Rich’s Latest Marijuana Stocks & Crypto Picks for 2018

Rich’s Latest Marijuana Stocks & Crypto Picks for 2018 david moadel welcome to looking at the markets
everybody I am live well not me because I edit my videos but rich is live with
rich TV live and rich TV and this is rich the cryptocurrency expert rich the
marijuana stock expert rich the real estate expert so many things and I’m
very privileged to speak with him he’s a frequent guest here I’m looking at the
markets and right now I guess I’m a guest on his we’re collaborating here
this is really great let me just say before we before we move forward neither
rich nor I is a licensed or registered investment advisor alright so you got to
make your own decisions with this you got to do your own due diligence consult
with an advisor if you don’t know what to do having said that today I’m very
privileged to have rich because I believe he’s going to tell us about
maybe some picks that he has things that he feels confident on things that he’s
researched and things that maybe he’s bullish or bearish on in both the crypto
currencies and the equities markets so rich thank you so much for doing this I
appreciate it my pleasure Dave you know I I love
getting with you my friend and talking the markets collaborating and just
talking about what’s happening and what’s what’s trending and there’s a lot
of things that have been happening and there’s a lot of things that have been
trending one of which is gbtc anybody that wants to get into crypto currencies
but is investing in the stock market yeah this is a great safe way to do it
this is the Bitcoin investment trust gbtc it opened up today at 18 dollars
and 78 cents after a 91 to one reverse split right it was looking to our
community through one of our members I didn’t even know about this that’s the
beauty and the power of the community gave is that having many eyes on the
prize and the information travels so fast and we’re able to
first yeah like honestly we’re the first ones breaking this on YouTube nobody
else is breaking this news there you go like well we’re breaking it first it
broke and if this is not down 98.8% this is a reverse split okay right it has
opened up at 1878 and it has already gone up to 1951 and has tricked 3.4
million shares this is enormous volume yeah
this I believe could be an incredible buying opportunity but like I said we
don’t know who knows right right I’m not you know I’m just you know they call me
Richard honest but at the end they can you know I can be right about everything
and you know but this right here this this looks affordable for an investor
yeah I would say so I totally agree with what you’re saying it used to be what a
couple thousand per share something like that for gbtc am i right and yet we
found it was a hundred dollars Kenny Lee I gotta give it to DJ cloud ninja Kenny
Lee one of her one of our amazing partners here at rich TV tied up he
broke it last year when like probably like maybe like almost a year ago you
know probably about you know maybe 10 yeah maybe about 10 maybe a
couple months from now maybe in March he broke it when it was at $100 Wow we go
to three thousand three thousand insane and now they just did a 91 to one
reverse to make it more affordable affordable we’re still over a thousand
and it went to 1878 and right now it’s back to 1950 so to be able to pick this
up for $19.50 it reminds me a lot of the medical marijuana ETF yeah in fact I’ll
pull that up the H L MSF ETF yep each the horizons medical life sciences
index ETF yep which is the marijuana ETF which is trading at $17 and 76 cents yep
now how is this similar gbtc is I believe from mice my research this is
about 9.9% a big coin okay so it’s mostly Bitcoin
and it’s wait what it what a great way to get in if you only have an e trade
account or TD Ameritrade account something like that maybe you don’t want
to get involved in exchanges like coinbase or g dax or or BitFenix
something like that maybe you’ve heard oh well those things have been hacked
not that that bothers me not that that seems to bother rich but as far as I
could tell but you know maybe you just want or or maybe you want to stay within
your IRA your your retirement accounts this is one way to get in Rich’s pics
have been consistently winners consistently I’m not going to say a
hundred percent but I’m going to say time after time rich was kind enough to
come on my channel not long ago and pick some real winners and people are already
sending me thank you emails and leaving comments in the on my videos by the way
you want to go to and I’m gonna put this in the description below my video I want
you to go to WWE TV if you want to see more of Rich’s picks I want you
to go to his YouTube channel which either just go to youtube and type into
the little search box there rich TV or rich TV live or go to those links in the
description below my video looks like we’re looking at new vera and uu
cannabis Wheaton I’ve actually gotten requests about cannabis Wheaton recently
I’m gonna have to research that do you what do you know about these companies I
love cannabis Wheaton Dave I okay if there’s a company that I believe is
going to explode in 2018 cannabis Wheaton is one of them okay I put it up
there with companies like ripple I put it right up there with companies like
Aurora cannabis that I believe are my top pick of 2018 I love Aurora cannabis
ACB is the symbol in Canada okay see BFF in America right I love Aurora cannabis
cannabis Wheaton is what I consider kind of like myself they are an investment
trust and what they do is they invest in all the major licensed producers okay
but unlike you and me that are putting in measly you know thousands they’re
putting millions okay and they are owning you know five ten percent of some
of the larger companies like AB can for example okay so CB w cannabis Wheaton is
one of the largest partners and funders of AB can ABC n which is another one of
my picks that I brought to you guys first and I talked to everyone about
their IPO AB can when they were at and I mean all these pics are have been
massive winners I brought every pick up swing you behind me I brought all these
pics when they’re at a dollar two dollars yeah and I mean see if is that
1568 I brought this to you guys what does a dollar last year at this prior I
remember that I remember we look at AB Ken which I absolutely love and adore
and is down today but I believe those are the days that you’re buying if I
went down and you sell when it’s up so on a day like today with AB can when
it’s at 3:39 a down 11% right this is a company that I broke to everybody when
it was at seventy-five cents yeah so it’s at three dollars and thirty nine
cents less than a year later and this company did their IPO at a dollar seven
hmm and I did their video and I was the first one to bring this company to
YouTube yeah to be quite frank and they run around 75 cents us I believe 75 to
85 cents us and dollar seven Canadian when they did their IPO it’s amazing to
see them at 3:39 and they were just at four dollars a couple days ago so I love
this company now at cbw cannabis Wheaton did their IPO not too long ago at a much
lower price too and I brought it to everybody first yeah and they’re now
today at two dollars and 30 cents they’ve had an epic rise yeah recently
from like a dollar two dollars which I’ve been able to profit from generously
so I’ve been very very happy with all of these companies now this company here
and you you has just exploded today new vera and
I love this company as well and they have huge potential
now short-term they’re gonna go up and down yeah so you can’t look at these
investments and I mean you can do whatever you want with the investments
