Richard Ells – Crypto Mining, Adoption in Africa & Electroneum (ETN)

Dear crypto community and blockchain
buddies across the globe welcome back to Cryptonites, the no BS blockchain built
with the community and for the community and here we are alive at the cryptocompare digital asset summit with the CEO of electroneum Richard Ells. How are you doing my friend? Boom just took ten years off of my age. So, Richard tell us a
little bit we’re just talking about the crazy story that got you involved into
this crypto space do you mind sharing that well yeah I’m sure everybody has
their own story about going into crypto it’s it’s a strange thing to be in if
you look at the world as a whole you know still a very small community isn’t
it’s getting bigger and we all know it’s going to be massive I was mining
building mining rigs I’m a bit of a a geeky kind of guy I suppose so well I
was sitting there with these mining rigs working off the command line in Linux
and I just thought this isn’t going to take off if you have to use the command
line in Linux so I have a couple of other digital businesses I’ve got a
digital agency over for 20 years I’ve got another business that does a social
media for some big corporates so I thought I’ve got a team of coders but we
must be able to do something with mobile and I really wanted to get crypto onto
mobile so I started looking at blockchain and how to how to make our
own coin other people had already done massive things and looked at
I’d already looked at Manero and I thought they’ve already done they’ve got
a great team they’ve got great development team they’ve made this
amazing thing and we could use that as the base for something new give us
access to that mobile ubiquity which we’re seeing with smartphone ownership
so that’s it I’m not sure that is really cool a really cool transition in that
sense when it comes to mining we just mentioned that it seems like a very
complicated thing to understand obviously we’re not in the middle of
this ground with holes and the pieces of gold and you know getting our hands
dirty do you mind educating us on what mining means in the
crypto so yeah sure I think there’s a lot of
misunderstanding about money even in in the space with people that really
understand it quite well so when you hear the term mining 99.9% of that is
going to be what’s called proof of work so the algorithm that gives you the
decentralization the the the part of the blockhain that’s super clever that
enables it to be to maintain itself that is is done by allowing people to to form
a consensus opinion now how do you know they’re people so proof of work was was
invented so by by doing something that’s mathematically really really complicated
and solving a mathematical problem you are proving that you are a real purse or
in this case a real machine something is actually being done now when you hear of
hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin miners actually what you’ve got is a handful
maybe twenty thirty pools these are the people that actually fill in the block
template and submit the block template onto the blockchain and lots and lots
hundreds of thousands millions perhaps of computers that are just trying to
solve a simple sum so they’re huge prime numbers and there are there are some as
soon as somebody manages to solve it they submit it to the pool and the pool
goes oh my goodness this is great this means we have solved a block we get the
block reward and the block reward twelve Bitcoin or whatever gets paid out to the
porch they then distribute to all these millions and millions of people this is
why you hear about people Bitcoin mining a theory of mining or whatever they’re
doing they’re mining because they would like to receive some cryptocurrency
directly as it gets emitted by the blockchain and why does the blockchain
emit well the blockchain emits because the clever little blighters who came out
whether it be one person or a group whoever came up with bitcoin in the
first place realized if we make each block that gets added to the book chain
emit a reward in tokens in Bitcoin that encourages people to get involved and to
be part of the Bitcoin network so it’s a self rewarding system that also is self
policing it’s a secure system through consensus and distribution but that was
it’s really fascinating how this mining works like as you were saying and so
rather than having the guy digging a hole or drilling get
his hands dirty to find that gold people solve a mathematical problem and then
they get rewarded yeah but the the analogy is good the the the digging is a
really good analogy and that’s probably how it came into being mining because
ultimately if you have something pretty much all units the reason you have a
pound note or US dollar it is a medium of exchange between two people that is
based on work so you’ve gone to work and you’ve earned some money somebody else
went to work and baked some bread now you want some of that bread so it’s a
great way to exchange your work for their work and that’s pretty much what
we see goldust it’s really hard to find gold it’s really hard to extract gold
from the ground you have to work for it so whilst we’re calling it mining what
it’s actually is is proving that work has been done so the Bitcoin that you
see that’s out there algorithmically came from an enormous amount of
processing work and which is one of the things that underpins its value that’s
really well explained thank you so much it seems like these days so back in the
