Rescue Dogs and The LGBTQ+ Community

This is Jet Jackson. She’s the love of my life. And she also saved my life. Hi I’m Deb, I’m from New York City. I’m a portrait photographer and an animal rescue advocate. I’m Jack Jackson, I’m a dog photographer. I’m Ruben.
– I’m Jaz. This is Barney.
– This is Luna. Sassiest staffy. My name is Toby. This is Flynt. I’m Finch. Hi, I’m E-J. Thanks Binky! My chosen family, my human family, are very much interlinked with my animal family. We’re just normal people. Absolutely. Who got amazing dogs. Yeah.
– Right? They’re not normal, but we are. They need a friend, you need a friend, everybody wins. When I first got Flynt I was at a pretty low point in my life. But once I had him, he definitely made me feel like I was worth something. It’s great because we comfort each other and it’s something I’ve never really had in my life before. Freya still gets really scared, her anxiety still comes out. Having anxiety disorder… It’s highly relatable and it also allows me to have a bit more compassion for myself and my anxiety. Because I’d never punish her for getting scared and running home. Queer and trans people have a unique view on gender and how we could be treated differently if we are one gender or another. I think that’s a really important conversation, that trans people’s voices are really, really powerful and they need to be heard. Everyone is conditioned by those pressures to have what it means to be a man or what it means to be a woman I believe that on some level we lose a part of who we are by conforming so heavily to those constructs and not staying true to ourselves. The more we can understand and value and embrace and celebrate trans lives The more we are striving to build a society that is cohesive. No matter how you identify or who you are, everybody deserves love and respect. I think Barney and Luna experience prejudice because of their breed all the time. And that breaks my heart because I know what lovely creatures they are. And I guess that is the same with people in a way, isn’t it? We’re often judged by the way that we look and that’s often really inaccurate. I had strained myself to feel like I fit in somewhere and into some kind of binary. If I had known someone who felt the same way as me, or if I had some kind of representation as a child growing up… Maybe I would have been able to feel comfortable with myself sooner. It’s opened my mind and my heart and my eyes to a lot of things that I wasn’t aware of and I just want everybody in the entire world to get that benefit as well. Want want to raise funds so that we can get people’s stories infront of as many eyes as possible so that we can change people’s minds about identity and what that means. With your help the Don’t You Want Me Project can raise awareness for trans and queer youth and help save lives. Please donate now to the project so that more families like mine can have their stories told. I think we could all do with more stories about different kind of families and different kinds of people. So if you got any spare cash please donate, because it would be really nice to spread this project around.

9 thoughts on “Rescue Dogs and The LGBTQ+ Community”

  1. I love this! 💛 I have 2 rescue dogs and I’m trans, queer & chronically ill. Dogs are amazing and comfort you when other people can’t understand what you’re going through. Mine are there for me through my worst physical health days, and in times of extreme emotional pain (caused by bigoted humans). I’m so grateful for them! 🐶🌈

  2. lBGqt needs more positive exposure such as this, not the possed demonstrations etc that isn't helping us with acceptance by the public.

  3. I fostered dogs for many many years (once I had 12 in my house) I worked with several rescues raising money, helping at events, helping to rehabilitate dogs and asses them, the UK needs to out something in place to prevent willy nilly breeding and preventing puppy farms from making money off of their "pets"

  4. such a wonderful concept – two of the things I care about. dogs are such loving companions and can really change lives of people, especially those like us, because they give us an unconditional love and acceptance humans often withhold from trans folks. hope to have a rescue dog of my own someday

  5. Each of your videos is a huge work done.
    Very interesting to watch. Living people, living real stories. I also shoot videos and learn to do interesting work videos.

    I invite you to the queer festival in St. Petersburg in the new year, where you have already been once : )

  6. Great video.

    I have a rescue cat but in all other aspects the story is the same for me. Did I rescue her or did she rescue me? We have both needed each other and without the unconditional love of my cat, I wouldn’t be here. But without my unconditional love for her, she wouldn’t be here either.

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