Remittance Payments | BANKS BETTER THAN CRYPTO? 3rd time

car I’d now are going live again
this is of the third time this
evening all fully third time’s
the charm and we will be solid this time
no interruptions no problems on
coming right up to you live of
this is no longer 8:30 AM are
8:30 , with all report on going for
another stream attempts, like
great stop and we want talk
about there’s a lot of
discussion when the payment space and that’s
exactly what were to be talking
about tonight we’re going to be discussing
payments the payments from banks
of cross border payments remains
payments crypto currency we want all when it comes to a face book
so Sunday evenings a starting
normally 8:30 PM eastern
standard time this is open mike
night on whether it’s through financial
institutions or a peer to peer
person to person on moving money
of the foreign workers and other of debt swift is no longer the
answer it’s an old antiquated
solution from over 40 years ago and it is only a messaging
solution it’s not a complete
solution and we have banks we have black
chain companies and yet
financial institutions we have
of many within the space that
are looking tanks or crypto currencies have
the best solution and why on and
then that set that stuff that’s
all pointed now on if you go to on actually a bank of America
file for eight patents block
chains settlement a solution on
very interesting because it does
ment point Del and telegraph mention
that I went through a little bit
deeper went through the pat and
I pulled it up as pat stucco wi on how they they utilize that
terminology of odyssey that probably refer
and more to the excerpt the all
ledger and the protocols they
can then be set up a so I think
it’ banks are attempting on to
establish themselves up in the
black chain space we know the Jp
Morgan as much as they talked
down on up waiting for our first caller
to want to call and goalie Ed
dial the phone number then punch
in the code on Andrew nation if
y ought to see what we have going
on on me see you know what I can
pull it up on my computer yet
only let me do that, while were
c up and again the call line is
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call and you’re done at that you
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Dakotas 115 525109 so go ahead and I dial in
and and will be a will be good
to go so on just a shout out to
those that are on here on great temps of trying to login years
so for those of you there are
watching the replay me a
confided and so a so with that
are ideal e some people that are that I
haven’t seen on in the chapel
form backed up this is not side
Geo excerpt Ian know why you
down befo excerpt the angel Connie on
bullish Ickes and just as we’re
getting started here floor and I
what’s up, Carl Lewis what’s up
all , we have the notorious excerpt
he also all with this of this
evening so, write great is on is
Andrew on the chat I haven’t
seen , not sure if he made it back on
are not so a right, let’s see here to still
trying get the of the chat of is
what happens when you have to
reboot your computer, and log ba of it is entering into the
payment space is guys actually
reached out to me a full
disclosure on that I am going to
have them on other putting together and, and
offering here on to give
everybody a little bit of their
digital asset anybody that’s to
be on t other don’t get when you open a
wallet not sure exactly how much
they’re gonna give her view what
their full plan is yet all wil alive next Saturday morning 8:00
AM eastern standard time and they’re going to be
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of where their overseas the summer
in Europe whether it’s a from
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go ahead and nine unsteady into
your phone and dial in annual going to the green room
and then I’ll be able to one of
you would like you and so to Lawson, Libby that there’s
bob moneybags all the way from
of to more up in the Midwest and use up from one and number
two fan it’s up though that
makes me my number one fan south
of what’s up 10 people coming in
here and talk about the 48. and
always try to promote that yeti
baby nonsense site is the gist of
good and do not get it so Lundy and
im of your urine the chat here,
I know you’re on a sunny login
earlier before I dropped out, we
s , awesome place, lobbying their
love going there, what part of
Ireland are you and I absolutely
young sets a great place so comm it’s a array I’d think I’ve got two on
the line that Andrew and I don’t get me one 2nd great
great give me one 2nd time going
to law and design a hide myself here,
the real Heights a few perfect
and I got a wall are needed all
Yamagata open up your MIC to
only , some are a day of got injure
nation on the line with me right
now what’s up injure and doing awesome really great to talk to a person
the first time a needed an unseen saying it’s
always crazy right when right
when you don’t want to happen
