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investing cryptos slow with more encrypt okay
what’s going on guys it is Thursday 2019 is the beginning of
the video says right no not really you know today’s today is a good you
know when you wake up in the morning you roll over and check your bed screener or
black folio and you’re just like yeah sucks what can I say
so I saw about a 9% shift in my portfolio and that was mainly BTCC and
then of course the alts just got mushed honestly I think the bolts got oversold
in my opinion yeah Tron what is well it went below
when I woke up this morning was below three cents so what is my strategy today
well I’m still a profit on BTT a little bit so I might buy the dip my buy the
dip so my B TT stack with the BTC draw didn’t really change that much so I’m
thinking am i buy some more Bitcoin with my B TT I might get some more Tron
two credits to increase my position there so I have to look at the charts
see what’s affected and what’s not but what’s really odd though in these
situations is that a lot of coins that are lower in Satoshi you just don’t see
as big a shift on them would be to see your drops and you know if you’re newer
to crypto and you’re like my word what is up with the drop well you know
Bitcoin kind of faded down and then you just saw Tron and slapped and what that
is is there’s arbitrage because if people
had the Satoshi’s up here right they’ll go to USD and back and they would loop
around so whatever whatever whenever something like this happens there’s some
very large dropped on the alts it’s basically to close that gap of arbitrage
between the USD and the Satoshi’s and it’s a loop so people people run that
loop I personally don’t do it because I tried trading a few times in the past
and I just whatever I mean
in all this madness I try to just focus on accumulation or so
training just up I think now if I see a good set up you know getting a little
bit I’ll throw a little at it but you know for the most part I like to think
of it more as investing in my retirement then quick cash the quick cash mentality
will definitely get you wrecked very quickly yeah I’ve seen it happen man
many many times and the reality is that people would have just bought Bitcoin
and let it sit they’d be up so yeah so we’ll see what happens today you know
related to that unbelievably is a massive amount of tether has been pumped
into finance and just a massive amount of tether in general has been printed so
it appears that there’s preparations for a large pump because historically you
know tether value is directly directly proportional to V T C so we’ll see if we
get a run you know in this upcoming really the big thing is is how we close
the week out on the Sunday candle but I’m not too worried about it
you know the better way so you don’t drive yourself crazy is just keep
accumulated Bitcoin you know if you’re new to the space you know set your coin
base on auto and buy every couple weeks or something or buy a little in the cash
out and you know just stack it up a little
bit so you know we shall see don’t stress yourself out too much about
it another news hope you caught my video last night on the deflationary token
craze we had a new person joined the club Tron – the – token and I guess
airdrop number one is under way the void airdrop number three is under
way and bank roll network is getting ready to start staking so what we saw
with void once staking started the void price increased proportionally what does
this mean what do I think it means for banker token I think we could see a
three or four XAR on banker token up to maybe 40 or 50 once staking starts keep
in mind this is gonna lock up a lot of that supply that’s floating around or
people just looking to quick make a quick flip with their airdrop
and yeah so we shall see but I would expect with staking I mean the same
thing happened to frag it basically tripled or quadrupled in price it went
from point seven to three point five for now
I don’t know what those tokens are doing this morning because I haven’t looked at
them but you know there’s high volatility in those so do your own
research and remember the flashing airy tokens in general are usually free or at
least to some extent a portion of them are free so you know don’t don’t go
crazy buying a bunch of tokens and you can’t afford a safer bet if you don’t
have a lot of resources it’s just to participate in the air drops and have
some fun with the coins yeah so upcoming this weekend I will actually be
travelling we’re going to a metal festival so a lot of you probably didn’t
know that about me I’m a metalhead not like super
death-metal guar I mean I can tolerate that but you know like rock hard rock
see there Fivefinger Godsmack you know all of the usual suspects but yeah I’ll
try to get some live footage from the show for everyone and I’ll be sporting
some of Mike ripped out here to promote adoption at the concert
because everyone know who’s tattooed metalheads
love but yeah so than that have a great day This is CryptoSlo, if your talking gains, then were not talking.

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