Resistance Exchange: Does It Have What It Takes? (Dubai Crypto World Tour)

I want to give a special thank you to phantom wallet for hosting this great event let's give a hand for phantom wallet absolutely fantastic hosts and that further ado I'm actually gonna let phantom audit take it over give it an official invite seein and rock out thank you guys thank you very much thank you very much well firstly thanks for coming I know that it's a weekend a lot of you have things to do but you decided to come so you care it's very good that cryptocurrency and blockchain community in Dubai is getting bigger and bigger and such a pleasure to help people from different kind of countries to come just for event and this month's was quite full with O'Conner blockchain summits conferences but I think this is the special one because one of the main influences in a blockchain industry in the cryptocurrency industry is here for the first time and for the first time the 100 acts team is over here as well we are from our side phantom wallet and the Mystics group are inviting the 100 acts team over here in Dubai for the first time will host we're hosting them showing them the city the opportunities of UAE and how Dubai is implementing new technologies into everyday life so what phantom Isabel phantom is a simple multi currency wallet for everyday usage to let you understand the simplicity of a usage is as simple as going to a grocery you can just easily go to the grocery and just buy a voucher then you can easily redeem the voucher on your wallet and do whatever you want send it or in your back at your home country with the 0.1% fee which is like 10 times cheaper than any existing payment system and or you can just buy store or shift shape-shift your cryptocurrency from one to another also seamless so fast and so quick so you don't have to use complicated interface of exchanges this is that simple so what we're trying to do we're trying to to make mass adoption of cryptocurrency to let normal people simple people that never been in this industry understand that it's not scary just the matter of your own research so please welcome the guy which is always advising do your own research in Bali know we're here in Dubai all right thank you very much thank you very much a route Dubai Wow Wow thank you so much for being here guys as you guys know we've been traveling the world and now we're finally here in Dubai I've been getting so many messages from people all over the world saying Ian when are you coming to Dubai when are you coming to Dubai but now we're here and all this was made possible to people like here crypt of family thank you so much to a rude phantom wallet Thanks so I just want to give a quick a few quick shout outs right so Shahab and your entire crew please stand up actually come here on stage come here on stage was a friend of diego and when they heard were coming to Dubai they they made so much happen Aleut also please come here on stage as well I mean this guy's made so much possible right and the whole reason we travel the world is to meet people like a root and Shahab and their whole network and our network here are face to face in person right because I believe really to maximize your fullest potential you have to really meet people face to face that's one thing I learned from working at IBM for four years in sales talking with somebody on the phone in video does not really equate to talk them somebody face to face in person right and now I feel like we have family here for a long time right that being said though I also want to say thank you to our sponsors you guys know I'm now out of official queue coin global ambassador soku-kun is really helping sponsor the world tour so I think it a coin then with hundreds advisers my entire team this is the first time the entire team is in one city the entire hundred ex teams in one city so please come on the stage Costa all the way from Australia Melbourne and our newest member of 100x all the way from Spain my bay is Spain Mike please come on up now have a quick statement to say about Mike right people say hey Ian you want to do business with you how do we do business with you right as you guys know I'm a public figure now I get pictures so many different times probably what especially events like this 10 20 times how do you do business with somebody how do how do I do business with you right mike is the first person to join heretics who was not officially in the initial found in group and he basically earned his way there right and the reason I chose Mike I met him first time in Stockholm and I was talking world tour he traveled all the way from Marbella Spain in a flight that comes to Stockholm to our meet up after the Meetup he stayed join us for dinner okay you know what cool guy cool guy he said I am come to my bay of Spain I want to host you at first I was like yeah that's cool but I don't know right I was kind of acting busy playing hard to get but then after that Mike kept on following us on the world tour right he came to Paris you can't draw a Paris stop were there for what two three days hanging out getting to know each other with the whole crew he came to Prague krypter world tour he's spending his own money to come to the events not pitching me not trying to sell me his ICO or investment or whatever right it's coming hanging out with us just being friends then after three times I was like okay you know what this guy's taking time out of his busy schedule hang out with us then you invited us to my bay of Spain for a week he organized everything went there we actually filmed our group to slow down a music video there it's already done not live yet cuz were waiting for the market to get better right but this guy was an amazing host in my Bay Spain and initially I didn't really like my first experience in Spain hanging out with this guy it was amazing right then from there what's next place she came to Budapest no it was a pizza then Ibiza and then after that he said in you know what I want to come see you again he flew all the way from Spain to Dubai and I was like that's one two three four five times this guy's taking time out of his busy schedule to fly all over the world to hang out with us and I was like I like this guy we're good friends like hanging out with him I like doing business with him I was like let me find a seat for him on the table right and after doing all of that prouder doing all that this guy has achieved so much in his own life right this guy I saw this last company to Airbnb he's an all-star in my book all-star right and just I just just want to say this man you're not some friend man awesome friend all right all right then Alice welcome Diego on the stage so Diego same thing with Diego right I'll let your first time giggles my brother man Romano's but I'm the first time hanging out he came to us under South America trip tour world tour stay that the whole trip came to us in Europe world tour and I was like you know what your close friend I like doing business with you and let's make this happen then let's introduce who go who goes my brother from another mother I've known we go for over 12 years since freshman year in college I met him in chemistry class he was the hills the the guy always acing the class I was like how do you do it and ever since then we stayed in touch gotten cooped up together and now we're here and Dubai together then let me introduce Sam Oh knock welcome Sam so Sam is my official IC o—- analyst I full-time he covers my spreadsheet all right so well I'm busy traveling the world he helps me score I see us right and seems to with it with Sam people say hey and I want to intern with you on a work with you how can we make this happen so the story behind Sam he emailed me one time wanted me to intern under me I said I don't know if I really want to intern right now right well you know what I need admins for telegram so will you please be my admin for telegram he's like sure why not so he was my admin photographer what six seven months right did a good job he had a good background in business from college had just recently graduated college and after things were getting more busy and I had to really get somebody to help me manage my spreadsheet I was like who do I want want to help me do this because he had the training from school plus he had the experience in my community and really looking at what what I was trying to build right so I said you know what let's try to sad as experiment and it's been working amazingly well right so glad I have you here Sam all right then we also have my other telegram admin Ricardo warrior come on up man come on up man Ricardo has been based here in Dubai for a long time you know and he was part of my community we shot to me city hey Ian you know what I want to help you with the community managing it and he's done a great job met him in person in Prague Budapest Budapest and now he's here in Dubai and we're gonna have a good time tomorrow on my birthday and then now we have drew and Dan all the way in the back come on up we'll have drew come on up he's heard all the songs my lambo cooked our family I mean Drew's the guy making me all happy our creative director and then we have Dan figure in the back so quick story on Dan look story and then write you guys a will notice a pattern here who I have around me right that's my official executive producer all the amazing videos he makes him and Justin well I'll get to shortly make it happen but do you know how I met Dan and my second ever meet up in New York City back when he was 10 15 no you 10 people was a happy hour he came he actually came to pitch me an idea he was working for some other idea right I didn't really care what the I co but I liked his work all right so I ended up taking him away from the ICO and I'm working with me traveling the world making good time content he's an all-star in his own right writer this was making videos for seven years who the Black Eyed Peas following Fergie all over the world and he just had a great body of work and I knew honored to take this to the next level and I had to work with him so I figured out a way and now he's here and that would make an amazing content thank you Dan and then Dan was friends with Justin from college and he was an alternate in his own right when the continent got too much for Dan brought in uncle uncle Justin over here and here's the guy making all the lies dreams and videos happen a great guy in his own right all right I think we got all right so why did I go through that long intro because this is the first time all of us are here in the same place cuz this is a global team all over the world but now we're here in person so just want to say thank you guys for making this happen and taking our X advisories and making something that's possible for point now we're really a global company thank you guys so much and thank you guys for being here new people here on stage so me Paul intro good evening everyone and thanks for coming over my name is Paul and I'm heading the lam foundation activities here in the Middle East basically so the first question is we've seen some very successful icos come out over the last few years from different regions of the world but there's not been any larger I SEOs from the Middle East do you think this has something to do with the fact that there are less IT companies in the Middle East or other reasons well my name is a note I already introduced myself so when we're talking about Middle East we have to understand that Middle East is not about only economy it's not about only technology it's also about traditions and the tradition is that basically people away here are really into following the rules and it's been a long time since the community the public are waiting for the proper regulation on icos and regulation and roadmap and Fair Work how the ico supposed to act here in middle east and I considered to buy a new AE like the leaders in technology in the Middle East and I don't think somebody can somebody can say something about it there's a hundred percent true because a lot of innovations are happening here in Dubai and UAE mostly and we know it and number number one innovation is a security and we know that this is one of the safest city in the world and the city is one of the safest just because of the traditions and just because of the people that are following the rules and regulations so I think everything will change from the first quarter of 2019 because it's promise that we'll have a proper regulations on icos how to consider them and I think the government will be considering ICL's like a security offering so once we'll have a proper understanding on the loss then I think we will have a next I co-star from Middle East adding on to that yeah it's true that the regulatory is not quite clear yet but that doesn't mean that there are no projects coming out of the Middle East because as we all know here in Dubai that there has been a mandate that the Dubai government will be fully powered by blockchain by the year 2020 and moving forward to 2021 they're targeting the entire UAE to do that as well so I think maybe I see oh sorry less but the projects are out there it doesn't me go out to the medias it does in other countries but they're out there and the government is pioneering that we actually have signed a government project last week with the Ministry of Community Development and it's a step forward to taking not just the ICO but the blockchain adopt run here in the Middle East to add on to that as well two big companies consensus and hyper ledger actually here in Dubai so I would definitely say Dubai is making the shift towards implementing blockchain I'm thinking they're going to kind of focus more on the private blockchain side before probably the public blockchain side hi everyone first of all thank you guys for coming out my name is diego lara managing partner at 100x advisers