day you needed really actually not back in the day so as of today you would need
some really high-performance hardware to get involved in mining but companies
like yourself allow some some type of mining through a mobile phone giving
accessibly it’s everybody is that how we yeah well it’s I mean if we it’s not
quite the same thing our actual blockchain still works on
proof of work so we have those mining farms we’ve fiercely complicated mining
rigs working to to work on our blockchain however as I said I really
wanted to get this into the hands of people with with smartphones without any
technical skill initially we we actually on Android we we made an actual miner
that mined on the on the blockchain that we were using and yeah we just basically
melted it it got red red hot it was sitting on the desk and and was so hot
you couldn’t touch it so it’s mathematically complicated and
needs a lot of CPU power which is where you go in your phone and it gets really
really hot to do and we also knew that if you do it via your phone there’s
nothing to stop somebody else using the GPU rig and taking all the coins for
themselves and blocking everyone else so what we did is we we took a third of the
coins from our blockchain and said right these are going to be emitted at our own
pace to to people that they cut the app so we’ve got a
smartphone app called electroneum you install it and you’re immediately part of the
Electroneum project. Now in crypto terms you’d really call that an airdrop
so you know we’re distributing coins but we’re just we’re distributing coins on
it on a continuous basis for being involved so you can’t uninstall the app
and still get them it just you you are part of an ongoing process so we said of
paying an advertising agency we’ve effectively said we are going to
continually drip out through a process we call mobile mining so we we use the
same terminology but you’re not actually doing intense CPU work you’ll just part
the electron ian’s project and as such we reward you for being part of the
electronic projects taking us to three million users the viral growth is just
really now starting to properly take off as we’ve made a change because now if
you want board on the electron your mapper takes maybe 60 seconds
works before it is more like 10 minutes so we’ve made a huge improvement
that’s really interesting so it’s mobile mining because they’re contributing to
the network they’re using the network so as users are just as important right now
in fact maybe more yeah if all there were were Bitcoin miners and there was
nothing else there were no speculators there were nobody else using the
blockchain there was nobody making a transaction there was no one paying for
things that it wouldn’t exist you you have to have you have to have both sides
so it’s great that people are mining for for your distributed network but but you
have to have people actually making those transactions and using it so one
of the very first things we did we live in South Africa I’m sure we’ll talk
about in a moment but we decided that tying in with mobile networks enabling
you to top-up your phone was an obvious place to go because you’ve got some what
do I do okay so I’ve got three dollars worth of etn what does that mean again
unless you’ve got an outlet for it I can top up my phone well I’ve got some air
time and I minded okay so we’re effectively we’ve now got this person
into crypto and we open that door we’ve got them down the rabbit hole of crypto
which is you know which is a great thing and so we’re partly educating people
about crypto and the fact it’s got real tangible value and they’re using it so
by using it they understand it better and they trust they’re better and then
it’s just a ripple effect of positive exactly later that’s really interesting
I want to ask you obviously you’re trying to to create a payments
that it’s decentralized and that will hopefully really benefit a lot of the
emerging countries which we’ll talk about later but recently I hear people
saying that cryptocurrency is not a currency it’s just a commodity like
would you see crypto as a currency is is that the right term as of today in terms
of yeah I mean it’s easy is it debatable it’s a debatable point and we certainly
see ourselves as in in English law I mean the law around the world is you
know it’s a minefield but there are different sorts of tokenization so from
a legal point of view we see us as a payment okay so we are designed from the
ground up to pay for things and to be paid for things so yes if that is what
you define a currency as we would say yes now one of the things that you have
with with cryptocurrency is the huge wild swings that is a danger to anything
that’s being used as a currency because if you if you were shot and you’ve got a
20 percent margin on your bottle of coca-cola and someone buys the bottle of
coca-cola shout out to coca-cola you someone buys the bottle coca-cola and
you’ve made 20 cents say off the dollar now if you sold that in cryptocurrency
and all of a sudden the cryptocurrency goes down by 20 percent suddenly you’ve
given the bottle of coca-cola wait you haven’t made any margin feasibly it
could go even lower of course there’s upsides as well you
can take it either way but these swings in in price of the worst thing for
crypto as a currency so you have to think about okay which markets can you
go into where there is such a high margin that crypto works and air time is