that’s when everything goes bad
and I, to a naval get this on to that
appreciate the menu to hopefully
up everybody giving a thumbs up,
yet everybody hears you also
loud it is yet it’s a great place I
love Donna Dole’s not far from it was the last port of video
titanic sailed out of an
believes that as I correctly so that it’s kinda liked in the
center south of the of the
country to state I think that
the cleanest eight in that area
to great p and Arabia yell it is awesome and so so only asking us since we
haven’t really had a a a a not a
chance to really talk like this
before and innocence of first
time o anno of tastefully of excerpt he
and rebel and in a starter
really folk singing on on that
area are a a while K arrest of a and right-but that’s a good
thing it what will it was the news on
tesla actually brought that up
earlier , what what is going on tesla time us to miss the array and its units so the hell you
know I will I don’t know why
didn’t you 90 any eyed and say
20 turning thing has to do
without the , you know I you know it’s it’s
really interesting you know yet
what are a array and I eyed at the BK and I think that those are great
points you know that that I love
that you because you think about
right now to use ways I assum and right and write me a law that’s awesome
idea I love that idea I think
that’s I think that’s
outstanding you not many think
about right now on air be and be obviously a
popped up you know an air beam
be as is highly successful and
how feeble leverage their homes,
or a , you know will rent out your
vehicle II think that seats,
difficult you know it’s up its
it’s a different dynamic however with test LAN and it being that
you know you have young ledger
vehicle it’s oriented as
technology built into the
vehicle delp identify where the vehicle
is all times it’s not you not
that add ons on its able to then
you communicate on the network,
a all becomes more efficient onto
then go out and pick up other
individuals and might be part of
a pool of a people that you
allow , you know as part of that
mechanism I think really as part
of cool maps or any of the
others on you can still build
in, and the , but if you can make money from
from that you know that the
awesome it a right to try it out yet and I agree I think
that the F, 100% they just real
quick on his wanted a quick a
shout out here to wall to wall
and , and Kate G as their son of a
that’s awesome , if a bounce and it’s a little
contentious to a , a rate of saw some of us
fantastic and it’s really cool tie a teddy of some things for the up
tied the $2.00 Canadian a super
chapter one with that appreciate
that it’s awesome, and so yes I , my dad just logged in as well
pop bottle on the login a little
while ago down, backtracking to
the stream year if Isiah and fr if I’m looking down at some
looking my phone here on Sony
see here, wild stars response
here the , and K , and it’s it’s amazing you know
and it’s it’s fun excite talk,
talk to chip a lot, excerpt the
minute and we talk pretty often that the sheer number of
subscribers in on and granted
this guy a lot across of
subscription going on but there’s a lease you know me
as I nor deny is right now only
was it like you know 5060
thousand subscribers I haven’t
looked and on and I find that you know
mind-boggling you know that
there’s the non granted you nod
as we know there’s a lot of
people o in a similar to those that are
love excerpt he that are bogus
maybe an ethereal Moreno
whenever might be our young
modestly know , and the U.S. undone in a
floral Allies anno it and ideally of people bouncing
and hear this is awesome united
the right man you know the one
thing you’re the one thing I
love you just all over the place
communicating with each other
and that’s really what it’s all
about the a young and a nice Tia to a anno anno it’s right and a that’s right to try and I agree with the awry were a and of its it’s it’s interesting
to because you know it a few of
a few of my idea if you Maya,
streams different segments in
eye And I’ve I find it important to
understand all those things
because typically you know we the only the only of
interaction that we have with another country’s up view
politics is what we read on the
media and we know that that’s not very
impactful and an accurate and
unsold been able to engage and
talk to other people and say
when , when it comes to this space in
particular I think everything is
very relevant you know an innate
I believe that helps because and off we get regulatory
clarity in the U.S. guaranteed
other countries are to follow
soon you’ll based on what the
U.S. does n another look at what other
countries are doing and on that
same it’s been a big part of it
say we can fall behind and no
other c enough for you know from a
technological perspective and
just it’s bad across the board
be offered for the U.S. and what
would y array it you know a no to a a a unit of a write me up and up and that it it’s right exactly, and BL and a day of event over to India , up and ready a real anno it’s fantastic they just real