so basically from an outside perspective I don't really know the market here in the byte as well as obviously the locals right but it just seems to me like Dubai is more of an investor's hub rather than a technologically development hub right but my suggestion would be to continue doing a very in-depth research on icos maintaining the strength in the industry area that way there's prevention with scams and obviously one of the most important factors in this space is the the sentiment the overall cryptocurrency sentiment so as long as that stays positive the opportunities are limitless alright so I think this actually goes to a further question of IC investments took an appreciation and the ROI investors get now I'll tell you why I feel like all the products that have really made a lot of money for investors have really become an evangelist for that country right so imagine Korea I feel like when I con did a hundred x it really that euphoria and the news the word-of-mouth the free viral marketing they were getting really helped almost put curry on the map right and I think especially this year the same thing 20 X did for Indonesia all right I feel like the way Pune acts as a project has performed its really evangelized Indonesia as a as a hub for blockchain innovation and then last year's same thing with Power ledger in Australia so I feel like those big wins really help evangelize a country as a whole and I feel like at least to my knowledge I haven't really known any big win yet from our ROI perspective from for investors not just local investors about global investors people who are not in Dubai so I think when does that big win that big 10×20 50x hundred x amore party from from Dubai that will really put the binder map now with that being said I still know that Dubai is really innovating a lot in the Middle East right I know there's the blockchain Center and they're really trying to get people to come here and innovate and I'm looking forward to just really learn more about what they're doing here with our innovation for next year I'm gonna move on to the next one so basically I haven't really seen many projects come out of the Middle East and the research that I do I look at maybe 50 I cos a week and I haven't seen anything come out thus far out in the Middle East so I'll be excited when I finally do and that's why we also have the ICO pitch competition alright cuz we're willing to travel the world to find projects and get them an opportunity to pitch here right so we do have to get ICS here ready to pitch looking forward to see who the winner will be alright so the next question is we it's about transparency so the crypto markets much more open to the public than other traditional markets like banking so what are you guys have as an opinion on transparency in this space well in terms of transparency of transactions we can say that banking is not the transparent as crypto but in terms of making a business I believe they there is no transparency in crypto market at all let's say there is a hundred percent of projects we can say only one and a half percent is fully transparent and understandable from business side I mean why do I say so just as much as you're researching the icos we're researching our competitors because the competition is something which is making you be more powerful so when you're researching the market how many exchanges do you know there are a couple of exchanges that will really understand they have proper business they have proper business model officers we know their CEOs we know they're working we know where to go in case of a problem just couple of exchanges like school coin is coin base and finance the rest there are a hundred and fifty of them the rest we just don't know because they're shifting from one office to another I do understand there are security reasons but we're investing money in this kind of entities and we need to understand what they do behind the doors that's why cryptocurrency is not adopted yet because there is a business model which is totally understandable and acceptable for people over my age or like over 30s or 40s the people that need some stability people need to know who is behind the door what are they doing can we see their reports this is very important otherwise otherwise there is no future of them in the market and I do really think now we have a trend of security tokens having this trend ms meaning a little bit more than just a hype it means that a lot of icos startups are going to registration in Sec that means that they are not under the radar they light they would like to be on the scene showing their papers and and the business model it's good so what else we have we have another trend stable coins stable coin is something which is making crypto market working together with banks so this is another step for the massive adoption and for pure understanding of crypto I think crypto is seamlessly making a step to a transparency all we have to do just support that kind of project that are not scared not afraid to go public to speak about their problems about their advantages about their features sometimes sometimes people call scam just the project because they didn't follow the roadmap or just because they didn't really release something on a date well it's a business guys or anything can happen I would like to see a business which is always going on the roadmap point-by-point it's it's very rare you have to understand and by the way the business can be closed just because of bad management it doesn't mean that it's a scam it can be just a bad management it doesn't mean that the people are stealing the money it just because they don't know how to manage the funds that's why when you're researching your ICO please take care of a team because the team is very important because the team will be managing that funds and the team will be releasing and executing the project I mean this is very important on my side yeah I agree with what you're saying my point of view is blockchain in general was was literally created for transparency now it's no secret that there's ways around this current ecosystem because there's no real regulation implemented right currently right now however blockchain is the blockchain Network once your input data onto the blockchain there's no way to go back in there and alter any of the data right so the infrastructure of bludgeon itself is transparency so I think that it's definitely something that once regulation is implemented we're going to put some switches on to the D transparency factor and as in the blockchain is going to be extremely effective in many ways right microtransactions microtransactions enterprise transactions a it can definitely solve many issues yeah I just agree to that to what they say it's the one of the heart why blockchain it's created is for transparency itself but here there are still ways that people can try to find a way around it and as a root said the team behind it will make it even more transparent it's it's all about the humanity of the people who are running the project itself are they really running it for some idea to solve a real-life problem or just solve their own problems because that's the bottom of it all it's transparent but there's still a way to hide some things if you want to and laying it all out in the open will be on the discretion of the team behind the projects itself yeah for me I would definitely say blockchain is built on the premise of transparency but kind of looking at institutions and businesses think about a supply chain company who they really want the public knowing everything I feel like in the future blockchain is going to have kind of a hybrid where the regular use is going to be transparent microtransactions and everything but for institutions to come in there will also be private blockchains like AI / ledger that can handle a big time supply chain and things like that so I do think there's going to be a hybrid but it's going to be a lot more transparent than the current financial system so it definitely a step forward I would have to agree so I think when people speak about block chains they kind of categorize it as just just one piece of technology but I feel like they're different categories of like jeans available out there and I do think transparency and privacy do definitely have conflicts I don't think it's really good to achieve both but then at the same time I don't really think you can become a máximos for transparency and privacy right that's why for example if you look at the internet we have the Internet then yourself the Internet right for enterprise companies or companies won't have an internet and all the features of that will still have it private so I feel like having a blockchain do you have both privacy I think privacy is still something because that is also one of the ethos of blockchains by being able to have privacy and and not really having a government middleman or Bank in the control of your transaction and money and payment systems and any kind of peer-to-peer transactions while still also having transparency and having everything out there on the blockchain I think that's why we've really evolved to two models right now having both permissioned and our permissionless block chains right so those that are more kind of similar to the old old internet model of the internet but for the blockchain kind of like Eden chain for example and then you sell the public block chains where things out there and that's public but you also have the privacy block chains Manero as well right and actually today we have a privacy project pitching all right so I think it's good to have both and I don't think it's really a one one bag fit song I think it's good to have multiple categories of blockchains so I don't really think I can really say transparency is better than privacy I think it depends on the use case alright so we're gonna move on to the next one so a root talked a little bit about this with stable coins but we've seen many trends in the market from depths to protocols to exchanges to stable coins I know in its most excited about protocols but which trends do you guys think will be the future yeah Oh how'd that thing start out say stable coin has a very used case when you think about it depreciates some currencies that been devaluing like the Turkish lira as well as a Venezuelan currency I feel like Bitcoin with how volatile it is I don't think Bitcoin is really the answer for replacing a complete country's our monetary system I would say I can see stable coin kind of being the new thing that can possibly replace a country's currency obviously the infrastructure is not there yet because it theory under more transaction you do the higher the fees so that's not really sustainable but I think if you can figure out a blockchain infrastructure where that's not a factor I think you can definitely see a proliferation of stable coins yeah I think that the market is always transitioning right if we look back maybe December 2008 2017 the theorem network was getting clogged up with the tap and so there was a lot there was need for scalability right and I think that that issue currently is I wouldn't say the market is oversaturated with with high speed smart contract block chains but there's there's definitely a more stable infrastructure with scalability I would say the next trend right now that were that we should focus on is a decentralized exchange exchanges because we must remember that exchanges act currently in the cryptocurrency as pretty much the bank right so there was always there was always be a balance with govern and decentralization we can't forget that what made this ecosystem so special in the first place was the power of decentralization and then stable coins is obviously very important just to give institutional investors and retail investors in general with just the confidence to invest into a market that is at the moment little dangerous because of the volatility well there are some complications in decentralized applications there was a trend before GDP our compliance law was there now we understand that decentralized applications are going to fail unless they will find a way not to put the personal data on a blockchain because it's immutable and once it's immutable it falls under the compliance GDP our law and it's not a trend but it's going to be like a bad trend in 2019 because all of the projects that we invested before 1716 the decentralized apps now are going to face this problem and it's not a big talk about it right now just because the law is not working that crucial but once once one of the applications will be sued for 20 million dollars does define by the way then we will see the downtrend of most of the decentralized applications because there is no way to change it unless they're gonna change the protocol and that's where the trend is the protocol well in is very interested in protocols it's quite understandable because protocol is used in decentralized exchanges this is the protocol which is helping to shift one point to another to store and to transfer this is all going through protocol it's not going through just through the blockchain and people have to understand that and again the protocol will help to make the decentralized applications less complicated more scalable and not to have the most of a Bo data on the blockchain so that's where they see me decentralization coming that's where again the protocol is and let's not just not underestimate the power of this kind of protocols because the 2019 on my opinion will be a year of wars between one protocol and another because now right now we see a couple of really nice players like lip ring like Kaiba Network etc we're implementing our own protocol also in in the summer 19 which is called transit so it will be a big competition because most of the players from decentralized apps till the decentralized exchanges