Revealed: Private Tron [TRX] Letter To “Crypto Influencers”

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where of course you subscribe for our daily videos keeping you informed on everything going on with Bitcoin crypto the whole market today I want to talk about Tron are you invested in Tron that's what I want to know am I invested in Tron that's what you want to know or will I be buying Tron after this video that is what we're going to talk about today and also also I'm going to share with you this letter this exclusive letter that they sent to us and crypto influencers are the only ones who have their eyes on this letter and in the spirit of full transparency I'm gonna share it with you we're gonna go over it and if you appreciate that if you like it when I go over the in the letters people send us and the events that we're going to make sure you like the video support the channel give us a thumbs up and without further ado let's get into it and actually before we talk about the coin cuz we can talk about this anytime let's talk about this event because I don't know if you saw this but this is pretty big news just days before this event was was supposed to happen so this event was supposed to happen on Thursday the Tron foundation just sent this out it's hitting the news sites and that is that Justin son the founder of Tron has cancelled a lunch with Warren Buffett due to health complications well maybe not canceled did they say postponed but we have no other date and this is unfortunate right you know I feel like there's a lot of hype being built around this event I was excited to go to it I knew some other influencers were gonna go to it and mean just the fact to be in the same room as you know Justin Sun but especially Warren Buffett this was a big deal there was a lot of hype they were tweeting about it inviting people let's talk about the elephant in the room before let's talk about the official story so apparently we're supposed to believe that due to kidney stones that's the reason this event is gonna be cancelled so do you believe this I mean here's the thing I've never had kidney stones obviously it's a common thing people get them I'm sure you're aware of kidney stones I remember growing up my dad had kidney stones probably quite a few times as we were growing up three times I know our buddy Johnny we work with all the time out here he had kidney stones just last year so I know that kidney stones are one of the most painful they're so painful than one of the most painful things that could happen to you I mean they compare it to a woman birthing a baby that's how painful they say it is so I get that that would obviously slow somebody down but on the other hand you know like I said and my dad had kidney stones growing up I don't think it ever caused him to miss a business meeting I mean maybe maybe once in a while but he definitely wouldn't miss an important business meeting or even our friend Johnny you know so Johnny just within the last year he had kidney stones he said that he found out about it he just started getting these this pain in the side of his stomach pretty soon he was on the floor he said I literally thought I was going to die I didn't know what was happening to me I was in so much pain and you know he had in the next few weeks he had to eventually pass the kidney stone but that didn't even stop Johnny from like showing up to some of the meetings that we had to attend for the stuff we were doing so if Justin Sun is really canceling this event this huge event with Warren Buffett for kidney stones it's just kind of a bummer right I mean even if you have to show up and you know just explain your situation and say look yeah I have kidney stones that's why I'm kind of walking very slowly and that's why I'm kind of out of it but I mean people will give you the benefit of the doubt I mean what are you afraid of Justin that you'll be humanized anyway so let's get into this letter that they sent us and before we get into it let me preface this I mean I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the reason why we were looking forward to going to this event the reason why crypto influencer influencers we're gonna go to this event is because number one it was our chance to basically you know hang out with Justin's son I know for sure we could have been face to face with him and had a conversation with him this was our chance to at the very least be in the same room as Warren Buffett and besides that it was kind of like a historic thing you know Warren Buffett obviously a notable guy so I mean I'm sure you get it I'm sure you realized why we wanted to go to this event the funny thing is that even though neither Justin's son nor Warren Buffett are going to be there the funny thing is they're still having the event and they're calling it to Tron influence or Day and before we get into it I do say and I think this is important to say I'm the person that's been in contact with us he's been nothing but professional I actually kind of see this as kind of like a class act that they're still willing to host us in San Francisco even though I mean the event is not it's just basically for no reason now I think it's kind of a class act so I appreciate that and I have a lot of respect for the guy we've been in contact with and anyway this is let's get into this oh yeah and if you want to see the original letter that they sent us I'm pretty sure that my brother went over it in his live stream from a few days ago so check that out but anyways hi Erin and Austin due to the unforeseeable events the lunch with Warren Buffett and Justin son will be postponed along with the pre and post lunch press conferences we would still very much love to host you for Terron fluent surday we truly value your work as influencers and we'd love to connect with you in person and build out a long-lasting relationship the Tron team is excited to show you a memorable experience in San Francisco and we can't wait to meet you so the new itinerary is this and no longer includes Justin Sun or Warren Buffett a lot of the things are similar but for instance we'd start the day having a tour of the Tron office we'd have breakfast and get an exclusive Tron swag bag I could have used the tote bag I could have used a frisbee or whatever they got then 11:30 we'd have a private lunch at