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Hello everyone, welcom to my channel today, i want review to you a good project is name dualchain network architecture it called is DNA this is great project, it is a dualchain network A block of bananas with the support of Metaverse uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake as its consensus algorithm ok…. we will see abount DNA DNA provides far greater transactions per second and allows for powerful smart contracts that empower newer and more complex decentralized applications (DAPPs). with 5 Components of Next Generation Blockchain it is Performance, Identity, Interoperability, Security, and Oracles Real-world data is brought on-chain by decentralized intermediary oracles. dna… The DNA chain delivers an exponentially faster throughput with greater transactions-per-second providing a platform for powerful smart contracts and decentralized applications without bottlenecks, congestion or skyrocketing fees. with Identity, The Metaverse Avatar is an on-chain digital identity, capable of owning assets and participating in smart contracts or decentralized exchange. Unlike identity data storage in traditional systems, the Metaverse Avatar only reveals information when authorized by the user. with Interoperability, DNA is designed as a standard, to be employed on other public blockchains seeking to benefit from the scalability it offers. That standardization brings with it the potential for cross-chain dApp support and enhanced developer cooperation. for Security, The DNA chain uses a purpose-built delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, in combination with the Metaverse basechain’s hybrid model. This radically increases complexity for would-be attackers while rewarding honest participants. DNA tokens are tokens issued by DNA DNA tokens interact with the Metaverse network through Cross-chains Be secure in the platform and fast network speed DNA’s roadmap begins in 2016 and so far, many successful events and events have been successfully implemented through the efforts of the entire DNA team And there are currently many plans for the upcoming 2020 mar 2020 – DNA mainet June 2020 – Decentralized Exchange Oct 2020 – Virtual machine adn smart contracts The DNA chain is governed entirely by the community, rewarding all participants for their roles in the network. through 3 levels: Super Nodes, Regular Nodes, Child Nodes with Super Nodes, Super Nodes are elected or replaced by consensus among Regular Nodes and make decisions on any protocol change to the DNA blockchain. with Child Nodes, Child Nodes do not need to maintain full copies of the blockchain, and can delegate their staking power to Regular Nodes to generate rewards. DNA has many great and important partners it is: blockx labs, ledger, bitshares Those are important partners of DNA Currently, DNA is traded at RightBTC People can visit the website and communication tools of DNA like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram to learn more about this project. This video is the end, thank you for watching, goodbye and see you in the next videos.

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