Review: EARN Interest on your Cryptocurrency with CRED

all right in welcome back to the
hull review its Saturday morning
8:00 AM and we are getting ready
to have a fantastic morning, credit on and really that’s at
that point where we started
looking act of the very as a
company’s the investment
companies of th , and so from vats on about how
well last week we went over
Celsius all we’ve done Craig we
Don neck so and then there’s
changes so we decided to go back and
review credit again because I
think that there’s really some
important changes of that we all
want you know what’s up Sean Schaefer
goodwill to have a a a grade of
gray review today so again this
is a Jeff with the hull review out you know should you allow or
trust even exchange on to Holger
digital asset so that’s the big
question of that’s a big quest a red neck so Celsius and the
many others that are popping up
one of the other themes that we
talk about a lot is the blurring
o the banks and the exchange’s
traditional banking and digital
asset banking and we’re starting to see a
steady progress in this
direction, so it is is why it’s
all for the we look at companies
like red analyze them and make a decision
as to whether not release the
determination and again not to ride a push anybody into or
away from using these platforms
and no number people of approach
me and said that they enjoy usin it all boils down to a couple
different things on and that
tour to go over onto a day so just write off the top II typed
out a few notes here all make
sure the week and on some sun ·
some as we go through on and I k on that is our goal on and so
hopefully as we have this were
to have people pop up on into
the stream I know normally takes
me y tart the conversation so we’ve
got a few people popping an
array of got Leo Lubin Dara of
interesting comment I have the
excerpt as to where your skepticism on
in the red flag should deftly be
raised, and then we can also
make a determination as to the
secu a protection and also
identifying it right now we
odyssey know that many of us as
as the first and into the into a
speculative investment into a speculative
space into adding a space in its
infancy on you might be more of open to
specific risk that mainstream
investment won’t be open to as
much so people are already putting money
in on and that’s the big risk
toady want to use the subject
your investment, two of other
exter I just the investment itself on
so you know so those are deftly
you know some things to want to
identify it, so really write off a red is whether not they are a
protected on trusted a source
meaning are they ensured are
they backed up by the backing up
your and now on we look IC read you
know some of the summit people
points here a there’s no minimum
investment size and we’re seeing most of the digital asset
investment type environments, an
investment in this case you were
not so much as bind selling
trading on and where we’re going in this
digital asset economy on in the digital asset economy
and its we’re not that far away
and were seen it it’s happening
faster and faster pastor of two and it got digital acid into a
mortgage or auto loan or
anything like that we’re getting
to those points where with this part of the
economy is going to start
kicking and when Knapp are the
economy cakes and that is full
mainstream a if if you’re looking at it like
a growth of stuff currency not
then you can invest it to gain
additional interest on and so
that , you can earn up to 10% and
digital asset of fiat and
precious metals and I find that
that’s interesting so now you
can take yo their opening up up 24 for
lending and also if you have the
money tide up and in gold of in
an eight you know it’s
interesting b to all with Fred they also of
large investment loans over
$25,000 and when you do that
they have a specific capital
markets spec , and they also have beyond its
of the do have a concierge
service for those that want to
to invest or loan more than
$150,000 y he would the true on and then
you probably not putting young
thousands of dollars all worth
of digital asset into their of
like , and that’s not is really
interesting because that changes
the scope not yet financial
institutions that will take only
take Ne roll them over into additional
on investment platforms, so what
you know they don’t want that
the money just to sit stagy
either time the odd or on Ya whenever
all holding that they have
sitting a there’s all these
mechanisms in place and so is
this open to you know what can we do on the
on the retail side to all first
and foremost a let’s look at
mike read that I did pull up a
Celsi between Celsius the tween up
between the Puck read and really
take a look at it because one of
one of the primary features that was at hand and not necessarily
with wood Celsius because we did
find it eventually was on a buried we we just added go
down to the security of aspect
are over and think you have
thank you and then identify you
know stood out to me that I can
really like I thought that it was
creating kind of negative