one of those so they’ve got such a high margin actually the swings can even out
over time better than they could selling something that has tight margins you
selling Krugerrands for instance with Bitcoin would be a very dangerous game
because you’re probably talking about the spot price of gold so it would be a
difficult thing to sell with with Bitcoin unless you were cashing straight
into fit which then gives you stability sort of defeats the whole crypto purpose
yeah that’s super interesting and especially as you’re talking about
payments so as the etn you can use it as form of payment as you said maybe that
as a store of value depending on which currency you’re using some people would
say well this is actually a store of value
compared to the real in Iran or the Zimbwabean dollar yeah yeah exactly so it’s it’s
kind of biased right depending on which region you’re in absolutely yeah one
thing that I really love about what you guys are doing is you’re focused on
South Africa and actually we had someone the show who is also working with South
Africans and telling us that the awareness of crypto is really high and
there is there are some real use cases in those regions is that the case that
what you’ve been seeing so far yeah well we wanted them yeah you will see we’re
in Soweto outside Johannesburg and it’s just extraordinary for us sitting in
here to see the levels of of money that that people earn there’s more than a
million people that earn less than 20 cents an hour for their work and it’s
just an extraordinary thing to hear that somebody can be owning that kind of
money so it’s I still really believe that crypto is the thing that can change
our world if we can take people and give them access to the global digital
economy and we can change the world for the better we can give them access to
some more money if we’re talking about banked and unbanked yeah it’s exactly
what I want to ask you he was just like boiling in my mind yeah
they sort of banked and then there’s unbanked and then it’s under banked and
is underserved and there’s all sorts of terminology that gets used by lots of
different people NGOs especially and there’s lots of tons
of army billions and billions of dollars have been pumped into trying to get more
people banked but largely I mean as MIT has made a big difference actually
around the world but but it hasn’t made the impact that they that they hoped it
would and I think that the learning from that is that giving someone a bank
account but if they don’t get paid to a bank account and the bank account cost
them money which nearly all these countries it does what what have you
done you’ve opened a bank account it’s going to cost you money of him but but
they’re not going to put money in they haven’t got any money so ultimately what
you need to do is you need to give them a new way to earn money not just a new
way to to to put money into a digital format
there’s no point taking your fiat money going and put it in the bank and then
paying on plastic if the guy who’s taking the
stick would have taken the fiat money you’ve just made your life harder for no
reason whatsoever the times that it becomes interesting and certainly from
our point of view the first people we’ve got is the air time so you can buy air
time some of these guys have to to go a long way to find the guy who tops up
their air time so you’ve got your note in your hand you want to buy some air
time you’ve got a cycle for 20 minutes or walk for an hour to go to the guy who
will give you $2 worth of airtime to put onto your phone and people do this every
single day but actually if you can go top-up I’m done it’s the first digital
payment they’ve ever made and this is the other thing that we can’t get our
heads around in in the developed world because we’ve been paying digitally for
decades and we think nothing of it everyone touches their card on the thing
and walks away touches their phone on thing so digital payments is a
revolution that will take place in the developing world and crypto is a
revolution that is going to have this massive impact so these two worlds will
collide and crypto will be the answer thank you so much for clarifying that
about the unbanked the underbanked and underprivileged it’s a really big topic
in earlier Andreas Antonopoulos was actually stressing this point which is
extremely interesting but as you know banknotes are starting to become more of
these contactless cards but you’re focusing on mobile payments is that how
you see the evolution of payments from now on well yeah I mean everything’s
going digital isn’t it but but certainly I think andreas would be concerned about
the fact that everything going digital gives more control to the government and
I know that that’s probably not something that he would see eye-to-eye
with us perhaps on in that we see cryptocurrency as being a tool which can
enable people so if you have a note in your hand you can pay with it but it’s
all from our point of view so well let’s say the next couple of months three
months say hmm we should have our gig economy life we’ve been talking about it
for long enough and the concept of the gig economy is there’s this huge network
of people that do gigs they do these little bits of digital work and it’s a
massive multi trillion dollar economy and largely its serviced by people in
India people in the Philippines people are
the world that are in lower paid regions that are completing digital tasks