but I don’t look at these investments as a trade right I look at them like I’m
gonna buy them and then whenever I see profits I’m gonna take them right now
based on the fact that they’re in the medical marijuana industry and gbtc is
in the cryptocurrency industry those are two the hottest industries in the world
there’s going to be ups and downs there’s gonna be peaks and valleys the
way I trade is I buy in the red I would not chase new Vera in the green I do the
opposite of everybody else I buy what’s in the red right might think that’s
insanity but that’s the way I trade so is this really in the red this is not a
real indication of whether prices because this was reversed on a 91 to one
reverse split right so what that means is they reduce the amount of shares that
they had and they also reduced the price yep 91 for one right so if you had your
shares at $1,000 now you would have less shares
well basically yeah yeah no you’re right you would have you would have us sorry I
apologize you would have more share of shares right at a lower price or price
right if today you’re like oh my god you know this is that it alters right now
have more shares so you may have had one share of gbtc right
okay let’s say $1,200 I believe around that price if I can remember before the
reverse last time I looked at it and now you’ve got you know you may have 91
shares at $19 yeah that’s kind of the way it would shake out I don’t know if
you have a calculator you want to figure that out but right you know number times
91 you should get the amount of shares you had yeah yep that’s the way a
reverse works correct that is correct all of a sudden
you got 91 shares and step one if you had one and it was at a thousand and now
you have ninety-one and it said $20 it should be around the same give or take
the buying and selling and the market fluctuations correct during that is
you’re absolutely correct sir very good explanation so I kind of explained it to
my clients and students this way imagine if you have one big share okay like one
big pizza you know if you have a whole pizza and they slice it into eight
slices do you have any more pizza do you have any less pizza now you have the
same amount of pizza it’s just cut up okay so instead of one big pizza you
have eight little slices same amount of Pizza
so what they did was they took one share one very expensive share of gbtc and cut
it into ninety one little pieces but it’s still the same amount it still adds
up to the same amount of money still has the same value it retains its value so
nothing is gained or lost so instead of one big share now you have ninety one
little shares if you had already this is for people who already purchased gbtc
before they already owned it let’s say you didn’t own it yet now you want to
buy it well now instead of having to buy the
whole pizza and now you can buy a little little slices you can buy little shares
and they’re much more affordable they’re like what 15 bucks something like that
instead of you know 1,500 bucks or 1,200 bucks before if you wanted a little bit
of gbtc too bad so sad you had to buy a big old $1200 or $1500 share and nobody
was buying and people were buying it now so do you like yeah I don’t think you
even could afford it at thousand dollars a share
right that was tough for people to afford now it’s more affordable it’s
actually a good sign stock splits regular splits are not it
not such a good sign necessarily but reverse splits are a good sign I
remember back in I think it was 2014 something like that when Apple was
between seven and eight hundred dollars a share not affordable for a lot of
people and you know Apple is a great company their price went up so much
because they’re a great company the price just kept going up and up and up
until they decided you know what it’s getting out of control most people can’t
afford it reverse I’m sorry let’s let’s split it
let’s split the share us I’m sorry I might have said the wrong thing before
split is good reverse split is bad reverse split is when the stock price
goes down so much gets so cheap that they actually have to artificially
inflate the price by reverse splitting it so those are bad regular splits like
we saw an Apple in 2014 and went from 700 dollars to 130 dollars or $100
something like that and then the price just rose from there so I’ve noticed
that whenever a stock is successful the price goes up and up and up becomes
unaffordable so they split the stock price usually it rises after that no
guarantees we’re not making any guarantees here on the show but it’s
usually a good sign because it’s usually a good fund that tends to go up in price
also it’s good because then when it’s more affordable as rich alluded to
previously that more people will get in the Robin Hood traders might get in as I
call them okay not nothing against people on Robin Hood but the retail
traders the 20-somethings the 30-somethings who thought about
investing before but couldn’t afford it oh wow now I can get into Bitcoin right
from my Robin Hood app or whatever of course now Robin Hood is going to
start accepting crypto currencies so that’s a different story
but a lot of people are going to enter this trade now because it’s more
affordable that could make the price rise over time okay so and more
importantly don’t buy gbtc for those reasons buy it only because you think
bitcoin itself the underlying asset of the trust is going to go up over time so
that’s the ultimate question is is bitcoin going to go up well rich says
buying the red selling the green he didn’t tell everybody to go buy it
wait until it was nineteen twenty thousand to buy it he told people to buy
it when it’s in the red it’s in the red now and it’s stabilizing what do you
think rich do you think bitcoin is stabilized as a founder range you know I
I have I have issues with Bitcoin because of the technology you know I I
I’m a technology guy yeah and I like technology and I like cutting-edge
technology that’s why I love marijuana stocks because I will
they are the future because it’s medicine and they are curing cancer and
they are curing epilepsy they’re curing pain all kinds of things with medicine
so I think I love about technology and blockchain is that it’s cutting edge
yeah it’s the blockchain is unpenetrated
once something is on the blockchain is there forever so what is the problem
with the blockchain hacking fraud scandal right and you see it all over
the place correct or incorrect yeah that’s problem so people are afraid
there’s a fear it’s like if you get in you know you could lose everything you
get in with everybody already knows that when they get into crypto that’s why I
say to people like look at all the major investors like Warren Buffett he won’t
touch it he’ll probably buy gbtc cuz it’s a stock right he will and I don’t
know if he has or he hasn’t but you know that that remains to be seen but he
doesn’t like crypto because he can’t wrap his head around he can’t touch it
he likes razor blades and toilet paper right so he likes things that he
understands that he likes marijuana stocks so he likes things that are
growing and he says in 20 years he can see will be a future the reason why I’m
investing in marijuana stocks I believe they have a future the reason why I keep
investing in ripple is I believe ripple has a future the reason why I’m
investing in stellar lumens is I believe stellar lumens has a future the reason
why I’m looking at companies like AOS neo big coin cash is I believe they all
have a great future litecoin aetherium I believe they have a
great future I believe the industry has an incredible future I don’t know about
big coin because of its and people are gonna hate me for this but the speed of
it the backlog of transactions the cost of transactions in comparison to a lot