will be fighting to get the proper protocol which will be scalable enough that's what I think now I think the crypto market as a whole is always evolving or is adapting almost every three or six months he started notice trends and I think the trend last year was protocols over adapts I think maybe earlier this year it kind of began to shift more towards exchanges yeah lots of people really getting into exchanges brand new exchange I SEOs and now I feel like right now in this current market is really starting to shift towards stable coins right there's been so much news so much fun on tether and whether or not this can really be a stable coin for the for the masses and now you start seeing lots of different tips coming up there from Gemini from coin base and all of them are really trying to kind of push just as the the future right for it maybe even raising funds via Nico as opposed to raising funds via ether which fell from over $1,200 to now 200 just $200 what if you could raise those funds via stable coin right so I feel like stable coin right now is the new hot trend me personally I'm having really been bullish on a stable coin at the moment or yet the last one I was was Haven I was part of the ICO but put our last minute and that didn't really fare so well all right I'm glad I didn't invest in that and I think stable Quint is something that has to be solved for this space so I think it is a topic that has to be solved long term but in terms of is this something I would personally invest in right now probably not I still I still like to focus on protocols all right because right now the data shows those have been the best investments from an ROI perspective I can't comment on that because we have different kinds of projects surrounding a name and I might get screwed by one of them did I say that one is my favorite but my personal opinion stable coin would be a good place to move things forward because as we all know it's always the financial market has been hard to like adapt on to this trend and until now in the World Economic Forum it's still being talked about that they're kind of shying away from this technology so letting them understand why are these stable coin might be a good way for to bring us forward even more yeah so I think we definitely need a fast stable coin and crypto so that people can keep all their money on the blockchain and they don't have to you know take the money out and put it back in taxes and regulation and everything so it's definitely important but I don't from my research I haven't seen any stable coin that I think is really going to be great from an ROI perspective so we've mostly been looking into protocols recently so moving to the next question so what do you guys think about crypto taxes I say no one wants to answer I plead the fifth I'll start first I all I can say is as an American the whole global territorial tax has not been friendly to us right that my 2017 taxes were definitely the largest I've ever had to pay and it really opened my eyes up to I would say tax planning does more efficient tax planning right for example all the times I was taking profits and I CIO's thinking I was making Bank then realizing when in the states they tax you for every trade every time you're going from one currency to a different currency right so that supposed to be short-term capital gains tax all right so now going forward I've really become over Hodler right so I sell s I'm more patient because I realize every single time I buy and sell it's gonna it's a taxable event so I ask myself do I really want to take profits now do I really need the money now or can I be more patient right and then also just kind of doing my research I'm just tax planning right and I think in a way it's kind of unfair but I'm not really one to complain right how each country has different taxes but that's kind of more of what happens right but uh actually ironically I really said this I did explore possibly not being an American because I become American last year and I was like because that co-founder for Facebook right he ended up going to Singapore I was like should I do this I was like what's the better way but but after looking into it there's like some kind of penalty and then like five year tax penalty either way right and I said you know what I mean I love being in America I've traveled the world over over thirty five countries in my lifetime I love talking the world but I mean I love being in America all right and when you go back there as a non-american things can be different right so it is something I've look into very deeply right but uh I definitely do pay my taxes right all the fun out there is this food I do pay my taxes and I cry when I pay them yeah so that it's an interesting topic I think what Ian mentioned is extremely extremely important and something that most of us kind of neglect or just are not aware of but every trade on finance cool coin or any major exchange it is a taxable event so for some investors and traders what may be a profitable trade can actually lead to losses if you don't consider your tax bracket there are options to plant via Puerto Rico and another just setting up entities so I would definitely get get informed and hire a very good CPA handle your guys quick statement should go without being said all this is not finished advice yeah now tax advice that they consulted financial tax planning and lawyer prior all this this is just our opinions you just gave a roadmap to it paid to people so if you don't consider to go to Puerto Rico well what what has been good is that recently that Pakistan that's why I was born that's my national country so whose Baggesen just recently released a law that anybody who is attending for crypto license will not be taxed well like zero taxation succession for the upcoming five years and then they're going to regulate it so what I think I think just governments has to go forward towards proper regulation and proper taxation yeah I do understand that the taxation in the United States is huge so I believe in other countries just have to consider it and make it a little bit different to make people not scared of paying because I'm not paying tax on crypto just because there's no regulation but and I'm not American that's why I'm not crying at the end of the year but this time will come when I will have to pay it for pay tax for my crypto so I believe it's just the time this time will come in each and every country all we have to do just to make proper steps towards understanding and helping to the government as we can to make a proper decisions on taxation that's what I think yeah to I don't that I definitely think that tax rule is a little confusing at the moment but as the industry continues to mature I think there's going to be definitely more framework so my advice would definitely be to find a financial tax planner someone that does this for profession just to kind of stay on the safe side I think it could help okay it could help bring in regulatory a loss to come up with different countries because right now yeah it's not clear with different countries but I think putting that or having the framework of a crypto taxes will be able to bring crypto in to mass adoption even more because government will be welcome of it already if they get something out of it as well but I just hope that it doesn't make us cry only sad it's fine making us sad but not cry it it has to be fair for everyone fair for them and fair for us as well as users all right well so another trend that I've seen is to move towards privacy coins how are people how is the government's supposed to tax a privacy coin if the coin is all you can't actually see any transaction being made so I don't know how the government's gonna tax that and what's that gonna mean for the future of cryptocurrency when the government can't actually control it yeah I think Stephanie a tough stance especially for the government's different governments to offer guidance all right but what I've been advised based on my CPAs is to just voluntarily file your taxes right so just kind of honor code basically right may be hard for people to do but I know for me as a public figure I can I have to do that because I'm in a spotlight okay we're gonna move to the next question so at the final question so what is it gonna take for mass adoption of cryptocurrency well it's been so difficult in 2017 to buy Bitcoin I don't know if you guys tried to do it in December but me myself I remember how I was helping people to buy Bitcoin in 2017 in December and it took me a week to find a proper saller really and it was hard to deposit anything on exchanges because me myself I was under k-y seen before anacs round seven months seven months to be verified and then like another two months to accept my deposits so I tried to deposit a couple of times though beat stamp then first bits Tom asked me where my money from when I went approved where my money from then my bank just closed my bank account for sending the money so it's definitely not something which will bring to mass adoption what it will bring to mass adoption is to make people use crypto for what it was made for it was made for transfer the transferring the funds for storing the funds not for just making tons of money on as arawa that's good that we made some money in December that's that's beautiful and I hope we will have this bull run again but the thing is that the community needs to support the projects a fully transparent working fair and face to face with their customers this is very important and the second thing is that when buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will be as easy as buying a coffee once it will be that way once you can easily go to the grocery store use your mobile phone and pay just for your milk and bread that's where the mass adoption is because guys like us like ladies and gentlemen who are in crypto how many of us like 1% out of the out of everyone 1% it's not too much it's not much at all so we need to reach out to people that had never heard about it or hurt just just scared to go in and let them understand that crypto is not scary it's fast it's immutable and quite interesting was the Satoshi is calling I think yeah trying to agree with me so I think it should be that either you should go to a grocery store and buy a Bitcoin or buy something with a crypto that's where the mass adoption is that that's my opinion I agree 100% with you the gaming industry is is very huge in cryptocurrency a lot of the primary developers that are developing blockchains protocols actually come from a gaming background so I think a killer DAP that can be massively used a decentralized and of the centralized format is definitely a way to get users onto this beautiful ecosystem but on top of that I think micro transactions are the way to go once you open up the gates to micro transacting it's it's definitely a game changer now currently right now we're seeing the infrastructure being built it's in progress so for example we have a company like plenty X currently distributing Hardware partnering up with governments and partnering up with different cryptocurrencies to be used as a form of transacting so when you're able to buy a coffee when you're able to just simply buy a TV you know this is really what's gonna be the the primary impulse towards just massively a massive global adoption so micro transactions would be would be my my opinion for me I would definitely say it would be a kill adapt and most likely going to be games when you think about how you know the community involved in playing games imagine a scenario where people can actually gain rewards for playing games I think currently there's no infrastructure in place to be like a big game and the big gaming companies haven't really seen a reason to do that but I feel like when people can get rewarded for playing games not being professionally I think that would definitely leave to a different era and definitely massive mass adoption I think we I agree to what Ruth had said that it all boils down to bring it in the scenario or in a situation that everybody can use cryptocurrency and also one thing is that I believe we should start breaking the walls down and simply focus on everyone instead of just one area of it because there's no specific people that they should be the only ones who are using this it should be for everyone so we should look at basically everyone out there and start collaborating with each other and break the walls because let's admit it in crypto there's still this if you're young fanboys or the name fanboys there's still the Bitcoin fanboys there's always fanboys and they're like disagreeing with each other and I believe making it more solid more cohesive working together would encourage the others people who are not looking into crypts to look at it even more and start trying it out as well so I think if you look at this from a way of where you trying to solve a problem how do you solve or get mass adoption it's almost like any entrepreneur creating an app right how do you get engagement and make your app viral I'd imagine you're Travis Cal Connect and you're creating uber how do you get people to adopt uber or how do you get people to adopt Airbnb all right so I think this is an issue lots of entrepreneurs have solved before and it's typically by by erasing all the friction for people as they're being on-boarded onto your application and engaging with your application so if we look at it from a blockchain perspective or crypto perspective I think we have to remove all the friction from people trying to get on board onto crypto for example I would mention buying Bitcoin of crypto right all the exchanges the KYC the wallet issues you know having to have a hexadecimal address and private key I think if make it as simple as possible and make it so that the hoops are as seamless as possible more people will