whether it be computer programming creating a stop frame animation right
making a logo whatever it may be they’re completing it for people in the
developed world who are paying in dollars now but that’s fine but they can
only go so far down the ladder and that’s within the banking system so if
we open that digital world up to people that are further down the ladder so
these these are Millennials these are young people that they understand
digital they’ve lived in a digital world so they have a smartphone they see the
world they see the wealth of the world and they see they could be involved they
could actually do digital tasks they can get a laptop they’ve got no reason to
get a laptop yet but if you give them the reason because they can start coding
they can start creating digital cost the tasks they can make logos and animations
they can do stuff but they can’t get paid and having that Fiat note sitting
there is great but the guy in America or the guy in in Europe can’t can’t send
them a note to do that job and largely they can’t do an electronic chance funds
transfer if this guy’s doing a small gig for $5 or $3 for his time the cost if
you if you go to the bank or Wales Fargo or anywhere else and try and send $3
into South Africa or Rwanda or Philippines, Indonesia if you try and
send a small amount of money you’ll find that you you’re absolutely shut out if
you don’t use the existing banking system and even in the banking system
you’ll see the fees are massive its crypto cuts that out if you can pay
somebody with crypto all of a sudden you don’t need to have these monster fees
that come with with the international transfers so the remittance part of
crypto is actually exciting so I think digital payment is is great and using it
to pay for things is great but I don’t think that in the markets we’re in I
don’t think people would go to a bank open a bank account send some money to
an exchange buy some Bitcoin transfer it buy some etn put it on their card so they
can go and top-up their phone it’s not going to happen and we’ve never seen it
that way we’ve always been moving our ecosystem
towards this point where we can say ok this guy here can now he’s at the moment
the way a lot of people work is they’ll stand at the side of the road waiting
for a truck to come past they’ll jump onto the truck he’ll take them somewhere
to do some digging or some demolition or some building work
and then later on the night they drop them back off they’re giving them some
money they get dropped back off at the same corner they take that money and
they go and buy some food to feed their family that day you know these but
there’s a huge amount of people that are living hand-to-mouth but they also have
these gaps in their day gaps in their time that if there was a filler that
they could do or certainly the younger generation that are coming in to be in
the same situation if they have a gap that they could feel imagine taking the
smartphone making a stop frame animation if you you know they can make a stop
from animation of your logo or or a big brands logo or any company the world
think how many small businesses at all that would love to have an anime just
made out of stones or litter doesn’t matter what it is just something
someone’s made this and maybe you have some pictures of the making every
business in the world would want to put that on their social media maybe you pay
that guy $5 he earns 20 cents an hour it’s taken him two hours to make that
stop frame animation he’s doing $5 for doing it you’re gonna change people’s
lives so so we are ridiculously excited always
do that work super excited to to get this gig economy life because that’s the
last part and at the moment what we’re seeing is that because we actually have
some excited participants who are using it and they’re taking the money that we
are or the top money sorry the easy end that we are issuing so they’re taking
that etn and they’re using it digitally to buy things but actually the exciting
part comes when they can earn it because actually we’re not charity and just
handing out in an airdrop and them spending it isn’t really that exciting
it’s exciting when they can do something sell that in the global economy take
that and then buy the family meal without having to have gone and dug a
hole or whatever it is that that’s that’s where I think that’s a global
market yes right among all of the crypto blocking or Bitcoin use cases is the
micro remittances the ability to send a little bit of money one of your favorite
in term yeah yeah that’s exactly what well as we said a minute ago you try and
send a small amount of money anywhere it’s very very difficult yeah I mean
there’s obviously a really good use Facebook case for for large amounts as
well because that’s also it’s not extremely yeah so we that’s not a market
that we’re in but certainly that market exists and I
think also because we are kyc and we are sort of embracing regulation because the
countries that we’re working in insist on it so we have to do that but I think
a lot of people look at us and because we’re going down that route they sort of
see us and think we’re on the other side of the fence somehow but you know I live
in brief cryptic I love what it can do and all of the projects that are within
crypto so a massive believer in Bitcoin and despite the fact that Monero on the
opposite side of the fence perhaps in terms of privacy and and non regulatory
environment that I still love that project I think there are massive use
