Remove Coins From Exodus Mobile Crypto Wallet

CryptoSlo with more crypto gains
what’s going on tonight guys so interesting fact the last time Bitcoin
was 8,000 it was only 20 days before it hit 20,000 so that’s something to think
about when you’re looking at your portfolio so let’s get into tonight’s
video tonight’s video is I wanted to talk about the exodus Wallet mobile so
exodus Wallet mobile so it’s a quick one tonight basically you can get to Exodus
Wallet now on your mobile I got it installed on my iPhone and it’s pretty
awesome you can import the same key on your mobile as you have on your desktop
and this allows you to have access to your account from both locations one of
the annoying things about the wallet is that by default it enables a whole lot
of Kryptos that you may not use so tonight’s video is going to be going
over how to quickly turn off those cryptos that you may not own or just
aren’t interested in so let’s get to it alright let’s get to it the first thing
you’re going to do is fire up your Exodus Wallet mobile app then you’re
gonna go ahead and click on the little guy in the right-hand corner I’m going
to freeze it here for a second okay and then once you’re there simply scroll
down and you’ll see little toggles for each of the Kryptos you’re simply going
to turn off the ones that you don’t want to use so it’s pretty straight forward
but you just may not know where to look so go ahead and go down I’m going to
turn off some of these coins I’ve never heard of or whatever or I don’t own
don’t care so you know only takes a second okay I’m done I’m gonna go back
up and if I go back over to the main portfolio you’ll see that those cryptos
were removed that’s it that’s all there is to it to remove
extra coins out of your mobile Exodus wallet
hope you enjoyed tonight’s video this is crypto slo if you’re not talking gains
then we’re not talking

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  1. Any hacked incidents on the mobile version of Exodus like on the Desktop version, where a butch of folks got robbed ???

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