of other coins and tokens that are starting to come out yeah and and I
believe that there’s always a great chance that bitcoin is going to do very
well because is the most known commodity in the
blockchain right in the world everybody knows the name Bitcoin it’s
the grandfather but the usability of it for merchants or lack thereof I believe
is going to become an issue and I believe it’s going to potentially hinder
the growth of Bitcoin and I think at some point and I’ve said this since day
one I believe at some point there’s a chance that Bitcoin cash will be the
real Bitcoin and I’m not the only one saying this Roger ver who is one of the
largest supporters of Bitcoin cryptocurrencies and obviously Bitcoin
cash and on the board of Naga another ICO that I really like a lot Roger bear
is the largest proponent of Bitcoin cash and he says it himself that now he
believes Bitcoin cash is faster better starting to be more adopted by miners
and merchants and you can’t keep saying that that is not an issue for Bitcoin at
some point it’s going to become an issue for Bitcoin and at some point we’re
going to see Bitcoin cash I believe a rise above Bitcoin and I don’t know
and I don’t even know if it’s possible but I just think as a person that just
looks at companies that are faster and better yeah actually faster and better
just means bigger and better to me so when I look at Facebook and I look at
all the companies that they surpassed why did they surpass them because they
were faster they were bigger they were better yeah and I believe that there’s a
chance that Bitcoin cash and ripple and aetherium an EOS some of those and neo
some of those other platforms have the potential to maybe rival Bitcoin hmm and
that’s that’s a possibility and that’s what I’m looking into is what are going
to be the investments that are gonna last 20 years
that’s the warren buffett invests that’s the rich system i want to invest in
those types of opportunities a couple of our members are asking some rare walk
some marijuana questions sure I wanted to get into P o TN and I want to get
your opinion on P o TL and network be a DVT thank you Jim Freeman for those two
picks thank you I love those two picks I look a DVT it’s up 50% today what’s not
to love 12 million shares it’s one of the
companies that I’ve brought to everybody’s attention last year I was
one of the first to bring a DVT to the world on our channel and they’ve they’ve
done well and I believe and I’m gonna make this prediction okay for all of you
Ritchie holics and all and all of you fans of rich TV live and David Modell
and and as Richard ominous I will predict that the marijuana stocks in
America will explode and you guys heard it here first I’m going to predict that
the marijuana stocks in America will explode
they will surpass the marijuana stocks in Canada and what will happen is mr.
Trump being a very smart businessman is gonna look at the numbers he’s gonna
open up the numbers he’s gonna look at the books David and what he’s gonna see
is he’s going to see that Colorado and Las Vegas and California all of these
states that are opening up to recreational legal marijuana are going
to be generating such enormous returns and he’s gonna say I have a great idea
we’re gonna make America great again and what we’re gonna do is not only are we
gonna allow the markets to continue to sustain themselves but we’re gonna have
another enormous year and the way we’re gonna do is we’re going to open up more
states to medical marijuana research and little by little one by one States will
open up and they will become profitable and that intelligent president that is
looking at the numbers as a businessman say what you want about the man on a
personal level you know everyone has their own opinions but financially the
United States has never done so well in the markets let’s be honest and the
marijuana stocks since I’ve been doing it over the last year
but nothing short of legendary here in Canada okay legendary and I brought all
those pics to the world for free didn’t want your money that’s okay
now I want to continue to bring those pics we’ll continue to break it
we’ll continue to bring all the winners but it’s not a combination of just me
and you it’s a combination of the entire community
I was bringing these pics yeah advt advances corporation which I actually
love look at it how do you know this right and that hot Network one that was
at pennies and now it’s that seventy two cents so these are great examples of
companies in America that will explode and there’s going to be more I’m gonna
show you guys a couple that I love okay since okay since we’re here to help the
people yep there’s three here on YouTube on
YouTube without you YouTube none of this would be possible
that’s right look at push bottles yep Mike goodness now it’s six dollars and
ninety cents good I remember talking about this when it was less than a
dollar hmm this is an American company it is a
bottling and packaging company yeah it is one of the biggest and best companies
in America to invest in – right this is a monster okay these types of companies
are the companies that I am watching very carefully okay let’s take a look at
another one Suniva they call this the canopy growth Court of America hmm hey
of California they’re calling this the canopy growth Corp of California
okay it’s f11 percent today it just came public and did their IPO two weeks ago
okay all right I mean that’s what we do here we break the news first day all
right so at you you and Sydney are two of the newest best biggest opportunities
on the block okay and Suniva that’s the u.s. listing right there guys
I mean SN nvf got it okay okay and it broke Corp of California
now let me remind you who kill it can it be growth corpus people because that’s
what we do here we bring you the winners canopy growth cork is the company that I
was talking you guys about last year that’s right and it’s been nothing short
of amazing how well enemy growth Corp has done you could have bought this for
two bucks last year hmm now trading at $26.55 a 10 bagger Wow
a 10 bagger hmm right here for everybody to see and we were talking about it
every day you were and again if people want people
on my channel and our richest Channel you want to keep getting these free
picks first of all rich is doing this for free he’s not being compensated he’s
not being compensated by the companies he’s not he doesn’t have a paywall
subscription thing going on right now he’s just given these picks for free
because he wants to help the community because it does not hurt rich if more
people invest in these things it doesn’t help them to keep it a secret so you
know I think it’s really great that rich is doing this if you’re on my channel or
Rich’s channel check out WWE TV plenty of pics there also just go to
head on over to Rich’s channel if you’re not there already rich TV and rich TV
live in the description below my video you want to check those out I think it’s
fascinating because so many people talk about the Canadian ones the well-known
ones Aurora áfreeá canopy Organa Graham Med relief but now
rich you surprised me I did not expect this I’m pleasantly surprised he said
hey you guys in America you got some darn good companies too maybe not the
ones that you thought were the great ones though most people mentioned hemp
ink or medical marijuana ink one of those Terra tech Agrotech those are the
some of the famous wines but rich is picking out the gems the hidden gems I
didn’t expect that so once again we’re looking at nu u CB w and whatever what I
will not do is go for anything on height okay
whatever over the last year is I’m not gonna buy anything because I hike I’m
only going to be buying the best companies that have licenses the only