will start using crypto rate will basically increase our engagement our retention so I think it's really the key to getting mass adoption is less friction when it comes to getting involved in crypto and buying crypto and I think that's something that's gonna take a while I think has to get to a point where it's so simple to use anybody could you could engage in it who's not tech savvy like anybody can go like I'd like a route mentioned and it's just buying coffee I like with that with visas right visa and credit cards and debit cards are easy to use cuz you just swipe all right I'm sure you have to apply in that once you're applying you have to get the card you just swipe right or even Apple pay or whatever well for crypto to get there I think we really have to build the ecosystem and focus more on user experience and they and the UI write user interfaces when we talked in Tel Aviv with yoni the CEO of eToro and he gave us a description of what his thoughts were and he gave an optimistic view and a pessimistic view optimistic view like Diego was saying a killer dab comes out and it's probably gaming and then this brings people onto the platform ian was talking about user interface that's definitely extremely important and then the pessimistic view would be governments start failing people look for places what they want to put their money in gold has a huge market cap is like seven point eight trillion dollars Bitcoin has the tiny market cap of a hundred billion dollars so where do people want to put their money into a market cap probably a smaller market cap what do you think about that pessimistic view I totally agree with with you and yannis I think it's and I think it's actually happening right now as we speak with governments like Venezuela creating their own cryptocurrency petrol or failing government like Argentina with 67% APR interest right so it's it's definitely happening this is a transition that's it's gonna take some time obviously because it's training an entire country to transact in a in a new era digital currency but when they when when the big guys that the billionaires of the countries are making that first move everybody else is gonna follow right so I think that's definitely a format of transitioning over upon government government's failure I mean there's only a certain amount of Bitcoin in the world and there are so many millionaires in the world so isn't every millionaire gonna want to have at least one Bitcoin I guess that's kind of what I'm always thinking so anyone else have any comments no I think let's get to the I see a pitch competition all right all right okay guys so time for the ico pitch competition who will be the possible next hundred x IC o—- will it be kanessa s– jesus Kinesis or would it be resistance we shall find out not financial advice all right all right so first up is Kinesis they will get five minutes to pitch this will be a verbal pitch no PowerPoint no video so who's pitching for you guys all right please come on stage and tell us your name Thomas Collins mine I'm on the CEO of kinases right then we'll have Sam over here in the front keeping time we'll give you five minutes all right and you pitch during this during that pitch the pen of judges here will ask questions okay go to we had uh okay so thank you Paul for your for being here with us Paul has to go I think okay but Paul can't judge because our conflict of interest so we have Abdi over here based here in das Jeddah project manager here in the Middle East I've worked for tech firms here and also I'm a cryptocurrency invest early investor so I've invested in over maybe about 50 icos since the 2017 so I'm very familiar with cryptocurrency and glad to be joining team all right thank you thank you all right are you ready are you ready Sam go okay what we've developed at Kinesis is a monetary system it's a fair and honest monetary system that's secure efficient and rewarding for the benefit of all both collectively and individually it's a system that is based on movement hence our name Kinesis which in Greek means movement and what we've done is focusing on what makes money both successful and sustainable so if for that to actually exist there's two primary elements that need to be in place one firstly it needs to be an effective store of value and two an efficient meaning medium of exchange so the greatest store of value that the world has ever seen is actually gold independently valued by ancient civilizations as money and held its value throughout time for millennia the thousands of years so that's what we've taken both gold and silver as our primary currencies that that we've basically read monetizing putting it into the blockchain and that's the second element that actually contributes towards the success and sustainability of money for it to be an efficient medium of exchange and the greatest most innovative medium of exchange that we we now currently see is the blockchain breaks down all barriers to entry all around the world connects parties in a trustless and an efficient environment seamlessly ultimately so we've taken gold and then married it up against the new world innovative technology being the blockchain and yeah that's basically what then sorry to interrupt so your gold-backed currency your stable coin yeah in the crypto markets we're a stable coin effectively how are you different from all the other stable claims so we have entire yield system firstly we're into in monetary system we've got partnerships with mobile banks and everything like that but what makes banks don't mind anything specific it's yes and this is puppets a publicly listed US bank called well US Mobile Bank called unified signal yep so they have relationships and they aggregate other banks all around the world issue a debit card you know online banking facilities basically it's phenomenal it's actually probably the most the greatest most extensive service and piping and plumbing in to then is the software finished currently working its that mobile banking so it's finished yes I mean the entire gold but ultimately what makes us different is our yield system and this is a sexy factor of everything that we do we bring like a yield to go weary monetize goal and there's both a passive yield which makes us directly comparable to any other investment asset class with a passive yield so bonds bank deposits dividend yielding stocks rental property investment we become comparable we focused in on risk and return ultimately we got definable risk because we've got we're tapping into a large established liquid market a trillion dollars above ground gold dwarfs the crypto markets so we can identify the risk but now we can also identify the return we're not looking for capital appreciation currencies supposed to serve the commerce of the world that's what it's designed to do ultimately it's on the other side of every single transaction needs to be something stable the closest is possible to the fixed unit of account and so we've taken gold something state will held its value and then but we incentivize the utilization of it and so we've got this active return to the yield system that the more that you use our currency then ultimately that the more reward you'd actually get but also you have the passive return so we've focused in on attracting the capital in and what does that is attractive risk to return metrics ultimately because capital capital is global and borderless it's seeking risk to return but then we put it into motion and we put into motion through our active yield system their rewards participation but also but also you know we've got the passive yield as well which makes us are directly compare investment to all other investments okay so everyone here is is basically we're pitching at investors so walk us through your token metrics our cap total supply etc yeah sure so our entire market cap of our Kinesis velocity token which is the capital raising vehicle for our system is actually 300 million but this is a large established business we've got all the partnerships in place we've got everything already in place banking partnerships we've got partnerships with government on postal systems and we're bringing in more government on postal systems large religious groups of up to 100 million we've got my larger Islamic religious group know me to ask a question we just to be quick quite honest we met in our office we did last time yeah unfortunate deal yep just a question yeah yeah so there was a question that it wasn't quite clear for me and I'm still asking this question well yours you're mentioning your yield system and as an investor for example you're asking like 300 million dollars and probably somebody don't know but the token price was around like 1,000 per token right just akin right so don't you think like don't you think that the just the explanation of the yield system is kind of complicated and not not really pointed because we hear the yield system but explain is sure why do I need to buy it why this yield system is better than any other year system why we'll make it me by X fine I mean I think actually it's a debt base yield system based on interest is actually complicated as it's very simple it's based on real economic growth that's what I've spaced on and a sharing of that wealth it's an accumulation of all this all the transaction fees within the system and then we just share it with the different market participants so we have like a minting yield that's for people who create the currency convert it from so US dollars or theorem into our our currencies admitted into the blockchain and then all they need to do since bend or sell it it's very simple well you just hold it it's just a sharing of the transaction face that's all it is you you've mentioned you have your back buy gold but where we actually are our currencies are gold and silver have have you been audited yet well no we're not live yet but there's a pre-existing organization founded in 2011 called the allocated bullion exchange it's the leading exchange in the world for physical precious metals this is that I'm the CEO of that company as well and the team behind that launched its launching Kinesis and yes we get audits done all the time on our on our holdings and we have the largest entities in the world and the precious metal space trading with us partnerships with like Deutsche börse or one of the largest exchange groups in the world partnerships with Indonesian post office PT paws partnerships like with some of the largest entities in the world so we're not just to start up like we're not just a bunch of crypto kids we're at large established organization with a very strong track record on commercializing businesses we're bringing and we're basically porting over all the relationships that we've built for the past decade and bringing it into our gold back system and we know about gold we know about exchangers we're developing our own blockchain exchange we've already got all exchange infrastructure architecture and plumbing already all there and that's that's what we're doing yeah sure sounds like a lot of money ultimately we're raising 210 million but if you actually look at what we've done and where we are and the fact that we've already raised 60 million without even trying the fact that we're closing large institutional deals for tens of millions of dollars no it's not so much well this is this is a monetary system the largest business that you can possibly have in the world so I mean money long would this good life it'll be live my next year okay but we're in our where we got our token race happening right now and this is a full utility token or is it a security token okay yep regulated as well we've got broker dealers throughout the United States offering now because we have fewer projects here I think we can go kind of past the time limit I feel like we all still have questions here okay so your security token now you've told me your large organization that's done this before yes you feel you deserve to raise 210 million or 300 million well since it's so I mean we're raising too it's two hundred and ten million dollars with tokens but with a product that's not finished yet yet but will be finished in May you said that no that that will close in March causing what days you know so that we've got two offers the first offer is the token race right so that's called the Kinesis velocity token that that is basically selling off 20% of the top-line revenue of the system when with a product to be finished like the full version we well we'll we'll go into beta phase four around March and that's that's the second offer so that's for the currencies that's for the gold and silver back currencies and in fact we can actually put any kind of physical asset on there because we're offering this yield so say for example and we've looked into this you take physical banknotes instead of actually giving your money to a bank and taking counterparty risk with a bank and then getting negligible you know return or yield from it in in Switzerland for example it's negative zero point seven five percent interest rates so give my money to the bank they can do whatever they want they now earn my money and I have to pay them more money for that for doing them into the skid I was saying so right now you have an MVP a better in March we've already got the MVP oh yeah I'm singing right now MVP beta in March one's the full product mace mr. Q – yep so now why your team specifically why does your team is observe the 210 million as opposed to somebody else like don't you also for somebody else it wouldn't be possible for anyone else to do Wow why tell me why because we're the leading exchange in physical precious metals in the world with the you know partnerships with Deutsche börse er and the likes of these these Connor and all the infrastructure that we've currently built out with vaults all around the world we have vaults