marketing and I don’t believe that that by
Nanjing and a financial space you need to get into a political
frame of mind , its finances its investing
everybody wants to you’ll make
money at the end of the day and
benefit tear their they’re going into a
political rants kind of a folk
scene in on this in an incoming
dot the one income inequality by in all of Easley we have you
know people that you know are
wealthy and many of the
Financial Investment platforms that you know that you can take
advantage of our only available
to those that have means they
can invest all 150,000 again for
i you can spend this is slightly
different way you again you a
big Banks Financial institutions
getting away with greedy a
method test the yuppie
for the money you put in and the
charge you exhort in rates
yielded the same point the
really and right up to bat again I
think you keep the financial
keep the business oriented and
and don’t go into that kind of
all you k go through and actually invest
or or land or borrow all your
digital asset on and so right up
the baton and I think this is
impo that are going to get into this
lending type environments they
wanted differentiate themselves
from traditional banking by
payin , you’re not borrowing based on
credit all your borrowing based
on a up on your borrowing based
on putting up collateral a clatter of digital asset to
borrow against on so that opens
up of borrowing on to people
that might have an issue with
credit where its opening up up an
opportunity for others to do
things that they wouldn’t
otherwise have been able to do
so if you have , you can borrow against it is
longer holding in on their
platform on so I think that
that’s really interesting now right off the bat you know
the trusted way to earn and
borrowing the token economy and I think that that is really
a key point you know because
again to keeping a business that
keeping a financial on the night
g on the bar inside all you can
you can borrow in U.S. dollars
in Euro on other fee at
currencies in open again you’re
using your and paying a small interest, to
a credit of four for this line
of credit and a sensuous to your
taking out a what’s called a sec line of credit which
differentiates from if you go to
the bank and try to borrow
against your own credit and
they’re going to yo or to see the development
wherein we already see
organizations like prosper of
that are opening up lending
platforms which are h within the space in that PPP
landing , you know so whether it a
prosper you can put your digital
asset investing in a somebody
else or not you I think I think
that t : throat in here I think would
be good to look at up so here we
have looking for a loan to
$25,000 or more we mention that
the p because then again you’re
getting, an individual concierge of management specialist that
will work with you and and I
think that’s great, on the
earnings side same thing if
you’re going t to designate someone to work
with you and that that’s really
important when you’re letting
the kind of a cash now here
competiti and a fluctuate to really
depends on you know what the digital as
you’re investing in and they do
tie it up for six months which
is different than some of the
other now yet to be comfortable time
of the digital asset for six
months , but just like your fee a
currency if you put into a
mutual fund or you put into a
bond more and more soul bond if
you tire mon so you know take about a from
that perspective now the digital
asset space obviously we’re
still in this in the infancy we
don’t the which are which are on
torture payback is if it
decreases in value, you might
have to put up more collateral
to owe that is of that that the Malta summit
ease up organizations are using their deftly opening this up to
partnering with other
organizations I liked the fact
that it’s a third party of
backbone and the so on you can partner with NDS
some good partners here so far
uphold true UST: bit so these
are a few of the partners that
are c Knopf we bounce over two love to
uphold you know you go to crater
and that’s their bets their big
space it’s easy to get into it you can
yell quickly, move money that or
digital as if you have over with
uphold you can move it over t , just the turn of the chat real
quick as one say a letter few
people the bop that popped in the week of flooring guy here
and a good statement you know I
am on a safe reviews any
exchange by.base and uphold both
of them TS you’re probably better off
utilizing exchanges that are in
the U.S. that this point on that
can make a big impact is
speciall I would be more concerned unit
using the newer ones especially
any exchange that isn’t backing
up for secured up with the
proper that I think we saw with been
true when we’re digging through
it that they were not securing any
of the holdings so anything that
you’re investing to get burned
interest there was no backup ins com sold moneybags here is a
metal care for the idea tying up
excerpt hit this point may be later that’s right so
it’s it’s all based on not based
on your up on your meal comfort