ones I’m gonna bring you guys will be the companies that are the biggest and
the baddest okay and the reason is as an investor I’ve learned over the last year
why am I gonna put good money after bad money I’m not taking a risk with my
money I’m not investing in these penny stocks anymore I’m done I’m not taking
any risks I’m only investing in the biggest and
the best yeah okay and since I started doing that David I started winning and I
started winning a lot okay and I’m part of a lot of groups and these groups are
filled with a lot of intelligent people that do a lot of analysis they do a lot
of research they bring me the winners okay
and they’re constantly bringing me the winners constantly bringing the winners
so I’m constantly doing the research which costly watching these stocks watch
these crypto currencies and and I’m trying to find the best I want to find
the best to bring our community okay because the more I’ve learned about
investing is that why you take the risks you don’t need to take the risks you can
invest in the best and it seems as though even companies like gbtc are now
giving us a chance to buy them out of fordable prices uniform right now it’s
played back down to nineteen dollars and 18 cents these are affordable prices
nobody’s gonna want to buy it for a thousand dollars right but if you’re a
twenty year old student for 19 bucks yeah I’ll pick up some big coin
investment trust mm-hmm I think this is brilliant yeah to this yeah this is this
is what companies need to do right now if you’re a marijuana stock like MSR tea
or a 39 cents I’ve seen this one at a dollar I’ve seen this go down these are
the ones that are more risky okay the ones like new strengths right here
yeah I love new strike resources this is owned five percent owned by The
Tragically Hip okay that’s star power yeah okay yeah you got star power like
The Tragically Hip and I own 10,000 shares of this company
okay I believe in this company long term and well I hold it until they boasted
$10 probably not because I’m so disciplined that when I see two three
four or five thousand a profit I just take it sure but I’d like to think I’d
like to hold $10 but I don’t believe I’ll have the patience but because the
trader and when I see 20 30 percent returns I like to just take them like to
scoop them up yeah but I like I like to be in the game though you know I like to
be on the sidelines with my cash and then if he goes down on a day like today
those are the days I want to buy it and then tomorrow if it’s in the green and I
see a two or three thousand dollar return I’m gonna take it you know how
can you and that’s kind of my way of trading so I don’t really put a date on
it I kind of more like a strike price like buy some new strike and I bought it
it actually bought it a dollar 35 Canadian the US symbol is NK NW k RF the
Keaney symbol is hit HIV I’ve got it tragically hip what you think is
brilliant new store so yep I bought it 135 I’m up a little bit I’m not even
thinking about selling at this price but if it goes to 2 bucks yeah and I got
10,000 shares yeah I’m gonna think of selling you know yeah
that’s pretty good return you know make mole yeah 5 grand at least so those are
the kind of moves I like to make and if I can make a move like that in a week or
two weeks man you know that’s kind of they like to
trade so sometimes I’ll hold but usually it won’t and then I’ll just sell it and
then if it goes back down to a buck then I’ll buy another 10,000 shares and then
if it goes back up to 2 bucks then I’ll sell it again and then all of a sudden I
just made 10 grand I mean that’s kind of how I like to
trade it’s more like a swing trade but it’s more momentum based on industries
that are hot right and if I find that the industry starts going cold I’ll just
sell out I’ll just sell out you know like every profit if I see a profit I’ll
just sell out get out sit on the sidelines no you know that you’re not
gonna rich is not trying to be a hero okay he’s not gonna buy something that’s
a falling knife okay because if you try to catch a falling knife you’re gonna
cut yourself you don’t want to do that he’s buying an industry
that have growth potential he’s buying in industries that he has researched
carefully and if you want to get involved by the way enrich this
community besides the website besides the YouTube channel rich I think it’s
pretty easy to get involved in your Facebook and whatsapp groups if somebody
wants to get involved in that how would they do it yeah anybody can any we
actually have our app on Google Play okay so anybody can get our app on
Google Play and you guys can just look for rich TV live and or just message me
you can message me through email and you can go to you know rich TV you
can reach us through YouTube we love you YouTube so yeah you know I’m an easy guy
to talk to Dave I’m not anybody that’s and then one thing about both of us is
we’re both normal guys we make mistakes I make mistakes I’ll never say I haven’t
made mistakes and I’ve gotta continue to make mistakes because I don’t believe if
you’re not willing to make mistakes then you’re not gonna make anything so
willing to make the mistakes but I wanna I want to reduce them so the way reduce
them is by investing in the medical marijuana ETF and by investing in the
biggest and the baddest cryptocurrencies and that’s the way I look at it and
these are all companies that I’m showing you that I love
mm-hm and you know that’s beautiful because the listeners the Watchers the
viewers the subscribers they’re they’re giving me these picks right it’s
becoming more and more amazing to watch people that are actually starting to win
and giving me picks and they’re picks are amazing so emblem Corp love this
company eyes you guys are watching these companies and writing them down these
companies are licensed producers from Health Canada ok yeah a licensed
producer from Health Canada is like a company that’s just hate gold
it’s a 43-101 and they just hit gold and they’re gonna start pulling gold bars
out of the ground thank you my that is what it is when a
medical marijuana company has a licence from Health Canada it’s really that big
and yeah okay yeah and all these companies
Supreme cannabis Corp I love this company I own this money okay I don’t a
lot of shares of supreme pharmaceuticals I believe I own about 3000 shares and
I’m gonna hold it you know because I really like it and I believe it will be
at ten dollars Canadian the Canadian symbol is fire I love that simple Matt
yeah that’s that simple alone is worth 10 bucks there you go
yes it’s fire in Canada and they are going to be listing on the Toronto Stock
Exchange Hey all right and that’s you the last two companies that got listed
on the Toronto Stock Exchange are a fire ink AP h qf which went from five dollars
to over twenty after they got listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and cannon B
growth Corp which I’ve showed you guys are doing the show you have tea um jf in
America we w ee d in canada and they went from like five dollars to like yeah
there I believe there are thirty five dollars today so in Canada 25 believe in
us so those are all monsters which I absolutely love these companies are huge
winners and like I said this is what you guys are gonna hear from rich genomics
okay are the predict they’re gonna go up and down between now
and September okay it’s gonna be choppy it’s gonna be up and down so I’m gonna
date trade them okay not really day trade but kind of like buy them in the
red sell them in the green right and whenever they’re in the green I’m
willing to take it I don’t care if I take two hundred dollar profit or a
twenty thousand dollar profit I’m just looking to buy it by the Reds on the