all around the world people don't have that people can't do what we do it's just not possible I mean we spent a decade building this precious metals exchange now the next logical evolution is to actually develop a peer-to-peer currency system and we can do this and we've bought in this highly unique yield system that is it's it's it's groundbreaking in the monitors via an AC as opposed to an equity raise okay so the main reason for this is it's the most effective way to bring in the masses so and once you get someone invested then they're invested in the success of your organization so we want to go out to the masses and you know get as many people as possible invested in so their skin is in the game all investors in our ICU in our IT o as we call it initial token offering will be participants and users in our system and our system is just going to be so easy to use and so rewarding and so efficient that you know it's already extreme value there but we've got them in and invested so of course they'll use it but yes for institutional investors there's also equity on the table as well as long as they provide strategic benefits to us all right thank you very much ok let's have the next day see you on the stage resistance please come up Anthony now for those of you who have been following the crypto world tour you may recognize ebony he was and Stockholm cooked her world tour right now but he didn't pitch but they were not ready to early but now the product is kind of ready so now they're here to pitch so thank you so much for coming back to the crypto royal tour all right Sam well ok how about this we'll give you five minutes to do your spiel after that we'll start asking questions or maybe we even start asking questions earlier okay go awesome thanks for letting me be here and do by what we have built we have actually built the product it's working it's decentralized exchange that's focused on anonymity and privacy and it's really easy to use we want to have something that community actually needs today and that everyone is being is can use it's really easy to use it so it's a 100% decentralized no middleman no escrow services no registration you download the app to Mac OS Windows Linux and you can start to trade we have our own blockchain so we have our own privacy coin in it so you can add privacy elements to any coin you trade within the exchange like Bitcoin fact sample it doesn't have these privacy elements with a click of a button you can activate the privacy futures and with zero knowledge proof technology your trade is gaining this kind of privacy futures we have tor built in and we have a lot of other things to add security and privacy futures to it but you can choose to be completely transparent if you like you will gain faster speed the coin itself it's it has a hashing algorithm that's unique because it's optimized for CPU mining we want to have it as a good old days with Bitcoin when everybody with their computers was able to join the mining and get rewarded for it so we believe in fair mining and aim to have it ASIC resistant to have the community back on the mining track again we also built-in reward splitting so we're not giving away hundred percent of the mining of the block rewards to the miners you can choose instead of wasting electricity on useless calculations as many people say you can actually do cancer research research on Alzheimer's so clean water technology within some of our whitelisted projects and get rewarded for it we have this working it's not a white paper I see oh we have a fully working product so what do you guys have working right now so you mentioned we have the atomic swaps working we have the proof of work working we have the hashing algorithm in place we have the Tor integrationist wasted bucks Hardware wallet irrigation is very close your our decentralized exchange yes with privacy exactly right so you're like what like the it's about idea I I think isn't fully decentralized you get a centralized webpage right and you get up deposit your money to them to be able to trade so how is that giving you peace of mind sleeping at night knowing that your funds is transferred to somewhere else sites can be hacked if you have your currency within your own computer you own your private keys you're in control so speaking of that ever since the whole adult DNS hack I haven't used a decentralized exchange yeah we're also building in Hardware wallet integration we have we're building with ledger wallet phone an OS that's coming very soon okay so yep the question is very simple and I believe you had this question many times so you say you're built on your home blockchain right it's atomic swap so you're trading on the underlying buck chains directly all right so you can use our blockchain for the added privacy futures if you like I get it yeah so when it comes to scalability when it comes to scalability we both I mean you and I we know that atomic swap is not efficient enough nowadays it's it's a matter of some time but also there's a question question is when it comes to big amount the atomic swap is working quite good with a small amount and we know you can explain why to the community and to people sitting here and but the problem is when you will be when you will be in if you will be popular let's think that's why you're here right to make your ICO and your project popular so when the day will come and you will have a large amount of trades it the question will come to a scalability and to execution of big orders of course so what do you have what do you have to solve that because that's the biggest issue that you will be facing like an upcoming five years absolutely absolutely first of all we have liquidity providers where we have market makers but we are building cutting-edge technology we are developers I get some of the best cryptographers in the world within my team we're actually building things that isn't invented and that's why I've been doing in the past I built a product now used by some of the biggest banks in the world and one of the top 10 telecoms in the world is using a product I built I created the database I invented a product that didn't exist we are I'm not a salesperson standing here talking to you guys I am a technology guy I sit and code stuff I build stuff so we are making this work can you please walk us through your token matrix your hard cap yeah sure since most of this has been self-funded I got a very small seat in the beginning rest of it is our own funds we built the product so we're gonna use we have a very low hard cap and that's gonna be used more for exchange listing over coin and marketing that's gonna be the majority of the thing we're gonna spend our funds on so we have a lower hard cap so the hard cap is only 18 million 18 year we actually lowered it because we didn't need everything one eight one eight okay quick question Anthony um tell us about your three best US gets team members get backgrounds our strongest team members it's people from like Cisco Systems Microsoft or like hyper ledger formers e-cash advisors what about any community development community building do you have a developer community that's coming up or do you have people participate in using this exchange yeah of course we got for example we have a very famous Linux distribution that's been focused on privacy that's gonna have this built into their district from scratch so we will try to get the security and Linux community and these communities that really like this kind of technology on board as the early adopters but our main goal is to have it so easy to use with a dead simple interface that we already have so anyone that even doesn't know how to trade to be able to use this it's really easy to use and you can mine on it we have the minor built in it's finished with a click of a bar and you start to mine and you can do it with a regular laptop I mean when is the main gonna launch I think about a couple of weeks only the only thing left to do for us to release the main net is to build the masternode support so master node is something so you can be able to stack coins within a master noting it's rewarded for it but it will help us to gain faster network better security and the more stability of the value of the coin can you explain to us how the resistance token is a function in the echo system what is the utility you get your action when you activate the privacy futures you're actually using our blockchain you're using the resistance coin blockchain so the funds are traded to that coin in the background and with zero knowledge proves you don't see what's happening after because it's sent to private resistance address and we also take an exchange fee for anything a train with the trade within the exchange half of that exchange fee is traded back to resistance and giving back to all the holders of the coin so it's used like that you so you get dividends you mentioned the atomic swaps what is what what coins would you be able to swap with in this exchange more or less 95% of everything available year C 20 tokens all the Bitcoin Forex manera so basically if I have either I can send it to the exchange I guess convert it to your privacy coin but you don't need to convert it to a privacy coin you can trade directly let's say I'm trying to convert from ether to Bitcoin either – I don't know put the X sure all right without I guess leaving any kind of with privacy yeah I send either to your exchange I guess convert it to your coin then from your coin to Pontiac so Bitcoin or whatever token I want that's the idea the only thing you need to do is to click Eater moon DX click the privacy button now it's working you need to you about there's no middleman the decentralized exchange is working like peer-to-peer one point to another is just shape-shifts one one one another they're difficult is the difficult thing is to it what's the point of the coin good you saw this so practice the coin right yeah it's adding privacy elements to any coin you trade if you activate the privacy function so it so if you stake it you can activate the privacy you don't need to take it you need to even have resistance coins to be able to use this feature then what do I need your coin kind of grasp that what do I need the privacy the resistance coin because it's a privacy coin by its own and it's used within the exchange to add privacy futures to the coins you trade if you like so it's not necessary to have its own version so the question is very simple I mean yeah we don't know we had this conversation here before and it comes up with the same projects like yours I tried to go on to the link on your website and I couldn't and apparently I was I was told that anybody who is not an investor or not registered with you cannot access right now your website so basically I will have to believe whatever you said without even my without even doing my own research and this is number one the second question is that if you're saying the 95 percent of the coins and basically you won't be controlling the shifts and the changes so how are you regulate with sec because definitely you will be you'll be trading the security coins this is number one and number two that most of your trades are not going first Brent if we are going to the new regulations in the new year then definitely you will have to show your Clearing House so how you're going to manage with this are you registered with sec or have you had your four if you're saying that you're giving profits on your coin have your register doesn't security and if you're not have you received the exemption certificate from sec because this is like must-have for any kind of IC o—- we built technology and it's gonna be open source anyone can download it and they can use it they don't need us for any I don't understand that you're building technology and you're asking for funds for your technology second that you're depending on the clients working with the clients put you inside of legal entity as a business we do understand that you're really brilliant in your technology as you're saying and you have a vital brilliant team full of really bright minds but you're on the side of a legal side and to decide a business side and as a business you're not only making a technology as a business you're taking care of the customer support of a business operations and the Clearing House because you're a financial system either you want it or not it's not about Bitcoin it's not about blockchain it's about FinTech and when it comes to FinTech there is a proper book of regulations and frameworks so what would you do on that because it's not only about technology that's a question for our lawyers I'm not supposed to answer that question but we have a way to make this work last question how would you decentralized exchanges they struggle with liquidity you know that's why Finance is most popular exchange because market makers they have liquidity how would you bring liquidity into absolutely good question we do have liquidity providers we get market makers and we are also building our REST API so arbitrage brokers can tap into it and anyone can be a market maker too to use it all right all right Thank You Anthony thanks okay all right so we have two ICO speech thank you guys both so much for coming here and pitching and showing us your idea now it's time for the panel of judges to tell us what they think so which IC o—- do you want to see a visual presentation in the next round we'll start with a Abdi over here okay one vote for Kinesis I like resistance going I think it's a brilliant idea and I think he's very disruptive and something that's actually not there yet so first of all guys congratulations on your pitch on your projects it's definitely great to see this ecosystem continuing evolving with great ideas and great projects I'm never going to have to go with resistance and I mentioned something earlier that backs up my decision