Remove Ledger Opening Balance

remove the opening balance for the ledger here the process one company which is contant the no of ledger ledger…! along with there opening balance from here now we want to the here the opening balance with the small click here is option shown the account info and clear ledger opening balance when option is opened its shows the all ledger in a company along with there opening balance so we are just need a select those lager you want to remove the opening balace now i am select a only 3 ledger from here and i am just click the button is called a remove opening balance if i press this button ledger balance should be a zero now see this one now we see that…! this all balance will be a remove now i show once again a demo stations for this..! sree guroo sai fertilizers now i am select this one i press the button this 89600 rupees will be gone…! so this is the demonstrative removing the opening balance from the ledger..thank you..!

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