green sure and that’s kind of my attitude and if I could make a few
thousand dollars a week a a few thousand dollars a month training up that’s the
way I like to trade okay but with these investments
I don’t really panic I don’t the way I trade is when they go in the red I buy
them and then if they go down I buy more right and that’s the way I trade and I’m
actually happy when they go down and people think I’m insane but then that’s
the way I trade and then they they go down 11% and I’m body
and and you know a week two weeks later they’re up again and then I’m selling
right anyways oh but I don’t even have any emotion to be honest yeah
that’s a great way to trade or to invest now people need to know be careful with
that method you don’t want to over trade in any one stock or commodity or equity
okay so there’s a limit for me for example if I buy a stock that I believe
in at ten dollars and then it goes down to nine dollars I’ll buy some more if it
goes down to eight dollars I’ll buy a little bit more because if it was a
bargain at ten and nine it was it’s an even better bargain and eight and then I
stopped okay I don’t invest anything I cannot afford
to lose and when I when I average down as they call it I only do it up to three
times and then I stop because I don’t want to overlap over leverage myself or
over invest in any one stock or position so please be careful with this but that
is a great way to invest if something was a bargain at ten goes down don’t
freak out stay unemotional like rich does decide do I want to buy some more
hey if it was a bargain at ten how about at nine and eight
yes it’s an even better bargain put in a little bit more and then stop and just
ride out the roller-coaster because it’s just like a roller coaster the stock
market is scary but also thrilling especially when you’re winning and if
you’re not winning as rich says you’re probably not watching so I got here I
think these the the I love the subscribers men like these picks are
really DC and respect to DC for all these picks you know honestly III you
know DC is asking if you should take profits or old I like to take my profits
okay because I believe that the markets gonna be choppy it’s gonna be up and
down and choppy between now and September that’s my belief I might be
wrong and please do not buy or sell anything because I told you to I am
doing what I’m doing and I’m a big boy and I’m willing to take my lumps and I’m
willing to take my wins right so that is my strategy and I stick to it okay
literally okay but when people say should I take profits I always think
there’s profits there take them okay that’s my attitude and so it’s how I’ve
treated because you’re protecting your equity
that’s right that’s the biggest thing you’re doing is you’re protecting you’re
a queen you do not take your profits and this has happened to me many times stock
goes way up I’m way up I’m like I’ll feeling great
or feeling great sell rich well no because I’m feeling great well you know
if you don’t sell then you don’t get your profit right no no no I’m not gonna
sell next day right back down Oh rich would do all I should have sold
white wine yourself cuz cuz I thought it was gonna go higher well why didn’t you
cause I got emotional got a monster in a robot should have taken my profits and
ran happens all the time David sure but then there’s times where I’m not
emotional and it goes up and I just sell like a sniper like a ninja right and
that feels so good yes and then right back down again and
I’m like thank God I sold all the time and so it’s like sometimes you’re gonna
win and sometimes you’re gonna lose but it’s better when you win so that’s why I
say to people just take your profits guys seriously take your problems
because it’s go back down at some point and you can buy it again I’m telling you
right and if it doesn’t and it goes back up you can buy it again anyways yeah so
doesn’t really matter and sometimes I do chase something like AB can I’m not
gonna lie to you I bought it it went up I sold it I bought it it went up I sold
it I bought it and went up and sold it and then it went up again to four bucks
and I bought a lot of it and it came down to 339 so I’m down on it right now
what do I do am I gonna panic no I’m actually buying more like honestly
that’s the way I think so just gonna buy more of it and it’s like people say oh
you’re insane oh I believe in it right I believe in it so I’m faking money all
the way up and yeah maybe I chased it a little bit cuz it kept going up it went
from you did a big run recently from 250 to 4 bucks and I have buying it at 4
bucks because I was buying it selling it buying it selling buying selling and I
bought it on the way up cuz it just kept going up and now it’s retracting so
what’s what do I do buy more that’s how I trade right okay so I’m I’m or today
to lower my cost average so my across average is four bucks right now it’s 339
I’m gonna buy some more at 339 Lauren my cost to about three seven so when it
comes back up to four again I’ll be able to settle so that’s how I treat so I
mean that’s why I trade and it makes up a panic they’re like whoa rich you know
you said I should buy and I went down I’m like well yeah long term I believe
these will all go up right you to my videos you will see all of my picks that
I gave you guys that were licensed producers have all gone up at least a
hundred percent at least okay yeah and those the facts now anything that’s not
a licensed producer anything that’s been a penny stock MJ in MA all these other
have all these other penny stock type deals they haven’t done as well so what
did I learn from that I’m not gonna invest in those I’m gonna stay away from
those hype machines and some of them will probably do very well but
personally I’m gonna stay away and I’m only gonna invest in the licensed
producers or companies that I believe will get a license because you get a
license that news shoots them right up oh yeah alright so yeah that’s how I’ve
been trading these and I like them all right I like some more than others the
ones that are at a dollar two dollars are the ones that are the ones I like
hmm great and you can see all I am lff love
it you know PUF XF pub ventures love it like I love
these companies these companies are going to explode in 2018 the ones that
haven’t exploded in America but have exploded in Canada 2018 is gonna be the
year of America and you heard it here first on rich TV with David Modell
that’s right David Modell because and looking at the markets because they are
next in line and the market in America is 10 times larger than the market in
Canada hmm so how can they not explode those two
that you just mentioned I am lff I believe it was because you went kind of
fast there yes puffs ventures yeah Pete left excess okay which you said dollar
16 love this company yeah it’s not the love about it
and I am lff another great company brought to me brought to you by the
people so I love these companies so I think they’re all great companies but
when people say should I you know buy should I sell that’s really up to you
guys but these are all great companies that I’m gonna just keep buying and
selling all the time right right so you just – just keep
going up yep over time so I’m gonna just keep trading them but you need to stay
in a cash position so that you’re ready as a sniper so you can buy the ones that
you love the most when they’re in the red yeah that’s how you pick money and
you buy them when they’re down and then when they shoot up yourself you just
made a few thousand bucks and your money is protected you’re in a cash position
yeah have some dry powder folks have some cash ready if you’re fully invested
and then you see something that comes along that you think is a great deal you