cases for those because there are oppressive regimes that that are a
terrible thing and if you can protect your wealth from those then it’s a
wonderful thing so you know I’m just part of the matrix of what crypto is and
if we can introduce people into what is the wonder of crypto through through a
regulated route it will open their eyes to crypto in general and it gives them
access to that as well this guy doesn’t have to now go and buy a bag of maize
meal and work again because he’s now made enough money that he’s actually got
$1 spare what does he do with that dollar does he keep it in ATM he might
do but just as equally he might swap it for some Bitcoin we’re going to open up
a whole new market because they will now have access to all the cryptocurrencies
by the exchanges that they never had access to before so yeah we’re doing
something exciting for us but I think it’s also exciting for crypto in general
yeah that is it’s fascinating like you said how you can pay someone little
amounts or even large amounts in seconds you know costing you almost nothing as
well compared to going through a bank and having a fuse and the transaction
fees on lots of things of ridiculously time I think that’s one of the most
compelling arguments for people who don’t understand cryptocurrency I asked
him how do you make a bank transfer and how long does it take you three to four
business days how much does it cost you I send money to my mom in France it’s
really not that far I don’t want to earn half by plane and it costs me eighteen
pounds and it took three business days yeah and like you said I can’t send just
ten pounds or you know I cannot send over ten thousand pounds because I have
to go through awesome process so that’s to me a simple argument on why this is
important space besides that like when you try to persuade other people and
that is super sweet not push but educate them about why this is important what
are there any other ways that you tried to explain that to for example if my
grandma Susy was in this room like are there any other compelling arguments
well four groups are in general yeah crypto in general and it Bitcoin er
yeah I mean it’s a difficult call because I think the the most compelling
argument for for crypto to be really is that you’ve got you’ve got no central
government that’s in control now if you sit in an economy that’s that’s pretty
stable so you know we’re sitting here in England we’ve got institutions like the
Bank of England 400 years old we have had relative stability although of
course in terms of inflation it’s fairly you can draw lines written you could say
are we we inflate away the value of our pound if you went back 200 years with a
pound I’m sure you can buy a fitted suit and now you’re going to says you can’t
buy a pint of beer so you know fiat money it doesn’t necessarily have a
solid fixed value but what it does have these are known unknown quantity it has
a known quantity in the economies that we’re used to but you go outside that
you step outside that into what is a lot of the world and you’re not assured of
that stability you you mentioned I think
Zimbabwe and and other and other countries yeah absolutely well it loads
of loads of places around the world where actually the government’s they are
trying to maintain stability you know don’t be under the they’re not they’re
not letting this run crazy because they want to they are trying to maintain it
and they are doing the best job that they can I’m sure to try to maintain
stability for their people so but but these things just get out of hand
sometimes so if people are in control of their own destiny and they have the
ability to hold something outside of the system that they are in it’s far more
important outside of the developed world so if you’re in the US or you’re in
Europe or or whatever yeah I think this probably possibly less of an argument
for holding support but generally speaking there’s a speculative argument
as well there’s 21 million bitcoins so that’s what they’ll ever be ever and
they won’t be anymore so in America there are
33 million millionaires so if every millionaire just in America wanted to
own a Bitcoin they can’t so if everybody in the world said actually John I’m just
gonna buy a hundred bucks worth of Bitcoin and sit on it I suspect that
they would they would see that change radically in time don’t take this as
investment yes but it’s still great I’m just speaking from a mathematical point
yeah if you take something that is of a finite resource just like gold it’s
going to have some value so I believe that Bitcoin exists in a space outside
of the existing financial environment but it’s in a very new space you know I
know it’s you know it’s it’s ten years old now but but actually it is very very
new in terms of the world and we’re going to see things change we’re gonna
see technology change but cryptos here to stay those are some really key points
that you mentioned just like having a border list not just the UK or the US
having a borderless currency but also you said controlling the having the
control and your private keys and they’ll also seems like there are many
arguments and I just wanna ask you will related to Manero obviously it’s a
project that you said you’re extremely passionate about and a lot of people
think that privacy coins are just for money laundering and all the dark side
of the world what are they you some of the use cases