and it's pretty much this ecosystem is gonna have a there needs to be there's obviously gonna be regulation in governance but there needs be decentralized exchanges and refer to operate in a decentralized format so I definitely agree I definitely feel that decentralized exchanges in privacy if you mix those two together it can definitely attract users to its platform so for that reason I choose resistance well first of all thank you for coming and thank you for pitching I know how hard is it to present your project because for most of us our projects is like just like our babies and once somebody is trying to bull and say something something that hits your heart you know you're trying to know you're nervous and you're trying to to secure your project so just you have to understand that the questions just to understand your project more more efficient so my wote will go to resistance but yep but there is one question which is very important you're a founder as I understand right are you a founder okay so I understand that you love your project and I understand that from your site well I'm meeting well I have a huge technical team and most most of the guys and team are just really similar to you not not of people to talk not of people to sell like very very technologically minded oriented on technology and so hard to get into them to get some information about your project because they're not like like they're not like a talking people they're moral people of doing so when I'm asking you the question about the business side at about the some entity side which is very important for investor because I'm investing by myself a part that I am a CEO and a founder of an exchange also this is a semi decentralized and I do understand your processes the the one we will come to a next pitch me personally I like the personality but I will advise you to make more knowledge on your legal side not because you don't just because just because you're a technical guy it doesn't mean that you don't have to know something about your project it doesn't mean that you just have to say it's question to a lawyers no dear it's question to you because you're the one who's selling the project if you're selling the project then please have enough respect to to a community you're selling it to to give a full information about the project and it will be very important for yourself to have this information because there's only one person in the project which is supposed to know every single piece in a project starting from a cleaner who comes to your office and making a tea and cleaning the floor and ending up with the high spec technology so this is just my advice it's not a financial advice it's just the business advice yeah thank you thank you thank you so that's that's one vote for Canisius three for resistance I think it's pretty much determine resistance we're just just in case let's have the audience just wanted to know what you guys wanted to hear resistance show of hands okay Kinesis show of hands okay alright resistance one and Kinesis thank you so much for pitching alright uh please come on stage you have to show video computer you're the product right okay come here and we'll ask you more questions then that's a real privacy I see okay all right so how do you investors deal with your exchange from our regulation and tax perspective right cuz I guess for me for example right as most of you know I was hacked right lost over twenty five million dollars from a hack and hackers were trying to watch the funds via exchanges and shape-shifting service providers like sheep shift coins something right and we basically had a team of private investigators tracking the wallets right some even possibly being doing everything via also called changed James chain chain analysis thus after the tracks transactions radius one more for governments and enterprise level companies for tracking funds on a blockchain right and I come kind of conflicted because in a way I do think privacy is good for the ethos and what people trying to build with blockchain and crypto but then at the same time if somebody stole your money we can just wash it on your exchange and just run away to the sunset right yeah but they can also trade it to Manero and then you won't know how it went so it's like internet you can do good things with your internet browser you can do bad things we are so it's I guess basically other services that are still available even if we don't use your exchange exactly so ok now I've been told when arrow isn't fully private because I have a friend of mine who's helping me with the hack saying there's still ways to kind of track my narrow transactions is that true and how does your exchange differ well your coin differ maneras awesome I love manera from my heart I have nothing bad to say about naira but we have elements on our coin that's really really good as the basic resistance that there was a reward splitting so you can earn it not by only mining but from doing proof of research from putting up a master node or to contribute to the community for for actual development on it we're giving away rewards for that as well from a business development point of view are you guys going out to different conferences getting some global exposure for your project yeah I mean recent month I've been in London I've been in Singapore I was in San Francisco was in Korea I'm here I'm going to Prague I'm going to Malta after that so absolutely always on the move all right there's just a simple question when are you going live is there any date we're just simple regular person can just go to resistant IO and start trading do you have any idea on that estimate it to be a couple of weeks from now so who will be relative for anybody we want to fin up everything before we launch it so the last piece of the puzzle is the masternodes so once we have that tackle and the hardware wallet integration piece tackled that's really soon so have you built the protocol to integrate the hard wallet or is just a matter of time – yeah we are building we get developer access a couple of weeks ago so we're building hard so you're building the nano ledger access to your water to your exchange already I mean have you ever tested it that's what we are doing now okay my question because I know the masternode component is always the last thing to kind of be integrated so in three weeks people will be able to stake master notes and do all that or in a few in a couple of weeks you saying yeah I mean we are being building everything else in such a speed so this is one of the last pieces of the puzzle you'll be like a detailed guide on how many master notes people need just kind of instructions on how to do cuz that's yeah of course very proper documentation what are the token metrics again so you're raising 18 million yes how many tokens it's 60 million tokens and we are selling 65 percentage of it 62 million tokens six-year 660 million Millions yeah what percent is being sold during the ICL 65 percent 65 percent okay so token price is how much IC o—- price is 0.55 percent fifty five cents fifty fifty five cents okay fitness I thought something and for private sale we have 25 percent discount and that's our highest discount it's just counting five percent okay going back to the team instead you have people working at Cisco and Microsoft previously I hired him so they work full-time for us how long were they working then what were they doing it yeah in four years of Microsoft Cisco was there in over two years was working with IT security so I got involved in him actually an IT security tasks and we started to work together can you tell us about some strategic partners strategic investors that have invested in your company thus far if they have yeah we have some really big event organizers in the Asian market that already invested that will help us to grow large and put us on stage in very big events any names well fact block that's official they already helped us to talk to some very big venture capital firms and VC's the other one is not public yet but it's a very big one in Asia alright well thank you so much thank you very much okay all right so the last portion of this event is going to be the AMA that ask me anything I guess I've got two questions first one is like you say to bring mass mass adoption Bitcoin do you think it can scale I know people are working currently on the Lightning Network but I mean there's a lot of people's that's saying that bitcoin is not able to scale so just in your opinion do you think I mean to do micro transactions this is gonna be possible for Bitcoin to just scale to do a million I mean million micro transactions per second and then just the second question for Ian I know 99% of the time you invest in AI cos so just what is the reason that you invest in icos and I mean not in existing tokens that is already available I mean everything is on special at the moment as well suggest the reason why don't you invest in any of the the products are out there at the moment good question in terms of Bitcoin skilling to a million transactions for a second you said I mean to be honest I mean I can't really protect that I think though as we've seen in the last few years Bitcoin has a governance issue right sy people have seen all the issues I mean between Bitcoin and the heart Forks Bitcoin cash Bitcoin diamond Bitcoin gold between everything right and although bitcoin is still king I think that governance issue really has to get solved and I feel it's gonna be a deterrent to to building a better currency alright and I feel like the way it was designed initially has kind of been ignored and now people are just looking to kind of get their their ideas across and trying to create Bitcoin in the manner they think is Bitcoin as opposed to truly having a community or a better governance model now in terms of rule Bitcoin scale I mean I don't always say to be honest I mean what I do see is I think there'll be progress I think when roots talk when RSK comes and brings more contracts and Bitcoin and how your transactions per second in scaling I think it's gonna be better I know people are trying to test out lightning Network and all that stuff but I'm not sure we can do everything under just one I feel like the motto is better to just kind of do one thing and do it well as opposed to do everything well right I don't I don't see a Bitcoin being a micro transaction just winner a smart contracts winner a high PPS winner I think there'll be different block teams to just dominate on just one thing right this might take any the panelists wanna chime in sure yeah I think there's never gonna be alternatives that implement scaling on some Bitcoin such as ours kay with smart Bitcoin in transition and then RFI token form for transacting if I'm not mistaken is a hundred transactions per second at the moment with compounded repetitive transactions reaching 2,000 I could I could be wrong though so we are seeing alternatives being implemented onto Bitcoin but Bitcoin itself I feel like it's more of a store value right and then it can just be transferred over to these new technologies that can definitely achieve high scalability no back to questions so I think it's more of a modular approach I kind of like getting Bitcoin and kind of plugging on lining network or RSK or whatever but if that can be done on Bitcoin can be done to other technologies or other black jeans as well right then the other question why I don't only do I see investments pretty much I think for me is just my psychology the way I look at something all right I always want to get in at that time the best entry price all right cuz for me when I get into an IC o—- I feel pretty safe that I got the best price available right cuz I nice ears typically the best entry price whether it's the regular IC o—- the priests privates or whatever right but if I'm buying something that that's crashed down 90 percent right I don't know if I'm catching a falling knife right and I guess it's just the human in me right I feel like I mean this projects done 90 percent who wants it right even though this I cut the psyche is gonna buy as a stumping right and for me the way I guess I think I just feel more comfortable getting in during an IC o—- than buying on exchanges the only project I bought on exchanges this year was pee away proof of a 30 I think they changed the name to something they change a name to a different name so the name okay okay so I got into them I bought the top basically I bought them around 60 70 cents before the market early early 2018 I just tanked and they were just taking that out selling it but it's not got got bought it during the IC o—- I would have been better I said at that point in time right so for me it's just kind of more of my preference my personal preference is not really it strategy per se just more personal preference I guess right what I feel comfortable right everybody has different levels of comfort some people have great comfort when it comes to day trading swing trading for me it just will come getting in at the initial ICL price anybody here when it chime in sure I think that there's you know with the bearish market there's also great opportunities to purchase tokens right but my motto is I don't ever buy a token simply because it's 90% down especially if it's 90% down from ico price if this current token is valued at a 5x ROI and it came down from like 20 xri then it makes more sense because it's still above ico price and there's a devalued token at this present moment but once it goes underneath the primary ico price it definitely becomes a lot more risky because it could be a coin right so definitely just be very cautious with with that aspect you know just to kind of add on to that I think I think if you actually go back and look at the data projects that open flat and tanked meaning that they're below I see a pressure in the first one or two