won’t have any cash to buy it with that problem gotta have some dry powder as
they say and as in just to sum up what rich just told us so eloquently you
cannot lose money locking in profits you will never lose
money taking profits okay now yes it’s going to happen sometimes that you buy a
stock it goes up you take profits and then you watch it go up more are you
gonna cry about it or are you gonna pat yourself on the back and say hey I made
money I made $500 I made $2,000 heck if you made $100 you know if I’m walking
down a street I’m walking down the street and I see a hundred dollar bill
on the sidewalk I’m so happy I’m like this is a great day and yet people come
to me they say Dave I made $100 on this trade I’m so angry I I could have made
more man you made a you got a hundred three dollars go buy yourself a nice
dinner and and feel sorry for yourself over there because I’m not having it
okay you did great take your profits and if it goes up more that’s okay there are
over 5,000 stocks on the New York Stock Exchange I don’t know they’re more in
Canada I’m sure there are tons of them so you know if you miss the bus another
bus comes along every 15 minutes okay another bus is gonna be here real soon
so don’t be afraid to lock in those profits along the way I see something up
there SLT que actually I’m pretty familiar with SOLAS
Tech what do you think of it well you know what why don’t you talk about it
cuz I don’t know anything about it one of our members brought me this so this
is really this is great you know like I was I was gonna just say it looks good I
don’t know nothing about it I like the fact that it’s at a dollar
fifty so it shows that it’s at a reasonable price
yeah but I haven’t any due diligence I haven’t done any research I don’t like
the volume one hundred sixty-two thousand shares if dollar is nothing
spectacular and so that concerns me I would like to see this trading and that
there is a little bit of a red flag for me but that might be for many different
reasons I don’t know right so why don’t you tell
what do you like about it is it a matter no it’s it’s it’s hydroponics if you’re
into the hydroponics aspect of it then cool I think the hydroponics is kind of
oversaturated there’s a lot of competition in the hydroponics industry
and SL TK was not the first SOLAS tech was not the first they won’t be the last
it’s a bit speculative do I see a particular reason to buy it right now no
I’d rather buy what rich just recommended honestly or or some Canadian
some of the big movers in the Canadians you know Aurora canopy canopy growth
every I’d rather buy those than SOLAS tech yeah no particular reason to buy it
unless you like the company which yeah that I it’s a big a for me I mean like
they said I’m a little concerned about the volume yeah I knew what I would need
to do more research and due diligence on it yeah but based on my research based
on the inside insiders in the industry in the marijuana that I talked to yeah
they are saying that this will be a huge year for the medical marijuana industry
in America yeah and it’s gonna come out of nowhere David hmm so since it’s gonna
come out of nowhere I wanted to break it first yeah and make sure that everybody
knows that we’re breaking this news first so that when it does explode in
America people can go back to this video January 29 2018 mark and state it
Richard Armus broke the news first mm-hmm that’s right that’s right
you’ve driven yeah I was totally wrong he says totally wrong well hey you’re
giving out free pics here folks there should be no haters on this video
there should be no thumbs down should be all thumbs up because he’s giving you
free pics he totally doesn’t have to do this he needs this like a hole in the
head but he wants to do it okay he and rich enjoys interacting with his
whatsapp community which I’m part of he you know and and I’ve seen in in the
whatsapp and on the Facebook group which you should check out as well I’ve seen
people not only get some ideas I mean they have people have to make their own
decisions of course do their own research but I’ve seen people get ideas
from rich that have made them quite a bit of money and they also get a little
bit of therapy or a commiseration when trades go against them for a while which
is gonna happen sometime some trades are gonna get you know you’re gonna buy
something at 10 it’s gonna go down to eight and rich he’s there for four
people when it happens and he says hey man you know don’t don’t get shaken out
you know the market will shake people out of the tree who are weak emotionally
alright so he’ll help you to stay in the trade
when you need to uh you know making your own decisions of course Organa Graham
yeah that’s more more than SL TK I would be more on this level because I know
this is a huge company I broke this deal last year and I told everybody and I got
a lot of flack for this I told everybody this was a guarantee letter guaranteed I
use the word guaranteed I know people like how do you do that you’re not
investment advisor you can’t do that I said Oh Gannett Graham Aurora cannabis
mm-hmm canopy growth Corp fire Inc I said those
were my Fab five okay so three pharmaceutical I said those were my Fab
five last year I put them in my five five I said they’re too big to fail
they’re monster they’re guaranteed winners yeah go back
watch all the videos every single one of those picks is up dramatically I love
this company yeah at four bucks my goodness I’ll tell
you right now I love Organa Graham yeah they will hit ten dollars okay okay you
heard your first Richard honest they will hit ten dollars
it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when mm-hmm okay
Organa Graham og RMF for our American strands Nick I mean I think I said I
just always try to just bring you guys in the winners and this right here is a
monster the fact that it’s still under five bucks in Canada is mind-boggling to
me Wow okay okay I’m telling you right now it will be at ten dollars yeah and
it is a monster monster they have huge grow licenses enormous grow licenses but
if you remember this is the company that was having issues with pesticides in
their crops which created an amazing buying opportunity for people like me
who love the company and rode it all the way up but the reality is I believe this
has way more room to go okay okay so some of the listeners what’s up Tony
Brown I love you too bro hey you too Tony Brown some of the listeners some of
the Watchers were wanting to know my opinion on Afghan a gram I am very
bullish on the gana gram I put it in the category of too big to fail hmm I put it
in a category of guaranteed winners last year even when they were having issues
with pesticides yeah I do everybody that that was a buying opportunity and people
thought I was crazy hahaha well it was at a dollar oh my
goodness percent now Wow yeah you know you were bullish on it when they were
having troubles when they were having problems
it’s easy folks it’s easy to find people on YouTube who are bullish on something
after it went up 20 30 50 100 % plenty of guys like that or a dime a dozen how
often do you find somebody who was bullish on something that’s having
problems but he knows it’s a darn good company he knows there’s plenty of
growth potential and then you know it’s it’s a doubles triples quadruples his
money and your money if you took his and if you took his suggestions they got a
since they got a license from the mint of Canada they will work out their
problems yeah that license like I’ve told you guys is like a 43-101
for a gold company to find gold and to start my gold and to start pulling gold
out of the ground yeah so you have a license from Health
Canada you got the green light to grow organic Ram is one of the largest