quick as I did a quick shot up
to eight in trading, just of
login here shot over a a super
chat fo , digital asset investor and you
too, and you to perennials and
channel all about digital asset,
and a fifth and you could imagi array tots , it’s amazing, it’s absolutely
amazing and have that, direction
and a start now it’s just
fantastic and array I duck and is not great
it’s it’s it’s amazing they
really is amazing that I love I love going on is
chats and you listen to all men
you know and he’s developed you
know like everybody everyone
goes to be able to watch immune from
the from the beginning and now
worries that now in its an
outstanding and I can just
imagine you a radio and a time , all the shots as Edens amazing
for any age of a roof of a Annette prescient than a dial a
9 to 1 lead in a just of talk a
lot of fluff in a notes not all
just about-you know and that’s w anno but that same reason you
know you could do not just focus
in on a bunch of light, and in
on in all, I want a thrill one
pri and in it caught a lot of people
in the hype you know
unfortunately you know but that
crypto Atty. and only put up is
channel in another news see no one and then
people or were you Knopf
listening to what he had to say
even though he never said
anything of use you said you were to bring
in some new information on that
say the token taxonomy actor
whenever because you were a
you’re a you know for the Federal
government and then you realize
that you and say anything but that’s what that’s that’s the
one aspect and I think within
the community you know we have
to do a very good job at to
filter ou and a array that and I really appreciate
that and the other there’s
deftly more great things to come and on that then that’s one of
the things you know why I die
fee and always trying to figure
out this part of it this
component and bringing people within the
community on it was a pile of
Isla been able to engage with
people and I had a couple other
you k array tale , or eight bits right 1,000,000
without a and a it will Ya and all and I agree I agree the ISO you
we deftly want the uplift
exciting a height the right the
hype aspect is what keeps people
fired , that’s crazy not so crazy and
a net and then was funny today
to swear you night I logged in
tie was someplace and then they
po , like others also might get
that I get the login this time
and I log elevated guide to go
somewhere and I come back again
a sti , and write a Nobel and it’s exactly exactly this is a red Maple Sarah Wright you
think you know they need to do
is put that they need to have
that maple syrup consortium tied
to pu of the maple syrup and be able
to track its origin to make sure
that Israel maple syrup and it
hasn’t been watered down all
with About that anno and the exactly young or a array drive with attitude of
that be so critical and then
there was a mine only talk about
the chain for I think the chain
is us and that was their purpose was
it was all about using black
chain to authenticate, of
products city contract even be a
brand nam and I really is an up a gray with Apia years as your user excerpt the to a a , like good an idea to that’s
awesome and it’s great and here’s here’s a wild star
one star said Constar said the
maple sir purity yet another use
case for the IE: it wants or
yeti: a get the correct some of the
yeti: and then you have a unique teddy: his clinic: is gonna go
to the Moon one day to a and
with that kind of EU’s case of
the maple serve use case right
of a t that’s that’s right me if using
using the yeti: now that although be the day
some wearing a a a it to sell array of a a, we also
tell it’s funny just one thing
here that I think this is really
pointed the city bought a Shula , you did this and this goes
back over talk about before anno
in terms of eight and but they
kind of went through I thought
this and on and that’s interesting
anno a and I think a yellow a
city that needs to get done, the
kids on nine on one of easy to
chan and to tune in, and start
learning about digital asset may
have to buy excerpt be by
whenever you know but you know
they should , it’s right Tia you know what in that what
you just said there is so tied because really that’s what
that’s what this payment space
is all about and I think they’ll
between the bank’s between socia a Samsung is probably looking
into it they try to get in the
space that means Apple’s
probably looking into it
somebody’s out th it is now the competition is
newsworthy you none now it’s
amazing to what’s out there and
on so take about the others
blurring o allowance of the new would pay
allowance been able to have
young you kids their view of
basically especially in the
startup phas on United’s it’s amazing the
notes it’s an amazing new world
anno of what we could do but I
really think you want things
you’d a that arm that are making
products are you had no direct
access to them because they have