weeks historically I think don't communis but I think don't affirm well right because the very few outliers put the X as an outlier Jun DX open in the bad market went down 50% or more but I see a price then out of nowhere just rallied to like 10 X 15 X or more and I think very few products do that that that was more of an outlier per se but I guess yeah if you have to go through and truly compare the data price to really make a actor stance on that but that's that's the way I feel that on the outliers spoon DX for a reason had a specific reason why they don't I believe they were hacked so there was like a catalyst for the tokens going below ICO price so typically I feel like if there was some big event that happens and the token drops and you still believe in the technology and the team does something to fix it then it's likely that the token can come back but if someone does they ICO perfectly on everything and they still juice for flood then maybe there's something definitely very wrong with the project as well another thing I would consider is market conditions the time you're investing we're investing in bull market there are projects that were obviously you know not very good projects doing ten X's and when you're in a bear market these projects are definitely not gonna do a 10x so to be causing it we're how the market is doing at that time you know you may have a great excellent project that could come out in a bear market and you may have to hold all you hold your bags until the market recovery so that's why I like I'm more of a fundamental investor I like to look at the fundamentals behind a excellent project so that that's how I would approach it you know always go back to the fundamentals and then take a look at the market conditions at the same time is it a bull market is a bear market sideways market understand where where where you stand all right next question all right I have a quick question I just would like your thoughts about bitshares as a technology what do you think about the cheers Cheers I used to date trade but shares a lot before I was in the whole ico space made good money on it I tried the technology I've used to exchange you biscuit for those are no bitshares is also a decent rest exchange actually similar to resistors just not previously focused and you download their application and everything's inside the exchange and when I used it I was very impressed with how they actually had a working product exchange I just didn't like the user experience of having to go there buy the tokens trade the tokens right and I didn't like how you had to really download it right for me I guess I like using stuff online or just something that has less friction right so having to download something install it all that you can just use everything inside your browser but I do understand what you are trying to do and really take away their decentralization and having the browser involved right so I've used their exchange but it was almost two years ago haven't really really used it since then although it's it's up there in terms of market cap I don't think it has really had that break away like other exchanges like finance and queuing and other right who have been around for much less time but have I would say more users per se maybe Anthony can chime in here since you're kind of in the same space with exchanges with it would you think about bitshares what's your take on bitshares let's give you Mike pictures is good but it's built for people like me more technology focused people not for the general public and you it's not 100% decentralized as it's not trading on the underlying block chains directly otherwise it's cool what was that okay all right now I guess the founder of bitshares went to found the OS hopefully other founders don't just abandon the project okay next question what do you think like with introduction of comp it's like stable tokens yeah like oh the comp a stable coin coin based yeah point based exchange yeah yeah the compass exchange was using yeah move right but I'm not sure I mean I guess you have to see I haven't used it yet Ivan I think it's good for crypto just to kind of build more confidence in having a different a different option to tether but I think whether you go to coinbase so much or to fiat the way it's still a taxable event for I just for me and Americans right so I'm not sure I would use it per se unless I had a real reason to use it all right don't know I've never used to several coins ever I just got a Fiat so Ivan really haven't really been somebody to use to acquaintances I don't think I'm adapt to really comment much on it to be honest anybody here I think Sebek on is more for traders yeah well it's a quite good move for coinbase and the market shows that there is a competition a beauty contest between tether and other stable points we can see it because what happened recently when it was when the one tether felt below the average price and the Bitcoin price just you know rocketed almost like two six thousand seven hundred seven thousand two hundred and some exchanges so this is the true meaning that there is a competition the competition that really the depth the average users can't see but there is a competition between the stable coins and what is behind stable coin is an entity so coinbase as a big entity is trying to show off and trying to find its place on the market because the impact of tether and be fine x is just something that can be imagined right now I mean yeah we do know that bi'ness is the biggest exchange with the biggest volume but the biggest player is bit find X and you will understand at once you will figure out what kind of connections they use and how do they implement their business they're not truly transparent but they quite quite powerful that this is what kind of power point base is trying to take over it it's just that so I have a question for the audience as a whole I mean let's say your coin base user and you have let's say $10,000 on coinbase let's say $10,000 worth of ether and coinbase do you go to the coin base stable coin or do you go to dollars and why anybody here want to answer that question no done in the back okay two dollars I'm the same way anybody here wanna answer the question you go I mean you trade a lot right it boils down to a tax question if I mean if both are taxable events right whether you go two dollars or the hon please darling so I mean maybe I'm wrong it is different there's a difference if you're day trading or you're just trading and taking out your profits if you're day trading then you don't go to a dollar just because putting a dollar inside is just a hell of a hustle and hell of a commission maybe not for you guys because you're Americans but for the rest of the world it is it is a question really big question to go on to an exchange and paying Commission but if you're on coinbase Pro I mean if it's pretty straightforward but yeah not in the rest of the world believe it's not straightforward it will take two input like hundred thousand dollars into an exchange it will take like three to five working days to hit to hit this hundred thousand to a bitstamp and if you want if you want to pay a commission like 1% but if you want it like seamlessly then it's a hell of a hustle with 17 different exchanges with 3.5 to 5% of commission different spreads always it's a big job believe me that's why you're going to stable join to wait for storm finishes to find the best of the best best time to go enter the market and you're entering back gaining profits again to a stable coin that's why there is such a need instead bitcoins not about the tax it's not saying you can go back and forth very quickly yep if you're having issues with input well because most of the world has an issue with input that's why that's why there's a big amount of stable coins that's why taser is so vital right now because people actually don't go out of exchange they just keep their funds on their own in the exchange to find the best way to enter back actually putting the delayed orders that's what they do but I feel like if you're trading on coinbase you've already gotten past the input well if you're trading on coinbase it's not only for Americans but for the very small amount of people like Malaysia okay but I think that would work if coin basis token was available in other exchanges besides my client base that would be amazing it will be available on any other exchange because coinbase actually just the only exchange which is having totally understandable or clear Clearinghouse reports I mean if you want you can ask them and they will provide you the Clearinghouse report all right good question all right next question was my question is just general question of a blockchain it's been like 10 years I mean since the blockchain I mean has been formerly it input into real use which projects do you see can solve some of the real world problems like for example I can give is like if an shipping line you're moving in container from one country to other there's something called Bill of Lading Maersk started a project where you can track the containers irrespective of how many number of I mean countries it goes which ports it goes but which projects are like real world solving a real world like almost for example right now most of the ICS I see are coins I see it's pokemon cards or products but I'm kind of conflicted I think when DX I mean Point of Sales for crypto yeah what does it solve I mean so if you have crypto you can go to Starbucks in using 20x the merchant can accept crypto and you as a customer you can spend crypto right that's why I think it's been it's done very well to see a cache like there's something I wanna say something which only blockchain can solve it there's no other alternative there is a land department which is vitally requires blockchain it's very easy to maintain and it's so transparent there's no way to maintain it without the blockchain in a transparent way we know it Dubai Land Department is it going on blockchain it's doing quite good so yeah there is no way to do without a blockchain there's no way to do something better in in logistics without the blockchain but in logistics it's quite hard the there are different different countries with different entities and please don't forget about the corruption the logistics market has billions of dollars and don't think somebody's gonna give away billions of dollars to West transparency hell now yeah I mean I think you have to go back and look at the the need for blockchain and why it really took off right it's allows two parties to interact with each other without having a middleman no bank no government all right and still trust each other which is very hard to do right you can be two strangers and interact with each other financially or even just with contracts land different things without the government without the bank and still trust each other yeah let me give you an example so how else in the world a Sunday at 1:00 a.m. can I send sure have 10 million dollars instantaneously in 15 seconds without the approval of a third party like a bank and he can just cash it out right away well in Dubai yeah because sunday is the first working day right there are moneylenders yeah it is well as an American from Miami to Dubai okay on Friday alright so there you go I don't need the approval of a third party I don't know wire transfer I don't need to wait three days for them to accept my transaction he has it in 15 seconds just building on the government side do you know any projects which are working on the government side for example if you give a non-profit money okay they're very transparent with their transactions and you can know by the blockchain audits how much money's going to management how much money is there any projects like that made for the government or nonprofits or nonprofits on a blood chain what do you mean by nonprofits I do you mean the busy country budget managing or charity well charity is something which is important and can be done on a blockchain by the we work with the cryptocurrency well let's let's go back you can easily well there are some countries with issues in charity that like a million dollars go on charity and 900 of it goes to a leader of a charity and he's buying a new house and hundred thousand goes to his kids I'm telling about the charity in a real way then there is no charity on a block chain because easily convertible to a Manero and then BAM bang it goes again to to somebody else on an island and you don't know where the money is so the charity doesn't require the blockchain it just requires an honesty and just heart and passion to do good I mean there's nothing to do with the blockchain because anyway there is always be the way to steal the money I'll give you another example icon I can't just sign a contract with the South Korean government to develop the platform for voting so for governmental voting right so like I said earlier once your input data onto the blockchain there's nowhere to go and alter any of that data giving a voting system 100% transparency which is a real issue considering how much corruptness revolves around the voting industry and the world on a global scale okay thank you next question okay there was huge photo sparkster these months I just want to ask are you still bullish on sparkster those huge bud yeah so sparkster which food stuffs only which foot exactly referencing I don't think that's fun per se looking at other products that have come out in this market I don't think that would be wise for a project to do right now I don't think it would just probably lead to not a profitable return or not as best performance in my opinion right I think I find your project really is better to wait for a better market right and that's what even exchanges are telling me right you're on really listing products right now the waiting for a rebound so for me I don't