growers as far as square footage right as far as grow facility space as far as
their growth potential they’re in the top five
yep it’s huge so when I see other companies trading at $30 and there are
five bucks you want to know about buying opportunities yeah yeah I this is one of
the top buying opportunities of 2018 no don’t oh gee RMF if you in the United
States oh gee RMF ogi in Canada so there you go you’re hearing it these these
protection rights one of the questions by Esquire is do I believe that Organa
Graham will be an acquisition target no I believe o gana Graham will be one of
the larger licensed producers that will be one of the top five I believe okay
but at the end of the day when it’s all said and done there will be one of the
top five so for them at these prices I believe this is nothing short of an
amazing buying opportunity and it’s kind of funny because when I say that you
literally see the price going up yeah yeah oh we’re like is this is this by
now and we’re not telling people what to do is this by now or is this wait for a
dip kind of deal honestly I just I’m buying all of these marijuana stocks
right now because I’m positioning myself for September because art my words it’ll
be dead in the summertime it’ll go up and down and or trade choppy it’ll go up
and down some of them will go up right but someone will go down but I believe
September to December based on the history in 2017 and 2016 in history
repeats itself again for a third year in a row which I predicted it
this year and I was right in 2017 I predicted verbatim what was gonna happen
yeah and I’m gonna predict the exact same thing will happen again in 2018
okay what will happen is that it’ll tre chop you up and down all summer and then
in September it will skyrocket in October they will skyrocket more in
November they will skyrocket more and in December they will skyrocket more and
that is exactly what has happened in 2016 and 2017
where for some reason they trade choppy and up and down yeah as if it’s like all
these banks are just positioning themselves and then September they’re
like alright boys let’s go and you can see the charts and we’ve I’ve analyzed
it I’ve broken it down and a lot of people can see this trend and those that
are patient enough to take advantage of it will capitalize again this year
there’s a seasonality it sounds like you’re saying here to rid of how these
yeah you know like like it goes up in September October November December it
has done that for two years in a row as rich rich Trudeau MMus predicted
correctly will it happen again this year no guarantees but why not why wouldn’t
it happen again if that’s the seasonal pattern that we’re looking at we shall
wait and see and we shall profit if we’re taking Rich’s advisement seriously
cool so Organa Graham that that’s the bullish that’s the most bullish I’ve
heard you in a while and now I’ve heard you’re pretty bullish before I haven’t
heard you this bullish on anything since ripple and we’ve seen what happened to
ripple to the moon since you since you last you know put out your pick for that
one absolutely and I’m finding more ripple I want to keep ripple because as
the banks are using ripple and now I’m hearing that Visa is going to be using
rip own testing ripple I mean the names are just they speak for themselves
I don’t invest in prices I don’t invest in height I invest in technology yeah
and the price goes down I buy more because I’m just holding long term for
my early retirement yeah so yeah so I just that’s the way invests way I’ve
always invested I don’t panic cell and sometimes I wouldn’t sometimes I
lose but I invest companies that I believe have good technology
I believe in gana Graham with their license capacity their grow capacity has
an incredible future I believe ripple working with all the major banks
worldwide over 150 working with huge conglomerates like American Express like
Visa that they’re going to be testing out with I think that that speaks for
themselves and those are the types of companies that I like to invest in David
and you know Bitcoin cash working with merchants on a global scale
having miners moving over to Bitcoin cash don’t sleep on big coin cash you
know companies like neo don’t sleep on Neil companies like AOS don’t sleep on
the OS really what I want to do in 2018 is I want to refine my trading pattern
to really only bring the biggest and the best companies like Facebook companies
like Netflix companies like Amazon TD Bank RBC Tim Hortons those are the only
companies I’m going to be investing in David I only want to invest them the
biggest and the best and the brightest and marijuana stocks Kryptos gbtc you
know the biggest and the brightest technology companies that’s kind of my
thing and that’s what’s made me who I am and that’s going to make our community
who we I believe are going to become eventually one of the largest global
communities of investors on the planet it’s good because yeah with all the
winning we can’t help but continue to grow David yeah you’re building that
reputation by by providing these picks that win over and over and over and
people the haters you know they fade away because before we leave I want to
break another big piece of news yeah I am working with a exchange okay before
we leave I’m working with an exchange that is going to be a global exchange I
am going to be meeting with them they are going to be launching a global
exchange and that means anyone anywhere in the world will be able to set up
accounts to buy Bitcoin litecoin and aetherium to start I am very excited
about it it will be my own exchange that I will be able to
part of that our community will be able to be a part of Americans will be able
to set up accounts and this exchange will be an exchange that will give 24/7
customer service making them the only exchange on the planet that will have
24/7 customer service and that’s why I am going to work with them and I believe
it’s going to be a very successful exchange and I’m very excited about it I
wanted to break the news first today so I will bring you guys more information
when I have it I don’t want to bring any more information to the but the ink is
signed on the paper but let’s just say that we are always reinventing ourselves
here in rich TV live we are always looking to win for the people and we’re
always looking for bigger and better ways to to grow to make money and we
love cryptocurrencies we love marijuana stocks we love the stock market we love
commodities we love Futures Trading we love options trading we like to do it
all here but at the same time everything we do is extremely risky and we want
people to be safe and we want people to get comfortable and we want people to
feel like they’re going to be able to make good investments but we also want
people to understand that when you’re investing there’s a lot of risk involved
that risk could also create freedom for you so you have to understand when
you’re making these investments that there’s a lot of risk involved super
amount of risk but that risk if you are risk adverse like I am or people like
Dave are or people like Warren Buffett are or people like Donald Trump are then
sometimes you can also win big so that’s the advantages in the upside to taking
those risks is sometimes you’re gonna lose and I do lose unfortunately I do
lose but I also win and that’s why I’ve been able to have some of the advantages
and some of the opportunities that I’ve had in my life even in the last year
here on YouTube creating these unbelievable opportunities because
I’ve been able to win not because I’ve lost but because I’ve been able to win
that those losses I believe have gotten me closer to my investment strategy
which has helped me win more so than I lose now right it’s because of the