that you believe Manero or privacy coins have to bring value to society one of
the things we we reached out to the J FSA we are on an exchange called liquid
Japanese backed and they were they helped us get in touch with some lawyers
and and talk to the JSA and and as a privacy coin because we’re still a
privacy coin at heart the blockchain is is private we’re struggling Japan is
just absolutely against privilege they do I steer the raid yeah but but the
reason to use one even if you I mean you know I’m sure that there are criminals
using it but I’m also fairly confident that criminals use pound notes and US
dollar bills so I don’t think you should tar a crypto currency with you criminals
can use it well criminals can put Kruger in a bag and criminals can can pay with
20 pounds so it’s not in any way shape or form a criminal blockchain it’s a
private blockchain and people have a right to some privacy and if you think
about it and this is the argument we put to the Jennifers say if I send $100 to a
bank account I have bank details and someone in Japan could you please send
me back how much they’ve got in their bank account I’d like to have a look at
their transaction history but the ridiculous I can’t wouldn’t do that well
of course you wouldn’t because they were because they have a right to some
privacy well actually with Bitcoin you’re laid
bare aren’t you so if you if you were to only have a single wallet that you use
and you kept all your transactions in that and then you ask someone for a
payment and let’s say you were let’s say you were selling a car and you you’ve
made the payment in Bitcoin you gave you a wallet address and the guy has a look
and says I don’t mean it you’re worth a hundred million dollars I don’t want to
pay you top dollar for the car III want to pay you less because you’re rich you
know so suddenly you’re making a judgment call on someone’s wealth based
on their content of their wallet so privacy to me is just a matter of Rights
I think that we have a right to some privacy and whilst we are heading more
and more down the regulatory route with ECN and we are losing loads and loads of
the the clever stuff that some of the Monero stuff does in our blockchain
we’re losing it because we don’t want to take up as much space on our blockchain
with transactions because we’re not all about privacy but we are keeping stealth
addresses so every single transaction you whilst you give out your et an
address on the blockchain the etn address is not recorded in so many
bitcoins so it becomes a stealth address and then you can’t actually see where
things are going and you can’t look in people’s wallets which to me is exactly
like the banking system has right now I can’t look in your bank account you
can’t look in mine and and actually the government’s been happy with that for a
long time so we should at least have that I think it makes a lot of sense
because if you do have a lot of money in those wallets and people know then you
can attract problems they could be the interest impending on where you’re going
around the world oh I suppose wallets move yeah let’s try this guy so you
you’re right it’s actually rather than being criminal you can avoid criminals
maybe entrance what are the what are the I mean the to me at least
it’s the pound notes are not causing the problem and so Monero is not causing the
problem if criminals are the problem track the criminals don’t don’t blame
the pound notes and don’t blame don’t blame the blockchain that’s the human
being behind it isn’t it yeah that’s right yeah yeah and and so change
whatever it is in society that to stop them doing that you know whatever you
have to do outside of regulating the use of the the power I’m sure that there are
lots of crimes that people walk around with bags of 20-pound notes and yet we
are not legislating against them so it’s crazy to pursue the blockchain let’s
let’s find other ways to stop people being criminals that makes a lot of
sense this was a fascinating talk where should we follow you do you have any
obviously the website probably social media links and things are at the bottom
install the electron iam just go iOS or Android install the electroneum app get
some free electron you’ve just click on it and go for it right have a little bit
of electroneum you see what it is follow our project you’ll see that most of the
developed world is is is not going to is not going to be transacting an electroneum I suspect but you’re going to see a lot of things coming from us in the
developing world you’re gonna see a huge exciting few months in the electroneum
project itself as we launch more countries and more partnerships being
out of pay with with other providers so super duper pumped I can’t wait thanks
again for coming in today Richard definitely we’re in the same we’re in
the UK so we’ll definitely yeah yeah it’s brilliant thank you very much be
very impressed with what you guys have done here today you’ve had some absolute
corking people in through the doors they’ve said good things about you out
there as they come out absolutely they have so they like what you’re doing
you’re doing a great thing in the crypto space and I think you also are going to
have this huge growth as crypto takes off and become mainstream that’s so
sweet of you thank you so much definitely have you again guys don’t
forget to follow Electroneum and definitely like, subscribe, blast the bell
notification and come back next week for another episode of Cryptonites