a three-star Michelin restaurant very classy of them 3:30 we'd explore the pier see sea lions that would have been cool to the local shops street performers food drinks etc 4:40 p.m. we'd have a boat tour around San Francisco beautiful sightsee very classy event no longer involving the the leadership though then finally we'd end with a Tron invite-only rooftop after party including DJ VIP cabanas photobooth food and drinks amazing views of the city and AT&T Park so yeah it's true Warren Buffett and Justin Sun are no longer gonna be there but guess who you could meet Justin null who is the senior VP of Product Management and Kong Li our lead engineer will be joining us at the lunch and you are free to ask them any questions we sincerely apologize for a last-minute changes please let me know if there specific things you would like to be part of the itinerary we hope that you can still make it out to San Francisco so that's it and it still sounds like a fun day but at this point I would say that both my brother and I were not 100% sure we're going to still go because like I said we were looking forward to you know the CEO of Tron and Warren Buffett meeting and the other people gonna be there Charlie Lee all those other people we might still go but I'm just saying and it's very classy of them to still offer to host us but I'm just saying it's not a hundred percent and I could under actually you know since it is in San Francisco it actually it's not really a big deal if we fly to San Francisco we fly back the next day it's like a one or two hour flight if I if I lived in an if I lived in another country or on the other side of the world like I know some of the influencers they were inviting live in Europe or Eastern Europe you know I could see why maybe you wouldn't go but you know it's not too far away I don't know what do you think should we still go to this should we should we get the Tron swag bag let me know let me know what you think I would like to see a sea lion I'll be honest I'll be honest about that let's take a look at Tron so the question is do I hold Tron and when people ask me that I say no but the truth is back in 2017 I dropped about fifty to a hundred bucks on Tron I got into Tron this was in the height of the bubble I got into Tron around like seven eight cents right around here by the next day or a couple days later it was all the way up to twenty one twenty to twenty five cents I was sitting pretty and then you know we had the crash in my 100 bucks let's say fizzled out into nothing so I might have a little bit of Tron on an exchange somewhere maybe $1 worth by now but I would say I don't hold Tron I guess the new question is would I invest in Tron today for two and a half cents would I buy Tron for me and if you've been subscribed to us for a while you pretty much know my feelings I'm personally not in thing a Tron at this point you know I think Tron you know what they do great they do a great job selling the sizzle but for me I'm more interested in steak and I'm actually a vegan so that says a lot besides that you know we've mentioned this before that let's just say let's just say the Tron does succeed and they have a bunch of successful daps built on their platform let's say Tron succeeds let's say aetherium succeeds even Cardno succeeds and they all have very successful dabs on their platform the market of decentralized applications is still smaller than the market that bitcoin is competing to get and that's the market of money that's a much larger market so that's another reason why you know most of my portfolio is in Bitcoin but of course you knew that still I'm wondering if if you invested in Tron back in the day or if you reinvested somewhere near the near the lows let me know with that being said you know as I was that's pretty much you know we're gonna end today's video if you got value give it a like if you're new here feel free to subscribe today's video is a little bit more chill you know like I said you know I'm not sure if we're gonna go to this event still I mean I'm still leaning towards going and I have to decide in the next day basically but in in anticipation of going to this event I was doing some more research on the Tron platform the Tron altcoin the Tron team just because when I start you know talking with people I like to find out what they're what they're about and I didn't I know a little bit about drama but I don't know everything there is to know but I one of the things I found I searched okay I was like I need to know facts about Tron tell me what I need to know so I went to this website Justin Sun five facts you need to know I'm like yes finally thank you for making it simple the first fact that I need to know Justin Sun launched Tron in 2017 Sun teased the big reveal after he learned he'd won the lunch with Warren Buffett and T's and the T's caused the currency's value to increase I wouldn't say that's a fact I need to know this is a goddamn puff piece but yeah justin sun launched an app similar to snapchat in china called piwo the creation earned him a spot on Forbes 30 under 30 list okay so that's a that is a good fact but you get the idea so right now Tron is hitting it too and basically two and a half cents it's low after late 2017 was well it's pretty close to where it is now I'd say no of course oh by USD value it is even closer to one cent man I've for for what ten thousand dollars I can get one Bitcoin and imagine I mean how much Tirana could get and then what Tron says about themselves Tron strives to build the future of a truly decentralized infinite and global free content entertainment system that utilizes blockchain technology the Tron protocol represents the architecture of an operating blah blah blah you get the idea you know they're definitely a company that if you if you know more than just Bitcoin aetherium and maybe litecoin and ripple Tron is probably the next one you would know and actually a video that I really liked that another influencer did was a Chico crypto did a great Tron video kind of showing all the times where maybe they've sold the sizzle but they really didn't have the stake so if you can find that video or you can link it below I thought that was a good one either way let me know if you think we should still go to this event and yeah see you tomorrow guys it's gonna be a great year