no mechanism to get paid because
they l and they’re not making enough
money from a fee a perspective
when you have engineers over
there and all making all 150 to
2 are the idea tell you exactly so men saw some good and up , or a exactly it out yet I mean that that’s
that’s an amazing amaze me say
that because if you think about
it here you look at the school
syst and you for the most part you
know if if you’re you know if
you bought a public school or
even even private school you don’t get that you know can
to handpick your teachers and oh
so let’s say you know you want a
study whenever the topic is wh , and I used only to figure out
how you get to best person for
the job to teach, the child you
know what are the topic is now I and I’ve gone through all the
different online nine, programs
and did everything that I got so
far sitting on any direct
engagem , Spanish and you know with with
a pie teacher in Guatemala and the program, it was awesome
and we’d media sky and then she
would do to speak a word of
English to always perfect saws
in a and was fantastic because of the
time I was doing with a lot of
people than in Latin America and
working with them and many of t and as my spokesman Spanish
those struggling because all I
can get a figure this out we
think about it from this
perspective a s tell paypal was taking you know
a decent percentage of all of
what they were making you know
so yeah in a transaction cost
and y a no delays no waiting no big
Costner you know no nothing now,
Holmes: perspective right no
friction pointer or any of us to
be its immediate transfer payment
and innate incentive eyes is
people all over the world to
engage in medicine and that to
me is is you know are a tour idea exactly exactly to tell tall and an idea that’s right that
write a letter this is funny
just as as a side of your Mo
based on the language of a shy
of Cezann it’s a fun out to you to using
on a night and I thought was
pretty decent wasn’t bad, and of
yet Arabic gun that’s a good one
bullish I’ve seen a learning
Arabic with the duo lingo, the
Adobe that’s a good one so to 20 THS me saying there that it’s right yet know that that’s
right, by which it is said and I
think is even more important
because Talmadge and, you
publishe as over in Dubai, and and word
you know some or elsewhere you
can learn directly from a native and in there and that’s
either a teacher that each
Arabic you know and now all the
sudden and you can engage with a
per and the odyssey there’s language
of programs with is what they
can easily connect, you know I
think that that’s key and here’s
e of Siva said Aidan learn
anything about taxes insurance
doctors finance budgeting or
nothing a tough and I’m sure
there’s some s the jewel that stop and a and a no , , arrived and only a and writer I it to lease and write exactly at Le Zion
optic and I’m taking on anybody
there no one said and if the idea yup idea of a
song and Andy I’d Tia Tia Tia that’s right mesa
said that don’t say that teach
English as a foreign language to know if you know that’s
that’s great, lee zeidman those
those are needed and imagine how many people over
overseas need quality English
teachers and whether it’s in
Asia or elsewhere you think
about co and oh so I look at it from that
perspective I mention of lee’s I
could connect with the CEOs, or
you know business people over and not China are over and
the Middle East or wherever does
matter where but imagine she can
connect with them and and teac , but they don’t the other their
English courses in school are
you all and prob via spores they
are here in the U.S., the less a and update able to go to private
schools but , but I think that the united
and it helps across borders
where they are so you know that help Lisa she
could do you sit home and teach
people all over the world and
work with the again with the
business and get paid immediately its right is right or a false , the mood at the time here and
it’s like we did have a lot of
those awesome you know where
we’re coming up almost and 10:00
and you know, I think it’s great
mean I think it’s a it’s a great
conversation that if island of
this, although that figure out a
De arraigned people from the
community that are engaged in a
community and an array Oman and
have these conversations on a
regular and others there’s a lot of luck
to understand a red to a a a it’s funny to have a and a notes foy and solari a CIA
and I buy my list of a night I
bounce around you know none anno
in the mornings early morning a and one of the watch a video or
watch a live stream you can do
it all day and still would have
enough time to get through the
ar , LMN and is also many of its
awesome right now we’re like
3435 we’re little over 40 , before Yun, and a focus on you
know my mind and decided I was
talk about earlier, you’ll live
streaming is a whole different t than you know in terms of how
you attracting viewers and
trying to figure out the
dynamics of it, you know vs.