think it's bad per se right because I'd rather huddle then you have the took him dumped basically Thanks thank you and by the way sparklers is very on point with with token listings with this thing they're talking it's just like Ian said the exchanges are the ones that are being extremely careful when listing all right so they they one thing that this market has definitely acquired is the maturity of just being patient right so it it makes sense to just hold and wait for a more stable market for it for free listen just back to decentralized exchanges will we ever have liquidity they have market makers yes next question good question I think you have to care alright I mean yes it's a short-term reflection of where you are but I think it's a health check as well right I feel like yes it's good to build but you can't just build in silence you can't just come to investors take their money and going hiatus for seven years saying we're building right he's still gotta communicate I think it's just basic investor relations right I know sure is this some ICS claim this is not a per se is a contribution or a donation or whatever buzzword they want to use right but I feel like you still have to have good public relations with your community you have to cut them up to date alright so I feel like projects that really have updates every week bi-weekly or even worst case every month on the nature of the business the part of what they're doing really helped build investor and community morale right so I think you could really say price is a reflection of all the total actions of the company and the community and the sentiment combined right I feel like if you're a good project and you're building and you're keeping the community involved and engage aged why would the price dump right and people say they're good products out there that's still dumped but I think I still go back by my old stance right that's a reflection of everything the predictor and the community combined because what if you you're doing everything by the book but there's one thing you didn't do by the book and you didn't lee committee about it maybe you gave your advisors or equity investors a 40 percent bonus and you lied to community don't tell them about it then you get dumped on you say oh we're just building you know that's nothing we're doing anything with by the book right so I feel like all these actions in total it's kind of like the butterfly effect right a butterfly flapping a swing and the ocean can affect and end up causing a hurricane somewhere Africa cost the world cuz it's the summation of everything and I feel like token price in a way can it reflects that wait anybody here want to chime in I want to add to what Ian was saying also I think building network value and having people actually used your token or coin is also another factor that I would look into you have example coins like dodge coin it's top 30 or top 40 and there's absolutely no development going on on that coin but it has a huge community and a lot of people supporting it and if you know anything about dodge coin it's it's not something anybody would take seriously but it's it's done a lot it's it it has a higher mark captain most ICS that came out this year so so taken effect you have to look at the community you have to look at network value our people are people supporting this coin are people using it you know example Minero people it's a coin that's being used regardless whatever the purpose is it's it's a coin that's used so building network value is important aspect you should always look into that's not just the height you know of course coins gonna go up in value since it comes out it's the market it's going to do a 10x but that hype goes away and then you have to have the network value to back it up some coins never get that value and they stay where they are and they stay below I see price well as I think well there is a there's quite simple business rule and it's supposed to be among top five rules the actions that you do now even it's in the business or even it's in your life will give result in a while there are no results immediate results it works like karma it will give a result in a while so it is just the it is important for a CEO and founders take care of the project in the beginning once they just started to draft the legal papers and working with their partners be very selective with who you're working to be hundred percent selective with who you selling your token to unless you don't care but if you do care if you do look like five seven ten steps ahead then you're supposed to make a proper roadmap on how you're going to implement the project also there should be most of the project don't don't have the pessimistic scenario and the best mystic scenario is that you guys don't get a single dollar funded raised what you're gonna do after that your idea is going to be nothing unless you already reserved and decent amount of time and money to pay salaries to pay rents and to develop the project so that's the key for any kind of project and it's important for the CEOs founders and the CEO owes think about I think ten steps ahead and try to understand that any action you're doing now will have consequences in the future definitely there's no doubt about it so I didn't so that one of the reasons that I believe makes 100x advisers different than most funds and VC's is because we understand the value of going and traveling the world we've been to 25 countries in the past nine months or so and just to give you guys an example we went to Russia and we were there for an entire month now when you're with a team with a founder and team members for an entire month you learn things about that team that you really wouldn't understand with a virtual communication and one of the most important factors and aspects about a person for me is the way they're programmed are they programmed to it success we asked them about previous ventures and if they've had successful successful exits so are you the kind of founder that thinks the cup is halfway full or halfway empty so depending on depending on that programming to me that's just a key component that a CEO and a founder needs to have in order to achieve success so are you programmed to achieve success once we get to know this team on a very personal scale then obviously we decide to whether we want to work with them or not but to me that's that's very very very important I want to add add on to that right going back to took in price and I think I guess I'll kind of walk this through a story without really saying that ICO but this was one of my investments what am I worst performing investments from last year it was a dab probably went to like below 95% I see a price all right all right I got rekt rekt but there like the question does the token price reflect the team and their progress I would say yes all right because the team is a team had a chance to get to know they didn't really plan their I see arrays right they planned raising the money but didn't really take the planning in advance to do things like going through exchange listings for example right they hadn't even looked at the form for exchanges they just thought they raised the money then go on apply to exchanges but when they go into exchanges the exchanges have criteria of what they look for they ask okay what's the back end of the team is their product already github link I just evoke credible in this space have you done I audit River smart contract do you have a legal opinion for me attorneys saying this is not a security right they are not done all of this and after raising the funds they said oh wow I have to jump through all these hoops and when they try doing that and they fail when the exchanges say no to them they tell the community oh we don't care about exchanges right when in reality they didn't do the homework early right had they known oh hey you know what all these exchanges we plant and Twitter community would list won't list us because we don't meet that criteria even though we kind of put our community that would have all these listings lined up we didn't do our homework earlier right for example not being a security you have to have a lawyer that the exchange will recognize saying hey this is not not a security we can list this all right so I feel like all these different things these products had not done right and now if you go out onto Comerica campus this token has trading volume of like a hundred dollars like meaning the whole community lost faith in the project and just dumped it and nobody's buying it at all and I think that is a reflection of the planning of the project okay because exchange even my money even though they they promised me that they will not block my money and they will let me withdraw my money if one day they decided to block Iranian but the block a lot of bitcoins just a few but so what is the point of regulation does it have good effect do we really need the regulation or not I mean I think it's definitely more complex question regulation can be good and bad depending on how it affects you I mean I think the regulation is needed depending on I think folk RIPTA to grow as a whole we need regulation right I think investors especially as we get more retail investors involved in a space they have to feel protected all right especially even in ice years right there somebody's can my seers out there we have to feel protected to have more confidence to invest but then at the same time it does kind of have its negatives right things that don't really get for example with you right you're you're affected being in a Iran and having your Bitcoin frozen on exchanges just because of where you live right I mean I don't really know the perfect answer to that to be honest you know I mean have you thought about moving somewhere a different password I don't know it's very tough right kind of almost unfair right kind of where you're born you kind of penalized for it but I feel like as the space grows and evolves we'll start to get more solutions cuz I feel like the whole point of blockchain is to be inclusive as opposed to exclusive my people who were for example the unbanked and now being able to bank and transact in this space so I mean I think it's much it's a very complex topic for sure okay let's take one last question and wrap up we are running behind okay over here my question is about eighty of extreme exchange trading funds what's your comment on ETF um bullish on the ETF being approved right yeah I mean I don't know when I just know it's gonna happen not fine I said ways to speculate though I think q1 this way because that's when I was pushed back to I think when that though I think the rebound is the way I personally view it the market is slowly starting to turn around I don't think we're quite there yet but I think in q1 we'll start to see more positive sentiment especially as we get closer to the ETF and it seems that everything is kind of getting more aligned especially with the back and other things right and futures right but just my opinion definitely not not any kind of insight per se yeah I'm definitely looking forward for the ETF somewhere around February to finally come to a decision however fidelity is now building Enterprise Enterprise custodianship for with a site with a brother company and and I think that that can definitely bring a lot of the institutional money I think there are a seven point four billion dollar entity and so this ETF really necessary at the moment perhaps fidelity my myself that issue with the enterprise custodianship and 24 7 trading platform so we could see a massive pump in price yeah I also I believe if you remember in September gemini etf there was an etf being supported by gemini that got rejected and i believe there was an article that came out a week ago where they were saying that gemini has fixed the concerns that SCC had regarding that particular etf so it seems there is definitely a positive sentiment kind of gearing towards my needs have been approved so that's pretty good onto that right so if you look at the board of the SEC that's wording on the ETF right they added somebody I think they're adding somebody who's Pro crypto I think the last vote was three to one right and then I think somebody who is not pro crypto I believe don't call me on that the trim is ending this in December I believe right so I believe that if you did kind of go through and try to just kind of look at it's kind of like polling right we have two people now that we are gonna be Pro crypto and two people that are not pro crypto right then the chairman their boss based they have to be the tiebreaker so I think now we have a better chance than last time that's why I'm personally bullish in q1 but that's just my personal take nothing what kind of a financial place all right guys wanna see something I just want to say I mean don't buy into the hype crypto or if you remember in early 2017 there was a Bitcoin ETF that got rejected and right after that the market dip bitcoins bright price went down and bull market started so don't buy too high bull market crashed when the futures bit corn futures got started so the Bitcoin futures thought it all hype on Bitcoin and then once that got once that got was bit corn futures to hope open for trading the market crashed so be careful don't buy into the hype you know always sell you know by by to rumor sell the news I well said well that being said thank you all for being here guys thank you so much Chuck room chuck room okay and thank you ever so much and phantom wallet for organizing it crypto family here in Dubai dickish in hub and and company and thank you all for being here guys thank you so much

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  1. Meeting you guys at Dubai was a highlight, I really hope I will see the rest of you guys again in 2019.

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