47 thoughts on “Revealed: Private Tron [TRX] Letter To “Crypto Influencers””

  1. I’d go for sure, San Francisco itself is worth a visit then to have all this for free with this visit it’s a no brainer. It’s the most scenic city on the CA coast.

  2. I’m in the health field and 3 days to recover from kidney stones is plenty unless he’s having sepsis or infection concerns. It’s just more bs from this fraudster

  3. I personally still would go especially if you got invited. Kidney stones REALY you have lunch with some wealthiest people and you ring in sick, Come on. What's really going on?

  4. Hi, love the channel and your work. I have a question regarding the future of Bitcoin, specifically bitcoin mining. I know that your bullish on BTC. But can you see an issue arising when miners lose revenue from the halving? Or if transaction fees are reduced? If miners stop then the whole system fails? Can you discuss in a video perhaps ?

  5. I passed a stone.i was in so much pain i vomited and passed out- at the hospital. After that oh, I was so scared if I got so much as a boner I went to the hospital preemptively. I've been shot before, and had a nail go through my arm. Kidney stone is way more painful

  6. I’m not invested in Tron but I believe that Sun has kidney stones. They are absolutely crippling. Unfortunate for the entire crypto community because ALL eyes are on this event.

  7. Go it'll be a good trip a unique life experience. It sounds fun. You can be "alt coin just a 3 day work week this week" your subscribers still love you. Besides I think Charlie Lee is still going there Mr. Litecoin himself

  8. Go. You may not be an official journalist, but your coverage of the event can be what is needed to offset the immature, uneducated, ramble that is likely to come out of main stream about this

  9. Hey come on guys, you're young and these invites do not come that often. Never regret the things you do but you'll regret the things you don't do.

  10. btw i wouldnt money with someone that doesnt have rhe balls to man up tbh Did you know the Rock during the filming of Scorpion King was imcredibly sick?? He knew that was his big shot and he manned up…This waz TRxs big chance…and cryptos xhance for more mainstream exposure…letting us down..

    But think yiu guys should go for your own fun and networking you have a good channel!

  11. Somewhat puzzled by your lack of reason and compassion. Kidney stones is not a health joke at all. If Tron is sincerely trying to continue with the other plans (wouldn't you do the same ?) for the influencers, you're public display of hedging, taking a poll, hyping Chico Crypto's distorted and bashing vid of tron, is very rude. C'mon dude, you aren't dumb. I hope the day you encounter a painful medical condition and have to reschedule such an important meeting, you will find support amongst your subscribers. Not the opposite.

  12. id go for thr sealions. lol I think you guys may as well to do some.recon for the rest of this. Definitely a majot bummer…maybe theyre postponing for a better the market and they know this continue first…

  13. This whole thing with Justin Sun meeting Warren Buffett and trying to convince him about Bitcoin. I mean seriously who cares Warren Buffett is pushing 90 years old and if everyone's hoping that Warren Buffett was suddenly see the value in Bitcoin and start telling people I just see this is one big waste of time. And if this is something that really affects the price of Tron just goes to show you what a shitcoin Tron really is

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  15. I would not go after this video, how they invited you in the first place? You are not influencer for TRON and you are in a way just negative to them and un polite

  16. i dont want an opinion. Justin when tron came out he was the reason not to trust Tron. I wish I still lived in San Francisco. I would Go Just to hear the final excuse.

  17. If he's got a health problem we need to respect it. Hope he gets better. Nobody should be angry at someone putting their health first. Health is #1 priority.

  18. Big important deal, lunch with Buffet? Are you kidding me? One big clown show. Justin is a marketing guy…. nothing more.

  19. Tron, one of the most centralised blockchains going. A lot of hype, but facts show that there are many others that are much better. At the moment IOTA is the best and Tron is not even in the same league.

  20. if prone to stones eat more citrus fruit and a spoon of apple cider vinegar daily, organic with the mother

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