like he was sayin it’s relatively new, young men
do it on a regular basis and
then trying to look at how to
also won a know the impact the
of the what they’re looking for, you
know there’s there’s a abacha
criteria the coup looks for that
gets your your of your videos
out e so when you when I was when you
make shorter videos and you,
connect all the dots and you’re
you’re getting a lot of comments
on things that cools looking for
and the gets laced in those
recommended videos more often as the shore so now it’s it’s
trying to understand the
dynamics here and want to get
the traction you know you look
alike brag t anno and so it just a matter
peace in altogether or a and right , of eels moving to do it full
time of it up and it’s crazy and
a minute’s of an open of a hobby
and all but you Gotta take it y it’s been great you as I get up
in front of large groups all the
time and speaking person and
then when I was doing the videos
a and it would apply that to
business and then you know im
and being able to take what I do
in from a large and are the
groups I’m , one of them it’s whole areas
because anno in a nine I talk to
chip about this but it’s funny
when I making the videos, to me
i and it was funny if I was able
to piece that you have a zero to
peace all those reels together
when I was swearing you know
most Tia neon yellow exactly exactly , exactly no money right now I’m
using done using zoom enough for
the for the audio I cannot see connect to zoom
video, and have a couple people
on but the right being able to
see the audience somehow and be
able and open its close is right
around the corner and a arrest of a it a writer of the ad is all these
little variables and exactly a nice it is all is little
variables in all with that and a
definite cause issue as funny
it’s really funny right array awry and this is nuts this
is not said that is enough to
wear pants and a 5B1 bee on the stream and that’s that’s probably the
case that is the quick shots are to
be art Seabees been lurking in
the background, but yes oh and
there’s so much U.S. others so
the it to be of digital asset, space
you know and digital asset space
into the payment space there’s a
few other of thing you areas , that one of focusing on anno
so, why do I was gonna talk a
little bit about bank of America
today, will talk about it later
in , so, so disrupt way, but
ascites of the phone number
actually stays the same , as far as I’m aware and then
the code changes every single
time so that number is a say in the
code is different , so the number will so you can
do a bit of , yet ideas so right now you
know so did so with zoom them or
less zoom you know, I’ve been
testing zoom, I’m gonna get a
subscr , give three or four people on
the phone and calf whenever you
know in multiple people and
video and have people calling
in, so , and then me get a subscription
to one to zoom so that way like
a guy could abroad two in via
video as well but then you got the other
technical component involving
that you know and make sure and
you know everything isn’t
working out toes as so much of a 1/2 Tia or a comma, Italia its rim and you put that
video you’re doing the what the
woodcarving and I was crazy to
as a crazy as video and then
when of a toe school and a array of array or idea is yet another is very
cool while idea of those pretty
those nice and then to do offer
that up to the community and
show and Eddie Kuehl be a nine,
deftly a tough to do something
like that and you know it may be more what
else you make another that be cool when else
to make woodcraft Weiss, are nice it is , and are a , sweet and it’s really cool to have had a real worry and write or eight COL some , some am writing this down here
and a tenet yet it was awesome
the death late you look four to
a ago and yet you are a heck of a right not to it and saw some that I and the appreciate you coming on
it was awesome you know taking
the time to want a wrist and to
listen and then you know to be o those great golf widow of you got have you
back on again said Carmen thanks
and casa me a bit of the awesome
that’s great appreciated that Koll some of that are a good
deal of light off the top of the
year and a little bit tight city banks are insecure of the aisle of that it’s
awesome to write so that was of
those Andrew nation everybody I
really appreciate him of being
on thos anno very of anno in lightning
to have odd that people on
within the community and I have been done to me this
other than desktop audio so tso I I’ve been on an hour
here, little over an hour I plan
to keep in and wanna keep
everything to an hour, so yeah
deftly o to one to say thank you to
everybody that hung in there
through the hour of that those
that view that had the login
multiple tim on to get to the stream, thank
you very much a for all of that
is well on throughout the week, bodies
of the streaming, Monday night,
Wednesday night and then
Saturday morning at 8:00 AM and
then aga a PM, with a with open mike
night again, and so with that,
we’ll look for to see everybody
over the coming week calling
than jus on if you have them and will have them on day that
stream on next Saturday and next
Saturday morning at 8:00 AM,
though be on the stream for an
inte and all checking us out then
this stream is out

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