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  3. Man, I'm jealous! You got to sit next to the man himself. Great interview, with a lot of info for newcomers!

  4. ETN should focus on other market not just Africa. I'm from Africa and know it will take a longtime before people adopt to Cryptos.

  5. At this time Electroneum and Ripple XRP are the only ones on the ground that are doing crypto in the cryptocurrency space.

  6. Great interview! Great video and audio quality and no unnecessary announcements 👍 can’t say that about other Richard Ells interviews. He always delivers but the channels not so much. Got to subscribe to you guys 😊

  7. Fluff piece! No mention of The Unlimited and if that deal as originally spoken about is going forward. (BTW, Tyler that little blurb you mentioned the other day didn't dispell shit. Six months and no mention of any numbers. It certainly didn't answer the question of is the deal going forward as planned? Ha, the funniest thing was, they said that they weren't embarrassed to be associated with ETN. Now there's a glowing endorsement. No mention of going forward, just we aren't embarrassed to be associated with ETN!) The Unlimited certainly won't touch any of my slightest and completely respectful inquiries. No mention of new countries. Four more months to get 20 new countries on board. This thirty-two minute video was as painful to watch as DigitSpin without the retarded theme music!

  8. Монета упала в цене в 10 раз, вроде проекто движется, но цена на дне…и видимо не будет особого роста.

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  10. Sorry Cryptonites, I couldn't be in the direct but I ve watched right now…
    The interview was awesome, always learning new things with cryptonites and Alex, that is making very good interviews and has a lot of social skills😁
    I am very proud of this video, the quality and audio looks very nice, good improvements!

    And also I like a lot this white room with the sofa, all this things makes that the interview looks more professional than the other videos…
    this is my opinion, hope aim you guys…


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    00:32 A passion for bringing crypto to mobile
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    5:23 New type of mining: mobile-mining
    8:50 Currency vs. Commodity
    11:21 Real use cases in Africa (unbanked, underbanked, underserved)
    14:22 Digital = more control to governments
    15:20 Micro remittances: sending 3 dollars through a bank
    19:40 Micro-remittances could be the #1 use case
    20:31 Use case #2 is privacy
    22:20 #3 Removing power from central authorities
    25:44 Monero is NOT a criminal blockchain
    28:39 Privacy can save us from criminals!
    28:55 Fiat currency or cryptocurrency, the actor IS the criminal
    31:04 Recap and fun facts

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    Btw dude keep it up great edit and camera angle with clear sounds thaaaanks!

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  15. this guy doesnt know shit, what a terrible spokes person to use with the term "We know Crypto. We know Blockchain." this guy is a pleb X''''D watching him explain PoW is embarrassing.

  16. No substance, no new info, what was the point of this interview? 90% of the comments are that audio is clear and filmed in 1080p. I swear Richard could jiggle some shiny keys and half the commenters would be impressed.

  17. Uplexa is a new privacy coin that can be mined by GPU, CPU and even your android phone!
    Electroneum has not been able to do that yet!!
    Check it out @uPlexaCoin

  18. Richard ells over uses his hand gestures, he does this to over compensate his lies and B.S. to try and come across as more convincing.
    There is also alot of shakyness in his voice and alot swallowing air which all goes to show Richard ells is a fraud.

  19. working with rockefeller agenda 30 smart cities ubuntu, with abused vulnerable orphans and trusted miners. nothing to see here folks move along. #johnofgodbrazil

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