Restoring Our Net Worth with Cryptocurrencies!

I'm grateful crypto currencies have been the best thing that's ever happened to me in my life financially you could say college was the worst thing that ever happened to me financially since 18 years old I've had nothing but dead my net worth was less than zero like I'd see a bum on the street and he'd be asking for money I'm like well I got less than you at least you got 20 bucks you know maybe you you know you have 20 bucks net worth me on negative I was negative over a hundred thousand a few years ago student loan debts car payment and thanks to crypto currencies for the first time since 18 not only I reached zero again where I actually had as much debt and assets and then crossed over and actually at some network and that's nice I was really excited about that and then helped me start thinking well what about everyone else what about all those other people who are in the same position as me sure it's hey we can get excited if crypto currencies might make us some money and there's a lot of excitement that these crypto currencies will make the people involved without money there's a lot of essentially self-centered interest like hey I'm gonna buy this I'm gonna get everyone else to buy it and then I'll make money on it to me the opportunity with crypto currencies is to include everyone else if just making money for ourselves on crypto currencies all we're really going to accomplish then we're not adding any good to the world we're not contributing anything if that's our only motivation sure we take money away from bankers so to speak and we make ourselves rich that doesn't net change the game overall and what I've continued to think about what crypto currencies is how can we help other people how can we help those guys in Nigeria who a couple of dollars a day might make a big difference or Venezuela where a few dollars a month can be the difference between starving to death or eating good how can we use our technology to help out with that today I've had this ridiculous fear of death today I've been afraid that someone would come murder me after the wallet coins event I mean that's that's not something I have on a daily basis now it used to be I was a police officer I I was afraid of getting murdered often and I went to work and I put aggression alized it that way and what had helped me to do today that fear helped me to focus on what's important if today was my last day I wouldn't care how much money I had my crypto wallet that wouldn't be something that I think well I've had a good life and a hundred and sixteen thousand steam I've got a good life you know like I wouldn't care about that I care about the relationships in my life I care about my family I care about my friends I care that I had helped each person in my life that I'd made a difference and what I've found is crypto currencies have been empowering me to do that to have relationships with people that I wouldn't have relationship with otherwise then I can upload a post on Steam and give somebody in Nigeria who's helped me a few dollars back and that makes a much bigger difference to them than it does to me five dollars I don't excited about their $5 could easily feed me for the whole day I'd be more excited about it and I'd expect and when we can use crypto currencies to give people around the world of voice and an equal opportunity to speak and share our truth then we've made a massive difference in the world because when we look around I'm not sure if this is a world I'd want to come back to in a new body in a lot of different places on this planet there's lots of places on this planet you can't walk around with any kind of valuables without being afraid for your life to meet where the chance with crypto currencies if we think of each other and consider our relationships we have the chance to do things like pay the person who picked our Tomatoes directly we don't need to pay a grocery store who pays a farm who then the tomato quicker building it's anything we could essentially program these to decide how much to pay every single person that helps us in our lives and we could get to know each of those people – I don't know the guy at Tulane who picked my grapes today with crypto currencies I could look back to look on the blockchain and see the ricardo picked fire grayson damn this is some good grapes I'm gonna give him an extra steam thanks for Cardona you know maybe we yelping somewhere he's gonna get a little bit less maybe it'll try harder that's if we crypto parentheses that we can use them in a way to enhance our relationships then they make the real difference in this world and that's what I'm excited about crypto currencies like the Internet is it's got the potential to help us do better in our relationship but it also has the potential to help us do worse in our relationships how many of us have looked around we've been hanging out with our friends and family in person and we spent a whole day of time on Facebook as we're sitting with each other in person we're doing this looking at pictures of some girl we wanted to date in high school and we're missing the time with our wife that's sitting next to us that's why I don't use Facebook for that I'm grateful to be here with you today and I hope this is helped [Applause]

10 thoughts on “Restoring Our Net Worth with Cryptocurrencies!”

  1. This is amazing speech! So many good stuff that resonated, money don't matter in the end, it's the relations ships. Very well put in the words the thoughts I have been having. Blockchain is still in early stage and we create the future. Giving is living! Blessings for you Jerry! Thank you for this, very inspiring!

  2. Awesome speech! I love your values. You are definitely one of the best asset in terms of Cryptocurrency community!

  3. thanks for sharing such an awesome inspirational speech. you are the true inspiration for people like me who are interested to share good content to the world.

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