannabis Wheaton

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