zone, we’ve got sincerely George
a at USC signing the verifier and
you’re a count the RT have of
digital asset, in your uphold
account, it’s very easy to move
it o , have not invested any of my
digital asset in any of these
platform so I am not yet at that
comfort level on to actually
invest of not much and a note
everyone’s point some people card even comfortable taking off
onto a ledger because they can be a little bit
intimidating and many wanna keep
it on.base car and uphold or on
that Stamper by an answer were
view mi and that’s right now made the
thing is you know is the concern mostly that that that that the platform
itself will be hacked not their backup for the right
security not if they have the
insurance and place is the
concern that the digital assets
going to the selloff if you wanted to
sell so let’s say you’re excerpt
the skyrockets to
wanna sell it at you know it
could , I dollar it can be $5.00 and
could be you know infinite
they’re in it for the long-term
you know for the next 510 years
to see if we could earn interest on our
digital asset knowing that it’s
secure and knowing that you can earn interest knowing
that the digital asset spaces up
and down up and down and it’s
another mechanism to being able
to , or like reading of credit, and
using creditor and through a
poll to know some other other
partners that if we have tron on
tha and kidder their deftly getting
move in that direction are not
to 10% interest on TR acts on untried so if you
hold over 25,000 and try and you
can schedule call so he can even
get on a phone call and get ea a little bit about what crater
and is you displacing all take
this output something else in
there but they’ll use the exact
same on template that was given to
them here’s what’s key you again
security where been a few
securing it and then also was
ensuring and Liane leading custody
partners so they’re not just
putting it all into one which is
also important you wanna
diversify where on important you know they’re
using big toe that tracks ledger
on to ensure the safety and
security of their customers
digital a and we’ll we’ll look at that in
a second toe what happens to the pledge
asset your pledge assets are
used to lend to override a
customer segments including
Retail Invest a manager that you know it’s
interesting so we’re loaning to
the Retail Investors, now with a
well established rack record
were to latter of whom,
collateralized, so any of this
is something I wanna look more
12 united look into a little
further what does this mean that money
managers with a well established
track record, you know anno is it is a different how
are they now are they making
this determination of a well
established a stab list rack
record are on its guaranteed up and here we
a crit is not shoot does not
lend a short Sellers and it’s important that they
identify the drama shorts all
market and that’s that’s too
much risk to know on here about
credit n to our founding member of the
universal protocol alliance and
also board member of the black
chain advocacy group which now
this and some of these organizations
organizations that I would like
to set up interviews with and in
the future so I think that that , and then bit cloying dock,
same thing you can earn on your
BT CNBC age and it’s the eight
MB Ackley the same or a Key I’d be out template and
items which is that that’s
important why keep, consistency
across the space so you know as
we a , and I think it’s also
important here do really
identify and show you’re just
like without with been true I
just like width of to Celsius and galloping their
own digital asset and and if you’re using their digital
asset up to two to land or, you
know to move if you’re holding over 10,000 of their digital asset you get
ICS and you get additional
benefit and I think that to the pointer
say if you invest in us
basically by our digital asset
10 of you’re going to get some
your toes and gonna get a better on a PR
if you take out a line of credit
on and hear you’re going to a be
able to use LBO Al ba to buy an to get your ought to get your
digital asset here but at the
same point it’s almost like a
membership if you will now be a
tear t , but anno but it’s not it’s not
really that high and so the easy
to buy now here we are we go so
there’s two features one we ta insurance through insured
custody through trusted partner
so this is this is the most
important thing the one thing
missing on C why weren’t they highlighting
you know other trusted partners
have yet to me that’s everything
you why did they have why did
the to find out that they’re using
big toe to me that’s like number one on
the list that’s above anything I
wanna know you know who to trust
and partners are all know who’ and I wanna know that you’re
carrying your own insurance us
and here we have big build a
track toppled ledger Doug Zappa
oh all a market including cyber hacking
a piano and regulatory coverage this is so important locked in
is one of the largest on
insurance providers in the world on one of the largest
underwriters it’s it’s really
