REOS: Blockchain based ecosystem for user-generated content

Hi, I’m Leon, Project Lead of the REOS
platform. REOS is a blockchain-based ecosystem for user-generated content
that gives control back to the content creators and consumers. We empower your
content. Currently there’s not an effective way for users to validate
content available on social media platforms which resulted in issues like
the distribution of disingenuous content Furthermore, content distribution is
actually owned by a select few that generate billions of dollars in revenue
but only a small portion goes to content creators. We believe it is time to create
a decentralized secure platform which fairly compensates its contributors. I
put a lot of effort into creating my content from planning to recording
to editing, and to be honest the compensation is disproportional. The
rules on social media platforms are always changing to favor their
business interests while creators like myself have no say in it. I want to create more
powerful content. However, since I depend on ads to support my project I need to
worry about YouTube policies. I also need to prevent my content from being stolen by
others. REOSchain is the main blockchain of the REOS community. It ensures the
accurate attribution of ownership of the digital content registered. REOS incentive
system rewards both content creators and valuable contributors without involving
the middleman. Blockchain technology enables us to create a transparent,
secure, and decentralized platform where its members determine the value of the
content. REOS opens up the possibilities for content monetization way
beyond the traditional advertising For example, a brand or a media outlet
can instantly acquire the rights to redistribute a video, or somebody could
easily run a crowdfunding campaign. Fans could tip their favorite content creators or
even purchase their branded products all with REOS tokens. We are implementing a
new validation mechanism for all users to vote for the content and get rewarded
with REOS tokens for their participation in the process. This
ensures the true worthiness of the content for all members in our community.
We value those who put forth the effort in creating the content we consume which
brings us entertainment, information, and perspectives. It is our goal to
adequately compensate those who contribute to the growth of the REOS
ecosystem and a partner short video app is currently being developed to
integrate with REOS. We are very excited to be building a new kind of UGC
platform with its users best interests in mind and we need your support to make
this a reality.

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