Removal of mines from DMZ signifies improvement in inter-Korean relations

there’s a good reason why president Jane
called for the international community’s cooperation in removing landmines from
the DMZ to turn the area into global peace zone it’s because the area is
still littered with unexploded mines but the South Korean military is doing what
it can to remove them our Kim Jiyeon reports the removal of minds from the
Demilitarized Zone is one of the most obvious operations that symbolizes the
improvement in inter-korean relations because it almost always requires the
consent of both Korea’s the da– mining operations are necessary to carry out
various other inter-korean projects agreed to by the two Koreas including
the joint removal of DMZ guard posts the excavation of Korean War remains and
joint research of cultural Heritage’s along the border the South Korean
military conducted mine removal operations from 2000 to 2005 for the
test run of two cross-border railways a project that finally became a reality at
a groundbreaking ceremony last December according to data from South Korea’s
Joint Chiefs of Staff the military removed some 1,700 mines over an area of
850 thousand square meters near the path of North Korea’s kony rail raid line it
then destroyed around 250 mines planted in the 130,000 square meters of land
near the tomb a railway line the South Korean military has also removed mines
at Arrowhead Ridge for the excavation of Korean War remains
following the signing of the inter-korean comprehensive military
agreement last September through its de-mining experiences the South Korean
military says their clearance is not an easy task as it demands a lot of manual
labor locating them in the first place also presents a daunting task maps
indicating where the mines were initially placed become useless over
time as their accuracy drops since the mines often shift due to erosion
following floods heavy rain and landslides Kim Jiyeon Arirang news

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