Rémi – Game designer and Ethereum smart contract developer

I’ve always loved video games. I love playing, but I also love to analyze
how the games work, to understand why they are fun or not. When I was studying computer science at Lyon
1 University, I started working on projects with Maxence, including with Ratel Studio. There, I learned the profession of Game Designer. When he told me about Beyond the Void, which
was Space Conquer at the time, we started working on it together. When Eric talked about using the blockchain
for the economic part of the game, we did not need a full-time game designer. But someone had to code the Ethereum contracts
behind the development of the game store. So, Eric advised me and I started learning
how to code contracts. I made the presale contract in June, and I’m
currently working on the crowdfunding contract. In September, we released the first working
version of the store, which is based entirely on Ethereum smart contracts. I work on game design and code the Ethereum
contracts, as needed.

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