losses that I’ve had over the last 20 years trading which had given me
experience so that I don’t hopefully have to have as many losses in 2018 than
I did in 2017 which was still a very profitable year for me yeah I definitely
want to thank rich for coming back on my channel welcome here anytime
I’m excited you got to come back real soon and tell us about tell my audience
about this new exchange we you know I I wish I had a link to put in the
description right now we don’t we maybe we don’t have it yet we’ll put it as
soon as we can because I want in exchange with 24/7 customer service the
other exchanges you know honestly with with some of the other exchanges yeah if
you have a problem with a transaction good luck getting through to customer
service in a timely manner good luck with that okay maybe you guys through it
doesn’t exist yeah they’re the entire industry of crypto currencies has no
customer service so I have people that try to buy Bitcoin they try to set up
accounts and he can’t yeah yeah so it’s been a consistent issue and I’m setting
people up on accounts all over the planet and nobody can set up accounts
nobody can take any new customers right right Vic the industry is over exposed
yeah yeah and then there’s hacking losses yeah so there’s all these
problems with problems and then people get scared away right so what we want to
do is we want to make people feel comfortable and we want to protect
people by incubating them and giving them the best investment opportunities
on the planet yeah now some of the investment opportunities that we’ve done
in the past were more risky what we’re gonna do now in 2018 is we’re going to
be doing less risky more secure investments in companies that are part
of the medical marijuana ETF and if you’re investing in Kryptos just
understand that the whole industry is risky yeah so there is no guarantees
right but at the same time you can also find some kryptos that go up ten
thousand percent in a month right so it’s like you’re willing sometimes to
take those risks to get that ten thousand percent upside because you
might not find that in the stock market yeah you definitely definitely yeah
that’s that the difference and that’s why there’s interest in the crypto game
yeah even though it’s extremely volatile you’re highly risky yeah but there’s
still a lot of people that are interested because they’re willing to
take those risks because they know that they’ve got a buddy who made a million
dollars on aetherium or they have a papi that made six hundred grand on Bitcoin
and everybody has these buddies and I do too nobody wants to talk about the
buddies that lost right that coin there’s fifteen hundred coins now around
and there’s fifteen thousand stocks you can buy in North America yeah
so there’s fifteen thousand investments you can make
and there’s fifteen hundred cryptos which is still only ten percent of the
entire stock market but still ten percent in a couple of years is pretty
damn amazing I would say so how the opportunities are out there yeah so more
opportunities more people the industry will continue to grow and we just want
to be the pulse and we just want to bring the news to the people we don’t
tell you what you should be buying or selling here I never told you what to
buy or sell at Alton I told you what buying right it’s his necks put my neck
on the line when a lot of people are right right I’m willing to put my neck
on the line and give you my picks when most people won’t do that and you know
most of these picks which I’ve given people that have made them hundreds of
percent some thousands of percent returns all for free
yep yep I don’t know a whole lot of other people doing that
so hey where is it fact there isn’t it yeah yeah I good luck finding somebody
who finds pics that have been 10 baggers and so on and he’s doing it for free and
he keeps doing it for free and he’s building a community like this so Wow
gbtc American companies in the cannabis space poised for growth especially in
September October November December of this year if things work out as planned
as well as too many pigs there were too many picks here at a name there it is
again supreme rewind this video okay watches a few times all great picks I
love all these companies invest in the medical marijuana ETF you can’t go wrong
that’s my strategy if you invest in the biggest and the brightest that long term
you’re going to win okay think like Warren Buffett will these
companies be here in 20 years that’s the way Warren Buffett invests that’s the
way I invest now I’m probably going to sell a lot sooner than 20 years but that
is the Warren Buffett strategy I’m a little bit less patient than that
my strategy hey you see 10% 20% 30% returns take your money and run keeping
a cash position yep stay liquid so that the next time the market tanks you can
bottle up again and then when it shoots back up and you make your 10 20 30 %
again or more you can take your money and run again and now you’re in a cash
position ready to sniper trade again hmm I also think if you pull out a bunch of
money you can let it sit there in the bank go on a vacation for a week you
don’t even have to look at the markets right right yep because when you’re
trading and I know this is the way I am if I’m on a vacation I can’t enjoy my
vacation when I’m making a part I know the feeling yeah I’ve been there done
that that is so true that is so true okay the website is rich TV
click those links if you’re on my channel and also if you’re in which
richest channel to subscribe give it a thumbs up if you like riches pics or if
you just want to show you even if you disagree with this picks if you just
want to show some appreciation go for it rich can you can you take me
out with some music or something because that’s how we roll here looking at the
markets which TV Live thank you rich for all that you do thank you to all those
in the chat thank you to all those in the whatsapp group rich TV live now and
forever thanks everybody thank you for having us
always a pleasure Dan thanks for having me my friend thank you for watching
everybody keep winning now remember if you’re not winning
you’re not watch this is your border rich with David Modell say

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  2. For Puff Ventures it says on their site they are ACMPR applicant … so they aren't licensed yet? Sorry if that's a noob question.

  3. Some interesting marijuana picks, thanks for them. But be very careful with GBTC – the split is nearly meaningless. GBTC will probably go up when bitcoin goes up, but there is a heavy premium on it. Investing in bitcoin directly in this regards makes actuallya more sense. And bitcoin is currently in a strong correction; I actually expect it to fall back to about 1'000 – 2'000 $. Then it's time to buy GBTC!

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  6. thanks for the update. fyi, it is not in the US news yet but AG Sessions has said that he will not go after small marijuana operations and will not prosecute state-legal businesses. all the pot stocks should rise on the news but HEMP is the only place i saw it mentioned. they posted a link to The Guardian, which carried the story. many have said that Sessions was the main thing holding back the business. now they say it will grow 700% in two years…

  7. POTN 5,000shr. from $0.044 and ADVT 20,000shr. from .0075 …I also like HEMP under $0.02 …IMLFF under $0.95 …ABCCF under $1.25 …HRVOF Under $0.70 …ETST 350 @ $0.70 …FFRMF 600 @ $0.39 ..EMMBF @ $1.04 …LBUY under $1.25 ..EVIO under $1.00 …GRWG under $3 …MCIG under $0.18 IVITF under $1.25 …ACNNF AusCann under $1.00 ..TRTC under $2.40 are some that I own

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