impressive that you can you got
to look it up, I can pull it up
right now yo and they have their own, support
to prevent cyber hacking which
is locked in this huge and seib
racking up for by insurance and two layers of security are backing up really based on
that deal I shouldn’t have any
concern pudding of digital asset
holding into credit and maybe
tha but we can feel safe and secure
based on what we’re seeing I believe
odyssey it’s not 100% but there
you go so I it seems like it
would be a jp farrow of a cofounder of
uphold interesting ride the
concept of borrowing and lending
again script alas it is an
innovative and I believe it’s a matter of
time you to where we see all of
the digital asset exchange is
doing this again this is a
blurring than where we are right now with the bank’s the banks is is
just all school brick and mortar
they’re not getting it there
trying yet of Jp Morgan and they
g changes to the point where their valuation that the date
they were to put themselves up time to onto the stock and in
the release actual stock of.base or in a folder or by
nance are valuation is going to
be much much higher than a
traditional brick and mortar
bank intere and support a look at it this
point, sell this could be wrong
in this whole space could crash
and burn which we doubt on and
in Toby eight so they’re holding
digital asset look who’s holding
the digital asset that I think this is an
impressive list of the guys can
see it here got off to redo the
whole thing up interesting I
think that Koppel: customers a whole brain
can now earn interest on bond
that that points and maybe you
have some digital asset they’re
hol a light output in their you know
already taking a risk on that
one in a wind up not why not see
you know how it develops you kno and have the guts and you
could.weekly report on units it
just interesting just identified
everything that’s happening in the world you know how does
that impact the space, that’s
great and here’s here’s where
you’re going to want be able to
buy a another one of them is
developing on credit acts this
is the build on credit act, it’s
a multi use API any one building
a financ and oh so you can give your
customers low at a access to low
interest loans , AAU they already have the Kyi
see built into it they have
wallet management, and the sense
I love this statement any of
these told you know they’re just
mincing words here, but but
you’re able to bring more people
into the banking environment because all the time to all
those or are currently in this
on banked a classification they
couldn’t use the brick and
mortar tra and here’s their banking this is
the banking for everybody so the
1. that that these guys did bring out
the dates that ski without
putting that spin on it it’s
giving access to every one
everyone so a i you know it’s still a similar
process it’s just evolve and so again
you know I don’t like and alike
so that the phrases that be used
here it’s an evolution of the
fin we see you the development
there’s going to be others
popping up in the space which is
fantastic UO to fill this out we
also bel and now, so so I like that I
love that statement it and
really nice and also to why in a gray with am I in I
think it’s it’s pretty obvious
you know no credit acts
components the ZD use yet so
power pole, an overall view I have I haven’t
seen any real faults all with
credit I think radisys a solid
organization is as solid as I
can I do all the small amount a
small percentage of point base and that’s it for and I’ll wait
till reputable institution star
custody is a crypto one they’ll
have been exactly the reptile in on a line guy I think it’s just
advertising see guys next time I
know what advertising is but,
any help on let’s see here, I’ll
be , I think it’s I think it’s
great unite this is important
for us to look at the II really
believe it because this is where
the b that are partnering with that
point base and the upholding the
others take to build out of the
full competition to the bank and in holding in piggy excel run
exactly a so we talked about
that run another one on going
through all of these over again
because , and in that said you know so I
think that was a pretty the same
coverage of credit again on that
I’ve invested with them yet I on the next lonely cover will be
nexell get into that again
because it’s been about by one
since we covered it and every
month a on in that sense I have a great
weekend and we’ll see you guys

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  1. Thanks Jeff! great video, as usual I was sleeping during the live stream on Saturday. Any updates from the House of Representatives people before they go back in to session? I'm really interested in the progress of the Token Taxonomy act. I think Facebook might have knocked us out of the running this year though, it looks like Libra has them all scared shitless. If they had just waited about 3 months to announce we might have had a better chance this year. It's almost like it was planned.

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